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Brave Browser (64-bit)

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Download Brave Browser 1.39.111 (64-bit)

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What's new in this version:

Brave Browser 1.39.111 (64-bit)
- Solana support for account creation, sending SOL and sending SPL tokens with Brave Wallet
- the ability to buy with Ramp using Brave Wallet
- JSONSanitizer to API helper requests for Brave Wallet
- Dapp UI for requesting a public key and for decrypting ciphers using Brave Wallet
- web3_clientVersion support for Brave Wallet
- the ability to allow users to search sites for RSS feeds for Brave News
- support for blob partitioning
- minimum macOS version for Sparkle update process

- crash which occurred when opening Brave Shields while using Google Meet
- inability to rename Solana account in Brave Wallet after it has been created
- incorrectly computed insufficient funds errors in Brave Wallet
- ERC20 and ERC721 transfers being incorrectly displayed as ETH transfers in the Brave Wallet transactions panel
- text alignment issues under the Brave Wallet “Recent transactions” panel when using long account names
- breakage in webpack build caused by OpenSSL 3.0
- two windows being opened on launch when the browser was installed without administrator privileges on Windows

- [Security] Blocked “window.ethereum” completely in third party iframes
- [Security] Updated Brave Wallet panel to prominently display eTLD+1 as reported on HackerOne by renekroka
- [Security] Fixed incorrect origin being displayed in Brave Wallet when a spend approval is pending
- Implemented eth_getEncryptionPublicKey for Brave Wallet
- Implemented account discovery when restoring Brave Wallet
- Updated Omaha installer version for Windows to v1.3.36.113
- Updated default IPFS configuration values
- Updated Gas Limit validation and error messaging for unapproved transactions with Brave Wallet
- Updated Brave Wallet to automatically add swap taker asset to the visible asset list
- Updated Brave Wallet portfolio network filter for multichain support
- Reduced adblock filter memory usage by optimizing unused regex rules
- Removed known Dialog Insight user tracking parameters from URLs
- Removed ability to swap ERC721 tokens with Brave Wallet
- Upgraded Chromium to 102.0.5005.61

Brave Browser 1.38.119 (64-bit)
- Reimplemented the ability to override page elements with “!important” styles using cosmetic filtering
- Refactored gas fee estimations to help increase successful transactions for Brave Wallet
- Fixed missing “Hardware wallet requires confirmation on device” modal for Brave Wallet
- Fixed Brave Wallet disambiguation between Thor on Avalanche vs Thorswap on Ethereum
- Fixed Brave Wallet panel not dismissing on click after completing a transaction with hardware wallet on Windows and Linux
- Fixed users not seeing Brave Ads after upgrade in certain cases
- Fixed inability to click on the audio icon of an inactive tab to mute the tab
- Upgraded Chromium to 101.0.4951.67 on macOS and Linux

Brave Browser 1.38.117 (64-bit)
- Upgraded Chromium to 101.0.4951.67 on Windows

Brave Browser 1.38.111 (64-bit)
- Upgraded Chromium to 101.0.4951.54

Brave Browser 1.38.109 (64-bit)
- the ability to redirect an AMP page to its canonical non-AMP version
- “Select network” field in the Brave Wallet “Add custom asset” modal
- isBraveWallet property to window.ethereum
- the ability to copy Brave Wallet transaction hash from “Transactions” on the “Portfolio” page
- confirmation screen after transaction is approved for Brave Wallet
- bottom padding to the Brave Wallet swap container
- loading skeletons for various areas within Brave Wallet

- Implemented balance updater interval for Brave Wallet
- design for Brave Shields
- IPFS node to go-ipfs v0.12.0
- adblocking to execute all cosmetic scriptlets even if one fails
- wording on Brave Wallet backup reminder banner
- Brave Wallet swap capability to prevent unnecessarily encountering “Too many decimal places” error
- URL for Brave Wallet Ropsten Test Faucet network
- Brave Wallet password field to be cleared when an incorrect password is entered
- “Portfolio” page of Brave Wallet to return all EVM network tokens
- UI to increase spacing between “Assets” and “Transactions” on “Accounts” subview page of Brave Wallet
- link text color to blue for Brave Wallet onboarding screen
- alignment of options available from the Brave Wallet “More” menu
- Renamed “Monthly Contributions” to “Monthly Tips” for Brave Rewards
- Removed redirect after adding an account to Brave Wallet from the portfolio asset details screen
- Removed referral code from P3A reports
- Upgraded Chromium to 101.0.4951.41

