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Sometimes there are applications that have disabled objects that you cannot access, such as buttons and menus. They’ll appear grayed-out to indicate you cannot click on them.

In many cases, this is probably a good thing because it means a certain action or circumstance does not exist yet. However, there will be cases where you need to access these grayed-out objects. The only way to enable them is to use an object enabler tool like Winabler.

This tool is not complex to use at all. It is simply designed to activate grayed-out objects, such as menus and buttons, in certain applications that support it. Successfully enabling objects is not always guaranteed, but it can happen. Why not give it a try? It won’t hurt anything if you do.

Capturing and Accessing Menus with Winabler

If you’re using an application with an inaccessible menu, then you could possibly activate the menu if Winabler supports the application. When you open the Winabler program, it shows you a window with a list of other windows and their menus. You can simply choose which menu you want to enable. This will capture the menu.

After the menu is captured, the menu bar of Winabler will show this captured menu. Every object that was previously grayed-out should now be clickable. When you’re done with the menu, you can release it whenever you want.

Activate All Kinds of Objects

The tool lets you activate a variety of different objects, such as menu items, checkboxes, buttons, and other field objects. To access a disabled object, you need to click on the crosshair icon in the software and then drag it to the object that you want to activate. That’s it!

Reactivate the Disabled Functions of an Application

As great as this utility is, there are some programs it will not work with. New software titles, for instance, will probably not work with it. But still, you should at least try to see if this tool will work with a particular application that has disabled objects.

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