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What's new in this version:

PhraseExpress 13.0.70d
- Improved navigation in the phrase tree
- Improved phrase file merge feature
- Support for multiple email recipients if using MAPI
- Support of the & character in the form element labels

PhraseExpress 13.0.67d
- Improved SQL server connection dialog
- Macro function #formnum now supports negative default values
- Improved check for installed "Microsoft Native Client" if using a SQL servers
- Fixed issue with WYSIWYG forms

PhraseExpress 13.0.64d
- Improved SQL server connection dialog
- Macro function #formnum now supports negative default values
- Improved check for installed "Microsoft Native Client" if using a SQL servers
- Fixed issue with WYSIWYG forms

PhraseExpress 13.0.63d
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 13.0.60d
One license now covers three PCs:
- Enjoy PhraseExpress on your laptop, your desktop PC and your media center computer with one single license
- License keys are not restricted to a particular computer anymore but now associated to a person, identified by the computer login name. The new licensing adapts to the lifestyle of having multiple computers and can save you hundreds of dollars

Apply corporate identity changes in no time:
- You can now change the font type and size of all your phrases with a single action

- Replace the font type or size of all phrases
- Change properties of specific font types and/or font sizes only
- Standardize varying font sizes or font types to a common default
- Apply changes to the whole phrase library or selected phrases or phrase folders
- Remove font formatting from your phrase library

Easier macro editing:
- You can now travel through nested macros with ease
- Double-click any nested macro to edit its properties
- Macro highlighting is now also supported within macro dialogs

Phrase links:
- Phrase links allows you to reuse phrases in multiple phrase folders/files without redundancy
- Compile a separate menu of phrases from various phrase folders across your library
- Copy phrases as links in a separate folder for a different sorting
- The "Last Used" phrase folder makes use of links to minimize redundancy

Clipboard Manager enhancements:
- The Clipboard Manager now recognizes multiple email addresses, URLs or file path in the clipboard contents
- Send an email to a specific address from a list of email addresses copied into the clipboard
- Open a specific URL in your browser from a batch of URLs in the clipboard
- Copy the path of any file copied to the clipboard or open the folder containing any of the files in the File Explorer

Recycle bin feature:
- The recycle bin allows you to restore accidentally deleted phrases
- Each loaded phrase file has its own independent recycle bin
- Individual snippets or the whole recycle bin can be restored

Enhanced user interface:
- New view options simplify snippet management
- You can now see all phrases of any phrase folder (or your entire database) including the phrases of any subfolder in a flattened list and sort this list by number of uses, date of use, date of change, creation date, programming

Ready for new Mac version:
- PhraseExpress v13 is compatible with new PhraseExpress for Mac v2
- The new Mac version introduces SQL server support, application and user access restrictions, phrase links, trash bin and ribbon menus

Additional improvements:
- Proxy server support now includes advanced authentication method
- Enhanced table editing features in the phrase editor
- #extractxml can now read from URLs
- Form input boxes set to email syntax check now auto-sanitize and scan for emails
- New password protection option for commercial providers of phrase libraries

PhraseExpress 12.0.148d
- Syntax check for text-formatted phrases
- Improved support for text formatted macro functions
- Improved rendering of multiple form macro functions

PhraseExpress 12.0.147d
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 12.0.145
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 12.0.144
- Improved support for formatted text in combination with macro functions

PhraseExpress 12.0.143
- If using cloud synchronization, the device is now shown which synchronized last
- Improved phrase sorting after usage
- Alternativ "Windows Notification Platform" support

PhraseExpress 12.0.142
- Improved "Search & Replace" feature
- Corrected line breaks if multiple phrases are linked from a formatted phrase.
- Improved #output Macro function

PhraseExpress 12.0.138
- Solved issue with Firebird SQL databases

PhraseExpress 12.0.137
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 12.0.136
- Significant faster SQL database load time
- Improved correction of DOuble CApital letters and capitalization of sentences
- Notification on very short autotext definitions
- Many minor improvements

PhraseExpress 12.0.128
- Improved phrase file password protection
- Improved #setphrase macro function
- Improved Drag & Drop function

- Solved issues with blank lines in multi-level nested macro functions
- Solved display problem with phrase levels

PhraseExpress 12.0.124
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 12.0.120
- This version extends the phrase file format. If using multiple clients, all clients must be updated
- Support for formatted phrases of the PhraseExpress version for Mac
- Many minor improvements

