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Avast Premium Security

Avast Premium Security

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    Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64 / Windows 11

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Complete, top-of-the-line security against all kinds of attacks--including those that haven't happened yet. Avast Premium Security consists of improved home network scanning, automatic software updates, secure banking, firewall, DNS hijacking protection, data shredding, and more. It's everything you need, from the most trusted security in the world.

In today's digital age, ensuring the security of your personal information and devices is of paramount importance. Avast Premium Security, a comprehensive software suite developed by Avast, promises to provide robust protection against malware, online threats, and privacy breaches.

Stay safe within the community of users, powered by over 250 million people reporting threats as soon as they appear. Avast Premium Security is complete online protection for all of your computers, phones, and tablets.
  • Block viruses, spyware, and other threats in real-time
  • Enjoy peace of mind with advanced ransomware protection
  • Avoid fake websites for safer online shopping and banking
  • Keep hackers off your computer with an advanced firewall
  • Prevent strangers from watching you via your webcam
Custom features for PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPad secure your devices where it’s needed most. Single- and Multi-Device options let you choose the protection that works best for you. “Up to 10 devices” means you can share your security with every one of your devices or everyone closest to you.

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Spoofed (fake) websites are one of the oldest hacking tricks in the book. Avast Premium Security scans websites for security risks on both your computer and mobile phone, so you can finally shop and bank online safely on any device.

Ransomware is quickly becoming one of the most common — and dangerous — types of malware out there. Avast Premium fully protects all of your devices against havoc-wreaking ransomware so you don’t become the victim of digital extortion.

Safely Shop, Bank, and Pay Online with Avast Premium Security

Online transactions require a high level of security to protect your financial credentials from being compromised. With Avast Premium Security, you can shop, bank, and pay securely without worrying about falling victim to fake websites attempting to steal your sensitive information.

The Danger of Spoofed Websites

Cybercriminals often employ spoofed websites, which mimic legitimate sites but are designed to deceive and collect your passwords and personal data. It scans websites in real-time to ensure their legitimacy. By alerting you to unsafe websites before you load them, it empowers you to navigate the online world with confidence and peace of mind.

Prevent Remote Access Attacks and Takeovers

Remote access attacks, where hackers gain control of your PC and infect it with malware or lock your files with ransomware, are increasingly prevalent. It has introduced robust protection measures to safeguard your PC against such attacks.

The Power of Remote Access Shield

The primary avenue for remote access attacks is often Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). While RDP can be a useful tool for authorized remote access, it can also be a vulnerability if not properly secured. Avast Premium Security's Remote Access Shield offers three key defenses:

Detection and Blocking of Brute-Force Attacks: The shield monitors unsuccessful login attempts within a specific timeframe and automatically blocks the associated IP address, effectively thwarting brute-force attacks.

Protection Against RDP Exploits: Known vulnerabilities in operating systems are secured, preventing RDP exploit attacks from breaching those vulnerabilities and compromising your system.

Automatic Blocking of Malware-Infected IP Addresses: Avast's continuously updated database, driven by an AI algorithm, identifies and blocks IP addresses known for distributing malware through RDP ports. This proactive measure adds an extra layer of protection against malware attacks.

By leveraging the comprehensive defenses of Avast Premium Security's Remote Access Shield, you can prevent hackers from taking control of your PC and ensure the safety of your digital assets.


Strong Passwords
Change bad habits like storing passwords on your browser, or reusing the same password. Avast's new password manager creates unique, unbreakable passwords for all your accounts - yet only asks you to remember one.

SafeZone Browser
Open any suspicious sites in SafeZone, or use them for your financial tasks. SafeZone is a secure, isolated space where no one can copy what you type or steal your banking details - so you can shop, bank, or pay your bills in total privacy.

Improved Home Network Security
Even better protection, for everything on your home network. It detects 12 more types of router vulnerabilities so you can keep your printers, network drives, and routers fully secured - in just a click.

Automatic Software Updater
Stay ahead of hackers - automatically. Find out as soon as there is an update to the software you're running, and patch any weak points before hackers have a chance to attack.

Data Shredder
Don't let anyone see the files you deleted; get rid of them for good. Data shredding is the only way to make files truly irretrievable, so you can keep your privacy, even when you sell or lend your computer to others.