- unexpected storage cleanup on site close when “Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows” is enabled under brave://settings/cookies
- unblocked cookie consent dialogs on some websites when the brave://flags/#brave-adblock-cookie-list-default is enabled
- inability to solve Brave Rewards CAPTCHA in certain cases
- inability to import MetaMask wallet to Brave Wallet
- failed second sign request (eth_signTypedData_v4) for Loopring.io L2 activation when using Brave Wallet
- data on “Portfolio” page of Brave Wallet not being properly displayed due to parsing error
- broken placeholder icons for ERC721 tokens on Brave Wallet “Account” page
- “JSON data is not expected” when trying to import a crypto wallet into Brave Wallet in certain cases
- Brave Wallet network selector list being partially blurred on page load
- Brave Wallet “Add Custom Asset” modal incorrectly being populated with previously added custom token details
- EIP-1559 gas oracle incorrectly firing on non-EIP-1559 networks for Brave Wallet
- Brave Wallet percentage selector remaining selected when input value was updated
- Speedreader icon incorrectly disappearing in certain cases
- inability to exit reader mode when Speedreader is disabled

Brave Browser 1.37.116 (64-bit)
- Upgraded Chromium to 100.0.4896.127

Brave Browser 1.37.113 (64-bit)
- Added default browser first time dialog on Windows
- Upgraded Chromium to 100.0.4896.88

Brave Browser 1.37.111 (64-bit)
- Upgraded Chromium to 100.0.4896.79

Brave Browser 1.37.109 (64-bit)
- ability to add custom background images for New Tab Page
- ability to enable sidebar via brave://settings/appearance
- fee oracle for EIP-1559 to estimate priority fees in Brave Wallet
- swap functionality to Polygon network with 0x in Brave Wallet
- network icons under the various network selector buttons throughout Brave Wallet
- swaps for BSC, Avalanche, Optimism, Fantom, and Celo in Brave Wallet
- ability to disable Brave Wallet icon in the toolbar by right clicking and selecting “Hide Brave Wallet icon on toolbar”
- ability to hide balances via “hide” button under Brave Wallet
- network identifications to portfolio assets in Brave Wallet
- tool-tip to send button in Brave Wallet when button is in a disabled state
- message in Brave Rewards that warns users they have 90 days to claim ad earnings and solve CAPTCHA
- ability to to override page elements with “!important” styles using cosmetic filtering
- current version of IPFS component extension to brave://ipfs

- selection of RPC URLs after input from chainlist.org with variables and wss:// (Affects Arbitrum)
- the webcompat reporter
- adblocking by applying generic cosmetic filters from brave://adblock into “Standard” shields blocking mode
- Updated PageInfo version 2 to support IPFS links
- Updated IPFS toolbar icon to match both “Tor” and “Onion Available” icons
- Updated IPFS DNSLink URL resolution to “/ipns/”
- Moved IPNS menu items into a separate menu under the IPFS context menu
- Removed the “microsoft-edge” protocol from brave://settings/system
- Removed resize limitation for picture-in-picture windows
- Upgraded Chromium to 100.0.4896.60

- DevTools setting changes not persisting once Brave is closed
- tipping with Gemini logging users out in certain cases
- update popup being displayed during the Sparkle update process on macOS
- transaction confirmation button in Brave Wallet not being disabled if estimated gas limit is zero
- Brave Wallet randomly crashing when current network is set as Arbitrum
- error when importing accounts using hardware wallets after Brave Wallet was reset via brave://settings/wallet
- the default wallet setting needing a new tab when moving from “Brave Wallet” setting to “Brave Wallet (prefer extensions)”
- styling issue in Brave Wallet that prevented the swap container from dynamically updating due to the errors being displayed
- addresses being duplicated when multiple keyrings are enabled in Brave Wallet
- various precision issues while formatting amounts in Brave Wallet
- transaction status not being updated in certain cases for pending transactions in Brave Wallet
- insufficient liquidity not being displayed on the swap button in Brave Wallet even though browser console logs the error
- assets with zero balance not being displayed in various panels in Brave Wallet
- URLs not being correctly redirected to the correct URL after unlocking Brave Wallet
- settings icon not being displayed correctly in Brave Wallet when dark theme is being used
- several Brave Wallet onboarding issues
- MetaMask importer being shown even though MetaMask wallet hasn’t been created
- DNSLink redirecting to either IPNS or IPFS depending on whether a DNS-CNAME-to-IPFS or DNS-IPNS-to-IPFS redirect is involved
- IPFS onboarding does not validate postmessage origin
- [Security] Prevent Brave Wallet secrets potentially being saved to disk

Brave Browser 1.36.122 (64-bit)
- Upgraded Chromium to 99.0.4844.88

Brave Browser 1.36.119 (64-bit)
- Upgraded Chromium to 99.0.4844.83

Brave Browser 1.36.116 (64-bit)
- Added Brave Search as the default search engine for Tor windows
- Removed the Brave Rewards card from brave://welcome page
- Disabled brave://flags/#enable-lens-region-search by default
- Upgraded Chromium to 99.0.4844.74 on Windows and Linux

