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Wappalyzer for Chrome

Wappalyzer for Chrome

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Wappalyzer for Chrome is an extension that you can download for the Google Chrome web browser. It lets you identify the various types of technologies that are used on the websites in which you visit. These could be technologies like advertising networks, eCommerce platforms, and analytical tools.

Easy and Simple Extension

Obviously, you must download and install the Google Chrome browser onto your computer before you can use this extension. Once the installation is finished, you can visit the Google Chrome store and add the Wappalyzer extension to your Chrome browser. After that is downloaded and installed, restart your browser to begin using it.

Reopen the browser and look in the upper right corner. You should see the icon that represents the Wappalyzer app. You can click the icon to access the information that is collected by the extension.

As you continue to visit different websites, you will see aggregated information from hundreds of different technologies and applications. This information is useful for web developers and software engineers who want to see which types of technologies their competition is using.

Many Types of Applications and Technologies Are Detected

Basically, the Wappalyzer for Chrome software gives you information about the platforms used on the websites that you visit. It will give you information regarding analytics, advertisement networks, cache tools, CI systems, blogs, CDN, e-commerce platforms, database managers, CMS, front scripts captchas, editors, document management systems, comment systems, and more.

It is easy and simple to use the tool. If you were to find certain web design elements on a particular website that you’d love to have on your own website or webpage, then It can give you information about these web design elements with the click of a button. Then you’ll see a comprehensive list of technologies given to you.


Wappalyzer for Chrome can help you create a better website. But even if you’re simply curious about the technologies that are used on a particular website, the extension is fun to use for that purpose as well.

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