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What's new in this version:

Autodesk Maya 2023.3
- Crash when accessing light data in shader node's compute
- Crash using Blue Pencil when playing back with Graph Editor open
- Freeze scrubbing Time Slider after importing geometry cache exported with FPS setting of 23.976
- Pitch difference when Playblasting with Time Editor audio
- Animation layers do not preserve transformation when rotation order is changed
- Delay in evaluation when Line Width of nurbsCurve is controlled by an attribute

Animation Performance:
- Cached Playback : nParticles scene with gameVertexCount plugin loaded crashes on playback
- Cached Playback : Objects with animated visibility are displayed at the origin

- Missing dependencies in Maya 2023 Linux package
- Missing XGen dependencies in the Maya Linux deployment package
- MLibrary applications crash on exit
- Lost namespace if scene includes namespaced expression and Cached Playback is enabled
- Camera Bookmark Editor 'Apply' button not working
- Qt UIs don't show specific icon images on Windows
- Maya failing to load via File->Recent Files
- Error attempting to remove reference when using a relative file path
- Crash in TmidCompConvert
- Artifact shadows appear when raising and lowering a polygon face

- Copy Skin Weights between NURBS and polygons does not work
- Deformed NURBS surface breaks when painting weights
- Auto-save repositions Influences list in the Paint Skin Weights Tool Settings

- Cannot restore workspace control when the control UIs are arranged in a 2x2 grid
- UI scalability issue selecting Cluster handle

- [github #2093] UFE: Printing rename command with UFE strings returns "none"
- Crash: Duplicate within plugin's activate method
- [GitHub#2196] Build script is making an assumption on the generator when one isn't supplied
- [GitHub#1949] Group pivot center and origin behavior are flipped for USD

- Support for multiple paths with SHADERFX_CUSTOMUSERPATH
- VP2 : Isolate Select is not working as expected in DX11 mode

Autodesk Maya 2023.1
- Bend deformer deletion also deletes transform
- Parts of the playblast audio are lost when the audio frame range is adjusted in Time Editor
- Copy Skin Weights broken when more than one mesh used as source
- Timeslider Bookmark does not auto-load
- Audio plays twice in Camera Sequencer playblast
- Crash in rigs using xformMatrix plug on transforms
- Crash rotating the controllers on a splineIK rig
- Keying a large number of attributes in animation layers is extremely slow
- Merging animation layers breaks texture display with UV tiling
- HIK rig in Parallel Evaluation mode crashes on load

- Shelf icon label cannot be saved
- Crash when switching workspace
- Export selected also exports referenced editsMA files
- Graph Editor : Cannot copy/paste keys if the script editor window is underneath
- Graph Editor : Pressing "F" to frame keys brings the Hypershade to the foreground
- Error when querying attributes on uvPin node through API
- Crash opening Alias wire model
- Vanishing surfaces when WIRE import using Aruba tessellation and stitching
- Show/hide commands can modify locked/connected visibility attributes
- Slow save performance with mayaAscii files when using long string attributes with new lines
- Crash when python sequence object is passed to objectType command
- Plugin compiled with "-ffast-math" causes Maya to crash for certain operations

- F To frame components In Isolated View will frame entire mesh
- Snapping : Incorrect component snapping
- When referencing a skin mesh with history, "Non-Deformer History" will break the skin's weight
- Cache: Moving faces and edges are slower than vertices after Remesh
- Multi-Cut tool not working after starting Maya in DirectX 11 mode
- Removing locked components from a mesh is slow
- Viewcube disappears clicking multi-cut tool in Modeling toolkit
- Bool : Large list of inputs will offset the Bool Stack options menu for operation and display type

- Performance regression when running a mel script

- zoom with alt + mouse scroll wheel not working
- Copy > Paste with MMB causes double paste in Script editor

- MaterialX/USD : V2 lighting should support ambient lights
- Selection changes trigger instance matrix updates, and that is slow
- Some Skinning becomes broken after USD Export and Import
- Outliner : When parenting an item to an unloaded group, the hierarchy cannot be collapsed
- Load with descendants collapses expanded sibling hierarchies
- When parenting a prim to a collapsed group, it auto-expands the group
- USD : Animation performance very slow on certain assets - USD reports animated mesh topology
- USD : Exporting the attached maya file using USD takes extremely long

- Toggling off Hold-Outs in the Show menu shows incorrect material color
- Image planes cannot be selected in some cases
- MPxGeometryOverride selection bug when vertices drawn through MUIDrawManager::lineStrip
- VP2 : MPxContext::drawFeedback not being cleared when camera is moved
- Selection priority of joints and selection handles is the same in VP2
- VP2 : Normals Display Scale does not work on NURBS surfaces
- OGS detecting wrong GPU memory limit on certain Intel GPU systems (1024)
- Standard Surface displays black if UDIM file texture is connected to multiple channels
- Cannot select face with default material option enabled
- Reparenting can break material bindings in the Viewport
- Provide feedback when setting uvTilingMode=3 to load tile texture

Autodesk Maya 2022.3
- Crash when copying skin weights
- CPU blendshape does not match GPU deformation
- Crash in TvertexEdgeIterator::edgeVertex when saving due to threading issue
- Blendshape forces upstream driver/inputTarget deformers on CPU
- Setting influence type on Wrap deformer causes crash
- CompressUndo has incorrect behavior
- Camera Sequencer : Crash when shot name contains only numbers
- Mac HiDPI : 3D Cut and Sew UV Tool preselection highlighting is broken

Animation Performance:
- Cached Playback : Deformer results can be affected by background caching. Deformers affected: Wrap, ProximityWrap, Cluster, DeltaMush, FFD (Lattice), FuncDeformer, Tension, Solidify, Wire, ProximityPin, UVPin
- Unable to attach deformer to individual nParticles
- Parallel Evaluation : Motion trail does not update when edited in the Graph Editor
- NCloth shapes appear with no 3D shading when Cached Playback is off

- FBX export mesh with bones incorrectly assigns Lambert materials

First Experience:
- AppHome triggering a crash at launch
- Perspective grid settings are not working

- Custom Transform does not work with rotate manipulator in object space
- Crash from nodes with compound and time attribute connections
- Crash when deleting objects that use Look Through Selected
- Mayapy crashes with kMayaExiting callback
- Copying referenced node's name from Attribute Editor triggers Maya's node copy/paste.
- Crash if textScrollList has no font

