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vivo Mobile Assistant

vivo Mobile Assistant

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vivo Mobile Assistant is an advanced phone manager application for Windows OS, enabling users of all knowledge levels to take almost full control over their Android phone or tablet, and effortlessly sync data, transfer files such as photos, music, videos, and gain access to its mobile apps and other various services. Originally built by the Chinese tech company Vivo as the official companion application for their diverse lineup of Android devices, this app very quickly became one of the preferred ways for any Android users to connect to their portable Android device.

Upgraded and expanded over the years, the latest version of vivo Mobile Assistant features integrated support for managing mobile apps (installing, uninstalling, backing up, and moving to and from external SD storage), live display mirroring (with support for both grabbing screenshots and videos), backup and restore up of various phone data (SMS/MMS messages, photos, videos, apps, and other data), innovative Clipboard Sync tool that can transfer data via Windows clipboard, and useful shortcuts to most commonly used phone services such as Contact listings, Messages, photo galleries, and Calendar.

Its focus on the streamlined user interface, fast operation, and powerful feature set make this app one of the best mobile phone manager applications for Android. If you are a user who wants to achieve total control over your portable Android device, and especially if you are a laptop user seeking a lightweight phone manager, vivo Mobile Assistant could be a perfect app for you.

Installation and Use

The app after years of development, vivo Mobile Assistant is distributed online in an automated installer Exe file that clocks in at above 40 MB. To install it on your desktop or laptop PC, you need to only follow the on-screen instructions and pick the target location on your local store where the app will be installed. The app comes with a fully-featured uninstaller that will remove all of its files, directories, temporary files, and registry entries whenever you want.

The user interface of the app features a stylish design that promotes blue accents on a white background. The app is separated into seven main tabs – “My Phone” (with basic phone info), “App” (for management of apps), “Picture” (quick access to Gallery directories), “Contacts” (for full access to phone contacts), “Messages” (for real-time control over messaging), “Calendar” and “Data Sync” (for activating phone display mirroring).

Features such as Data backup, document manager, clipboard sync, and APK installation can be activated from the main “My Phone” tab. There you can also activate phone display mirroring, including real-time full-screen video feed that you can directly control with your keyboard and mouse (emulating finger flicks and mobile phone keyboard entry).

Features and Highlights
  • The official Android smartphone companion app of Vivo Communication.
  • Fully-featured phone manager with integrated support for mobile display streaming and backing up of data.
  • Access phone Messages, Contacts, and Calendar entries directly from your PC.
  • Take full control over your mobile apps, with tools for installing APKs, uninstalling, or moving apps.
  • View and send SMS/MMS texts from your PC.
  • Eye-catching and fast user interface.
  • Synchronize your phone via USB or Wi-Fi.
  • Available on all modern versions of Windows OS (7, 8, and 10).
  • 100% FREE!

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