Brave Browser 1.36.112 (64-bit)
- Fixed not being able to search through assets via the “Buy”, “Send” and “Swap” tabs under Brave Wallet

Brave Browser 1.36.111 (64-bit)
- Added promotional banner to Brave Wallet

Brave Browser 1.36.109 (64-bit)
- custom RSS support to Brave News
- Brave Talk widget as the default for the widget stack under New Tab Page
- signTypedData keyring support for Brave Wallet
- chain validation to wallet_addEthereumChain API call for Brave Wallet
- confirmation modal when Brave Wallet is reset
- “Clear wallet transaction and nonce information” setting for Brave Wallet under brave://settings/wallet
- the ability to set custom nonce value for Brave Wallet transactions
- “Decimals of precision” to the add network panel for Brave Wallet
- support for Brave Wallet to display custom chain and token icons
- token balances in Brave Wallet panel
- a “More” menu to the “Wallet Tab Bar” which includes “Lock Wallet”, “Back up now” and “Settings” for Brave Wallet
- CoingeckoID field into the “Add custom asset” form for Brave Wallet
- checkmark icon next to the currently selected account under the “Select Account” component for Brave Wallet
- chainID validation to the network settings page for Brave Wallet
- several custom chain and token icons into Brave Wallet
- “Unlimited approval requested” message to the Brave Wallet panel for swap
- a third option to Ledger accounts to support old derivation paths for Brave Wallet
- window.ethereum object when reloading pages
- “Connected sites” button to the “More” menu for Brave Wallet
- WebSockets connection pool limit when shields are enabled

- description on Widevine prompt
- P3A pings to use JSON format
- UI on “Verify recovery phrase” screen of Brave Wallet to show seed words in red when they are not selected in the correct order
- Brave Wallet not supported tooltip messaging to be more specific
- the Brave Wallet “Accounts” page to support multiple networks
- Crypto Wallet extension to stop when default wallet is set to a different selection
- Brave Wallet to use “BlockchainToken.decimals” to limit decimal amounts on input fields based on token
- “Open using IPFS” button text to “IPFS”
- the “Local node” option to read “Brave local IPFS node” for “Method to resolve IPFS resources” setting under brave://settings/ipfs
- subresource redirection to be limited on IPFS pages
- user cosmetic filtering logic to apply on vetted search engine pages
- setting name and description for “Automatically send diagnostic reports” under brave://settings/privacy for clarity
- “Hide Brave Rewards button” setting text under brave://settings/appearance to be “Show Brave Rewards icon in address bar”
- Temporarily disabled EIP-1559 on Polygon and Avalanche
- Disabled background component updater on Windows

- PWA crashes on macOS
- clicking on “Solve” for adaptive CAPTCHA not working in certain cases
- position not being retained when adding a new visible asset to Brave Wallet
- rounded amounts on Brave Wallet transaction confirmation screen
- token name not showing on the Brave Wallet allow spend screen
- focus not being given to search field on swap screen for Brave Wallet
- reset of Brave Wallet not resetting selected chain without browser restart
- incorrect Brave Wallet legacy derivation path
- values being incorrectly truncated under the transaction confirmation screen in Brave Wallet
- formatting issue under Brave Wallet where large values were being converted into metric values
- gas fees not being converted into ETH in the Brave Wallet “Transaction details” panel
- “Maximum fee” under Brave Wallet not being updated when the base fee changes
- display issue with the hardware device selection menu under “Import from hardware wallet” for Brave Wallet when the window has been narrowed
- issues with casting votes with Ledger hardware wallet under snapshot.org using Brave Wallet
- “Insufficient Balance” not being displayed after clicking “Send” when input value is greater than available balance in Brave Wallet
- personalSign requests not working after connecting to lostpoets.xyz using Brave Wallet
- incorrect gas limit computation on Arbitrum
- “IPFS” button missing from URL bar in certain cases
- Upgraded Chromium to 99.0.4844.51

Brave Browser 1.35.103 (64-bit)
- Fixed delta updates on Windows
- Upgraded Chromium to 98.0.4758.102

Brave Browser 1.35.101 (64-bit)
- ad confirmations not being sent when the viewed ad has been removed from the catalog for users with Brave Ads enabled
- swap quotes being incorrectly rounded in certain cases that lead to issues estimating gas fees for Brave Wallet
- token assets not selectable under the “Visible Asset” modal for Brave Wallet
- ETH fiat amounts always displaying zero within the transaction panel for Brave Wallet

