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AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 360

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AutoCAD 360 (formerly known as AutoCAD WS) is a web-based and mobile-friendly version that enables PC users with experience of working with CAD designs to take their projects on the go, always remaining in touch with powerful image-editing software used in many fields of engineering and architecture.

A360 Drive is now retired, use the new Autodesk Drive!

Once offered under the name AutoCAD WS, this web application went through several expansions of capabilities, but it always retained the support for accessing user’s cloud-stored drawing files and the ability to edit them with a limited AutoCAD feature set. To better serve the needs of modern professional users, this app comes with full support for HTML5 acceleration, Smart Pen support for accurate drawing on touch-friendly displays, and direct integration with several 3rd party services such as Dropbox. Originally offered as a standalone app on several online marketplaces (iOS, Play Store, and others), the latest version of AutoCAD 360 is offered under more unified Autodesk cloud offerings, with a larger array of services for more streamlined creation, collaboration and sharing.

AutoCAD 360 offers a toolset that will instantly be recognized by any seasoned users of the full desktop version of AutoCAD. It can open and preview .DWG files with easily accessible tools for zooming, panning, and rotation. Users can easily check for on-site measurements and make adjustments in their project files that will instantly be synced with cloud storage. The app features even some services that are not easily used on the full standalone version of the app.

One such feature is a GPS locator, which can showcase the exact position of the user within a drawing or architectural plan, thus bringing the large projects to life and enabling accurate adjustments, data review, collaboration with on-site personnel, and more. While the app features a straightforward interface, it should be noted that it is primarily intended to be used by seasoned users of AutoCAD.

Originally offered under several freemium tiers, the modern version of AutoCAD 360 can be accessed for free only during a limited 7-day demo license. The premium tiers of use unlock various additional options and services, including wider toolset, larger online storage, and more.

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