- Using sculpting tools such as Relax will make faces disappear
- Crash using Soft Select in Modeling Toolkit
- Linux and Mac : Crash when point snapping pivot
- Undo : Not working for the new Primitives
- DX11 : Crash when using Move Tool and point snapping
- Not all texture files are displayed in Texture Centric UV linking window
- Extrusion crash in CollectLines or CollectFacets function

- File node performance slows down in Node Editor because of OCIO setting

- Right-click changes componentFallof painting target
- Match transform does not work with HIK effectors/custom transforms
- GoToBindPose problem with Joints having Offset Parent Matrix values
- Cmds.controller prints that it is selecting a controller
- Deleting proxy attribute and saving the scene causes crash
- GPU Override : Attribute does not update correctly with mouse drag in Attribute Editor/Channel Box
- Disconnecting solver from an IK Handle causes crash
- Morph : Mirror mode crashes with component lookup
- Crash when using Wire deformer with custom deformer weights
- Undo/redo in Node Editor after saving can cause a crash
- ParentConstraint Attribute Editor template breaks with multiple constraints driving multiple targets

- Mac Big Sur : Maya switches Mission Control space when invoking Hotbox marking menu in fullscreen mode
- Show > Objects filter of Node Editor inside Hypershade is inconsistent in Maya with different languages

- Export selection with animation does not export animation
- USD : Shadows not cast properly in certain cases

- Transparent back faces are incorrectly occluded by transparent front faces
- MRenderer::render can't render namespaced cameras in batch mode
- Inconsistent joint click detection

Known Limitations:
- Arnold Hydra viewport fails after object selection with USD 0.13.0 and MtoA
- With the MayaUSD 0.13.0 plug-in, the Arnold Hydra viewport stops working after you select an object. This issue does not occur with MayaUSD 0.12.0. See the details on GitHub

Autodesk Maya 2022.2
- Bullet physics pivots are not updated when constraints or rigidbodys are moved
- Colored keyframes are all the same color on the Timeline
- Tangents are not correctly applied via the setKeyframe command when running in mayapy/batch mode
- MGPUDeformerBuffer of the targetGeometry is INVALID in the basicMorphGPUDeformer::evaluate() function
- Morph forces upstream morphTarget/driver deformers onto CPU
- Crash with Key Reducer Filter Preview when Time Range set to All
- Camera Sequencer : Sound hitch when switching between audio clips

Animation Performance:
- GPU Override : Animated material is causing scene graph to be constantly repartitioned
- Parallel Evaluation : AnimLayers that have single keys are not evaluated
- Parallel Evaluation : Crash scrubbing Timeline when nucleus nodes are present
- Crash when pulling on matrix as Xform and matrix
- Crash when evaluating multi attributes with mix of static and animated attributes
- Parallel Evaluation : Slow Viewport refresh with scenes using LOD groups
- Cached Playback : Crash from attributes pulling animation from multiple animated condition nodes
- Parallel Evaluation : Keys added with MFnAnimCurve::addKeys to an existing flat curve do not update animation
- Cached Playback : Crash during playback if smooth mesh divisions are animated

- Paint Skin Weights Opacity and Value sliders are too short
- Maya doesn't run on Debian 10 - missing
- MPointArray / MVectorArray class indexing returns a copy instead of a reference
- Decimal places in the UI are rounded to 7 digits
- New awBoost libraries do not have namespace 'awBoost'
- Maya crashes when running code that manipulates MPlugs
- shiboken2 module breaks Python error display in the script editor
- Graph Editor : Curves are not displayed when opened through panel menu
- Marking Menu Editor cannot be opened because hotkeyEditor.mel is missing from Mayascriptsstartup folder

- Warp Image function result is broken
- Maya freezes when creating expression if gameVertexCount plugin is loaded
- Normal-based UV mapping fails with polyTexturePlacementPanel1 error when launched from UV Editor
- Instance command does not copy transform values when called with a shape node

Motion Graphics:
- Error when importing "httplib2" module in MASH plugin
- Referencing file that uses MASH without MASH loaded will add MashFilter in namespace

- Heavy falloff setup doesn't update properly
- Wire deformer "Bind to original geometry" flag is broken

- Graph Editor is blank after docking
- Windows Multi-Touch Gestures no longer recognized in Maya

- MayaUSD Point Snapping: When moving a pivot (such as rotate pivot) we WOULD like to snap to the selected object

- Maya crashes when enabling shadows for Xgen scene
- GPU detection on Linux with non-standard displays creates Xorg.100.log file
- Maya does not utilize texture file clamping with GLSL shaders
- GPU Cache geometry doesn't respect Selection Highlighting
- VP2.0 : Crash from IBL shader referencing a deleted render target
- VP2.0 : Stereo cameras do not load in Viewport
- VP2.0 : Double Sided OFF prevents back-face selection

Autodesk Maya 2022.1
- Parallel Evaluation : Toon Shader : Changing Lighting Based Width on outline has no effect
- Keying quaternion rotation with auto-key generates wrong values
- Cached Playback : IFF image planes do not display using Arnold renderer
- BlendShape targets with no delta information do not evaluate on GPU
- Image Planes: Aspect Ratio doesn't respect aspect ratio of image
- Cached Playback : EXRs in imagePlane get darker on playback
- Crash manipulating eye target controller
- Devkit : simpleSimulationNode : Simulation jumps when interrupted and restarted
- Animation Layer : Rig Constraint rotation does not work
- Scaling keys in Graph Editor triggers CPU instead of GPU evaluation
- Parallel Evaluation : Hard crash on file open with empty evaluation results
- Left-dragging on Channel Box triggers CPU instead of GPU evaluation
- Ctrl + Left-drag on Attribute Editor triggers CPU evaluation before GPU evaluation

- Enum Property doesn't retain selection when importing FBX file into MotionBuilder
- PSD File Texture node not updating in VP2 when switching layers
- Unable to rebind Show Hotbox and Hide Hotbox hotkeys to the same hotkey (press/release)