Brave Browser 1.35.100 (64-bit)
- “wallet_requestPermissions” and “wallet_getPermissions” for compatibility with market.x.immutable.com and others
- web3 “currentProvider” shim for compatibility with both snowtrace.io and staking.trava.finance/staking
- “personal_ecRecover” signing for compatibility with loopring.io
- “Add suggested tokens” panel into Brave Wallet
- “Ethereum Site Permissions” UI into Brave Wallet
- ability to modify current network under Brave Wallet
- UI feedback when copying phrase from “Your recovery phrase” screen under Brave Wallet
- the ability to set a wallet network as active under brave://settings/wallet/networks
- tooltip showing exact date and time to transaction history under Brave Wallet
- plus icon to “Select Network” dropdown which navigates to brave://settings/wallet/networks in a new tab
- EIP-55 checksum address checks in the send widget
- display of active transactions and token balances in the panel
- support for “wallet_watchAsset” method to add suggested tokens
- notification for Uphold verified users when Customer Due Diligence survey needs to be completed
- first-party ephemeral storage with domain block functionality
- [Security] Added .torrc file into Brave
- [Security] Fixed “Allow scripts once” under shields not working in certain cases. #20744) & #20503)

- Enabled EIP-1559 Type-2 transactions for Trezor keyring
- auto focusing on several input elements throughout Brave Wallet
- keyboard accessibility for Brave Wallet
- hardware wallet account naming
- Implemented common password validation

- UI for “Verify recovery phrase” screen to better display 24 word recovery phrases
- wallet import flow
- rewards payout status messaging

- Disabled viewing “Site Permissions” for Brave Wallet panel in certain cases
- Disabled Happiness Tracking Survey (HaTS)
- “navigator.connection”
- known user tracking parameters “igshid” from certain URLs
- the “Network”, “Address” and “Account Orb” from the “Add/Switch Network” panel under Brave Wallet
- price fetching for assets with a zero balance
- permission lifetime options from U2F permission dialog
- Reduced BAT threshold before being able to verify Uphold two-way user wallet from 15 to 2 BAT
- Reduced disclaimer row padding

- token details not being auto-populated when adding custom asset under Brave Wallet
- unable to sign messages on www.cryptokitties.co using Trezor
- token name missing from “Allow Spend” panel under Brave Wallet
- typed data signing issues with looksrare.org
- input value not being reset when network is changed
- broken icons for custom network base currency
- redundant ordinal numbers in wallet recovery phrase
- last connected account being selected when multiple accounts are provided for OpenSea
- Upgraded Chromium to 98.0.4758.87

Brave Browser 1.34.81 (64-bit)
- Removed requests to ftx.com at startup without user opt-in
- Fixed trailing zeros being incorrectly removed in certain cases
- Fixed brave://settings/ipfs/keys loading blank page in certain cases
- Upgraded Chromium to 97.0.4692.99

Brave Browser 1.34.80 (64-bit)
- the ability to make the tab audio icon non-clickable using brave://flags/#tab-audio-icon-interactive
- indications for selected network
[Security] Disabled CNAME uncloaking when DoH is enabled with an HTTPS proxy

- error message text when Trezor is not connected
- legacy gas controls to allow 0 gas price
- price fetching to use contract address when possible
- Omaha installer version for Windows to v1.3.36.111

- “View on block explorer” button for rejected transactions
- text label for the private icon on Private Windows

- crash when disabling Brave Shields in certain cases
- inability to download torrents with WebTorrent
- retry loop for token refill when server responds with 404 to adaptive CAPTCHA request
- issue in hardware wallet connect screen while switching derivation scheme
- error when importing Ledger accounts
- Trezor popup incorrectly reopening in certain cases
- plus icon for RPC URLs not being shown when editing a network
- inability to remove previously entered RPC URLs
- Dapp web compatibility issue with studio.manifold.xyz
- issues with voting and creating spaces or proposals on snapshot.org Dapp
- tooltip for unsupported networks on brave://wallet being retained on screen
- path names not appearing in the address bar for IPNS addresses

- Upgraded Chromium to 97.0.4692.71

Brave Browser 1.33.106 (64-bit)
- the ability to sign typed data (eth_signTypedData_v3 and eth_signTypedData_v4)
- default currency and default cryptocurrency settings in brave://settings/wallet
- menu options to edit and remove networks under brave://settings/wallet/networks
- rewards settings section under brave://settings/rewards
- ability to update background images on the New Tab Page via component updates
- a post uninstall survey on Windows
- the ability to enable FileSystemAccess API via brave://flags/#file-system-access-api

- [Security] Stripped referrer and origin in cross-origin requests from “.onion” origin as reported on HackerOne by kkarfalcon
- [Security] Disabled CNAME uncloaking when a proxy extension with a SOCKS5 fallback is enabled as reported on HackerOne by neeythann
- Implemented time-limited sync QR codes
- Updated UI for the Brave Rewards widget on the New Tab Page
- Updated certain error messages for Brave Rewards to display as modals under brave://rewards
- Updated the default widget list under New Tab Page
- Updated Brave to use “etc/brave/policies” on Linux
- Removed known user tracking parameters “wbraid” and “gbraid” from certain URLs