SecureDNS Protection
DNS hijacking is real. It's far too easy to accidentally type all your login details into a replica of your banking site. SecureDNS encrypts the connection between your PC and DNS server, so you don't fall for any fakes.


Advanced Antivirus Protection
It employs cutting-edge antivirus technology to detect and remove various types of malware, including viruses, spyware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

Real-Time Threat Detection
The software constantly monitors your system, scanning files and applications in real-time to identify and block potential threats before they can harm your devices or compromise your privacy.

Secure Browsing
Avast's Web Shield feature ensures safe browsing by blocking malicious websites, preventing phishing attempts, and offering secure HTTPS encryption for enhanced privacy.

Wi-Fi Inspector
This feature helps you identify vulnerabilities in your home network, such as weak passwords or outdated firmware, and provides recommendations to enhance your network security.

Data Shredder
It includes a powerful data shredding tool that allows you to permanently delete sensitive files, ensuring that they cannot be recovered by unauthorized individuals.

Webcam Shield
Protect your privacy from prying eyes with the Webcam Shield feature, which alerts you whenever an application attempts to access your webcam and provides you with the option to block or allow it.

How to Use

Using Avast Premium Security is straightforward. After installation, the software automatically starts protecting your system. The intuitive user interface offers easy navigation through various features and settings. You can perform a full system scan, customize scan options, schedule regular scans, and manage exclusions to suit your preferences. Avast also provides regular updates to ensure your software remains up-to-date with the latest security measures.


Is Avast Premium Security compatible with both Windows and macOS?
Yes, the app is available for both Windows and macOS operating systems.

Does Avast Premium Security slow down my computer?
While antivirus software can sometimes impact system performance, the program is designed to be resource-efficient and minimally impact your computer's speed.

Can Avast Premium Security protect my mobile devices?
It offers separate mobile security solutions for Android and iOS devices, including Avast Mobile Security for Android and Avast Mobile Security for iOS.

Can I use Avast Premium Security on multiple devices?
Yes, it provides multi-device support, allowing you to protect multiple devices with a single license.

What advantages does premium antivirus software offer over free options?
While free antivirus software provides essential protection, premium antivirus program offers additional features and benefits. With Avast Premium Security, you benefit from automatic detection and avoidance of malicious websites, as well as defense against remote hacking attacks. These added protections go beyond basic security measures and enhance your overall online safety.

What are the benefits of investing in premium antivirus protection?
Premium antivirus protection offers several key benefits. It provides advanced security features that go beyond basic protection, ensuring enhanced defense against evolving threats. Additionally, premium software often includes timely updates to address new vulnerabilities and emerging malware. With Avast Premium Security, you gain peace of mind knowing that you have comprehensive protection and the necessary tools to counter new threats as they emerge.


Malwarebytes: A trusted cybersecurity solution known for its expertise in malware detection and removal. It offers comprehensive protection against malware, ransomware, and other online threats.

360 Total Security: It offers you complete protection against viruses and other new types of threats.

Bitdefender Total Security: Bitdefender provides robust malware protection, a wide range of privacy features, and additional tools such as a VPN and password manager.

McAfee Total Protection: Premium antivirus app, safe web browsing, and password manager!


It offers flexible pricing plans, allowing users to choose between a one-year subscription or a multi-year subscription. The pricing varies depending on the number of devices you want to protect. 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 1 Windows PC - $2.89/mo
  • 10 devices - $3.69/mo
System Requirements

Windows 10 and Windows 11 compatible. All devices require an internet connection for automatic security and program updates.

PC with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, or 7 (both the 32- and 64-bit versions, excluding Starter and RT editions), 1 GB RAM, and 2 GB of hard disk space.

  • Robust Protection: It offers powerful antivirus and anti-malware capabilities, protecting your devices from a wide range of threats.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The software features a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for users of all levels of technical expertise to navigate and utilize its various features.
  • Additional Privacy Features: It provides tools like the Wi-Fi Inspector and Webcam Shield, helping users identify network vulnerabilities and safeguard their privacy.
  • Multi-Device Support: With a single license, you can protect multiple devices, making it a cost-effective solution for households or individuals with multiple devices.
  • Regular Updates: Avast continuously updates its virus definitions and security protocols, ensuring that you stay protected against the latest threats.
  • Potential Performance Impact: While Avast aims to minimize resource usage, some users may experience a slight performance impact on their systems, especially during full system scans.

