Integrates Git Bash and Git GUI into Windows PC!

Git for PC (64-bit)

Git for PC (64-bit)

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Git for Windows 64 bit is a professional version-control application that can track changes in source code during software development, and one of the most used software solutions for coordinating work between programmers. In addition to tracking changes in code, it can also track changes in any other type of apps. To provide most scalability and versatility, Git is not created to fit in the traditional client-server system but is instead fully distributed, enabling every computer to have their own full-fledged repository that tracks version tracking and complete file history without relying on communication with a central server.

Conceived in 2005 by the father of Linus operating system Linus Torvalds, the oversight over Git was moved to Junio Hamano who was responsible for implementing numerous changes and upgrades over 30 different versions. As of early 2024, Git for Windows PC has reached version 2.35, with extensive updates that will enhance the app's features for tracking and planning non-linear software development, distributed coding, compatibility with current and upcoming protocols, handling of very large projects, cryptographic authentication, plugin support, data garbage management, object packing, data structures and more.

While it was originally created for use in a Linux environment, this app has received extensive support for BSD, macOS, Solaris, and Windows OS. Git for Windows remains one of the most popular versions of the app, with a lightweight native set of tools that feature both command line and GUI interface that can serve both novices and seasoned professionals.  The app consists from Git BASH, Git GUI, and Shell integration for easier access, but it is worth to notice that Git source code can be accessed via a wide array of custom GUI application that can enhance your particular workflow for branding and merging of code, distributed version tracking, data assurance, area staging, and streamlined access. As of early 2024, the Git database can be accessed by 25 different GUI clients.

Git for Desktop is 100% free for both home and professional use and is developed under open source license that ensures timely arrival of new features, stability upgrades, and enhancements.

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What's new in this version:

- Recursive clones on case-insensitive filesystems that support symbolic links are susceptible to case confusion that can be exploited to execute just-cloned code during the clone operation
- Repositories can be configured to execute arbitrary code during local clones. To address this, the ownership checks introduced in v2.30.3 are now extended to cover cloning local repositories.
- Local clones may end up hardlinking files into the target repository's object database when source and target repository reside on the same disk. If the source repository is owned by a different user, then those hardlinked files may be rewritten at any point in time by the untrusted user.
- When cloning a local source repository that contains symlinks via the filesystem, Git may create hardlinks to arbitrary user-readable files on the same filesystem as the target repository in the objects/ directory.
- It is supposed to be safe to clone untrusted repositories, even those unpacked from zip archives or tarballs originating from untrusted sources, but Git can be tricked to run arbitrary code as part of the clone.
- Defense-in-depth: submodule: require the submodule path to contain directories only
- Defense-in-depth: clone: when symbolic links collide with directories, keep the latter
- Defense-in-depth: clone: prevent hooks from running during a clone
- Defense-in-depth: core.hooksPath: add some protection while cloning
- Defense-in-depth: fsck: warn about symlink pointing inside a gitdir
- Various fix-ups on HTTP tests
- HTTP Header redaction code has been adjusted for a newer version of cURL library that shows its traces differently from earlier versions
- Fix was added to work around a regression in libcURL 8.7.0 (which has already been fixed in their tip of the tree)
- Replace macos-12 used at GitHub CI with macos-13. ci(linux-asan/linux-ubsan): let's save some time
- Tests with LSan from time to time seem to emit harmless message that makes our tests unnecessarily flakey; we work it around by filtering the uninteresting output.
- Update GitHub Actions jobs to avoid warnings against using deprecated version of Node.js