PhraseExpress 12.0.113
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 12.0.105
- New: #mail macro error message if defined file attachment is missing
- Improved: Anhanced Microsoft Word formatted phrase load error handling
- Improved: Three column view
- Improved: Keyboard navigation in form checkbox drop down menus
- Improved: Bitmaps can now be dropped into phrase contents
- Improved: Programs can be launched with the {#RUN ...} macro function without providing the path
- Change: Option "Show macro parameters" removed
- Fix: Issue with nested forms
- Fix: Rare issue with phrase levels
- Fix: Rare issue when saving phrases into SQL database

PhraseExpress 12.0.100
- Improved: Simulated ESC key does not exit phrase exection
- Improved: Tabulators are now recognized as text formatting
- Fix: License key issue if using Citrix/TerminalServer
- Fix: In rare cases parts of unformatted phrases are inserted with formatting
- Fix: Bulk editing feature "remove text formatting"
- Fix: Simulated key press in MouseRecorder

PhraseExpress 12.0.98
- New: Customizable phrase height in menu (Parameter "XOffset" in the configuration file)
- Improved: Display after changing phrase background color
- Fix: Rare issue with Ribbon menus
- Fix: Nested #insert macro functions

PhraseExpress 12.0.96
- New: Simulated keystrokes are now recognized by autotext engine
- Improved: Handling of COM server connection issues
- Fix: Macro functions can be copied in editor
- Fix: Text label colors in phrase tree
- Fix: Issue with parameter "#formcombobox -required"
- Fix: Editor spell checking feature
- Fix: #output macro function and file generation in Document Generator

PhraseExpress 12.0.93d
New user interface:
- PhraseExpress v12 introduces ribbon menus with and a fresh Microsoft Office 2016 style user interface
- The optional three-column layout separates folders from phrases, making it easier to organize large phrase libraries
- The phrase selection menu now boasts a clean Windows 10 look
- The appearance and colors can be configured in detail
- Enhanced Cross-Platform Compatibility: PhraseExpress v12 for Windows is prepared to sync phrases with Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad and Android

Multi-Language Phrases:
- Template boilerplate management taken to the next level - Literally
- You can now switch the same phrase library into different "levels", e.g. into different languages. When switching levels, the phrase folder structure, autotext and hotkey associations all stay the same!
- You can switch the same phrase library between multiple languages or different products, departments, applications in no time. This is a total game changer for multi-language call centers or technical support handling inquiries for different products

Advanced Phrase File Synchronization:
- PhraseExpress keeps the history of phrase file changes. PhraseExpress v12 now allows you to inspect and restore individual changes. This feature also comes in handy in case of version conflicts if multiple users edit the same phrase file at the same time.You can decide for each change which version you wish to keep in the shared file.

Additional Changes:
- Quotes in the popup search features enables exact search
- Macro parameters can now be shown in formatted phrases as well
- Phrase access settings now also include Active Directory sub groups
- A PhraseExpress for Windows license is now required for cloud/mobile device synchronization
- File export into plain text, Rich Text and Microsoft Word format
- "Cheat sheet" feature to print a list of phrases including autotext and hotkey associations

PhraseExpress 11.0.136
- Faster Microsoft ActiveDirectory retrieval when using a read-only domain controller

PhraseExpress 11.0.135
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 11.0.134
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 11.0.133
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 11.0.132
- The #mail macro functions works around the Outlook DLL to prevent showing the error message "The operating system is not configured to run this application"

PhraseExpress 11.0.131
- Workaround for the error message "The operating system is not configured to run this application"
- Improved phrase menu positioning

PhraseExpress 11.0.129
- Improved access restrictions (if using SQL server). Requires SQL Client Manager and SQL database update)

PhraseExpress 11.0.125
- Misc improvements

PhraseExpress 11.0.122
- Improved TextExpander support (Removal of non-valid chars in snippets file)
- RTF Editor update
- Additional minor improvements / General maintenance

PhraseExpress 11.0.121
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 11.0.114
- Removed letter case sensitivity of macro function names/parameters
- Improved compatibility with GTK+ based applications (Pidgin, etc)
- Improved text paste method settings
- Improved data interchange with Mouse Recorder
- Added TextExpander 5 snippet file import
- Many minor improvements

PhraseExpress 11.0.109
- New phrase menu
- The phrase menu has been completely redesigned
- The preview now also shows bitmaps and text formatting
- The new menu bar offers quick access to the search feature and additional settings

Additional popup menu improvements:
- Blazing fast display
- Phrases can be sorted by usage frequency or date of last use (if using SQL server)
- Phrase folders can be color-tagged for easier identification
- Menus can be resized by dragging them by any edge

New phrase menu context options:
- Right-click any phrase for context-aware power functions
- If copying a file to the clipboard, other useful options are available at your fingertip

Clipboard Collections:
- Text snippets can be output in one action, separated by a delimiter of your choice. This allows you to create comma separated keyword lists with single mouse click.

