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iMesh is a peer-to-peer client and the ultimate P2P file sharing community that has attracted lovers of all types of multimedia who are willing to share their collections between each other.  While many other networks are focused on illegal file sharing on networks that use Gnutella, Direct Connect or BitTorrent network, iMesh managed to find a solution to make file sharing legal and easy to use. Operating under approval from RIAA, users that reside in United States and Canada can use this app to discover new music with ease, and using monthly subscription or individual payment easily download music on their local storage.

History of iMesh started in 1994 with the first release of the app that instantly managed to attract large audience. This also attracted the wrath of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) which sued iMeh for encouraging copyright infringement. Quickly after that two of them settled and iMesh announced change of the way the service was managed. Today, the song, TV and film catalogue that is offered on the service is strictly controlled, with around 15 million songs (4 million paid) being available to be downloaded at all times. This change in operations caused significant waves in the P2P community, resulting in creation of the several forks of iMesh, most notably BearShare which still today continues as true and unrestricted sharing platform.

As it is the case with all other P2P sharing programs, iMesh also has very intuitive interface that is well suited for novices who just want access to great entertainment. However, here there are differences to the level of access. Free access to the 'iMesh ToGo' service lasts only 14 days, with paid access being required after that period.

What's New in iMesh:

New Library
Browsing and organizing your library is easier than ever before with the new simple and slick layout.

Facebook Connect
Signing in to iMesh is now easier than ever with Facebook Connect. Use your account to enjoy all that iMesh has to offer, and share it with your Facebook friends.

Click on the Heart icon next to each track or video in order to add them to your favorites.

iPods and MP3 Players
Connecting an iPod / MP3 player is as easy as plugging it in. You can transfer songs to and from your iPod manually, or have iMesh automatically sync your library with your device each time you connect it.

Color Schemes
Get your iMesh looking just the way you want it to with these slick new color schemes. From Sky Blue to Hot Pink, there's something for every desktop.

iMesh DJ
Enter the name of a song, artist, or mood, and iMesh will automatically create a playlist full of music you'll love.

Meet New People
Share and listen to music together, upload photos, and much more.

HD Videos
iMesh handles HD videos with ease in its new video modes. Play HD videos inside iMesh, pop them out to float mode, or go full screen.

Note: Users are advised to pay attention while installing this ad-supported application.

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