- rounding issues for send and swap values
- values to show N/A instead of 0 if balances cannot be obtained
- full fiat balance not being displayed with ERC721 tokens
- being able to remove the active network under brave://settings/wallet/networks
- the connect hardware screen not working for Trezor devices
- double click on “Confirm/Sign” buttons for Trezor transactions closing the wallet panel
- token balances not being displayed when USD balance cannot be shown
- clicking “Solve” on adaptive CAPTCHA not working in certain cases
- the inability to access the IPFS settings link on certain window sizes
- not being able to go back on IPFS pages when automatic DNSLink redirection is enabled
Upgraded Chromium to 96.0.4664.110

Brave Browser 1.32.115 (64-bit)
- Added support for decimal chain ID when adding custom networks
- Updated token list by adding Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and several other tokens
- Upgraded Chromium to 96.0.4664.93

- gas fee being incorrectly calculated on both Polygon and Binance Smart Chain
- gas limit for ETH transfers being hardcoded to 21000
- “The receiving address is a tokens contract address” should only be applied to ERC20 and NFT transfers
- confirm button in transaction confirmation panel being disabled when fiat value of gas fee is 0

Brave Browser 1.32.113 (64-bit)
- new entry under “brave://settings/system” for the “microsoft-edge” protocol on Windows
- menu item under the Brave Wallet panel for viewing account on Etherscan
- new confirmation prompt to switch chains after successfully adding a new network

- crash when permission requests for Ethereum are from a popup window
- crash when importing data into the Brave Wallet
- wrong transaction type being used for EVM compatible networks in certain cases
- swapping via Quickswap chain (Polygon/MATIC) incorrectly displaying a insufficient funds error
- certain token balances appearing as 0 under Brave Wallet
- not being able to approve cancelled transaction using Brave Wallet
- several Brave Wallet UI issues due to translated strings
- not being able to connect to go.hex.com using the Brave Wallet
- not being able to switch networks within zapper.fi
- revvracing.com (Dapp on Polygon) appearing as blank when using the Brave Wallet

Brave Browser 1.32.106 (64-bit)
- native Brave Wallet
- link to custodian dashboard in monthly Rewards statements for verified users
- Apple Silicon IPFS binaries for macOS

- Improved error message when adding an IPFS gateway without origin isolation
- Updated payout banner messaging
- Removed “Send Feedback” from Tab Groups
- Fixed Brave Rewards wallet regeneration when wallet cannot be read
- Upgraded Chromium to 96.0.4664.45

Brave Browser 1.31.91 (64-bit)
- [Security] Clarified sync setup instructions
- Fixed crash when using “Spoken Content” setting on macOS in certain cases
- Fixed inability to leave sync chain in certain cases

Brave Browser 1.31.88 (64-bit)
- Disabled Web Discovery Project in Tor windows
- Fixed crash when clicking on a promoted item in Brave News
- Upgraded Chromium to 95.0.4638.69

Brave Browser 1.31.87 (64-bit)
- support for custom filter lists in shields via brave://adblock
- WDP (Web Discovery Project) into Brave
- support for adaptive CAPTCHA
- Brave agent version suffix to go-ipfs
- Updated default search engine to Brave Search for new installations in certain regions

- CAPTCHA failing when using custom scaling in certain cases
- default settings under brave://settings/wallet not working in certain cases for both Crypto Wallet and MetaMask
- MetaMask failing to connect to web3 websites within Brave
- Greaselion extension appearing as corrupted in the terminal/command line interface
- IPFS protocol badge linked to node diagnostics instead of settings
- being able to both remove and add peers even though IPFS is not activated
- Speedreader icon incorrectly appearing in certain cases
- escape and encoded characters being displayed within articles when viewed using Speedreader
- article titles being cut short when viewed within Speedreader
- blue border appearing on top of window when focused

- tipping banner warning for unverified publishers
- “Brave” from User Agent when visiting DuckDuckGo
- Uphold “x-client-partner” header
- “IdleDetection” from brave://settings/content
- known user tracking parameter “twclid” from Twitter query strings

- Updated rewards panel design
- Updated Private Window New Tab page design
- Improved handling of default wallet settings under brave://settings/wallet
- Disabled brave://flags/#copy-link-to-text by default
- Upgraded Chromium to 95.0.4638.54 (Changelog for 95.0.4638.54)

Brave Browser 1.30.89 (64-bit)
- Fixed renderer crash that could occur in certain cases
- Upgraded Chromium to 94.0.4606.81

Brave Browser 1.30.87 (64-bit)
- Upgraded Chromium to 94.0.4606.71

Brave Browser 1.30.86 (64-bit)
- the ability for Brave to handle searches from Windows Shell and Cortana
- “Index other search engines” setting under brave://settings/search
- the ability to disable Tor via Admin policy on macOS and Linux
- the ability to right click in brave://rewards-internals logs