- The default values for vectorArray dynamic attributes are not saved
- Mac: Paint weights or sculpt brush cursor overlay disappears after toggling panes
- Crash when importing Catia .cgr file
- Fix missing pyside2-uic and pyside2-rcc.exe files in PySide 5.15.1 artifact
- Python 3: Random result or crash when accessing Python API 2.0 arrays with out of range or negative index
- File export time increases with scene complexity between Maya 2019 and 2020
- buildconfig file in devkit still uses -std=c++11
- Unable to re-dock all floating windows on KDE
- Saved preset for Game Exporter does not include attribute includeChildren
- MAYA_CER_INCLUDE_SCENE_NAME can send incorrect file name
- Mac: Maya disappears and starts beeping when activating the hotbox in OSX Fullscreen mode
- Python 3: Error in Maya with Python 3 when exporting and importing XGen presets

- Bake Pivot is slow on large meshes
- Scale Tool Reset does not restore axis mode back to Object
- UV Unfold not working correctly unless transforms are frozen
- UV linking broken if object has the same name in another hierarchy
- Sculpting: Regression in performance from 2019

- OCIOv2: context variable in LUT search path doesn't work
- OCIOv2: Maya fails to start if unresolved context variables are present

- Morph with ComponentMatch cause Maya to freeze while saving
- Variable definition error in
- Bezier handles & CVs don't work with Component Tags
- Deleting originalShape will crash Maya on GPU
- Maya crashes using InvertShape on nurbSurface

- "-columnWidth" of scriptTable command can't be set to less than 42
- UI Scaling: Checkboxes display incorrectly with scaling set to 150%
- USD:
- USD Point Snapping snaps to incorrect instance
- GitHub #1340] Mute layer doesn't work when a Layer is loaded through Load Sublayer
- GitHub #900] Viewport highlighting does not work as expected for invisible instances
- xformOp:transform creates an incorrect object space
- GitHub #1388] Standard Surface materials exporting IOR with incorrect values
- GitHub #1316] Layer Editor save icon missing when Interface Scaling is 125%
- UFE Camera changes to reflect external data model's value on import
- GitHub #951] Incorrect Viewport selection for "bounds" drawMode
- GitHub #327] VP2RenderDelegate: Support per-instance data via inheritance
- Cannot viewport frame USD prims with proxy purpose

- OGS plug-in path should prefer MAYA_LOCATION over exe path
- GPU Cache with Offset Parent Matrix doesn't live update in Viewport
- Default locator VP2 support doesn't allow plug-in to provide subscene override
- VP2: Image Plane + Quad Draw makes object disappear
- VP2: MSceneRender always rendering selection highlight even though it is not set in the MSceneFilterOption (kRenderPostSceneUIItems is disabled)
- Crash when hiding custom manipulators in ShowManips tool
- ation

Autodesk Maya 2021
- Change log not available for this version

Autodesk Maya 2020.3
- Hotbox controls set to animation only shows rigging and animation after restart MAYA-106202
- Caching : Crash selecting audio track in Camera Sequencer MAYA-104674
- Caching : Temporary values remain when time is advanced MAYA-104932
- Evaluation Toolkit: Printing scheduling type for a node is broken MAYA-104710
- EM manipulation not working when some channels do not have keys MAYA-105404
- toggleEvaluationManagerManipulation() method is missing MAYA-106614
- Unable to open Expression Editor if Preferences become corrupt MAYA-105976
- Rigs incorrect with Stepped tangents, Prevent frame skipping disabled and Smoothed meshes MAYA-105433
- NodeEditor: GraphEditorInfo node shows in node editor when saving MAYA-106054
- Error occurs after changing input deformer order of geometry when another instance of maya launched MAYA-106028
- Blend Shape: No error message when creating a Blend Shape on the wrong node MAYA-106043
- Manipulating keys not visible in GraphEditor window causes crash MAYA-105892
- Blend Shape outputs are not listed in the Channel box outputs MAYA-106671
- Channel Box history breaks on shared lattices MAYA-106453
- Graph Editor: "Only scale selected keys" in Scale Keys Tool not working MAYA-105497
- findRelatedSkinClusters does not work with full paths MAYA-106164
- Camera Sequencer loses audio sync when offset, source start/end of audio node are animated MAYA-104359
- Time Editor : Crash when adding more than 127 single channel animated nodes MAYA-104800
- Time Editor : Bake to Scene with multiple clips selected causes errors MAYA-105470
- MFnAnimCurve causes keys to display as altered MAYA-104908
- Caching: Maya 2012 rig opened in 2019/2020 exhibits skinning artifacts MAYA-104866
- Grab tool makes Blend Shapes jump to approximated points MAYA-105776
- Parallel Evaluation : Geometry explodes into shapes starting from the freeFormFilletSrf node MAYA-106413
- Parallel Evaluation : Make Curve Dynamic Crash in - awnSolver::nDynamicalComplex::comp_kdop_trees MAYA-105904
- Parallel Evaluation : Crash playing back scenes with concurrent unit conversions MAYA-106004
- Crash when rotating poly plane geometry that has proxpin constraint MAYA-104680

- Importing certain FBX files from Adobe Fuse with blend shapes crashes Maya 2020 MAYA-104915
- Open or Import of FBX files in 2020 crashes Maya. MAYA-105046
- Foundation:
- Incorrect RUNPATH in Maya libs on Linux MAYA-106195
- 3 extra zeroes get added to float values when editing in AE, if decimal separator is a comma (i.e. via German OS Region setting) MAYA-105206
- OpenMaya function MItMeshVertex.getNormal crashes Maya MAYA-106422
- Qt: Error when compiling QT devkit plugins on Mac because of full Qt lib paths generated by qmake MAYA-105617
- Crash on startup if user install of PySide2 interferes with Maya MAYA-106332
- Dragging the points of a color ramp control created by "gradientControlNoAttr" changes the color in the control. MAYA-105914
- Cannot load plug-ins which has dot "." in the names via "requires" statement. MAYA-104060
- Maya 2020 shiboken2 is missing dependency: MAYA-106425
- Auto-save is not skipped if there were no changes since previous user save or auto-save MAYA-106560
- Calling thisMObject from a MPxManipContainer crashes Maya MAYA-105729
- MacOS crash when hovering over an area that should trigger a Toolclip MAYA-106428
- Maya crashes when hovering mouse over Toolbox with setup of GL version <= 2.0 MAYA-106538
- MDagModifier deleting parent if all children are deleted MAYA-105888
- MArray disregards Python reference counting and crashes Maya MAYA-104317
- Referencing file with '#' in it's name or file path will disable namespace creation MAYA-105315
- Maya can't open compressed files with spaces in the filename MAYA-104853
- Parts of docked Hypershade UI (or AE) will be black or empty after UI operation MAYA-105644
- Double clicking on Preferences cancel button will cause error MAYA-106256
- MDagMessage matrix modified callback not fired for local matrix changes MAYA-104815
- Preferences can become corrupted if launching of prefs window errors MAYA-105247
- Calling MSelectionList getPlug() when having a certain type of plugin, the list fails with a TypeError. MAYA-106235
- Sound is not playing correctly when changes are made to Audio Silence MAYA-106368
- getAttr -multiIndices returns incorrect value on connected ramps MAYA-105872
- Break connections also breaks proxy attributes in referenced file MAYA-105199
- Mac: Users can't debug plug-in on notarized build of Maya MAYA-106801
- Devkit: locatorHelperShapeExport errors when exporting mesh MAYA-105745
- DevKit: Python plugin missing toolOffCleanup to clean up callback MAYA-105501

