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  • Download ALLPlayer 6.1

    ALLPlayer 6.1

    ALLCinema Ltd - 40.96 MB - Freeware

    AllPlayer is very powerful and famous media player for playing video material with subtitles. Not only that it supports wide variety of best known video and audio codecs, but it...

  • Download Any Video Converter 5.7.7

    Any Video Converter 5.7.7

    AVCLabs Inc - 32.14 MB - Freeware

    Any Video Converter is a tool that will help you convert your video and audio files from one format to another. The program has simple and intuitive interface, and is easy to use....

  • Download Bandicam


    Bandisoft - 9.06 MB - Commercial Demo

    Bandicam is fully-featured screenshot and video recorder that can work with both PC desktop environment and video games. It has integrated support for DirectX  and OpenGL...

  • Download BS.Player 2.68 Build 1077

    BS.Player 2.68 Build 1077

    BS Global Organization - 740.85 KB - Freeware

    BSplayer is one of the most widely used video and audio media players, which has been downloaded by more than 70 million people worldwide and it has been translated into more than...

  • Download Camtasia Studio 8.4.4 Build 1859

    Camtasia Studio 8.4.4 Build 1859

    Tech Smith Corp. - 249.39 MB - Commercial Trial

    Camtasia Studio is a popular screen capture utility that was built on a balanced set of features, tools and user accessibility. It enables everyone to have both automated way to...

  • Download Daum PotPlayer

    Daum PotPlayer

    Daum Communications - Freeware

    Daum PotPlayer is an advanced audio&video player that is brimming with features for detailed control of their reproduction. From detailed customization of the player itself...

  • Download Debut Video Capture 2.05

    Debut Video Capture 2.05

    NCH Software - 1.5 MB - Freeware

    Debut Video Capture is a streamlined freeware video recording and editing application that enables anyone to easily capture videos in several different ways – from webcam,...

  • Download DivX Plus 10.2.4

    DivX Plus 10.2.4

    DivX, LLC - 988.81 KB - Freeware

    DivX 10 is a software suite for Windows that allows anyone to access and usye the next generation of DivX technology. With it you can create and play full HD H.264 (MKV) video....

  • Download Format Factory 3.5.1

    Format Factory 3.5.1

    Free Time - 50.43 MB - Freeware

    Format Factory is a comprehensive audio, video and photo converter and ripper that will satisfy your every need, all by having simple interface that can be used by everyone. Among...

  • Download Freemake Video Converter

    Freemake Video Converter

    Ellora Assets Corp. - 27.31 MB - Freeware

    Freemake Video Converter is a great free video converter for many reasons, but mainly because it’s fast, efficient and really simple to use. In addition to a very streamlined...

  • Download GOM Player

    GOM Player

    Gretech Corp - 12.58 MB - Freeware

    GOM Media Player is a free multimedia viewer that is currently used by million users all around the world. One thing that separates this player from many others is wide range of...

  • Download HandBrake


    Handbrake Team - Open Source

    HandBrake is a free and open source tool for converting video files from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs. It enabels anyone to easily prepare...

  • Download K-Lite Codec Pack 10.9.5 (Full)

    K-Lite Codec Pack 10.9.5 (Full)

    Codec Guide - 31.21 MB - Freeware

    K-Lite Codec Pack Full is a collection of audio and video codecs that are needed for the reproduction and creation of modern audio and video formats. Inside of it are all up to...

  • Download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.9.5

    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.9.5

    Codec Guide - 35.36 MB - Freeware

    K-Lite Codec Pack Mega is a professional collection of audio and video codecs that are needed for the reproduction and of all multimedia formats in Windows environment. Inside...

  • Download KMPlayer


    KMPmedia - 34.2 MB - Freeware

    KMPlayer is a free and powerful multimedia player, capable of playing various audio and video formats and working with the most popular codecs. While many other video players that...

  • Download Kodi 14.1

    Kodi 14.1

    XBMC Foundation - 67.83 MB - Open Source

    Among many media center software solutions on the market, Kodi (formerly XBMC Media Center) managed to distinguish itself as most popular and easy to use. This was achieved with...

  • Download Media Player Classic

    Media Player Classic

    MPC-HC Team - Open Source

    Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a free, open source media player, which supports many of the known video file formats, and can play VCD, SVCD and DVDs. Media Player Classic...

  • Download MediaInfo 0.7.72

    MediaInfo 0.7.72

    MediaInfo Team - 4.54 MB - Open Source

    MediaInfo is a small but powerful program that can give you access to all the hidden information that is located in your audio and video files. With it you can find out everything,...

  • Download MediaPortal 1.10.0

    MediaPortal 1.10.0

    MediaPortal Team - 98.47 MB - Open Source

    MediaPortal is a one-in-all open source media playback application that can transform your ordinary PC into highly capable Multimedia Center or Home Theatre PC. It provides you...

  • Download MeGUI 2507

    MeGUI 2507

    MeGUI Team - 74.8 MB - Open Source

    MeGUI is a free, powerful and professional made audio/video conversion tool that is not intended to be used by novices who are interested to manage simple user interfaces and streamlined...