- [Security] Added IPFS gateway URL validation
- Improved “Disconnected” Brave Rewards wallet options
- Updated default (standard) adblocking to generally allow first-party requests
- Removed known user tracking parameters from URLs
- Upgraded Chromium to 94.0.4606.61

- overlapping text in download infobar
- Brave specific URLs not being listed under brave://about
- inability to remove IPNS keys under brave://settings/ipfs/keys
- issue with IPFS shutdown and restart in certain cases)

Brave Browser 1.29.81 (64-bit)
- Upgraded Chromium to 93.0.4577.82

Brave Browser 1.29.80 (64-bit)
- Updated the bookmarks folder icon on the bookmarks bar
- Fixed Chromecast crashing in certain cases and re-added “Media Router” setting (disabled by default) under “brave://settings/extensions”
- Fixed crash when opening brave://settings/content/autoplay
- Fixed Brave Talk not being recognized when rewards is enabled due to Greaselion precondition not being met with multiple profiles

Brave Browser 1.29.79 (64-bit)
- issue where site settings were not being retained in certain cases
- invalid certificate error being displayed when visiting “*.eth.link” sites
- issue where images were not being displayed for the promo cards under brave://rewards page in certain cases

Brave Browser 1.29.77 (64-bit)
- Fixed not being able to download files from Google Drive due to cookies being blocked
- Upgraded Chromium to 93.0.4577.63

Brave Browser 1.29.76 (64-bit)
- Gemini two-way Brave Rewards wallet
- prompt to enable crash reporting
- support for launching Brave with a Tor window when using the terminal/command line interface
- “Show Search Tabs button” setting under brave://settings/appearance
- “walletActive” parameter to the stats usage ping
- ephemeral support to “BroadcastChannel”
- Uphold user ID under brave://rewards-internals to assist with rewards support
- a “Relaunch” button which displays after the in-line “Tips Settings” are modified

- Changed the location of QR code for iOS devices to be under the “Manage Your Wallet” modal on brave://rewards page
- Updated the date of installation parameter in the stats ping to expire in 30 days
- Reduced the height of the download bar
- Removed the Brave Rewards semi-verified user wallet state which occurred in certain cases
Upgraded Chromium to 93.0.4577.58 (Changelog for 93.0.4577.58)

- IPFS links not being fully displayed in the Brave Rewards panel
- mute button moving when hovering on an inactive tab
- the close “x” button not being shown on tab hover with small tab size on macOS
- inconsistent capitalization in menu items on Windows and Linux

Brave Browser 1.28.106 (64-bit)
- Upgraded Chromium to 92.0.4515.159

Brave Browser 1.28.105 (64-bit)
- display ads to the Brave News feed
- setting to “Automatically send daily usage ping to Brave” under brave://settings/privacy
- support for additional currencies in the Gemini widget
- the ability for users to rotate IPFS keys
- p2p key export for IPFS

- the placement of “Privacy and security” section under brave://settings
- the custom header list to be hard-coded
- adblocking to collapse HTML elements with blocked image or iframe requests
- icons used for certain file types when Brave is set as the default application
- the bookmarks folder icon on the bookmarks bar
- the Ads History view from 7 days to 30 days

- Removed duplicate separator under right click context menu. (#714)

- Brave Rewards wallet being reset after upgrading in certain cases
- IPFS migration
- “Connected peers” not being reset to 0 once IPFS node is stopped
- delete button not appearing on brave://history when using the search box

Brave Browser 1.27.111 (64-bit)
- Upgraded Chromium to 92.0.4515.131

- users not being rewarded for New Tab Page Sponsored Image views in certain cases
- ads from split groups not being displayed in certain cases
- Brave ads database failing to upgrade in certain cases

Brave Browser 1.27.109 (64-bit)
- Fixed “Maximum number of ads displayed” incorrectly being set to 0 after upgrade in certain cases
- Upgraded Chromium to 92.0.4515.115

Brave Browser 1.27.108 (64-bit)
- Added new hourly options under “Maximum number of ads displayed” for Brave Ads notifications
- Added “Don’t ask me again” button to Wayback Machine infobar- [Security] Migrated Tor log from disk to memory as reported on HackerOne by sickcodes
- Implemented additional WebGL extensions blocking logic
- Improved “Disconnected” Brave Rewards wallet state

- default search engine for new installations in certain regions
- Brave Rewards wallet verification modal under brave://rewards/#verify
- Brave Ads UI to show estimated pending rewards for current month only
- fingerprinting protections to always return light mode when set to strict
- Upgraded Chromium to 92.0.4515.107

- issue where “Current earnings this month (estimated)” incorrectly decreased in certain cases
- various IPFS issues
- TLS pins not working

