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Alienware Command Center

Alienware Command Center

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Alienware Command Center is a comprehensive system tweaking application for Windows OS that allows owners of Alienware hardware to control not only the visual appearance of their laptops, PCs cases, and accessories but also take direct control over the functioning of core CP components and overcharge them for more enjoyable gaming.

The Alienware Command Center is a software suite designed specifically for Alienware gaming PCs and laptops. Developed by Dell, Alienware's parent company, this application offers a centralized hub for managing various aspects of your Alienware system, enhancing your gaming experience, and customizing hardware settings. It provides tools for monitoring system performance, controlling RGB lighting, optimizing power settings, and creating macro shortcuts.

Even though this application is most often pre-loaded on Alienware PCs, in the event that your app is missing or behaving badly, here you can download and install it manually.

After a short and uneventful installation is complete, you can fire up this visually eye-catching application and immediately start exploring it for all the ways you can modify the look and performance of your PC and compatible Alienware and Dell peripherals. The app features an eye-catching design that has become a staple of the Alienware brand, but thankfully discovery of tools is simple and promotes experimentation with all the ways to customize the illumination and style of your PC.

However, depending on the exact Alienware PC you own, you will most likely not have access to all features that are present inside Alienware Command Center - AWCC.

Here are some of the most important modules present in the latest version of this app:
  • AlienFX & AlienFX 2.0 – Your one-stop destination for modifying the lightning options across all distinct RGB zones on your Alienware PC and peripherals.
  • Alien Fusion – System tweaking module for extracting maximum power from your built-in CPU, GPU, Memory, and Storage components. Here you can also optimize your laptop for prolonged use, monitor thermals, audio settings, and more.
  • Game Library – Launch all your games from the intuitive and highly customizable game library listing dashboard.
  • AlienAdrenaline – Performance tweaking using per-game profiles, in-depth performance monitoring, and for select systems, Alienware Graphics Amplifier for managing external GPUs.
  • AlienTouch – Configuration utility for tweaking the experience of using Touchpad on Alienware laptops.
  • AlienTactX – Tool for creating presets for all of your Macro Keys.
  • Thermal Controls – Dashboard for monitoring your current thermal status and setting up customized cooling profiles for all your system fans.
  • OC Controls – In-depth overclocking toolset, present only in the compatible Alienware systems.
  • Alien Sense – An advanced face detection service for locking and unlocking your computer.
The app is 100% FREE and can be used on all modern versions of Windows OS (7, 8.1, 10 or 11).

Main Features

Customizable Lighting
AlienFX allows you to personalize the RGB lighting on your Alienware device. Choose from a wide range of colors and effects to match your gaming setup or mood.

System Performance Monitoring
Real-time monitoring of CPU, GPU, and RAM usage helps you keep an eye on your system's performance while gaming or running resource-intensive applications.

Power Management
It offers power profiles that let you balance performance and power consumption, ensuring your device runs optimally for your needs.

Macro Key Editor
Create custom keyboard shortcuts or macros to streamline in-game actions or execute complex commands with a single keypress.

Thermal Controls
Adjust fan speeds and thermal profiles to manage your system's temperature and noise levels, optimizing cooling for demanding gaming sessions.

Game Library Integration
Easily launch and manage your game library from within the Command Center, keeping all your gaming-related activities in one place.

User Interface

The app features a sleek and intuitive user interface. It's divided into several sections, each dedicated to specific functions like lighting, power management, and performance monitoring. The layout is user-friendly, with clear icons and labels, making it easy for both novice and experienced users to navigate and customize their gaming experience.

How to Use

Customizing Lighting:

Open AlienFX and select the lighting zone you want to customize.
Choose a color or effect from the options available or create your own custom scheme.

Performance Monitoring:

Launch the Performance tab to view real-time system performance data.
Adjust power profiles or thermal settings as needed for your current task.

Macro Key Editor:

Open the Macro Key Editor and select the key you want to assign a macro to.
Record your desired key combination or command and save it for future use.

Power Management:

Access the Power tab to select power profiles that suit your usage patterns.
Customize settings for battery life or performance optimization.

Thermal Controls:

Navigate to the Thermal tab to adjust fan speeds and thermal profiles.
Ensure your system remains cool during intense gaming sessions.


Can I use Alienware Command Center with non-Alienware PCs?
No, Alienware Command Center is specifically designed for Alienware hardware and may not function properly on other systems.

How do I update Alienware Command Center?
You can check for updates within the application or download the latest version from the official Alienware website or FileHorse.

Can I sync Alienware lighting with other RGB peripherals?
Yes, it supports integration with select RGB peripherals and third-party software.

Are there tutorials available for creating macros?
Yes, you can find tutorials and guides on Alienware's official support website.

Does Alienware Command Center impact gaming performance?
In most cases, the software has a minimal impact on gaming performance. However, you can adjust power profiles to prioritize performance if needed.


MSI Dragon Center: Designed for MSI gaming laptops and desktops, it offers similar features for system optimization, lighting customization, and performance monitoring.

Armoury Crate: ASUS users can customize RGB lighting and monitor system performance with this software.

Corsair iCUE: Corsair's iCUE software provides advanced customization options for their peripherals and select PC components.

Razer Synapse: Razer's software suite is designed for Razer peripherals and offers lighting customization and macro support.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience: While primarily focused on graphics card optimization, it includes features like ShadowPlay for recording gameplay.


Alienware Command Center is typically included for FREE with Alienware gaming PCs and laptops. However, the availability of certain features may vary depending on the specific Alienware model you own.

System Requirements

Alienware gaming PC or laptop - Alienware or Dell Gaming Device; Area 51 R5/R6 or higher; Alienware 15 R4 or higher; Alienware 17 R5 or higher
Windows 10 or later
Internet connection for updates and synchronization

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Extensive lighting customization options
  • Effective system performance monitoring
  • Macro key support for gaming shortcuts
  • Power management and thermal controls for optimization
  • Limited compatibility to Alienware hardware
  • Some advanced features may require specific models
  • Occasional software updates may be required for optimal performance

The Alienware Command Center is an essential tool for Alienware gaming PC and laptop owners, offering a range of features to enhance their gaming experience. From customizable RGB lighting to performance monitoring and power management, it provides valuable tools to optimize your gaming rig.

However, its limited compatibility with Alienware hardware may be a drawback for those with different PC setups. If you own an Alienware system, this software is a must-have for personalizing your gaming experience and maintaining your hardware's performance.

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