An important update package for all brand Windows new users

Windows 10 Launch Patch (32-bit)

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Download Windows 10 Launch Patch (32-bit)

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    Windows 10 Launch Patch (32-bit) LATEST

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    Windows 10 (32-bit)

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    Microsoft Corporation / Windows 10 Launch Patch (32-bit)

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Windows 10 Launch Patch 32 bit is an important update package for all brand new users of the launch 2015 version of Windows 10 that don’t have access to the internet connection and can’t take advantage of the built-in Windows Update service that will automatically update the OS with the latest official patches and addons that were released by Microsoft. While the launch version of Windows 10 is quite stable and packs an incredible number of advances when compared to its predecessor Windows 8.1, it still requires some software fixes that were noticed by its developers and intended to be installed for day-1 use.

This first patch for Windows 10 fixes (official name: KB3074683) a wide array of issues found in the “day one” version of the OS, however, Microsoft has decided not to release the full changelog and has only recommended installation of this archive for better OS stability and fixing of various app and service problems. Another strong possibility is that this patch strengthens the OS security and privacy features, preventing malicious coders to find and use vulnerabilities found on the pre-release and launch versions of this OS.

Windows 10 is an OS that continually expands its capabilities with a wide array of free patches and security upgrades that are managed either automatically via Windows Update service or installed manually by users on PC who don’t have an active or unlimited internet connection. The OS has received a total of 9 major upgrades to the new version of “stable builds”, with many more new features and addons being planned for the future.

All users of the Windows 10 launch edition who have not been able to automatically upgrade their OS are strongly recommended to install Windows 10 Launch Patch 32-bit. This patch is regarded to be essential for providing stable and reliable OS with many security improvements that could prove crucial for making your PC safe for long-term use. The quick download and installation procedure make it easy for integration on any modern PC running the launch version of Windows 10.

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