Brave Browser 1.26.77 (64-bit)
- Upgraded Chromium to 91.0.4472.164

Brave Browser 1.26.74 (64-bit)
- Renamed “Brave Search beta” to “Brave” in several locations including onboarding and the URL bar
- Upgraded Chromium to 91.0.4472.124

Brave Browser 1.26.67 (64-bit)
- Brave Search beta to the list of available search engines
- FTX widget to the New Tab Page
- QR code generator to the URL bar
- explict opt-in to Brave News
- the ability for users to import P2P keys for use with IPFS
- the ability for users to publish content using P2P keys with IPFS

- URL bar search not working in private windows when the search provider was set by an extension
- issue where users were unable to share a local file or folder using IPFS
- IPFS sub menu not appearing on the hamburger menu until browser restart
- Brave being registered as an FTP handler on Linux
- issue where the Brave News customize button could incorrectly link to “Customize Dashboard” modal in certain cases
- Upgraded Chromium to 91.0.4472.114

- [Security] Fixed CNAME uncloaking when proxy is set as reported on HackerOne by neeythann
- Updated adblocking to prevent DNS lookups for CNAME decloaking when requests are already blocked
- Updated the “Learn more” link on the IPFS interstitial page and under brave://settings/ipfs
- Updated the Cloudflare privacy policy link on the Unstoppable Domains interstitial page
- Updated brave://version to show full variation names
- Renamed Brave Today to Brave News
- Removed “Block element via selector” from the Brave extension

Brave Browser 1.25.73 (64-bit)
- Fixed Brave Shields appearing disabled even though enabled in certain cases
- Upgraded Chromium to 91.0.4472.106

Brave Browser 1.25.72 (64-bit)
- Fixed Brave Shields not respecting per website settings
- Fixed $csp rules still being applied when Brave Shields has been disabled
- Upgraded Chromium to 91.0.4472.101

Brave Browser 1.25.70 (64-bit)
- Implemented temporary workaround for U2F transport for Ledger devices

Brave Browser 1.25.68 (64-bit)
- custom tip amounts to Brave Rewards
- the ability to publish a webpage to IPFS
- the ability to import local files to IPFS
- support for resolution of Unstoppable Domains with IPFS records via Ethereum
- support for “$csp” filter list rules in blocking engine

- estimated pending rewards not correctly reflecting claims
- Brave Rewards panel display for ipns:// pages
- handling of Brave Rewards disabled state for various P3A metrics

- Enabled logging of Brave Rewards errors by default
- Updated UI for selecting page elements to hide
- Updated UI for “My Node” button under brave://ipfs-internals
- Preserved ephemeral storage partitions for a few seconds to improve compatibility with some authentication flows
- Disabled additional parts of Google’s FLoC system
- Disabled FirstParty Sets
- Disabled Brave Rewards on ipfs:// pages
- Reduced BAT threshold before being able to verify Uphold two-way user wallet from 25 to 15 BAT
- Removed Wallet and IPFS from brave://settings page in Guest windows
- Removed “Make a call from” Chromium dialog for synced mobile devices
- Upgraded Chromium to 91.0.4472.77

Brave Browser 1.24.86 (64-bit)
- Fixed crash when attempting to open brave://sync from the omnibox in a private or Tor window

Brave Browser 1.24.85 (64-bit)
- Upgraded Chromium to 90.0.4430.212

Brave Browser 1.24.84 (64-bit)
- Added bitFlyer two-way Brave Rewards wallet for Japan region

Brave Browser 1.24.82 (64-bit)
- Brave Rewards notification when user has exceeded the wallet linking limit
- top level domain blocking in aggressive mode, to warn users before they visit sites suspected to be bounce trackers
- the ability to resolve IPFS links through “x-ipfs-path” and DNSLink values
- IPFS permission rule to expose chrome.ipfs API to extensions by request
- custom IPFS badge to ipfs:// and ipns:// pages
- “Don’t ask again” option to the default browser dialog

- Removed timestamp value from Wayback Machine query as reported on HackerOne by xiaoyinl
- Invalidated callback parameters on Wayback Machine query as reported on HackerOne by xiaoyinl
- Improved handling of reverse mapping for ipfs:// URLs
- Improved handling of reverse mapping for ipns:// URLs

- Implemented Brave Ads anti-targeting

- rewards tipping banner UI to handle displaying decimal values when present for tips
- 5% fee for Brave Rewards tips to only attempt to contribute 3 times per browsing session
- URL bar icon flyout text for IPFS local node connections
- “Method to resolve IPFS resources” under brave://settings/ipfs to always have the “Local node” option
- certain UI elements to better interact with macOS accessibility settings

