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XSplit Broadcaster

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Download XSplit Broadcaster 3.5.1808.2926

XSplit Broadcaster

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What's new in this version:

XSplit Broadcaster 3.5.1808.2926
- Change log not available for this version

XSplit Broadcaster 3.4.1806.2229
- No longer able to toggle selected source visibility using space bar
- Blackmagic WDM source may show "Camera Not Available"
- Remove Flash prerequisite on certain systems
- Error when starting stream/recording in some system (due to audio format)
- Updates to Facebook integration
- New installed source or extension plugins are broken on relogin
- Improve handling of redownloaded web installer
- GS FPS limiter: New value may not be saved after hovering out of the source props window
- Stream only device not installed (or gets uninstalled during update)
- System.NullReferenceException occurs on when starting stream on some outputs via Hotkey
- Facebook Live output can get stuck on "Initiating stream"
- Plugins randomly listed as missing on startup

XSplit Broadcaster 3.4.1806.2217
- Change log not available for this version

XSplit Broadcaster 3.3.1805.0302
- Change log not available for this version

XSplit Broadcaster 3.3.1803.0508
- Crash on stopping output with NvEnc hardware encoder
- Crash/Freeze streaming/recording while Recordings window is open
- System.InvalidCastException occurs when loading a presentation with Logitech webcam on a non-active scene

XSplit Broadcaster 3.3.1803.0505
- ArgumentNullException keeps popping up when streaming while German language is selected
- Authentication of social network from share dialogs does not reflect on Accounts tab

XSplit Broadcaster 3.3.1803.0502

Features and improvements:
- Faster/simplified media information retrieval in Recordings window
- New windows capture mode on Windows 10
- Persist camera video input settings
- Integrate native RTMP stream source
- Option to save separate audio tracks for mic and system audio
- Add plugin category in permissions list
- Make options for browser source to force reload
- Encoding on high DPI settings shows wobbly stage
- Add desktop (monitor) selection in the source properties
- Categorize hotkeys in settings
- Different color for the center horizontal and vertical lines for snap to grid
- Macros extension
- Option to upload log files
- Improvements to YouTube Live plugin flow
- Update title bar text when performing pre-stream bandwidth test or ingest selection
- YouTube Live: Allow to set New Live Event end date to exceed 24 hours
- YouTube Live: Add "Ultra low-latency" option
- Niconico: Increase audio bitrate support for up to 192 kbps
- Facebook Live: Add 1080p bitrates
- YouTube Live: Allow max bitrate to go beyond the max value noted in Video Encoding tooltip

- Fixes:
- Fix crash in stream recording allocation
- Incorrect scene name displayed on the permissions window after swapping scenes
- Crash may occur with RSS reader via the Text plugin
- Title bar may show "Live" even though it is not
- Elgato Game Capture WASAPI audio issues
- Video audio gets de-sync when using WASAPI output
- 4K video may stutter and display artifacts when using CPU mode
- Settings window can be launched before prestream dialog opens
- Possible crash during login when XSplitBroadcaster virtual camera is used on TeamViewer
- Stream gets stuck restarting when attempting to reconnect
- Disallow changing Audio Input for Elgato HD filter to avoid video stutters
- Incorrect GPU usage value on the bottom panel
- Some sources reload on change of language
- Folder location reverts to default upon reboot when network path requires credentials
- XSplit Game Source Helper may be visible on certain setups
- Some windows are scaled small on high DPI settings
- Open file dialog is left open when source properties window is closed
- Add Stinger & Stinger Creator - Failure to convert files
- HTML tags are parsed on the Permissions window
- DivideByZeroException occurs on logout/exit for newly created accounts
- Silent crash on exit when Projector is still open
- Unhandled exception occurs when using illegal character in editing stinger name
- Presentation packager may crash during export process
- Crash encountered while changing the interval for Media Slideshow
- Text: Adding the plugin on stage gets very laggy if many fonts are installed
- Presentation Packager: Unable to load video files
- "Error #100 Invalid planned start time" when creating new scheduled live video
- Facebook Live: Continuous multiple clicks lead to multiple opened windows
- Video encoding bitrate on the tooltip do not adjust when toggling the audio bitrate - affects Facebook Live & YouTube Live
- Pre-stream dialogs are scaled small on high DPI settings - affects Twitch, YouTube Live, & Facebook Live
- Youtube Live: Live events become missing if a troubled live event is not ended

XSplit Broadcaster 3.2.1711.2927

- Stream reconfiguration may fail
- Some advanced settings options are not reverted to default values on restore
- Possible exception when adaptive bitrate is enabled
- Update error when using Hijri date
- Akamai: Exception occurs when testing bandwidth
- Browser source compatibility for NVIDIA GTX 10xx series
- Possible exception (access violation so app crashes) when reading GPU clock speed for NVIDIA
- Stream Delay is ignored when "Automatically save recording to local drive" is enabled
- TypeInitializationException in enumerating SystemFontFamilies upon login
- Twitch: Server dropdown can exceed the screen edge

XSplit Broadcaster 3.2.1711.2916

- Video playback issues for live stream recording
- Paste info dialog does not display properly for some languages
- Sharing an image to shows 502 error
- Current language may not have check mark on menu
- Selected language is not retained on logout
- RTMPS no longer works in 64 bit build
- MFP is not detected when already installed on Windows Fall Creators update
- Exported videos are pixelated

XSplit Broadcaster 3.2.1711.2902

Features and improvements:
- This version is now 64 bit and only compatible with 64 bit Windows(r)
- Facebook Live: Add status option for page and list all future scheduled for all timelines
- Improvements to loading speed
- Delay notification of updates (also helps improve loading speed)
- Add restart option on My Plugins if an output was updated using Update All button
- Tracktl: Add Trackparty in source name

- Game capture optimization for DX9 32bit does not work in Fall Creators Update (RS3) of Windows 10 (1709 Build 16299)
- Application can freeze when removing SWF source
- Possible exception when reading audio sources
- Crash on Live Gamer HD2 filter during video output resolution update when using MJPG color space
- Advanced settings options are not reverted to default values on restore (For testing)
- Extension window opens after updating from the store
- Login form flickers on auto-login / Some UI elements may show ahead of time
- Exception and crash occurs upon login on offline mode
- UriFormatException occurs when adding custom extension without protocol
- Loading a presentation always defaults the scene position to scene 1
- Unable to startup on an AMD Crossfire setup
- Screenshot of active scene is not working on split mode
- Text source scrolling function uses too much CPU
- Presentation Packager: Export/validation process may get stuck when an empty Image Slideshow is in presentation (For testing)
- QNAP DJ2: Discovery window does not open

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