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    Bitmoji LATEST

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Snap Inc. / External Link

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Bitmoji for Chrome is a lightweight image editor that is fully focused on enabling users of all knowledge levels to easily create fun, personalized, and eye-catching emojis. Instead of relying on the limited built-in libraries of emojis present in various chat and social apps, or browsing officially accepted databases of very simple and generic emojis, developers of the Bitmoji desktop app have devised a way for any PC users to easily create their own unique creations.

Personalize them to such an extent that emojis could even showcase your likeness and them do with them whatever you want – save them to local storage for use in other projects or copy and paste them into virtually any chat and image sharing service on the web.

Bitmoji for Desktop was created by a team of developers that were responsible for the popularization of, a web-powered image editor that can be used for streamlined and easy comic book creation directly in the tab of the internet browsers. In 2014, this same team launched a very popular spin-off app Bitmoji for web and mobile platforms, enabling millions of users to create personalized stickers that can be easily used in messaging apps. Bitstrips and Bitmoji platforms were acquired by Snap, Inc (creators of the popular multimedia messaging app Snapchat) in July 2016, enabling hundreds of millions of their daily users to easily customize and personalize their emojis and stickers.

The current version of Bitmoji is accessible to all users as a web Chrome extension that will facilitate the easy creation of your cartoon-lookalike. The app will first guide the user through the process of creating a cartoon face that mimics all your most important face structures (head shape, eyes, nose, ears, lips), and after that, all that remains is to customize your avatar with appropriate body type and clothing (which can be both plain and highly eye-catching). Once done, the app will over you a wide array of scenes where your newly created avatars can be inserted. These scenes often include current holidays, various events, accessories tied to big movie premieres, and much more. In a mere second, a brand new customized and personalized sticker can be created and shared online with a few button presses.

Bitmoji is 100% Free and can be used without any limitations on all supported platforms. While Bitmoji for Chrome is available on the PC as a web browser extension, mobile users can infuse it into their regular chat apps via a custom keyboard app that promotes the easy way to access all of its avatar creation tools. Bitmoji is also integrated into all versions of the Snapchat app.

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