Document Generator v2:
- The Document Generator can now save the generated document into a file
- Generated documents can be based on a Microsoft Word .dot(x) template
- The Document Generator optionally writes the document as a .txt/.rtf/.doc(x) file

Macro Recorder Support:
- PhraseExpress seamlessly integrates with our new macro software "Mouse Recorder"

New form controls:
- Horizontal and vertical radio button groups
- Slider for numeric input with custom min/max and default value
- Numeric input
- Checkbox drop-down
- Smart concatenation of multiple selections (e.g."BMW, Mercedes and Porsche") with customizable enumerators (comma, and/or).

Smart enumerations:
- You can now group multiple form elements. The output of the grouped form elements will be enumerated. PhraseExpress analyses the user input and generates a smart enumeration including "and/or".

Advanced password protection:
- You can encrypt and secure your phrase files, e.g. if shared via cloud synchronization. No more tedious password input required. Protecting your PhraseExpress phrase files has never been easier.

New macro functions:
- The new {#CHECK …} macro functions compares values with multiple text strings and numbers

Additional macro enhancements:
- The new {#RANDOMTEXT …} macro function inserts any of the defined phrases by random
- The macro function {#BALLOON …} now allows to configure an action if the ballon notification is clicked by the user
- {#EXTRACTXML …} can extract not only single values but now also entire segments from XML files

SQL Client Manager improvements:
- Any user can be elevated to a "master user" with general read/access rights to all phrases independent from any access restrictions
- The client program settings of the master user can be applied to all or a selection of client installations to allow central client configurations
- A new search feature in the SQL Client Manager helps to find specific users in large installations

Optimized support for formatted text:
- PhraseExpress combines RTF and HTML text formatting for maximum compatibility. No more worries which text formatting to choose!

PhraseExpress 10.5.41
- Fixed SQL database refresh issue if a phrase was blocked
- Improved update check

PhraseExpress 10.5.40
- Popup menus with many phrases of a SQL database are now shown much quicker if phrase preview is enabled

PhraseExpress 10.5.38
- New macro function {#contents} task tray icoo show phrase contents in phrase descriptions in the popup menu (seful for quite specific purposes only)
- ENTER and TAB and Autotext detection is not blocked anymore after CTRL-Click in the phrase menu
- Improve form appearance if using high DPI monitors

PhraseExpress 10.5.35
- If you use PhraseExpress with a SQL server, you would need to update all clients and the SQL Client Manager.  PhraseExpress 10.5.33
- Support for special characters for phrases stored in a SQL data base

PhraseExpress 10.5.26
- Solved issue if pasting RTF formatted phrases into Microsoft Word

PhraseExpress 10.5.24
- Program file command-line parameter -license="YourLicenseKey" to allow to automate license key registration on stand-alone installations (if not using a server).

PhraseExpress 10.5.23
- Support for the macro recorder program Mouse Recorder (beta)
- Macro function {#COND…} now also supports date comparisons
- New option "Rename" in the phrase tree context menu
- Confirmation dialog if cancelling an edit in the main program window
- Solved rare text encoding issues in MS SQL databases
- PhraseExpress sometimes stuck in rare situations if using temporary variables

PhraseExpress 10.5.16
- Progress bar for bulk phrase move/copy operations
- Improved support for linked/nested forms.Solved issue with locked WIN-key

PhraseExpress 10.5.8
- Added -exec parameter to macro functions #insertclipboard and #olmaildata macro functions to prevent parsing macros contained in emails and clipboard
- Fixed #calc macro thousand-separator issue
- Improved pasting of linked phrases into Microsoft Office
- Clipboard manager floating menu doesn't take focus if new contents is copied to the clipboard anymore
- Fixed issue when deleting HTML phrases