It offers a comprehensive suite of security features to protect your digital life from malware, online threats, and privacy breaches. With its advanced antivirus protection, real-time threat detection, and additional privacy tools, it provides a strong defense for your devices. The software's user-friendly interface and multi-device support add to its appeal.

Avast Premium Security remains a reliable choice for individuals and households seeking robust protection. Consider your specific needs and compare them with alternative software options to make an informed decision for securing your digital ecosystem.

Note: 30 days trial version.

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What's new in this version:

Avast Premium Security 24.6.9241.0
- Change log not available for this version

Avast Premium Security 24.5.9153.0
- Change log not available for this version

Avast Premium Security 24.4.9067.0
Major public announcement:
- Browser cookie protection – Password Protection now protects you against cookie theft. This new functionality helps protect your sensitive data that is stored in your browser cookies.
- Real-time protection – We’ve improved messaging to let you know when your protection is running smoothly afetr you restart your computer.
- Feedback Module – Check out the new and improved design so you can add feedback with ease.
- Smart Scan – You will receive more info and results about any issues.
- More bugfixes  - e.g. - changes related to passive mode when not all shields were enabled after passive mode was disabled, fixes to correctly starting of Firewall service, etc...

Avast Premium Security 24.3.8975.0
- Automated Scan Schedule – Smart Scan has the option to adjust the frequency of your scan, allowing more automated detection
- Encrypted Client Hello – We’ve enhanced Web Shield with new support standards, making users’ connections safer. HTTPS connections leak information in the TLS ClientHello to the network, notably the hostname of the website being accessed. When supported by the website, ECH allows encrypting this message with a key provided by the server.
- other fixes and improvements

Avast Premium Security 24.2.8918.0
- Change log not available for this version

Avast Premium Security 24.2.8904.0
- Change log not available for this version

Avast Premium Security 24.1.8821.0
- Change log not available for this version

Avast Premium Security 23.12.8700.0
- Change log not available for this version

Avast Premium Security 23.11.8635.0
- New: New survey – We want to hear your voice! We’ve created a new survey within the product so you can tell us what we can improve on.
- New: Fake E-store Protection – Check out our new feature that protects you from fake online shops trying to pretend to be legitimate ones.
- Improved: Minor bug fixes - We continuously fix bugs to keep your protection going strong.

Avast Premium Security 23.10.8563.0
- Premium Sensitive Data Shield improved – You can now protect sensitive files on FATx disks
- Improved Firewall enhancements – We’ve improved our detection and customizations in settings so you can be better protected from network threats
- Important Please be aware that we are ending support of virus definitions for old client versions 9,10, 11
- other bugfixes and performance improvements mentioned in previous Beta reports

Avast Premium Security 23.9.8494.0
Major public announcement:
- PREMIUM You now can protect your microphone from strangers or apps trying to attempt access with enhanced Webcam shield on Windows 10 and 11
- PREMIUM Share your premium subscription to your devices directly from the dashboard.
- IMPORTANT Please be aware that we are ending support of virus definitions for old client versions 9,10, 11
- other bugfixes and performance improvements mentioned in Beta reports

Avast Premium Security 23.8.8416.0
Major public announcement:
- Improvement New Scan Smart detection capabilities - Smart Scan can now check for outdated drivers and any issues related to your identity online. Go ahead, give it a try now!
- Improvement Enhanced protection for your web browsing - We’ve introduced a new layer of detection with DNS scanning, focused on finding advanced malware in your device.

Avast Premium Security 23.7.8348.0
- NEW DNS traffic scan: We’ve improved our detection scan to monitor your network by filtering out malicious domains and patterns early on.
- Improvement Web Shield performance: Enjoy faster browsing and performance on the websites and streaming sites (e.g., Netflix) while staying protected.
- Improvement Minor bug fixes: We continuously fix bugs to keep your protection going strong.