- UVs become corrupt on undo after polyDelEdge command MAYA-105492
- Manipulators jump around when working with instances MAYA-105687
- Display only selected UVs in the UV Editor when viewing connected faces MAYA-104511
- Sculpt mode turns object black when using non default material shading MAYA-106337
- Crash when using Sculpt Tool with 3D stamp MAYA-106400
- Motion Graphics:
- MASH: Memory leak on Distribute Node MAYA-106172
- MASH 35 times slower to build in 2020 than in 2019 MAYA-105387
- Cannot change geometry type on MASH networks MAYA-106487
- Crash when baking particle instancer MAYA-106556
- Rendering
- ShaderBallOrthoCamera1 error when loading file with the Hypershade open if no UI scriptNode is present MAYA-104524

- Getting value of world matrix from transform node in worldMatrixChanged callback isn't correct MAYA-106025
- CurveInfo node controlPoints attr returns None MAYA-105896
- Hold Matrix Node doesn't hold matrix MAYA-106026
- outMesh-inMesh connections override deltaMush on the second mesh MAYA-104940
- Graph Editor: Regression when "Display Assets" setting is on MAYA-105107
- MFnSkinCluster.setWeights() causes a crash when skin cluster influence is a matrix node MAYA-106547
- curveWarp scaleCurve doesn't update when driven through custom attributes MAYA-105848
- Deleting Non-Deformer History also deletes deformer history in certain cases MAYA-104879
- BlendShape doesn't blend properly on GPU MAYA-106511
- Errors on scene load without an error message with proxy attributes MAYA-106024
- Rivet errors out on creation MAYA-106027
- composeMatrix's InputQuat attribute's short name changed from iq to oq MAYA-106604

- Hypergraph middle-click drag menu shows drag-outputs instead of drop-inputs MAYA-105580
- Expanded asset moves when contained node is moved in hypergraph MAYA-105770
- XGen:
- XGen hair rendering regression on certain frame changes MAYA-105545
- Mac: XGen Interactive Groom Editor display issue MAYA-105678
- “space” keyword doesn’t follow XGen conventions: it should be "xgen_space” MAYA-106016
- XGen doesn’t respect transform/group hierarchy in VP2 MAYA-106016
- Log files can exceed 100 MB due to XGen errors and messages MAYA-106016
- No support for xgen_cv_break in Alembic MAYA-106016
- XGen AnimWires don’t work with namespaces MAYA-106016

- 3D Paint Effects don't update in the viewport until orbiting the view MAYA-106343
- MPxSubSceneOverride draws UI drawables in the wrong place MAYA-104996
- Using devkit fileTexture node for displacement will crash Maya during opening the scene MAYA-105065
- Image Plane created from script not updating without Attribute Editor open MAYA-105599
- Invalid Undo result from script which causes objects to lose material MAYA-105359
- imagePlane display broken in Legacy Viewport MAYA-105701
- Built-in imageplane flickers and crashes in VP2.0 when mouse-dragging frameOffset MAYA-105813
- VP2RenderDelegate: transparent instances are not drawn with expected transformation MAYA-104688
- VP2 doesn't update properly with hierarchy changes in Isolate Selection mode MAYA-105657
- VP2 doesn't update with image planes that have custom attributes MAYA-104942
- (Maya LT) viewport rendering is broken in 2020 MAYA-106575

Autodesk Maya 2020.2
UV Editing: Unfold3D Process Error:
- Many users on systems with newer, high-end CPUs like Ryzen 3900x series have reported issues and 'Unfold3D Process Error' messages when unwrapping or optimizing UVs. If you run Maya using one of these high performance CPUs, you can now set the environment variable MAYA_USE_ALTERNATE_UNFOLD_SHIM = 1 to use the Unfold3D tools. MAYA-103824

Output from mayapy routed incorrectly:
- Output from mayapy was being routed through stderr rather than being split between stdout & stderr. Two new environment variables, MAYA_BATCH_STDOUT_LOGGING_LEVEL and MAYA_BATCH_STDERR_LOGGING_LEVEL, have been added to control what is output to stderr and stdout by scripts, commands, and API calls. Valid values for both variables are all, info, result, warning, error, and none. MAYA_BATCH_STDOUT_LOGGING_LEVEL defaults to none. MAYA_BATCH_STDERR_LOGGING_LEVEL defaults to all. When neither environment variable is set, all output goes to stderr. MAYA-104079

- Slow off-frame context evaluation with animation layers MAYA-103887
- Caching : Crash running cache correctness test on sphere with ncloth MAYA-104390
- Ghosting : Crash unghosting selected MAYA-104351
- BlendShapes: Target connections not working and causes crashes MAYA-104324
- Graph Editor : Playback performance regression when Graph Editor is open MAYA-104293
- bifrostGraph evaluator and custom evaluators (simpleEvaluator, testMTopologyEvaluator) in devkit have conflicting Node IDs MAYA-104302
- recordAttr: doesn't record keyframes and esc does not work MAYA-104288
- Unicode error when cache is in safe mode with particles MAYA-104200
- dbpeek -op node crashes on custom nodes MAYA-104019
- DG Frame is more expensive in EM mode vs DG mode MAYA-103968
- Merging animation layers deletes keyframes outside of the current time-slider range MAYA-103771
- softMod with membership and nurbs doesn't work in Maya 2020 MAYA-104106
- Full DAG Paths when exporting animation breaks animImport MAYA-104209
- HIK: Auto key on layers causing HIK rig deformity MAYA-103667
- Crash on playblast with error "Parameter was not found: view_transform" MAYA-103616
- Custom evaluator is not registered if priority matches an existing evaluator's priority MAYA-103581

