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VIPRE Antivirus Plus

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Download VIPRE Antivirus 11.0.6

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    VIPRE Antivirus 11.0.6 LATEST

  • Requirements:

    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

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    ThreatTrack Security, Inc. / VIPRE Antivirus Plus

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VIPRE Antivirus Plus frees you to enjoy your digital life with protection against identity thieves, spammers, hackers, and cybercriminals. Learn why millions trust the VIPRE Antivirus app to protect their families from online threats and enjoy greater peace of mind. Experience the Power of VIPRE for Yourself!

Safeguard your entire digital existence with the acclaimed privacy and security features of VIPRE for Home. This antivirus solution is meticulously crafted to provide swift performance, remain unobtrusive, and ensure comprehensive protection. Enjoy savings of up to 61% on highly-rated security for all your devices.

VIPRE AV Plus grants you outstanding security and vital protection without compromising your PC's speed. Additionally, it provides proactive advanced defense mechanisms to thwart the latest malware threats. With VIPRE Antivirus+, you'll receive essential protection alongside active advanced safeguards against the newest malware threats.

Features and Highlights

Advanced Threat Detection
The software utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to detect and neutralize even the most sophisticated malware threats.

Email Security
It includes an email scanner that scans incoming and outgoing emails, attachments, and links to prevent malicious content from infiltrating your inbox.

Web Protection
It provides secure browsing by blocking access to harmful websites and malicious downloads, ensuring a safer online experience.

Auto Patch
It automatically updates software and applications on your system to patch vulnerabilities and minimize the risk of exploitation by cybercriminals.

Intuitive User Interface
Makes managing VIPRE easy! Quickly select or schedule scans, check for current definition updates, customize how patches are applied, and much more.
Edge Protection™
Defends against Zero-day threats by protecting web browsers and their components against drive-by download attacks and known and unknown exploit kits.
Search Guard™
It helps you browse the web safely by identifying links that could infect your PC with viruses, Trojans, or other online threats.
Easy Install™
Ensures a smooth, trouble-free installation process by eliminating possible Internet security software conflicts.
High-Performance Anti-Malware Engine
Combines advanced antivirus and anti-spyware technologies to provide complete security that doesn't slow down your PC.
Advanced Anti-Rootkit Technology
Finds and disables hard-to-remove malware that gains unauthorized access to and hides deep within your PC.
Secure File Eraser
Adds an “Erase Files” option to your Windows Explorer menu to permanently delete all traces of a file.
Social Watch™
Scans your Facebook page for bad links that could infect PCs with malware like viruses and Trojans, or expose you and your friends to other online threats.
All-in-One PC Security
Detects and removes viruses, spyware, rootkits, bots, Trojans, and all other types of malware.
Real-Time Monitoring and Protection
Uses multiple detection methods to monitor and protect against web threats – including Zero-day attacks – in real time.
Removable Device Scanning
Automatically scans USB flash drives and other removable drives and files for threats when connected to your PC.
Email Virus Protection
Protects against email viruses in Outlook®, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and any email program using POP3 and SMTP.
History Cleaner
Removes browsing and search histories, including the history stored by many popular applications.

How to Use

  • Download and install the app from the official website or FileHorse.
  • Sign-up for your 30-day free trial and experience all the benefits of VIPRE.
  • Launch the software and follow the guided setup process.
  • Customize your preferences, such as scan schedules, real-time protection settings, and notifications.
  • The software will start protecting your system immediately, scanning files, emails, and web content in real time.
  • You can access additional features and settings through the user-friendly interface, allowing you to tailor the software to your specific needs.


Q1: Can VIPRE AV Plus run alongside other security software?
A1: While it is generally recommended to avoid running multiple antivirus programs simultaneously, VIPRE Antivirus Plus is designed to coexist with other security software without conflicts. However, it's advisable to disable real-time protection on one of the programs to prevent potential performance issues.

Q2: Does VIPRE Antivirus Plus impact system performance?
A2: The software is optimized to have minimal impact on system performance. It operates efficiently in the background, utilizing system resources judiciously, and providing robust protection without slowing down your computer.

Q3: How frequently does VIPRE Antivirus+ update its virus definitions?
A3: It updates its virus definitions regularly, ensuring that your system is protected against the latest threats. It employs an automatic update mechanism to keep your antivirus software up to date without requiring user intervention.

Q4: Can VIPRE AV Plus protect against ransomware attacks?
A4: Yes, it includes ransomware protection as part of its advanced threat detection capabilities. It actively monitors file activities and behavior to detect and block ransomware before it can encrypt your files.

Q5: Does VIPRE Antivirus Plus offer customer support?
A5: Yes, it provides customer support for VIPRE Antivirus Plus. They offer multiple support channels, including email, live chat, and a knowledge base, ensuring prompt assistance for any queries or issues you may encounter.


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TotalAV Antivirus Pro: A fully-functional antivirus application that stands out with its unique character in the crowded market.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus: Bitdefender is renowned for its powerful antivirus engine and minimal system impact. It provides a wide range of features, including advanced threat detection and secure browsing.

Kaspersky Standard: It offers excellent malware detection rates, real-time protection, and additional features such as a virtual keyboard and vulnerability scanner.

Avast Pro Antivirus: Avast is a popular choice for its free antivirus software, but it also offers a premium version with enhanced features such as Wi-Fi security scanning and ransomware protection.


Antivirus Plus Plan - $32.99/year

  • Free, US-based support
  • Top-rated antivirus security
  • Malware, spyware, and ransomware detection and removal
  • Real-time scans ensure apps and files are safe to use
  • Cloud-enabled for the fastest protection possible
  • Automatic updates
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

System Requirements

  • Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7
  • 2GB of hard-drive space
  • At least 1GB of RAM
  • Dual-core processor recommended
  • Internet connection (broadband recommended)


  • Efficient and robust malware protection.
  • High virus detection rates.
  • Minimal impact on system performance.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Real-time scanning and proactive threat detection.
  • Additional features like email security and web protection.


  • Limited compatibility with non-Windows platforms.
  • Some advanced features may require technical knowledge to utilize fully.
  • Relatively high CPU usage during scans.
  • The availability of certain features may depend on the selected pricing plan.


VIPRE Antivirus Plus is a feature-rich and user-friendly software solution that provides comprehensive protection against digital threats. It's real-time scanning, proactive threat detection, and additional security features make it a reliable choice for safeguarding your devices and data.

With its competitive pricing and excellent customer support, VIPRE Antivirus Plus is a commendable option for users seeking top-rated antivirus software.

Note: 30 days trial version.

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