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Download Adobe InDesign CC 2023 Build 18.3

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What's new in this version:

Adobe InDesign CC 2023 Build 18.3
User experience improvements:
- [Windows] Long file path isn't working with InDesign

Stability and Performance:
- Updates to an internal component to the latest version to ensure improved application stability

Adobe InDesign CC 2023 Build 18.2.1
Stability and Performance:
- InDesign crashes on launch on some machines
- Crash or failure in exporting to PDF if an InDesign document has a placed InDesign document with any Adobe Fonts applied

Adobe InDesign CC 2023 Build 18.2
Core feature and workflow:
- Issue with the Drop Cap with Negative First Line Indent
- Kanji meta-character "~K" and "^K" have matching problems in Find/Change
- While importing excel as an unformatted table, formula-based cells are imported incorrectly
- Pantone Libraries that have been removed from InDesign will show imported PSD files containing Spot Channels as Gray/Black
- Color differences between GPU and CPU on macOS Ventura
- Issues with some keyboard shortcuts
- Preview functionality keeps crashing for German and Ukrainian locales

Improvements to new features:
- Text with HSB color is shown as black on copy-pasting from ID to AI
- While copy-pasting a Frame grid from AI to ID, text font size isn't honored

Stability and Performance:
- InDesign sometimes crashes on opening multiple documents together
- InDesign stops responding while working on any file due to high CPU usage

Adobe InDesign CC 2023 Build 18.1
Core feature and workflow:
- EPUB Validation Check fails because of erroneous "lang" identifiers in the underlying HTML of EPUB
- EPUB validation check fails for Reflowable EPUBs for documents containing Endnotes
- Issue while importing specific TIFF files in ID2023
- When exporting EPUB using the Books panel, which has multiple documents, Endnotes Backlinks are not working from the second document onwards
- [macOS only] ID crashes while working with styles
- Missing Learn Panel icon on AppBar
- [macOS only] UI issues with App Frame OFF and higher UI Scaling factors are addressed
- Zooming in/out via Cmd+/- does not work when the cursor is above the page element in CPU mode
- InDesign crashes while opening the IDML
- The paragraph goes overset when the 1st word is longer than a certain number of characters
- ID crashes while placing JPEG2000 files
- [macOS only] ID crashes while placing specific HEIC files

Stability and Performance:
- ID crashes while relinking a file from the Properties panel when the Links Panel isn't open

User experience improvements:
- Default EPUB version changed to 3.0 while exporting to Reflowable EPUB

Improvements to new features:
- [InCopy only] When the Clipboard Handling preference is set to All information, the copy and paste action doesn't paste anything
- The text overlaps in some cases when the ID document is copied and pasted to AI
- The Prefer PDF When Pasting option in Clipboard Handling preferences doesn't display appropriate results when copying from AI to ID
- Kinsoku Set isn't preserved on copying from AI to ID
- UI scaling in InCopy 2022 affects window tiling Applescripts
- Copy-pasting text content from a threaded text frame in AI does not bring text formatting in ID
- While applying a font via parastyle in ID and pasting it to AI, the fonts are not mapped appropriately in case a text style with the same name already exists
- Justification values are not applied on copy-paste from ID to AI
- Tate-chu-Yoko horizontal and vertical attribute values get swapped when copied from AI and pasted to ID
- Unrestricted files and folder support, Modules Support available for UXP Scripting
- XMLRule support available in UXP

Adobe InDesign CC 2022 Build 18.0
Auto Style (Technology Preview):
- Work with our content-aware style packs and automatically format your text

Copy text between Illustrator and InDesign:
- Copy text between Illustrator and InDesign without loss of format or effects

Support for new graphic formats:
- Work with new graphic formats in InDesign like HEIC, HEIF, WEBP, and JP2K

Duplicate page after selection:
- Duplicate pages and spreads now appear right after the selection

UXP Scripting:
- Developers can now use UXP Script to automate tasks in InDesign

Document preview:
- See the preview of your InDesign Documents (.indd) in Windows or macOS

User experience:
- Unable to show '&' in the file name inside saveAs progress bar
- Incorrect placing of language in accessible HTML
- Switching to Presentation Mode and back to Normal dirties the document
- While importing an item as an inline object, an invisible layer is incorrectly displayed
- [macOS Only] When the SaveAs operation fails, the document gets dirty
- Panels are sliding from right to left in macOS Ventura beta

Stability and Performance:
- [Windows] InDesign intermittently crashes while working in Offline mode
- CEPHTMLEngine utilizes a high amount of network data while launching the apps
- [macOS] InDesign Server crashes on quit