PhraseExpress 10.5.6
- Synchronization with PhraseExpress Android App
- Improved and simplified menu to create new or to open existing phrase files
- Permissions could not be set in rare situations
- Solved escaped ("") chars issue
- Added support for meeting request messages in the Outlook Add-In
- Fixed issues with Unicode content in window titles
- Prevent crashes if the clipboard contains unsupported contents
- Solved RTF formatting issue

PhraseExpress 10.1.59
- Long unformatted phrases without macro functions are now automatically pasted via clipboard

PhraseExpress 10.1.58
- The text output and macro processing engine has been significantly enhanced since v10.0.35. Please test for compatibility with your macro functions before using in your production environment!
- Tray icon now indicates if PhraseExpress is executing a phrase or if it blocked from applications
- The option "Route ENTER and TAB through PhraseExpress" is now disabled by default and can be configured in the expert options

PhraseExpress 10.1.57
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 10.1.56
- Improved handling of HTML-formatted phrases
- Improved display of tables
- Improved text insertion and clipboard handling
- Phrase output can be cancellede with the hotkey ESC
- Solved issue in form input
- Phrase file synchronization improved

PhraseExpress 10.1.55
- Includes all the changes featured in the previous Beta versions

PhraseExpress 10.1.35
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 10.1.34
- Customizable delay for simulation of special key presses
- You can now also enter Microsoft SQL database alias paths in the client
- QuickSearach now preselects the first found item
- The task tray icon turns into green exclamation mark if loading at least one phrase file from the PhraseExpress Server
- Form input fields can now checkde for syntax
- Floating menus do not grab application focus too earlier anymore
- Improved unwanted Autotext detection
- Special phrase folders are now read-only to prevent accidental editing
- Improved removal of text formatting
- Resolved non-critical bug if using password on the PhraseExpress Server

PhraseExpress 10.1.30
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 10.1.28
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 10.1.27
- New feature "SmartComplete" which can be enabled by launching PhraseExpress in beta mode via the command-line parameter -beta
- Improved email and URL input syntax validation
- Popup menus are shown regardless of their hidden setting if the popup menus are directly triggered by their Autotext or hotkey
- Solved issues if SHIFT is used as a confirmation key

PhraseExpress 10.1.24
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 10.1.23
- Fixed issue Autocaps feature issue
- Fixed issue with special functions (such as "calc as you type")
- You can now jumb back and forth between selected phrases in the main program window

PhraseExpress 10.1.21
- Easier context menu access in the phrase popup. Useful for Tablet PC users
- Several search funcitons now remember last used queries. Unwanted items can be removed with the Del-key
- If creating a new phrase you can now quick-select your favorite target phrase folders
- PhraseExpress now notifies about applications running in elevated mode
- If you copy a file to the clipboard, the clipboard cache now saves the file path for later reuse
- You can now use the left or rightSHIFT- or CTRL-key to confirm a phrase selection in the popup menu
- Improved debug mode performance. Logs are now cached in main memory instead being written to disk
- Approach to solve isues with large RTF phrases
- Solved issues with linked RTF phrases
- The first carriage return of unformatted phrases is not removed anymore
- Backup file path may now include Windows environment variables
- Solved issues with the #loop, #cond and #calc macro function
- #pos macro function is now case-sensitive
- Comments are not output anymore in linked phrases
- Phrase file import from PhraseExpress v7 improved
- Autocaps feature must now be enabled explicitly under Expert Options » Miscellaneous (Screenshot)

PhraseExpress 10.1.4
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 10.1.1
- Support for high DPI settings (useful for high-resolution displays)
- New high-resolution Office 2013 style icon set
- Solved compatibility license authorization issue with certain SQL servers
- Solved user interface display issues (e.g. missing phrase edit area or CSV/Excel import)
- The Outlook Add-In could not detect the suitable greeting because of a missing important file. If you use the Add-In, please repeat its installation

PhraseExpress 10.0.135
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 10.0.133
- Fixed conversion of RTF formatted phrases of previous PhraseExpress versions into SQL databases
- Solved phrase file transfer issues between client and PhraseExpress Server
- Solved rare license key registration issues with local PhraseExpress installations
- Solved registration issues with offline license keys
- Solved minor issues of the phrase search feature in the PhraseExpress main program window
- Quickkeys have accidentally been assigned to separators
- The debug log is now recorded in memory and saved to file when shutting down PhraseExpress to improve performance
- If settings are reverted by pressing CTRL- and ALT-keys while launching PhraseExpress, the configuration file config.xml is now renamed and not deleted