- File saved with exportSelectedStrict creates foster parent node MAYA-104553
- MayaClockServer is broken MAYA-104348
- Crash when launching via terminal with -nosplash flag MAYA-104265
- MSelectionList.getPlug() returns a plug for a selected component instead of NULL object MAYA-104182
- Object selection lag for object with a large DAG graph MAYA-103076
- Auto-select set members preference in the Outliner breaks the Sets Relationship Editor MAYA-104116
- Crash in MModelMessage after duplicate callback when doing second duplication MAYA-103847
- 24-bit audio files do not work on Linux MAYA-103742
- Unloaded references do not reserve their namespaces MAYA-103502

- Crash when trying to load scene that generates booleans MAYA-104499
- UV Editing: Unfold3D doesn't work on Ryzen CPUs MAYA-103824
- Erroneous polygon vertex association for faces if "Optimize interactivity" is enabled in Preferences MAYA-104202
- Bevel on instances gives incorrect result. MAYA-103539
- Add Preserve UVs option to Target weld tool MAYA-103515
- When clicking on objects in Display Layers set as "Reference", objects behind aren't selected MAYA-104856

- Error occurs the first time a material is assigned in non-English version of Maya MAYA-103726

- Nodes are overlapped in Node Editor when using Input and Output Connections MAYA-102990

- Cannot select mesh through object assigned to a display layer marked as reference MAYA-103641

Autodesk Maya 2020.1

- Change log not available for this version

Autodesk Maya 2020
- Change log not available for this version

Autodesk Maya 2019.2

- GraphEditor : Missing keyframe after saving scene
- Graph Editor is distorted if you maximize its pane
- Graph Editor : Maya graph editor populates with infinite hierarchy
- GraphEditor : Keyframe stats don't refresh when navigating keys with arrows
- Joint rotation limits not saved with scene
- Camera manipulation broken for cameras parented under a rotated hierarchy
- GraphEditor : Doesn't normalize correctly when curves have a single key
- Caching : VP modes : Mesh becomes incorrect when selecting controller
- Motion trail with anchor transform ignores object animation
- Frame skipping should not be prevented when not filling in the foreground
- GraphEditor : Animation curve of blendShape target can not appear if it’s in animation layer
- GPUOverride : Crash when leaving the Paint Skin Weights Tool
- Caching : Attribute change prevents correct update of animation
- GraphEditor : The Region Keys tool now works regardless of the "only scale selected keys" Option
- Caching : Crash when typing Arabic text in Type node
- Performance : Lag on first frame of playback after graph rebuild
- GraphEditor : Pickwalk doesn't work correctly on isolated curve
- Mesh distortion In Parallel Mode
- Graph Editor: Moving Keys by typing values into stats field doesn’t work on some keys
- EM: Crash when changing frame in timeline
- Caching : VP2 modes : Crash on playback when displaying polygon tangents
- Multiple animation layers cause performance drop
- Caching : Animation is incorrect when keying with autokey
- EM: Correctness issue with deferred reference
- Dope Sheet lag when selecting BaseAnimationLayer
- Hang when keying HIK Attributes
- Caching : Type object with generator set to Python does not update correctly (foreground fill)
- Off-frame evaluation returns wrong values on non-compound attribute in anim layer

- Crash when loading reference files multiple times
- Callback added by MSceneMessage for kBeforeSave event is not called if the file is read-only
- Renaming elements are creating big numbers in the name extension
- Entering certain file paths into the Open dialog can crash Maya

- Move Tool with Orientation set to Component and Soft Select with Falloff set to Global crashes Maya
- Crash when setting MAYA_DET_TANGENT = 1 MAYA-98739
- Editing a blendshape target mesh is producing incorrect results (translated vertices are not moving to correct space)
- Smooth UVs breaks UV data
- Maya crashes when selecting UV with displaySmoothness
- CER 36558031: Crash while working in UV Editor

- Render Setup is not saved with autosave
- Maya 2019 crashes when using rendering Maya Vector

- Error in AETemplates/AEfileTemplate.mel ("No object matches name: file1.uvTileProxyDirty" - Error evaluating..."createGeneratePreviewButton)

- Fixed a crash with CGFX plugin on Linux
- Rotation gizmo drawn incorrectly in Orthographic views in Legacy Viewport renderer
- Objects do not show up in the uv editor when they are marquee selected in the Viewport
- Custom imagePlane's lack support in VP2.0

Autodesk Maya 2019.1

- Incorrect initialization of complex attribute structure causes crash on file open
- Invisibility Evaluator state does not always update
- Crash when baking key animation
- Butterworth filter undo is slow with large datasets
- Vertex and UV manipulation breaks on meshes with keys
- Interactive Bind Skin Tool: unable to shrink, move, or rotate the capsule
- Playback frame rate is slower than real-time if no other application than Maya is running
- NURBs evaluation crash with scenes containing animated surface modifiers
- Modifying deformer set confuses the connections
- Graph Editor: Retime tool cannot undo and leads to a crash
- Graph Editor: Euler filter is not processing sibling curves correctly
- Parallel Evaluation : Maya crashes when rendering frame 1 but not frame 20
- Select Playbast/Options crashes using Black Magic drivers
- Image plane performance is slow on Mac OS X
- Cycle warning when editing vertices on a blend shape target
- Crash when selecting IK Control
- Using weightBlended skinning zeros all normals on mesh
- Cannot type in values for IK handle in Channel Box / Attribute Editor
- Maya graph editor hangs animating cameras
- Crash saving a file that has a HIK XML file using id 0
- Joint orientations not evaluating properly
- Butterworth/Key Reducer filter : Enabling "Preserve Keys by Tangent" when "Preview" is on, causes a crash
- Incorrect Squash and Stretch behavior in DG Mode
- Keying NURBS with Vis Connections Freezes Application
- Joint rotate pivot does not move
- Crash creating proxy attributes
- Crash deleting nodes from simple rig
- Missing dependency propagation during graph construction causes crash during playback or scrubbing
- Transforming multiple selected controls connected to a character set does not work

