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Download 3D-Analyze 2.36b

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    3D-Analyze 2.36b LATEST

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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

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    Tommti Systems / 3D-Analyze

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When you purchase a new CPU, it is not going to stay new for very long. It only takes 12 months for a high-performance system to become obsolete, thanks to ongoing innovativeness in the technology sector. Computer companies are always creating better performing CPUs, RAM chips which can hold more memory and GPUs that have extra power. This means in a year from now, the newest gaming titles will run slow on your system. Does this mean you need to upgrade your system in just 12 months?

There is a piece of software called “3D-Analyze” which allows you to utilize the power of your older GPU to play newer games. Of course, you can’t use a ridiculously old GPU that is a decade old. But you can enhance the quality of the graphics if your GPU is a couple of years old. This application is designed to work in conjunction with a DirectX emulator in order to make this happen.

Play Your Games Differently

When you’re stuck with an out-of-date graphics card, this software can make your game think that you have a newer graphics card. Basically, after the game is loaded, you create a new profile to make your graphics card compatible with that game. Just select the necessary boxes on the list of options. Finally, run the game to see how much better it looks.

Even if you have a pretty good graphics card, you can always make it perform better with the help of 3D Analyze. There are so many features included which let you get rid of the limitations that most newer games place on older graphics cards.

Modify Different Settings

You can change how 3D-Analyze causes your game to treat your graphics card. In the main window, you can choose to emulate, force, enable and disable different options. Some of these include rendering, disabling textures, lighting, stenciling, w-buffer, maximum pixel shader, z-buffer, force SW TnL, and more.

You can even emulate pixel shader cups, HW TnL caps, maximum sim textures, DX8.1 caps, cube caps, KYRO z-buffer, DXT Textures, and more. Some preset fixes are available to be set for games like Spider-Man, LOTR, Mafia, and Gun Metal.

Any GPU Can be Enhanced

3d Analyze can increase the performance of any graphics card. Just be aware of the hardware limitations which may exist with extremely old graphics cards. But, in any case, the performance will always be a little bit better.

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