PhraseExpress 10.0.132
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 10.0.129
- Access permission issue fixed.
- Resolved problem if using SQL server with a locally licensed client

PhraseExpress 9.1.47
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 9.1.46
- A license key can now be passed via command-line parameter /LICENSE=Yourlicensekey to the installation program if /SILENT or /VERYSILENT is used, e.g. for automated software distributions

PhraseExpress 9.1.45
- Solved compatibility issue between Microsoft Outlook and Clipboard Cache
- Solved issue with very long phrase/backup file paths
- Solved rare problem of loading the text prediction feature dictionary file

PhraseExpress 9.1.44d
- Improved special character support in HTML formatted phrases
- Improved text prediction feature dictionary optimization
- Numerous minor bug fixes

PhraseExpress 9.1.43d
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 9.1.41d
- WIN/ STRG/ ALT/SHIFTmodifier keys stuck in rare cases which could led to phrase output in upper case
- Solved output issue with HTML-formatted phrases
- Fixed issue with blocking of single words from the text prediction feature
- Solved crash issue if very large contents is copied to the clipboard
- Defined system folder hotkeys are now restored after reactivating deactivated system folders (e.g. clipboard cache)
- Improved fall-back if corrupt phrase files are detected

PhraseExpress 9.1.36d
- Issue solved, that license registration issues are forgotten and unintentionally locked if PhraseExpress is using local phrase files while being centrally licensed via the Client Manager
- Improved Text Expander for Outlook Add-In support
- Improved Import/Synchronisation of Text Expander files
- Issue solved if PhraseExpress was launched multiple times with the command-line parameter -open
- Hotkey which include the WIN-key can now be used multiple times
- Solved issue with saving empty TextExpander text snippets files
- Debug mode is optionally offered if holding the SHIFT-key during program launch
- Solved mouse click issues in certain display layout situations

PhraseExpress 9.1.34d
- Improved Text Expander for Outlook Add-In support
- Issue solved if PhraseExpress was launched multiple times with the command-line parameter -open
- Hotkey which include the WIN-key can now be used multiple times
- Solved issue with saving empty TextExpander text snippets files
- Debug mode is optionally offered if holding the SHIFT-key during program launch
- solved mouse click issues in certain display layout situations
- Update check is now disabled if using local phrase files if the client is centrally licensed via the Client Manager

PhraseExpress 9.1.29d
- Backups have been removed if removing a phrase file node
- Solved compatibility issues with PortableApps
- The debug mode does not activate anymore withSHIFT-key
- The Autotext Auto-caps feature only work for Autotext with lower caps only

PhraseExpress 9.1.19d
- Solved license key registration issue with Standard Edition licenses
- HTML formatted phrases can now be inserted into target programs, that can receive plain text only
- Carriage return removed if plain textfiles are inserted by {#insertfile …} macro function
- Phrase descriptions now also render a selection of macro functions
- Fixed display issue with program-restricted phrases

PhraseExpress 9.1.17d
- Solved license key registration issue with Standard Edition licenses
- HTML formatted phrases can now be inserted into target programs that can receive plain text only
- Carriage return removed plain textfiles inserted by {#insertfile …} macro function
- Phrase descriptions now also render macro functions

PhraseExpress 9.1.14d
- Solved license key registration issue with Standard Edition licenses
- HTML formatted phrases can now be inserted into target programs that can receive plain text only
- Minor cosmetic improvements

PhraseExpress 9.1.8d
- Improved support of form macro functions in RTF formatted phrases
- Solved line break issues with unformatted phrases
- Solved rare issue when switching focus between text insertion
- Solved minor access rights and SQL issues
- Config.xml hasn't been read from ProgramData
- Rare crash problems if task tray icon is clicked during program launch
- Special folder phrase file files haven't been saved in rare situations
- Error handling for Word formatted phrases if Microsoft Word is busy with other tasks
- Variables have been incremented twice if the phrase preview has been rendered

PhraseExpress 9.1.7d
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 9.1.2d
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 9.0.170d
- The phrase file wasn't saved after calling a #var or #setphrase macro function
- The system phrase files (clipboard cache, etc) couldn't be saved if Windows is shut-down
- CTRL-clicking a phrase in the popup menu now also renders form macro functions before pasting the phrase into the clipboard