Core feature and workflow:
- After restart, Update Link of a Review does not work

Adobe InDesign CC 2022 Build 17.4.0
Core feature and workflow:
- Continuous flickering while scrolling a review in a browser with varying page sizes
- Review comments disappear after updating the Share for Review link
- Issue printing variable fonts
- Turning on Preview in Data merge applies incorrect Paragraph styles if the Remove Blank Lines option is also checked
- [macOS Only] Negative numeric value stripped off while importing an excel
- [macOS Only] Issue recognizing document fonts when the parent folder's name contains #
- Issue with Type on a path when converted to outline
- [InDesign Server] Locked layers are unlocked on save
- [InDesign Server] Doesn't recognize certain fonts on PDF export

Adobe InDesign CC 2022 Build 17.3.0
Core feature and workflow:
- Endnotes do not work in Reflowable Epub with split document option
- Inconsistent behavior in Vertical typesetting, Place Holder icon
- Remove Blank Lines for Empty Fields in Data Merge applies incorrect paragraph styles to existing content
- Issue with Osaka font for PDF Page information
- [Win Only] AdobeXMPScript library fails to load
- Accessibility checker is failing for elements in a group even if they have Alt text
- Alt Text added to group of nested groups will not tag them as Figure in exported tagged PDF
- Nested Alt Text accessibility check error for hyphens in text
- Figures alternate text now passes in Accessibility Checker panel for a group containing image and text with Alt text defined
- Error in ShareSheet if Review was created more than a certain time period ago & the document had remained open
- InDesign hangs due to issues with long footnotes
- Duplicating an object in the same spread using Alt/Opt key does not work if the key is pressed after initiating the drag operation

Stability and Performance:
- Smart Objects from CCLib place at low resolution in ID
- InDesign 2022 crashes while switching between panels

Adobe InDesign CC 2021 Build 17.2.0

- Change log not available for this version

Adobe InDesign CC 2021 Build 17.1.0
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe InDesign CC 2021 Build 17.0.1
Stability and performance:
- Crash on saving a document with some linked assets

Adobe InDesign CC 2021 Build 17.0
Inclusive terminology:
- To support core Adobe values of diversity and inclusion, the term Master page has been replaced with Parent page

Adobe Capture extension:
- Capture the Color themes, Shapes, or Type, from an inspiring artwork using Adobe Capture extension within InDesign

Scalable user interface:
- Scale the size of InDesign UI on high-resolution screens to suit your display needs

Adobe InDesign CC 2021 Build
InDesign for Apple silicon:
- InDesign and all its features now work 1.5x times faster on Apple silicon hardware with M1 chip

Adobe InDesign CC 2021 Build
Map optical size to font size:
- The optical size is by default mapped to the font size for the variable fonts in your text
- In typographs, the optical size and font size are mapped to each other in variable fonts
- The Map Optical Size to Font Size in Variable Fonts is selected by default in the Preferences > Type

Adobe InDesign CC 2020 Build
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe InDesign CC 2020 Build
Seamless content reviews with text annotations:
- Experience the enhanced review process with new set of review tools like highlight text, insert text, and, strikethrough text

Locate colors in your documents:
- Find any unused colors in InDesign document objects quickly and replace them using Find/Change colors.
subject aware text wrap

Intelligent subject detection and text wrap:
- Powered by Adobe Sensei, wrap text around the contours of a subject directly without having to use Alpha Channels or Photoshop paths

Use HSB values without RGB translation:
- Eliminate the need to translate color values into RGB. Use HSB values in InDesign wherever color values can be set
- document recovery as a service

Detect damaged documents and recover:
- Detect the damaged documents and try to repair them on Adobe servers, all within InDesign application.
navigation point in mediaa panel

Use navigation points in Media panel:
- Use navigation points to start playing video content from a specific point and save time in searching content in videos

Adobe InDesign CC 2020 Build
Copy Editor (Beta):
- No more lag while typing in InDesign text editor. Use Copy Editor (Beta) and start typing faster without any lag

Review panel enhancement:
- Experience the enhanced workflows for Review panel to resolve comments effectively

Adobe InDesign CC 2020 Build
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe InDesign CC 2020 Build
Share for review:
- Share your designs for review, add comments, and manage feedback seamlessly without having to leave InDesign

Adobe Fonts Auto-Activation:
- InDesign automatically finds and activates missing fonts from Adobe Fonts

