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Video Compressor

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Video Compressor is a highly capable video encoding application that allows users to easily compress their large video files without losing much in video quality. Optimized for use on a large spectrum of PC configuration, this app can help users of all knowledge levels to better optimize their video libraries and free up their precious local storage space with just a few clicks of their mouse. With years on experience on the market and support for all the commonly used audio/video formats, this Video Compressor app represents one of the best way videos captured from many sources can be slimmed down and prepared for future use. One of the few most common uses for this app are compression of large RAW files created by some video cameras or screen-capture applications into much smaller video files that utilize high-quality and efficient video codecs such as H264 and H265, or as a nice productivity tool that can help anyone to reduce a particular video file to a size that is manageable when sending files from your PC to your family members, friends, coworkers or clients via the internet.

The entire list of the supported codecs this Video Compressor supports is too big for listing here since it includes over 100 audio/video codecs and 20+ container formats, such as AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GP, MKV, MOV, MP4, XVID, DIVX, and many others. In addition to converting a video file into another format, users also have the option for “Original” preset, that will retain the use of original codecs and containers but will reduce the size utilizing different bitrates for audio and video data. In addition to picking exact bitrates, the app also allows videos to be resized, processed as part of a batch video conversion, and much more. To simplify the procedure of compression, users can even create their own profiles so that they could repeatedly use the same settings when compressing new videos.

The entire user interface of this Video Compressor app is focused on a single screen that is packed with useful tools for exact manipulation of final video quality and size. At the top are general usage tools adding videos and starting the compression procedure. Immediately next down is the list of added videos, three-tabbed area (General Video Compression Options, Video Editing Options, and Advanced Encoding Options) for managing all aspects of audio/video compression, Compression Results tab where Source and Result file are compared, and a final status bar area for following the current state of Encoding procedure (visual bar, percentage meter and estimated/elapsed time counter).

Video Compressor can be used for FREE during the length of its Trial license. Unrestricted use is activated only after a premium license (personal or business, for one user or many) is purchased. It is important to note that the license is tied to the specific version of the app. To move to a newer version of an app, the upgrade license fee is required.

Features and Highlights

  • The video compression engine implements the most advanced video compression algorithms (including MPEG-4 H.264) to create resulting video files with the highest quality/file size ratio.
  • Over 100+ video/audio codecs and over 20+ video file formats (containers) are supported to decode source video files, including: AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GP, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, DIVX, XVID, ASF, AVM, AVS, DAT, F4V, NSV, OGM, RM, RMVB, TP, TS, VOB;
  • Get MP4, 3GP, FLV, AVI video files, or set "Original" to get the resulting file in the same file format as the source one.
  • Easily set bitrates for video and audio data, to get any desired file size.
  • Video frame size controls allow you to easily resize video.
  • Visual graphics to preview compression results let you see the resulting file size and its changes depending on set compression options.
  • Profiles considerably improve the processing of multiple videos the same way. A profile contains the set of compression options. You can create, save, and apply named profiles.
  • Batch compressing mode lets you easily process multiple videos. You can set renaming and other options to process a selected group of video files.
  • Easy-to-use and highly customizable user interface. "Under the hood" of a very simple and clean user's interface is hidden a very complex compression engine.

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