Avast Premium Security 23.6.8271.0
- Premium: Enhancing SANDBOX functionality - You're now protected from programs taking screenshots or video-recording your desktop.
- New: Easier access to Avast Account – You can now sign up or sign in directly from the dashboard
- Improved: We’ve modernized the folder dialog to make it easier for you to search and select files

- We’ve fixed minor performance issues related to shutting down or restarting the computer in Web Shield
- We are testing Icarus as new technology for installation of the AV

Avast Premium Security 23.5.8195.0
- Fixing deadlocks that appeared on some older windows
- Wi-Fi Inspector causing a long shutdown
- Crashes in installer
- Fixed issue with not working installation of Secure browser on W7 and W8
- We’ve adopted the new OpenSSL 3.1.0 to address additional security fixes

- We’ve optimized Web Shield to scan based on DNS parameters to better protect you from wider online threats
- You’re now better protected from malware found in OneNote file attachments in phishing emails
- Support Tool improved configuration reporting for better analyses of support engineers

Avast Premium Security 23.4.8118.0
- FIX Rollback of CEF update that was causing Black UI issue (update will fix even the affected clients)
- Improvement Improved Sensitive Data Shield – We’ve enhanced the support of Sensitive Data Shield for all FATx-based hard drives
- Improvement Scanning and detection of MSI installers
- Improvement Support tool now gathers 3rd party application crash data that are only 7 days ol

Avast Premium Security 23.3.8047.0
- Improvement Communication - We’ve improved communication in certain areas to enhance education about possible risks. Education about the risks when adding an exception.
- Improvement Feedback - Your opinion matters! We’ve improved the feedback form so you can tell us about your experience in detail
- FIX NTFS MFT Cleanup support for shredder
- FIX Allow free volume space shredding for FAT drives

Avast Premium Security 23.2.7961.0
- Improvement Bank Mode - Be more secure while banking online with Bank Mode. It stops programs, like keyloggers, from stealing your personal info (e.g., bank login, passwords, and card details).
- Redesign Immediate detection in Network Inspector – Get notified right away of any network security issue, especially if you're connected to a suspicious Wi-Fi network. The notifications have a new look as well.
- Improvement Faster File Shield - We’ve improved the speed of File Shield by using Kernel EAs, so it can scan files and programs faster for any malicious threats.
- Bug fixes - fixed incompatibility with DxO PhotoLab and other software

Avast Premium Security 23.1.7883.0
- fixes to optimize your protection and increase the performance

Avast Premium Security 22.12.7758.0
- Mitigating the issues with driver on Win7SP1 without SHA-2 support
- Software Updater option added in geek:area
- Improved experience of  FW ask user when network changed
- Bug fixes - Minor fixes to optimize your protection

Avast Premium Security 22.11.7716.0
- Revamped Hardened Mode We've redesigned hardened mode for a smoother experience
- Bug fixes Minor fixes to optimize your protection

Avast Premium Security 22.10.7633.0
Major public announcement:
- WebShield Detection Dialog in Browser Get real-time threat alerts directly in your browser
- New Smartscan Step We’ve added a whole new step to check your operating system settings for any security issues
- New identity protection service Avast SecureIdentity will keep you safe from identity theft with 24/7 expert assistance
- Bug fixes Minor fixes to optimize your protection

Avast Premium Security 22.9.7554.0
Major public announcement:
- Bank Mode in UI Protect your banking details and login information whenever you’re online banking on Avast Secure Browser
- Email Guardian Google Login Just log in with your Google Account. It’s that easy.
- Self Defense detection dialog improvement We’ve redesigned the communication to create a smoother experience
- Firewall ask dialog Improved firewall ask dialog
- Bug fixes Minor fixes to optimize your protection

Avast Premium Security 22.8.7500.0
Major public announcement:
- WebCam Shield fixed and improved We solved functionality issues when using Windows Hello face authentication while WebCam Shield is active. This shield will prevent apps and malware from accessing your webcam without your consent.
- Auto-continue option added to Smart Scan You can automatically move to the next step when no threats are found in each stage
- Mail Protection improved in Mozilla Thunderbird The error messages about invalid email server certificates have been fixed
- Bug fixes Minor fixes to optimize your protection

Avast Premium Security 22.7.7403.0
Major public announcement:
- Windows Recovery Environment Scan Boot Time Scan now runs inside the Windows RE, on the Avast interface! Now it's easier to take action and see what the scan finds without having to reboot again.
- Check out our new UI Store We've created a store within the interface to help with easier access to other Avast applications

Other notable improvements in the release:
- Fixed an issue where Ransomware shield would not look after protected files properly
- TLS 1.3 enabled in Mailshield
- Other important issues and bugs squashed

Avast Premium Security 22.6.7355.0
Major public announcement:
- Web Shield Websocket protocol scanning Scanning for web threats just got better! Feel safer while browsing the web anytime, as we've addded Websocket protocol scanning to webshield
- Mailshield writing too much to disk We've fixed an issue where mailshield would start writing too much data to the disk

