Uncover the mysteries of Awaken and collect powerful heroes!

Awaken: Chaos Era for PC

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Century Games Publishing / Awaken: Chaos Era for PC

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Awaken: Chaos Era for PC is an action turn-based RPG gacha game that empowers players to collect, upgrade and fight with teams of mythical heroes in fantasy lands.

Built to enable players to discover and utilize various tactics, this RPG title can provide hundreds of hours of fun to players who not only seek casual entertainment on PC or on the go but also challenging end-game content where fully equipped teams of heroes must challenge tough legendary bosses. In addition to solo content, this engaging title is also infused with PvP gameplay modes, guild content, and much more.

The initial content found in this title is centered around 10 Adventure Chapters (available in three difficulty modes – Normal, Hard and Mythic) where players must learn the basics of hero collection, combat, and the gatcha gameplay flow that requires players to merge heroes of the same type into stronger versions that have upgraded core abilities such as Attack, Health, Defense, Crit Rate. With hundreds of heroes present in the game, and the incredible variety of abilities that they can wield (four per hero), players can build specific teams that can fight against any powerful opponent.

Each hero in Awaken: Chaos Era can be customized with gear, abilities, and Glyphs, all of which are collected in battle scenarios, with the most powerful gear being available only to the victors in special, seasonal, endgame, guild, or PvP battles. The combat of the game is highly attractive, employing cinematic visuals, screen-filling special effects, and rich movement and combat animations.

Awaken: Chaos Era game is available only via  Android emulation. Since the game was never officially released for the home PC platform, emulators such as Bluestacks or LDPlayer can effortlessly render this beautiful 3D title on almost any modern PC. PC players can expect flawless emulation without bugs or cumbersome installation, with full 3D GPU acceleration, customizable controls, online play, and even full networking with their friends who play online via mobile devices. This is achieved because modern Android emulation can fully integrate Play Store services, making desktop and laptop PCs fully viable gaming devices for Android software.

Awaken: Chaos Era for PC is 100% FREE and can be played on any modern Windows PC that is capable of running Android emulators.

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