- Creating a set a second time duplicates the first set in the Outliner
- Missing sets in outliner when creating 10+ sets (or 2+ quick select sets)
- Incorrect Module path set with autoLoader.mll plugins
- Entering a backslash in the plugin manager search window causes it to become blank
- Creating node from PyMel fails after first instance
- Some python commands no longer auto-convert its parameters to strings
- Custom nodes (such as Mash waiter node) do not show in Outliner unless Searched
- Walk Tool Broken, Error: Line 1.47: "$walkToolMessage" is an undeclared variable
- "File Save As" does not save to correct location (no longer defaults to the project location scenes directory, rather to the last location that was open)
- importTimeRange "override" is not working
- V-Ray Sets missing (like displacement) in the Outliner
- A newly created character set does not appear in the Outliner
- referenceQuery: "Cannot find the associated namespace" after renaming reference namespace
- Memory corruption and crash when the garbage collector invoked from a thread cleans up widgets
- Dictionary Attributes not being stored as expected
- Blend shape targets lost when importing FBX
- Crash when calling exit() in mayapy without standalone.uninitialize()
- Crashing when importing .ABC files with extra attributes added

- Mirror not working properly in -Z axis
- Maya crashes opening scene where polyPinUV history was previously deleted
- Maya crashes when using 3D Paint Tool on NURBS
- polyPlatonic, PolyDisc, polySuperShape, and PolyGear unavailable in batch mode
- Select > Inverse for NURBS CVs clears the selection
- Lag when selecting multiple large meshes while UV Editor is open
- Long pause when selecting a large number of small meshes while the UV Editor is open
- When replicating children of LOD_Group with inputConnections set to True, grandchild nodes are not duplicated
- art3dPaintCtx exportfilesave fails to export attribute map
- Boolean operations create invalid geometry causing Maya to crash
- Mirror Offset does not work
- Maya does not recognize polydisc node in prompt mode
- Crash while deleting Components on instanced Objects (with display of border edges on)
- Poly Mirror not working if "Cut geometry" is on and "Offset" is 0

- Light editor state becomes corrupt if referenced lights are deleted in the referenced file
- Maya: Crash on import of Maya scene with legacy render layers enabled

- Save As path in File Dialog is not the path of the file opened anymore
- UI : field colors of non-keyable attributes are hard to read
- Unable to re-dock toolbox(windows) without resizing. (Please see Notes section below for more details on this fix)
- MayaQWidgetDockableMixin the close event is never triggered when closing the window.
- Accessing freed memory when exiting mayapy from static initializers and destructors
- Workspaces: "Reset Current Workspace" does not restore widgets to their original size
- Outliner lags with large number of elements (faces) expanded

- Selection of objects causes continuous memory leak
- MHWRender::MIndexBuffer: Linux: wrong number reported by "ogs -gpu" when using custom buffers
- Wireframe not visible for geometry override
- Viewport 2.0 display of stereo cameraSet is incorrect
- MTextureManager always creates mipmaps
- Geometry corruption with UV Editor in Shaded Mode
- Viewport 2.0: nCloth: Connection Density Range curve from constraint node not updating
- castShadows attribute is not evaluated properly if it's connected to another attribute
- Skin-Delta Deformation Incorrect Behavior when Referenced
- Fixed broken draw and selection when plugin shape has -1 value for MVertexBufferDescriptor::offset()
- Performance issue - updateRenderItems called every frame
- Display glitch whilst modeling in the viewport
- Maya 2018 UV Editor is slow when many other meshes are in the scene
- Some UVs are only visible when you zoom out

- IGS LinearWire Simulation behavior incorrect
- Utility tab of XGen editor in Maya 2019 is blank

Autodesk Maya 2019
- Change log not available for this version

Autodesk Maya 2018.5
- Change log not available for this version

Autodesk Maya 2018.4

- Blendshape: Weights display does not update when changing targets
- Crashes or freezes with Bake Deformer
- Cycle errors with rig
- Eye Shader with animated textures does not update in Parallel EM
- Graph Editor: Crash when taking a snapshot of quaternion curves if buffer curves are shown
- Joint manipulators are offset in viewport after unparenting from joint chain
- Maya 2018 fails to re-evaluate basic DG nodes in some cases
- MFnMesh.getPoints(kWorld) is slow in Maya 2018 with non-default context
- Painting blend shape weights fails if other paint tools have been used
- Parent constraining IK Wrist effector to IK Wrist effector snaps when scrubbing timeline in Parallel EM
- Performance: Crash with fat connections during playback
- Performance: Face rig has visual artifact with GPU blend shape
- Performance: GPU Override: Selecting and translating controllers causes changes to character's position
- Performance: Hidden object slows down Maya playback in VP2 with invisibility evaluator enabled
- Performance: Object instances explode during playback in Parallel Evaluation
- Performance: Vp2ParallelEvaluationTask takes longer after 2017.5
- ProxyAttribute: Technical documentation examples still use "ref" flag
- Rigging: Incorrect evaluation of driven object rotation
- Twist attribute not updating on wire
- VP2 update not working when animated visibility changes

- Crash on file save to MayaAscii when scene contains large string attribute
- Alembic 1.7.5 update introduces library name conflicts
- Alembic cache paths saved in Maya 2018.3 cannot be remapped
- Assembly Reference Node can not delete custom attribute
- Changing Lambert color on slider is not printing/undoing the changes
- Crash on startup when encountering OpenCL initialization errors
- Dragging slider crashes or hangs Maya when Undo is disabled
- Duplication of certain object names results in large suffixes and name clash errors
- Error message when switching cameras with the same name
- FBX: Normal is incorrect after scene is saved and reopened
- File Save crash with versioned reference file extension
- Idle scriptJob causing Maya to run at 100% of CPU even after killed
- Manipulating input to layeredTexture fails to update in Viewport
- Maya crash when running".", recursive = True)
- MGlobal::executePythonCommand called from multiple threads can lead to crash
- Namespaces can be left in a read-only state after reference operation
- Ordered selection during SelectionChanged callback is incorrect
- Pressing certain hotkeys causes hotkeys to no longer work
- PySide: Accessing event.source() inside the dragEnterEvent() crashes Maya
- Python-Mel intercommunication: Evaluation crashes Maya
- Referenced scene will override master scene meta data
- Renaming attribute with Edit Attribute Window does not get saved to file
- Saving a scene file over a network with a large number of nested file references is slow
- Saving referenced exported file with custom extension crashes Maya 2018.3