Other notable improvements in the release:
- Fixed an issue where VirtualBox would clash with our AV
- A big thanks to ccm582 for reporting an issue with Hide Folders 5, Lubos for identifying the underlying problem and to Petr, our release boss, for coming through with resolving the issue and making sure Hide Folders 5 are aware of it, awesome stuff!
- Other important issues and bugs squashed

Avast Premium Security 22.5.7263.0
Major public announcement:
- [Premium]Email Guardian Email Protection across all your devices, ensured by Avast's Email Guardian. Right now, it's compatible with all Office365 type accounts (,,, etc.) as well as any IMAP enabled Email Service.
- [Geek Area]HW Acceleration We‘ve activated a new Hardware Acceleration Feature in the geek:area and inviting advanced users to play around with it. Feel free to share any feedback with us about it, we'd really appreciate it.

Other notable improvements in the release:
- Fixed an issue with email shield detections
- Fixed an issue with booting Windows 10 (1607) where it wouldn't boot after AV installation
- Instup crash was fixed
- Other important issues and bugs squashed

Avast Premium Security 22.4.7175.0
Major public announcement:
- Improved Sensitive Data Shield You now get detailed results if Sensitive Data Shield has found anything suspicious in your files
- Manage your apps with ease You now have easier access to Blocked & Allowed apps settings for each shield feature. That way, if a suspicious app attempts to access your protected folders, webcam, or passwords, you'll get a notification and you can easily add this app to your list of blocked or allowed apps.

Other notable improvements in the release:
- Data Shredder now works properly after Premium update
- Firewall blocking rule in the UI fixed
- Other important issues and bugs squashed

Avast Premium Security 22.3.7108
- Change log not available for this version

Avast Premium Security 22.2.7013
Major public announcement:
- Firewall Rules In Firewall you can once again create application rules manually without waiting for apps to connect to the internet
- Wi-Fi Inspector is now called Network Inspector To align the feature name with our other security apps, we've renamed Wi-Fi Inspector to Network Inspector. This change is also to remind you that it can scan both wired and wireless networks
- New look of the UI We've updated our design to give you friendlier, more rounded corners

Other notable improvements in the release:
- Sandbox UI now includes app list
- Fixed some issues where the UI would not be displayed properly under some resolution settings

Avast Premium Security 22.1.6921
- Wi-Fi Inspector Password Hints - Wi-Fi Inspector can now recommend more secure passwords for your home network
- Firewall improvements in the UI - We've re-ordered the Firewall Tabs inside the interface
- Boot Time Scan Results - You'll notice how from now on you get actual results from scans even after reboots

Avast Premium Security 21.11.6809
- deadlock in importing settings from file
- conflict between two internal security components making MS Internet Explorer unable to run

Avast Premium Security 21.10.6772
Major public announcement:
- Firewall We're fully launching our new firewall to the entire userbase
- DoH SecureDNS will now get DoH capabilities, improving privacy

Other notable improvements in the release:
- Fixed the BSOD issue on x86 Windows 7 installations
- Resolved issues with high contrast themes in Windows not displaying the UI properly

Avast Premium Security 21.9.6698
Major public announcement:
- Stronger Web Shield You're now better protected from malicious websites thanks to our scanning improvements
- Better Windows 11 compatibility You're protected on the newest version of Windows, too
- Improved Passive Mode When you turn on Passive Mode, our tray icon now changes colors to show this. And now even Webcam Shield and Password Protection features will also be disabled.

Other notable improvements in the release:
- Apps with similar protocol to HTTP no longer have conflicts with WebShield
- Remote Access Shield dialogue memory issue resolved
- Uninstall Survey - we've added an improved flow for the uninstall survey which will be enabled with this new release
- Firewall improvements - only visible to a small number of users, nevertheless, we've added some improvements, including better notifications

Avast Premium Security 21.8.6586
Major public announcement:
- A new logo for Avast! — As the digital world changes, we change with it. We’re proud to unveil a new expression of our identity, reflecting our continued commitment to protecting people’s digital freedom

