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AVG Virus Definitions

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Download AVG Virus Definitions

AVG Virus Definitions

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The AVG Virus Definitions allow manual updates of your AVG Antivirus Free, AVG Antivirus, and AVG Internet Security in case you do not have an internet connection or in case auto update fails. You can also perform updates using the Update Now option within the menu that opens after the right mouse button clicking over the AVG icon located on the system tray.

To manually update virus definitions first download the BIN file from the site and save it on your computer (or USB flash drive), then access the Options menu in your AVG product and use the 'Update from folder' option to select the folder where you have saved the BIN file you have just downloaded.

AVG apps update automatically. If your update has failed, please try again from within your app. If you need to update manually, use the following file aviupd.exe.

AVG Virus Definitions
refer to the database of known viruses and malware that are used by AVG antivirus software to detect and protect against threats. The virus definitions contain information about the characteristics and behavior of various types of malicious software, allowing the antivirus software to recognize and block or remove them from a computer or device.

Purpose: The primary purpose of virus definitions is to enable antivirus software to identify and detect known viruses and malware. These definitions provide a set of rules or patterns that the antivirus program uses to recognize specific malicious code.

Contents: AVG Virus Definitions include signatures or patterns that represent the unique identifiers of viruses and malware. These signatures are created based on the analysis of malicious code samples and are stored in the virus definitions database. The database also contains information about the actions or behaviors associated with specific viruses, helping the antivirus software to identify and block them effectively.

Updates: To keep up with the ever-evolving threat landscape, AVG regularly releases updates to its virus definitions. These updates include newly discovered virus signatures and behavioral patterns, as well as improved detection techniques. Users are advised to regularly update their antivirus software to ensure it has the latest virus definitions for optimal protection.

Distribution: AVG distributes virus definition updates to its users through various channels. These updates can be downloaded directly from the AVG website or through the software's built-in update mechanism. Users can configure their antivirus app to automatically check for updates and download the latest virus definitions at regular intervals.

Importance: Keeping virus definitions up to date is crucial for effective protection against the latest threats. New viruses and malware are constantly being developed, and antivirus software relies on virus definitions to identify and neutralize these threats. Failure to update virus definitions regularly may result in decreased protection and an increased risk of infection.

Additional Features: In addition to virus definitions, AVG antivirus software may incorporate other security features such as behavioral analysis, heuristics, real-time scanning, firewall protection, and web protection. These features work in conjunction with the virus definitions to provide comprehensive security against various types of threats.


It's worth noting that the specific details and features of AVG Virus Definitions may vary over time as the antivirus software evolves and adapts to emerging threats. Therefore, it's always recommended to refer to the official documentation or website of AVG for the most up-to-date information on their virus definitions and antivirus software.

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