Place video URL from media panel:
- Place a video from a valid URL to play streaming video in the exported PDF

macOS v10.15 support for InDesign Server:
- Support for InDesign Server on macOS v10.15

Stability and Performance:
- Better stability performance, and enablement of smoother workflows

Adobe InDesign CC 2020 Build
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe InDesign CC 2020 Build

Community-contributed scripts:
- InsertTypographerQuote
- Clear Overrides
- UnicodeInjector
- Snap Margins to Text Frame
- Break Text Thread

Stability and other enhancements:
-This release brings to you an improved application performance, better stability, smoother workflows, and enriched user experience

Adobe InDesign CC 2020 Build
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe InDesign CC 2020 Build 15.0.155
- Change log not available for this version

Adobe InDesign CC 2019 Build 14.0.3

- Change log not available for this version

Adobe InDesign CC 2019 Build 14.0.2

- Change log not available for this version

Adobe InDesign CC 2018 Build 14.0
Content-Aware Fit:
- With Content-Aware Fit, InDesign can now intelligently fit the best part of an image when you place it inside a frame. The best part of the image is determined based on the dimensions and aspect ratio of the frame as well as by evaluating various parts of the image.

Layout adjustment:
- Layout adjustment in InDesign is now quick and easy. If you need to change the page size of a document after text and images have been added, you no longer need to manually adjust the text, images, or other elements.
- The new Adjust Layout feature automatically adjusts all elements in the layout when the page size, page margin, or bleed of a document is changed.

Import PDF comments:
- You can now import any marked up PDF into InDesign and easily track the feedback and comments noted in the PDF. You can accept comments and mark them resolved or unresolved. Selecting a comment also highlights the section in the document where the comment is applicable.

Properties panel:
- The new Properties panel in InDesign lets you view settings and controls in the context of your current task or workflow. This new panel has been designed with ease of use in mind, ensuring that you have access to the right controls when you need them.
- The Properties panel is available by default in the Essentials workspace. You can also enable it from Window > Properties.

Visual font browsing:
- You can now browse thousands of fonts from hundreds of type foundries from within InDesign, activate them instantly, and use them in your documents. The Fonts panel includes various new options to provide you an enriched experience while working with fonts. You can apply a filter to view only the recently added fonts. You can also select a sample text from the list of predefined text for font preview or select your own text as well. You now also have the option to change the font size while previewing the font.

OpenType SVG fonts support:
- With the support for OpenType SVG fonts in InDesign, you can now provide multiple colors and gradients in a single glyph.

OpenType SVG fonts: Multiple colors and gradients:
- Using OpenType SVG emoji fonts, you can include various colorful and graphical characters, such as smileys, flags, street signs, animals, people, food, and landmarks in your documents. You can also create composite glyphs. For example, using the EmojiOne font, you can create the flags of countries or achieve skin tone diversity in your glyphs.
- Combine glyphs to form the flags of countries
- Combine glyphs to form the flags of countries
- Combine single-person characters with skin colors
- Combine single-person characters with diverse skin tones

Add footnotes in tables:
- You can now insert footnotes in a table in InDesign. The footnote text appears at the bottom of the text frame.
- The reference number of a footnote in a table will be in continuation with the reference number of footnotes in that story.
- Table footnotes are retained while importing Word documents and are exported to formats that support footnotes, such as PDF, EPUB, and HTML.

Space between paragraph styles:
- You now have the ability to choose whether the spacing before or after affects the text of the same style. The Space Between Paragraphs Using Same Style option in the Styles dialog lets you specify a value for space between paragraphs having the same style. This value is used only if two consecutive paragraphs have the same paragraph style. If the paragraph styles of consecutive paragraphs are different, the value for the Space Before and Space After options are used.

Other enhancements:
- You can now retain the filename while exporting a document. When you select the Use InDesign Document Name as the Output Filename option, the exported PDF will have the same name as the name of the document from the next export. Else, it will have the name previously entered by you.
- You can now convert endnotes to footnotes and footnotes to endnotes in InDesign.
- Now, while creating a package, you have an option to choose whether you want to create printing instructions for that package.
- Select Create Printing Instructions from the Summary tab in the Package dialog box.
- Click Package.
- Now, every document will remember its last export format. If the document is shared with another user or accessed from another machine, it will still retain the format in which that document was last exported.
- The Index panel now has larger area to display index entries, so you can locate them.
- Also, you will find a new search box to search for an index entry. Simply type the text you want to search and use next and previous arrows to search in the index entries.
- Now, with custom fonts you can customize the look of forms in an exported PDF.

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