Other notable improvements in the release:
- Sign in more securely — We're now using OpenID, a more secure sign-in standard, to sign you in to your Avast Account
- Improved exceptions — It's now possible to add exceptions solely for Behavior Shield
- Fixed a tray icon bug — Our system tray icon now shows the proper status of shields after a PC restart
- Password Protection update - we're now protecting newly created backup files of passwords stored in the browser
- Firewall tweaks - We're now blocking switching to public profile when RDP is used

Avast Premium Security 21.7.2481
Public announcements:
- Big changes to Firewall! — We've redesigned our Firewall, improved its protection, and made it free for everyone to use. If you've got Avast Free Antivirus, you'll find your new Firewall in your Protection menu. It's already turned on and protecting you. If you've got Avast Premium Security, we've upgraded you to "Premium Firewall" to also prevent your computer from leaking sensitive info to the network and warn you if a malicious device tries to intercept your data or scan your computer via open ports.
- Unresolved threat reminders — We'll now remind you about any unresolved threats found by scan you may not have seen before your computer was last shut down
- Silent Mode fix — We've fixed a bug that prevented you from turning off Silent Mode if Do Not Disturb Mode was on
- Some more clarification about the new Firewall. Only a smaller portion of users will actually get it enabled in 21.7 release as we still want to observe it and test it a bit more before major fullscale on all userbase (of course, only those users who will actually get it are informed about it through our product on their device). You can expect the full-scale to happen in 5-8 weeks. When it comes to upcoming beta releases, all of those will already have it enabled in full.

Bug fixes and improvements for:
- Fixed an issue where ASB couldn't connect to the internet when installed along with Opera
- Fixed cases where detection dialogs were not shown for detections when apps were full-screen
- We've updated our UI renderer CEF to the latest version (ver. 4472) and plugged some security holes along the way
- Fixed an unpleasant behavior where some code components were invoked twice after the in-app cart was closed
- Fixed cases where licenses were not properly delivered with sole internet proxy
- Fixed an issue where the restart dialog was not shown when Do Not Disturb Mode was active
- Fixed an issue where clear utility did not start properly for systems that lacked SSE3 support
- Added proper context for users stuck on version 21.2 due to outdated OS and provided instructions how to update from Win7

Avast Premium Security 21.6.6446
- Useful Smart Scan notifications — We’ve fine-tuned the behavior of Smart Scan with improved initialization steps, and ensured that you receive proper notifications about scheduled scans
- Better feature shortcuts — We’ve changed the main tile navigation so Avast Antivirus features are easier to distinguish from shortcuts to other Avast products

Fixes and improvements for:
- The latest renderer version stopped supporting CPUs without SSE3, so we needed to add an install block and freeze users using this older pieces of HW on 21.4 version
- Fixed cases of infinite loader when turning off some of core shield via Settings
- Fixed support tool (collection logs and info for customer support and debugging) that was not properly grabbing AV status and subscription status in Rescue Disk, plus it now reports WSC status
- FYI: Virus Chest has been renamed to Quarantine
- Fixed removal of scheduled tasks
- Fixed a case when some of antivirus windows opened in the background (behind other full-screen app) even if this was not desired while interacting with it
- ...and a lot of security improvements we can't be more concrete about

Avast Premium Security 21.5.6354
- Change log not available for this version

Avast Premium Security 21.4.6266
Major public announcements:
- Improved Wi-Fi Inspector — We now scan for even more types of threats, and our improved results screen allows you to better understand what we’ve found thanks to clearer explanations, better organization, and improved tips for resolving detected problems
- No more popups in streams — Good news, Windows 10 users! Our antivirus popups will no longer appear in your screen recordings and streams
- Enhanced exceptions — Exceptions for scans and shields are now easier to add, customize, and maintain
- More installation options — You now have more installation options when activating subscriptions that contain multiple apps

Other notable improvements and new functionalities:
- Family Sharing — Premium Security (Multi-device) users can now share their subscriptions with their family members. Subscriptions can be shared across Windows and Android devices (Mac and iOS to come later)
- We now recognize available (but not activated) products — We’ll no longer show offers for apps that users bought but haven’t yet installed
- We’ve added Detection IDs to Behavior Shield dialogs — Other shields have already had this, but now Behavior Shield also gets a unique ID so our Support and Thread Labs teams can better identify reported threats from screenshots that customers send us
- Added Sandbox and backend analysis parallelization to CyberCapture to minimize interruptions to our users while they interact with suspicious apps
- We’re now applying formatting (time, calendar, etc.) of Windows regional settings in our UI

