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Left to Survive is an action-packed FPS/TPS shooter set in the post-apocalyptic future where zombie hordes have managed to almost decimate our modern society, forcing survivors to fight for resources by any means necessary.

This ambitious title features not only streamlined and addictive action gameplay, but also many strategic elements such as base building, and raids on opponents' bases!

Left to Survive (also known as Left to Survive: Action PVP & Dead Zombie Shooter) is built on a highly-scalable 3D  engine that can render highly realistic urban and natural environments, ranging from decimated city streets, industrial facilities, parks, and forest. Players are represented in great detail, with a fully-featured character editor and the ability to customize your avatar with numerous collectible items.

The core of the game is its extensive campaign where players can get accustomed to controls, learn how to interact with the intuitive interface, build their arsenal and learn all the basics of fighting undead hordes of zombies and AI-controlled human opponents. The player can carry a wide array of weapons that range from melee weapons all the way to pistols, automatic rifles, snipers, and even high-explosive gear. Together with defensive items and active/passive skills, the player can become an unstoppable force even when surrounded by armies of zombies.

Besides the core campaign, gamers can spend a lot of time building their own base where they can provide a safe home and resources to other survivors, build defenses (towers, fences, and siege weapons), and prepare everything for zombies or PvP raids. Yes, this game also allows players to go on the hunt and infiltrate bases made by other players. Of course, there are many other PvP modes for straight arena combat. Online matches can be played either solo or in 2 person teams with either randomly matchmake players or with clanmates.

While Left to Survive: apocalypse was built to run great on a wide variety of mobile phone and tablet hardware, the best experience of playing this title can be done on Windows PC. Desktop and laptop users simply have to install this game using any modern  Android emulator (such as LDPlayer or Bluestacks) who have built-in support for Play Store and Google services. Android apps run great on home computers – they are stable, fast, and can even run in the best performance modes with enhanced resolution and framerate presets.

Left to Survive: Action PVP & Dead Zombie Shooter is a great free action game that can satisfy the needs of all PC gamers.

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