  • Download Miro Video Converter 3.0

    Miro Video Converter 3.0

    Participatory Culture Foundation - 12.9 MB - Freeware

    Miro Video Converter is an audio and video converting tool that has support of converting your PC files for every portable device of your choice. Converting files for popular phones,...

  • Download Miro 6.0

    Miro 6.0

    Participatory Culture Foundation - 45.83 MB - Freeware

    Miro is a free Internet video application, which allows you to turn your computer into a television set. It can play almost any video file and offers over 10,000 free internet...

  • Download Plex Home Theater

    Plex Home Theater

    Plex, Inc - 50.62 MB - Open Source

    Plex Home Theater is a comprehensive software solution for transforming your plain old PC into fully featured Home Theater PC. With incredibly easy to use interface and appealing...

  • Download QuickTime Lite 4.1.0

    QuickTime Lite 4.1.0

    Free-Codecs team - 17.3 MB - Freeware

    QuickTime Lite (also known as the base package of QuickTime Alternative) is a free and lightweight video reproduction software  which allows anyone who is running Windows...

  • Download QuickTime Player

    QuickTime Player

    Apple Inc - 40.15 MB - Freeware

    QuickTime Player is the Apple’s proprietary media player, which is used by millions of people all over the World. It delivers remarkable quality output, and when used for...

  • Download RealPlayer Cloud

    RealPlayer Cloud

    RealNetworks Inc - 52.54 MB - Freeware

    RealPlayer Cloud is a latest offering from RealNetworks, which enables users from all around the world to more easily and quickly share videos recorded on smartphones and tablets...

  • Download Screencast-O-Matic 1.4

    Screencast-O-Matic 1.4

    Screencast-O-Matic Team - 27.28 MB - Freeware

    Screencast-O-Matic is a great and easy to use screen recording software. It allows users to quickly access tools for recording still screenshots and videos of your desktop surface,...

  • Download SMPlayer


    Ricardo Villalba - Open Source

    SMPlayer is a free, lightweight and fast media player for Windows that comes with pre-installed suite of codecs that can play virtually any multimedia content you can come across....

  • Download SopCast 3.9.6

    SopCast 3.9.6

    SopCast Team - 6.53 MB - Freeware

    SopCast is a free internet media streaming app that allows everyone to access TV, video, and music channels over the web directly from a standalone app that can be easily controlled....

  • Download Splash Lite 1.8.2

    Splash Lite 1.8.2

    Mirillis Ltd. - 11.02 MB - Freeware

    Splash Lite is a free and highly capable video player that supports all modern SD/HD formats and audio/video codecs. It enables you to make this application the core of your home...

  • Download Subtitle Workshop 6.0b Build 131121

    Subtitle Workshop 6.0b Build 131121

    Subtitle Workshop Team - 1.96 MB - Open Source

    Subtitle Workshop is a completely free Windows application for creation, editing, management and conversion of text-based subtitle files of all currently popular and widely used...

  • Download SUPER 2014 build 63

    SUPER 2014 build 63

    eRightSoft - 65.94 MB - Freeware

    Super (which is a short name of Simplified Universal Player Encoder and Renderer) is a very lightweight software tool that allows anyone to convert one media file type to another...

  • Download UMPlayer 0.98

    UMPlayer 0.98

    Ori Rejwan - 13.09 MB - Freeware

    UMPlayer (Universal Media Player) is free cross-platform multimedia player with incredible support for all modern video and audio codecs. UMPlayer will without a doubt fulfill...

  • Download Video Codec Packages

    Video Codec Packages

    Shark007 - Freeware

    With Advanced or Standard Codecs for Windows 7 and 8 will offer ability to watch movies and clips without downloading or installing separate codec for every video file format....

  • Download VirtualDub


    VirtualDub - Open Source

    VirtualDub is free and widely used video editor software, which allows the end user to process video streams inside highly intuitive interface that is aimed to provide professionals...

  • Download VLC Media Player

    VLC Media Player

    VideoLAN team - Open Source

    VLC (formerly VideoLAN Client) is a lightweight player and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD,...

  • Download Windows Live Movie Maker 2012 16.4.3528.0331

    Windows Live Movie Maker 2012 16.4.3528.0331

    Microsoft Corporation - 1.18 MB - Freeware

    Windows Live Movie Maker is a free streamlined video editing application that can in just few clicks transform your homemade videos and photos into great looking movies that can...

  • Download Windows Media Player 11.0.5721

    Windows Media Player 11.0.5721

    Microsoft Corporation - 24.55 MB - Freeware

    Windows Media Player (WMP) allows you to play media files on your computer or portable device. It also allows you to easily organize your playlists and collections, find music...

  • Download Wondershare Player 1.6.1

    Wondershare Player 1.6.1

    Wondershare - 26.4 MB - Freeware

    Wondershare Player is a perfectly optimized and easy to use video player that can play video file in any format you can get your hands on. Built from the ground up to be fast,...