- MASH not checking for non-GUI modes in all places
- Crash when command line batch rendering scene with referenced MASH in it

- Crash loading scenes with Pose Interpolators that have no drivers
- Crash when running polySplitVertex and polyMergeVertex
- Crash using Multi-Cut on non-symmetrical objects while symmetry is enabled
- Duplicated LOD groups should automatically connect to the perspective camera
- Duplicating Maya LOD Groups adds unexpected attributes
- Invert Selection no longer works for objects in groups
- Latency when sculpting on meshes using Smooth Mesh Preview
- Merge Tool breaks Tangents/BiNormals on model
- New faces created by Quad Draw don't show in viewport when using Isolate Select
- RMB menu Paint > Sculpt opens legacy Sculpt Geometry tool
- Split Mesh with Projected Curve is no longer working
- UV Distortion Shader no longer supports multiple object selection

- "Custom" collection filter grabs all node types until/unless you enter a valid expression
- "Export Scene Render Settings/AOVs" JSON files lack formatting (difficult to read or compare them)
- animation runs 2x slower if objects are excluded from Render Layers compared to hiding them
- Can't enter layer if overridden Render Settings node is missing
- Crash when undoing Render Setup override creation on referenced node
- Error thrown when overriding a node shared between sets
- imagePlane is blank in viewport on scene load if imageName has a Render Setup override in a visible layer
- JSON import fails with no warning if Render Settings collections point to missing plug-in nodes
- Lights not added to visible layer if "Enable untitled collections" preference is disabled and "Include all lights in each render layer" preference is enabled
- Maya freezes for a while creating thumbnails when selecting large image files in file browser
- No warning when using improper choices for shader overrides
- OCIO: "Scene Not Saved" confirmation occurs when launching Maya from command line, disrupting automatic processes
- Playback is not faster if collections containing animation are disabled
- Render Setup "Export Scene AOVs" no longer outputs override values to the JSON file. Use File > Export Visible Layer AOVs instead.
- Render Setup: Defunct render layers coming in on File: Import when Use Namespaces is set to Off or namespace is deleted
- Unable to set layer visible after deleting collection that shares nodes with separate collection that was created using an expression
- When referencing/importing Render Setup scenes, masterLayer objects are visible but layer overrides are active
- colorEditor command does not respect rgb flag
- Custom icons get renamed if they cannot be located
- Dockable Outliner becomes blank after changing viewport panel to outline panel using hotbox
- Marking menu gets stuck when Alt is pressed while displaying the marking menu
- OS native file dialog not working when reconnecting or replacing references on Mac OS X
- Pressing Shift + M does not hide the Outliner top menu
- Syntax error printed in Python script editor

- Consolidate World breaks geometry override with custom resource handles
- Crash when applying PSD file as color to shader
- Crash when selecting node with custom resource handles with consolidate world on
- Crash when switching to component mode on skinned characters. Can't paint weights.
- Curve Point is not displayed by Drop off locator of Wire deformer
- Having the UV Editor open causes display corruption on meshes with 2 UV sets and Colorset
- Invalid selection for MPxDrawOverride implementations using MPxDrawOverride::userSelect
- layeredTexture not updating correctly in the viewport
- Local rotation axis doesn't draw when far from the origin
- Material renaming breaks updates between attributes and the viewport.
- Memory usage keeps increasing and CPU overuse if UV editor is open and one texture is displayed
- Mesh Corruption in VP2
- MFrameContext::kExcludeHUD should exclude film gate, etc. camera/film related properties
- MPxSubSceneOverride selection issues - depth order/instance selection
- Point light depth map shadows don't obey light depth range attributes
- Selecting bullet constraint/rigidbody/softbody/solver fails
- Soft select fails to draw properly with 1 degree curves in Viewport 2.0
- Texture display breaks on VP2
- translateFrame not updating in the viewport
- TX image plug-in not being used by VP2 image loader
- UV Editor has 100% GPU consumption with Shaded or Distortion view
- Viewport Corruption with Default Material enabled
- VP2 Component Selection for MPxDrawOverride::refineSelectionPath()
- VP2 Native Selection: customizable HW selection support for plugin render items (MRenderItem)
- VP2: NURBS high precision not working
- VP2: NURBS precision issues causing surfaces to disappear

- Crash with XGen and missing reference/reference edits

Autodesk Maya 2018.3
- Keyed Conditional Shader Network Invalidates EM (every frame)
- Image sequence does not update in Viewport 2.0 (VP2) with Eval Mode set to Serial or Parallel
- Rigging: Proximity visibility for controllers doesn't work
- Delete history on parented combined nodes deletes all hierarchy
- Performance: Maya performance with 2 blendShape nodes
- Performance: EM constantly reset itself from ready to rebuilding with this scene
- Performance: Camera animation not working with invisibility evaluator enabled
- Performance: Unkeyed parent joints of animated child joints does not update bone draw
- Performance: Maya freezes in EMP Mode in Maya 2018.2
- Performance: Deformed mesh not deforming with isolate selected (Invisibility evaluator on)
- Performance: skinCluster does not evaluate in some scenarios
- Constraints: Parent target offsets are not being saved
- Parallel Evaluation Mode changes custom node behavior
- HIK: Rig moves when attempting to set pivot on an auxiliary
- Lattice wont compute when 3+ live blendShape targets are animated
- Playblasting offscreen in legacy viewport with modern Graph Editor results in fatal error
- Inconsistent Lattice Behavior
- After 2018 remove vertex from ffd1Set for Lattice Deformer is not updated on VP2
- Correctness: CharacterSet: Animation breaks in Parallel mode
- Crash when auto-keyframing camera movements
- Camera with Expressions Changes Namespace when in Parallel EM
- BakeDeformer: Errors with multiple nodes with the same name
- Hidden bones are not updating properly while in Parallel EM
- Profiler: Search is broken on Linux
- TcameraShape is triggering evaluation in dirty propagation
- MotionTrail: drawFramesBefore/drawFramesAfter displays only 1 frame
- Slowness due to controllers when invisibility evaluator is enabled
- Joint orientation is changed when unparenting orient constraint joint
- Invisibility evaluator not playing well with hidden rig elements
- Isolate Select with the Invisibility Evaluator turned on displays incorrectly
- Crash: proxySwitch of grandchild reference and then new scene
- aliasAttr with an invalid alias name causes a crash
- Polygon Disc Primitive Subdivision Mode options not working
- LODGroups can crash Maya and don't work well with the Channel Box Editor
- Graph Editor: Autoframe doesn't frame time axis

