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Download WinMerge 2.15.4 Alpha


 -  100% Safe  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

- Flatten GUI pane edges
- Partial support for HiDPI (not Per-Monitor DPI Aware)
- Remove splash screen. The splash screen image is now displayed in About dialog

Tool bar:
- Add "View->Toolbar->Huge" menu item
- Add drop down menu to Options icon
- Add icons for 3-way merge functions

Open dialog:
- Change window type of Open dialog from modal window to MDI child window
- Add Read-only checkbox to Open dialog
- Add buttons to swap items
- Add the third path combobox for 3-way comparison
- Allow file name patterns like not only *.ext but file*.ext

Tab bar:
- Make Tabbar reorderable by using drag-and-drop
- Add "Close Other Tabs", "Close Right Tabs" and "Close Left Tabs" menu items to system menu
- Add "Enable Auto Max Width" menu item to Tab Bar context menu
- Show close button when hovering over tabs
- Add icons to each tab

Options dialog:
- Add "Close Select Files or Folders Dialog on clicking OK button" checkbox to "General" page
- Add "Language" combobox to "General" page and remove Language dialog
- Add "Ignore codepage differences" checkbox to "Compare/General" page
- Remove checkboxes in "Enable multiple compare windows for" group from
- "General" page (Now always enabled multi compare windows)
- Add "Include Subfolders" checkbox to "Compare/Folder" page
- Add "Automatically expand all subfolders" checkbox to "Compare/Folder" page
- Add "Ignore Reparse Points" checkbox to "Compare/Folder" page
- Add "Number of compare threads" textbox to "Compare/Folder" page
- Add "Compare/Binary" page
- Add "Compare/Image" page
- Add checkboxes whether to use custom colors for text to
- "Colors/Differences" page
- Add "GitHub/Bitbucket" button to "Colors/Differences" page
- Add "Margin" color button to "Colors/Text" page
- Add "Colors/Markers" page
- Remove "Use stand-alone 7-Zip if available" and
- "Use local 7-Zip from WinMerge folder" radio button from
- "Archive Support" page
- Now always use local 7-Zip from WinMerge folder)
- Make $file and $linenum parameters available in External editor textbox on "System" page
- Make Custom codepage on "Codepage" page selectable from dropdown list
- Add "Detect codepage for text files using mlang.dll" checkbox to "Codepage" page
- Remove "Include subfolders by default" checkbox from
- "Shell Integration" page
- ShellExtension now refers to "Include subfolders" checkbox on "Compare/Folder" page or on "Select Files or Folders" dialog)
- Remove "Add Shell menu to context menu" from "Shell Integration" page
- WinMerge now always adds shell menu to context menu in Folder window)
- Add "Register shell extension" button to "Shell Integration" page

Folder Compare:
- Add Multi-thread compare support for Full Contents or Quick Contents method
- Color the background of items in list view
- Restore collapse/expand state of folder tree after re-comparison
- Make comparing window closeable
- Make sub-folder re-comparable
- Display folder items in list view during comparison
- Display the file name currently being compared in progress window
- Add "Parent Folder" menu item in 'Open Left/Middle/Right' menu
- Add "Compare Non-horizontally" menu item to context menu
- Add "Copy items To Clipboard" menu item to context menu
- Add "Swap panes" menu item to View menu
- Add "Auto/Manual Prediffer" menu item to Plugin menu
- Open selected folders in new tab when clicking "Compare" menu item with pressing Ctrl key
- Cleanup Date column alignment
- Bugfix: Version column not sorted correctly
- Bugfix: A unique item that is a binary file was not detected as a binary file
- Bugfix: Properly handle 3-way comparison of Binary files
- Bugfix: Use proper font for View>Use Default Font menu item

File Compare:
- Add support for 3-way compare/merge
- Add "Diff Context" menu to View menu to adjust the number of displayed diff context lines
- Add "Split Vertically" menu item to View menu
- Add "Add Synchronization Point" to Merge menu
- Add "Auto/Manual Prediffer" menu item to Plugin menu
- Show the name of the applied plugin in the status bar
- Add shortcut(Ctrl+Alt+E) to open with external editor
- Add Go and Rust highlighter
- Add VHDL syntax highlighter
- Add C++11 keywords
- Make merge editor window D&Dable
- Highlight the search text and implement Marker
- Highlight the EOL pane in status bar if there is a difference in the EOL of files
- Reload files when another application changes files opened by WinMerge
- Improve in-line diff algorithm
- Bugfix: More on Issue #73 Fixed the -dl -dm and -dr description parameters for conflict files for both 2 way and 3 way conflict files)
- Bugfix: Fix Memory Leak with Drop Targets

Binary Compare:
- Install binary file editor (frhed) component again by default
- Make binary file editor undoable

Image Compare:
- Add image file compare/merge support

- Add "Include File Compare Report" checkbox to "Folder Compare Report" dialog
- Change the encoding of HTML folder compare report from ANSI to UTF-8
- Add icons to the HTML folder compare report
- Change visual style of HTML report
- Archive Support:
- Install 7-zip plugin by default

Drag and Drop:
- Accept drag&droped files or folders from various places like:
- Zip folder, FTP folder, Recycle bin, images in Web browser

- Introduce new plugin type FILE_FOLDER_PACK_UNPACKER which allows unpacking data in a file to multiple files in a folder
- Use FILE_FOLDER_PACK_UNPACKER plugin for decompressing archives
- Add support for unpacker plugin written in VBScript/Javascript.
- Add WinMerge32BitPluginProxy.exe to make 32-bit plugins usable in 64-bit

- Rewrite some plugins in VBScript
- Add CompareMSPowerPointFiles.sct plugin
- Add ApplyPatch.sct plugin
- Add SortAscending, SortDescending and ExecFilterCommand menu item to
- Plugin->Script menu
- Make plugins configurable with settings dialog of each plugin

- Update *.flt files for Visual Studio 2015 and 2017

Shell extension:
- Display another WinMerge icon in Explorer's context menu when a folder is selected

- 64-bit version of WinMerge is available
- Install plugins by default

- Update Portuguese translation
- Update Korean translation
- Update Traditional Chinese translation
- Remove "Language" menu item from View menu
- You can specify UI language at Options dialog)

Command line:
- Incompatible change: The third file path is now treated as a right path for 3-way comparison, not output path
- Use /o option for ouput path instead
- Add /wm, /dm, /fl, /fm, /fr, /al, /am and /ar option for 3-way comparison

Other changes:
- Add support for jump list introduced in Windows 7

- Use POCO C++ libraries instead of pcre, expat and scew
- They use pcre, expat internally
- Link statically with MFC and VC runtime libraries
- Various compilation/build fixes

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Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.