- Web content opened in the app-cart instead of browser
- Rescue Disks that booted in Windows Preinstall Environment triggered a restart [Win7]
- Sensitive Data Shield was not active after leaving Passive Mode through Settings
- The last file from the multi-selection was omitted
- Manually invoked Passive Mode did not require restart, caused some components (like CyberCapture) to misbehave
- Web Shield samples were not detected after the URL was removed from the exceptions
- ...and many others

Avast Premium Security 21.3.6164
Major public announcements:
- Better scan performance — We’ve made a lot of small performance improvements to various security components (running on background)
- Improved Rescue Disk — We’ve added a portable web browser to our Rescue Disk so you can search the web even when Windows isn’t working
- Fewer distractions — We no longer show pop-up messages when your antivirus is open
- Passive Mode fix — We’ve fixed a bug that would sometimes disable Passive Mode soon after it was turned on

Bug-fix and improvement highlights:
- Because of an expiring MS certificate for signing drivers, we had to block updates and installations of users with outdated/unpatched versions of Win7 (up to KB3033929). Unless they update their OS, they will stay on 21.2 version.
- Implemented Countdown (auto-close) of Cyber Capture dialogs
- Additional Rescue Disk improvements (postponing toolkit installation until MSI installation finishes, adding retries to downloading RCD files, etc.)
- Fixed cases when both our Firewall and Windows firewall were running simultaneously
- Fixed issue where the restart dialog didn’t appear in Silent Mode
- Fixed issues where our uninstall survey was not displayed
- Fixed issue when the UI didn’t show the correct state of IDP (Behavioral Shield) features
- Some of those scan optimizations mentioned in our public release notes include: Startup, registry callbacks, behavioral events, on-exec DLLs scanning, identified opportunities to skip some scans, etc.)

Avast Premium Security 21.2.6096
- Introducing Hack Alerts — From now on, we’ll warn you if any passwords linked to your email address were compromised in a hack or a leak. (Just sign in to Avast Account within antivirus)
- New performance report tool — If you encounter any performance issues on your PC and you suspect we're the culprit, you can now send us a report so we can investigate the issue (Just go to Settings > Troubleshooting > Record a performance problem)

Fixed and improved:
- AV DNS finally no longer conflicts with our VPN solution
- Fixed product toasters that stole window’s focus
- Arranged for the proper order of dialogs in various alert-dialog flows (for reporting false positives, when the main UI is open, etc.)
- Fixed an issue where Passwords Protection (a Premium feature) was turned off for some users
- Fixed some rare cases where user settings weren’t stored properly during product updates
- Fixed rare problems with WebShield and HTTP/2 HPACK compression

Avast Premium Security 21.1.5968
This time we put a lot of care into our detections and alerts:
- More informative threat alerts — If you get an alert, click ‘See details’ to see what type of threat it is (e.g., adware, ransomware, scam, etc.) and a brief description
- Tidier threat alerts — If you ever run into multiple threats at once, you'll no longer be bombarded with one alert after another. Instead, we've combined these into a single alert according to the shield that detected them
- New detection category — You can now choose to detect or ignore ‘Tools’ like coinminers, game cheats, and key generators as a separate category in your virus scans and core shields
- Alert ID — Every threat alert now includes a unique ID in the bottom-left corner. If you ever share a screenshot with our support team, this ID will help them to identify your problem
- Improved PUP detections— We're now even better at identifying PUPs (potentially unwanted programs that often come bundled with other apps), so we've enabled PUP detection by default. (This will be rolled out continuously and not everyone will have it on straight away - so if you want to be in control yourself just go to Settings > Basic protection > Detections.)

- Patched Sandbox escape method (along with silent updates to previous AV versions)
- Fixed some unwanted merging of old / default avast5.ini configuration
- Fixed a rare bug that closed the UI when you changed the AV language
- Silenced some background network scans in case they weren't required
- Arranged for a more thorough uninstall (BugReport file is no longer left over)
- Implemented Remote Access Shield conflict warnings in Passive Mode
- Fixed an issue where detection dialogs were stuck behind the main UI when opened
- ...and many other fixes and improvements

Avast Premium Security 20.10.5824
- Expanded Password Protection - We now protect your passwords in the beta versions of browsers, too. (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and AVG Secure Browser - Premium Security Only)
- Rescue Disk improvements - Windows 7 users can celebrate knowing this feature works for them again, and we've improved its performance and made sure it properly cleans up related .DLLs for all users
- Bug stomping - Just the usual bug fixes that keep your antivirus going strong