- File > Archive Scene fails if size exceeds 2 GB (requires ZIP64 Extensions)
- Importing files will add nodeGraphEditorInfo nodes but won't show in Node Editor
- Qt: Windows missing PySide2-rcc.exe executable in Maya build
- An error occurs when unload mll in the plug-in manager
- Maya crashes if processing occurs in error within scriptJob
- Python devkit plugin doesn't work anymore
- Want to import .wire file with texture and texture placement
- Referenced Alembic, FBX files cannot be read in default pref environment due to missing 'requires' line
- Maya Update 1 breaks qtquick on Windows
- WIRE_ATF export crashes in Maya 2018
- Scene Assembly: Changing namespace of top AR after making an edit does not update Edit Targets
- Crash when clicking on a mesh during File > Open
- Maya LT
- Warning is printed when choosing Lighting/Shading from the main menu
- Error message is printed when creating a camera

- Kerning space on Type fonts was not matching original font kerning
- Type styles such as italic and bold were not affecting the font
- Offset on the curveWarp Deformer when the deformed geometry was longer than the attached curve
- MASH Bullet Solver cannot be deleted if it was disconnected from all other nodes
- Distribute node on UV mode should have “Use Face Area” usable
- The Bounding Box on the curve warp deformer could only be scaled up, but not returned to a smaller scale
- Loading the Type plugin at the beginning of a script deletes nodes
- Python node returning improper results when connected to a visibility node
- Optimization: MASH scenes saving unnecessary data and making files larger than necessary
- Performance: Fixed a slowdown on start-up due to Type plugin on windows
- Performance: Type plugin returns multiple errors on start-up in batch mode

- Vertex Normal Edit Tool crashes a lot with isolated/hidden faces
- Target Weld tool always creates construction history
- Mirror node is affected by object pivot transform created after it
- mayapy: exits when the blendShape command tries to display a dialog
- Undo stack seems partially cleared when Maya auto saves while the Multi-Cut tool is active
- Blend Shape Groups are created when scene files containing Blend Shape nodes are imported
- Transfer Vertex Order crashes Maya
- Flat Lighting is no longer used on meshes with UV Distortion shading
- Unfold's Pack option should instead be a "Layout UVs" option
- UV grid snapping doesn't maintain offsets
- Adding many Blend Shape targets crashes Maya on Windows
- File containing specific polyBevel corrupted after importing from 2017 to Update 4
- Sculpt tools not working on instances
- Maya crashes after taking UV snapshot
- Frequent crashes with Vertex Normal Edit Tool

- Mac OS X: /bin/Render command fails with spaces in pathnames
- Render Setup material override fails to cover per-face shading if involved shading groups were deleted (regression from legacy render layer material override)
- Render Sequence options fail to open if cameras have children
- Render Setup breaks if you load a Maya file that went through Export Selection from a visible layer with overrides
- Wrong result when using eye dropper in a color picker that has color management disabled
- 3d paint tool doesn't handle values > 1 properly
- Errors occur on file load due to Arnold attributes that exist without a "requires mtoa plugin" statement
- Unable to render using the *.tga extension on Mac OS X
- Copying/pasting a render layer with isolated collection results in non-isolated subcollections
- Mac: Windows disappear or become unusable after switch from other applications
- Mac: Some hotkeys with Alt modifier don't work any more
- Mac: Launching Preferences window from Hotbox (zones only) crashes Maya
- Wacom gestures allow to move the camera when the scene is destroyed
- File dialog Slow or crash randomly (Switching drives/Changing drives)
- shelfButton -width not working
- Attribute Spreadsheet crashes Maya when attributes contain "FBXASC032"
- Setting the $tmp variable break shelf editor command
- Setting mel variable $i breaks attibute editor
- Blurry cursor when UI is scaled

- Selecting UVs on multiple objects in isolate mode crashes Maya
- MRenderItem::setMatrix not working with OpenGL when using MPxDrawOverride::drawRenderItem
- Crash on File > New if scene contain MASH network and VP2 API call
- Isolate select components for MPxSurfaceShape + MPxDrawOverride
- Isolate select components for MPxSurfaceShape + MPxGeometryOverride
- Mapped Texture in Roughness Attribute (PhongE and Anisotropic shaders) does not display correctly in VP2 in Maya 2018
- Mapped Texture in Cosine Attribute (Phong) does not display correctly in VP2 in Maya 2018.2
- Maya performance decrease after saving referenced rigs with transparency
- psdFileTex node cannot update if the global texture resolution clamp is enabled in VP2
- Unloading and reloading of references messes up transparency in VP2
- Color Management: Applies to MRenderOverride viewport render but not playblast
- Isolate select commands do not seem to be working at all
- VP2 lighting/shadow issues after hitting hardware limitation
- MPxContext::drawFeedback is called in legacy viewport
- Isolate Select of Components in VP2 not working with MPxSurfaceShape
- 16K HDR texture crashes Maya on Mac 10.12.x

Autodesk Maya 2018.2
- Error when changing the Time (fps) setting in the Working Units section of Preferences window
- Crash when playing customer file that includes references in several animation sequences
- Invisibility evaluator slow to update when switching Maya views
- Invisibility evaluator not playing properly with hidden rig elements
- Graph Editor: Crash when repeatedly swapping and overwriting buffer curves
- Graph Editor: Crash on selection in outliner when trying to create result curves for read-only attributes
- Graph Editor: Graph Editor Move key tool options gives you move tool options instead
- HIK: Crash when

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