PhraseExpress 9.0.169d
- Change log not available for this version

PhraseExpress 9.0.167d
- Management of SQL databases has been significantly improved. The udpated SQL Client Manager Manual reflects the changes
- Clients can automatically find SQL databases on the network (more info)
- Solved issue when pasting via clipboard when large text blocks are linked with the #insert macro function
- Solved issue when hovering over a popup menu short before pasting a phrase
- The access restrictions dialog retrieves ActiveDirectory entries only when necessary to speed up display of the dialog
- CTRL-clicking a phrase in the popup menu renders macro functions and then paste the result into the clipboard for further use
- The #cond macro function doesn't trim space characters from parameters anymore

PhraseExpress 9.0.161d
- Solved issue if the task tray icon is clicked during program launch
- Fixed line-break issue with unformatted phrases
- Solved issue with access right restrictions
- Solved crash issue if the phrase popup menu is navigated rapidly

PhraseExpress 9.0.157d
- Solved issue with Offline license key registration
- Improved popup menu appearance at high DPI Windows settings
- Required number upper case Autotext letters for the auto-caps feature is now customizable in the config.xml (parameter "2")

PhraseExpress 9.0.156d
- Program settings (not phrases!) were deleted when using links to PhraseExpress settings. Side-effect: The settings also contain the phrase file path and the phrases have not been loaded anymore
- Removed new line at the end of RTF formatted phrases (please edit your RTF phrases and save them to let the bugfix take effect)
- Solved issues with the form dropdown selection menu
- Added progress bar to backup retrieval selection menu
- Disabled update check for clients connected to a Firebird SQL server
- Added option to configure focus change that helps to troubleshoot text pasting issues
- Re-structured text pasting settings
- RTF phrases now also works in target programs without RTF support

PhraseExpress 9.0.151d
- Improved macro parser
- Contents of phrases where the contents matches the description were empty in rare cases
- Issues solved with floating menus

PhraseExpress 9.0.148d
- Solved issue with license registration if using the SQL server

PhraseExpress 9.0.147d
- Solved issues with international characters in phrase file names

PhraseExpress 9.0.146d
New features:
- Windows 8 Compatibility
- Cloud support
- Password protection
- SQL Text Expander
- Multiple phrase files
- Simultaneous access to the same phrase file
- Improved program restrictions
- New Access restriction dialog
- Enhanced support for formatted text phrases
- Improved phrase selection menu
- Extended task tray menu
- Context Menu in the phrase selection popup
- Enhanced Calculation Macro
- New macro functions
- Chronological backup

Additional Improvements:
- Sorting of system folder items (clipboard cache, last used phrases) is now independent from the general settings and those elements are sorted by the time when they are added
- The paste method is now customizable per target application to resolve incompatibility issues
- TypoLearn now filters irrelevant manual corrections and won't learn a new typo item if you just enhance a written word (e.g. if you enhance the word "car" to "cars" (or vice versa)
- PhraseExpress can now remember the last used position of an input form
- File paths to system folders are now customizable in the configuration file
- Phrase file paths may now also contain Windows environment variables
- PhraseExpress recognizes a write-protected configuration file and removes any settings option from the user interface to prevent operating errors
- If a phrase is excluded from a particular target application, an associated hotkey becomes available for use in that target program
- A progress bar is now shown for large data import actions which allows you to cancel such actions
- There is no separate Stand-Alone Edition or Network Edition license key, allowing you to freely switch between both variations
- Stand-Alone installations can now also be centrally registered with the PhraseExpress Server (which can act as a license-only server)
- The calendar date selector now remembers its last position on the desktop
- The #formcombobox macro function allows to enter choice descriptions separate from the actual macro outputs
- The separator now takes less space in the phrase selection menu
- The status bar now shows many more information depending on the current program status
- The accuracy of the text prediction feature has been increased
- The macro function #insertfile now supports insertion of Microsoft Excel files
- The macro function #focus now includes the parameter -windowstate allowing you to control the appearance of the window (full-screen/minimized/etc)
- Phrase files status can be updated by pressing F5 and all files are saved with the hotkey CTRL-S without closing the main program window
- The QuickSearch has been optimized and now require fewer clicks to perform searches
- Debug mode can now be easily activated by launching PhraseExpress while holding the SHIFT key
- Clicking the phrase contents label enables a word and character count display

PhraseExpress 8.0.156
- Experimental Windows 8 compatibility

PhraseExpress 8.0.154
- Preparations for the major new version 9
- Minor/cosmetic improvements

PhraseExpress 8.0.152
- Statistics can be disabled in the free edition
- Minor/cosmetic improvements- Minor/cosmetic improvements

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