Here are some examples of the bugs we stomped:
- Restart PC dialogue no longer ignores the "Next century" reminder. (Just wait and see…)
- Fixed driver incompatibility with HVCI (AV installation now works when Windows Core Integrity memory isolation is on)
- Cleaned our code to remove obsolete pre-alpha and legacy licensing components
- UI now opens properly on scan results after an Explorer scan finishes (was not behaving properly with UI minimized)
- Fixed a crash that happened in log viewer when logs were too large
- Improved service stability by properly terminating some thread-hooks
- We now allow removing services without exe/dll file (fileless service)
- Got rid of unnecessary reboot required after specific types of detections

Avast Premium Security 20.9.5758
- CyberCapture results - Miss a notification? Now in your notification center, you can see all results for suspicious files you’ve sent to our Threat Labs
- More versatile Password Protection - Along with Chrome and Opera, we now support Microsoft Edge and, our personal favorite, Avast Secure Browser (Premium Security only)
- Vote for features - Vote for your favorite premium features, or submit your ideas for new ones. Simply go to Menu > About and let us know your preference (Premium Security only)
- Performance improvements - Your antivirus components should now load even faster thanks to simultaneous loading of our main service and VPS

- Moved Do Not Disturb module to separate “tools” service for better performance
- Minor accessibility adjustments (e.g., added tray shortcuts, improved confirmation dialogs when disabling shields, etc.)
- Corrected some issues with Sensitive Data Shield on x86 systems
- Sensitive Data Shield also now protects manually added files without having to restart your PC
- Fixed minor bug so Behavior Shield doesn’t duplicate detections already covered by File Shield
- Fixed a rare case where Firewall would trigger an ask dialog for already stopped processes
- Fixed a rare case where switching languages could fail
- Fixed some licensing hiccups with Cleanup and VPN wallet keys when being activated by AV
- Optimized scanning of QUIC connections
- ...and about 100 others

Avast Premium Security 20.8.5684
- Change log not available for this version

Avast Premium Security 20.8.5653
- Change log not available for this version

Avast Premium Security 20.7.5568
- Change log not available for this version

Avast Premium Security 20.6.5495
- Change log not available for this version

Avast Premium Security 20.5.5410
- Change log not available for this version

Avast Premium Security 20.4.5312
- Safer web browsing - Web Shield can now block malicious sites based on their site certificates
- Improved support - Our support team can now help you send them logs to diagnose problems.

Some other fixes:
- Avast Firewall is now compatible with Microsoft Wireless Display adapter
- Sleep mode works with the latest Windows Spring 2020 Update
- Behavioral shield improvements
- Better internal tracking of license activation errors in order to improve the activation process
- Switching Free to Paid (and back) is now smoother
- URL exclusions security improvements
- ...and dozens of the usual minor crashes and internal stability improvements

Avast Premium Security 20.3.5200
- SecureDNS now fully works after upgrade from Free to Premium without restart
- Firewall now fully works after upgrade from Free to Premium without restart
- Two application crashes under specific conditions related to SecureDNS and Webshield components
- Firewall blocks Microsoft Wireless Display feature

Avast Premium Security 20.2.5130
- Password Protection: this new feature automagically secures passwords saved in your browsers. Find it in your Privacy menu (Premium Security only)
- New statistics: check out your security stats by clicking My statistics in the top-right menu
- Improved Firewall: we’ve added more fire to the wall for better stability (Premium Security only)
- Bug fixes: we've stomped a few pesky bugs to keep things running smoothly

Avast Premium Security 20.1.5069
- Browser extensions: improve your browsing with our latest extensions (just open Menu > Browser extensions)
- Fewer popups: if you already have Avast Cleanup Premium, you’ll no longer see offers for it (sorry about that!)
- Improved statuses: the status messages you see on the main screen are now easier to understand
- Fixed Rescue Disk: you can now use Rescue Disk again to restore your PC from advanced attacks
- Other bug fixes: we’ve stomped dozens of other bugs to keep everything running smoothly
- Fixed problem with logs not correctly rotating (logs had hundreds of MB in some cases)
- Fixed issues in Smart scan that performance scan does not find any problems
- Fixed issue with stuck Smart scan