- crash which occurred when attempting to tweet after tipping in certain cases on Windows and Linu
- issue where active promotions could not be claimed if they were marked as “Over” on the client
- “Hide Brave Rewards” setting not working after using a private window
- issue where auto-contribute was enabled via the rewards widget on the New Tab Page
- issue where “Include in Auto-Contribute” toggle on rewards panel did not retain user selection in certain cases
- brave://ipfs loading blank page in certain cases
- IPFS links not opening from command line interface on Windows
- issue where local node was not stopped if another option was selected for “Method to resolve IPFS resources” under brave://settings/ipfs

Brave Browser 1.23.75 (64-bit)
- Fixed “Estimated pending rewards” being temporarily reset to zero when server endpoint returns a non HTTP_OK status
- Upgraded Chromium to 90.0.4430.93

Brave Browser 1.23.73 (64-bit)
- Updated handling of User Agent fingerprinting protections, including using Chrome’s frozen UA string on macOS
- Upgraded Chromium to 90.0.4430.85

Brave Browser 1.23.71 (64-bit)
- the ability to customize the top site tiles on the New Tab Pag
- support for DNSLink resolution
- “Manage custom filters” option to right click context menu
- the ability to manually refresh status for verified creators in the rewards panel
- IPFS installation progress under brave://ipfs-internals
- “Maximum IPFS cache size (GB)” under brave://settings/ipfs
- RFC3986 support for IPFS
- node status errors under brave://ipfs-internals

- Implemented verifiable advertiser conversions for Brave Ads
- Improved Tor user experience by preventing an orphan Tor process
- Updated adblocking via right click context menu to be editable under the brave://adblock “Custom filters” section
- Upgraded Chromium to 90.0.4430.72

- statistical voting issue for auto-contribute which occurred in certain cases
- race condition which caused inconsistent wallet UI in the rewards panel
- crash reports not being uploaded on Linux
- CNAME adblocking breakage in certain cases
- ipfs:// background tabs not re-connecting on session restore in certain cases
- IPFS URI loading over instead of localhost
- HTTP subresources being blocked on an IPFS page when shields are disabled
- Tor window being stuck in a disconnected state while Tor circuit is established
- “.onion” pages being opened in normal windows in certain cases

Brave Browser 1.22.72 (64-bit)
- Upgraded Chromium to 89.0.4389.128

Brave Browser 1.22.71 (64-bit)
- Upgraded Chromium to 89.0.4389.114

Brave Browser 1.22.70 (64-bit)
- Fixed delay when opening DevTools in certain cases
- Upgraded Chromium to 89.0.4389.105

Brave Browser 1.22.66 (64-bit)
- Added Ethereum Name Service (ENS) support
- Added Unstoppable Domains support
- Added support for Japanese content feed of Brave Today
- Added the ability to modify Brave Wallet settings under brave://settings/wallet
- Added the ability to modify IPFS settings under brave://settings/ipfs
- Added ipfs:// and ipns:// protocol associations
- Added retry logic to fetch IPFS pages if zero peers are available on session restore
- [Security] Improved handling of address bar display for ipfs:// and ipns:// URLs
- Implemented interstitial page for when “Method to resolve IPFS resources” is set to “Ask”
- Improved canvas fingerprinting protections
- Improved IPFS diagnostics page under brave://ipfs
- Enabled re-linking when Uphold wallet is connected to Brave Rewards
- Updated wording on Private, Tor, and Guest windows to clarify Tor connectivity
- Updated query filter to enabled or disabled using shields toggle
- Removed known Drip tracking parameters from URL
- Fixed “Estimated earnings so far this month” showing zero on the New Tab Page until the ads service has initialized
- Fixed CNAME adblocking breakage
- Fixed “Start” and “Stop” buttons under brave://ipfs to only show when applicable
- Fixed issue where Crypto Wallets could not be disabled and re-enabled without browser restart
- Fixed BrowserGuestModeEnabled policy not being respected

Brave Browser 1.21.77 (64-bit)
- Updated the default number of ads per hour from 2 to 5 for new users and users who have not changed the “Maximum number of ads displayed” setting for Brave Ads
- Fixed crash on startup in certain cases due to stats ping being called before the profile is initialized
- Upgraded Chromium to 89.0.4389.90

Brave Browser 1.21.76 (64-bit)
- Fixed ads service crashing when fetching estimated earnings via rewards widget under the New Tab Page
- Upgraded Chromium to 89.0.4389.86

Brave Browser 1.21.74 (64-bit)
- the frequency of the default browser dialog being displayed when Brave is not set as the default browser
- ads incorrectly displaying on youtube in certain cases
- ads incorrectly displaying on reuters
- issue where some extensions did not work properly
- cosmetic filter not working

Brave Browser 1.21.73 (64-bit)
- Added default browser dialog on first run for macOS and Linux
- Added ability to uninstall/disable the Widevine plugin via brave://settings/extensions (Muon parity
- Added settings panel to Brave Rewards onboarding tour
- Added “Peer ID” and “Version” under brave://ipfs
- Added “Repo Stats” under brave://ipfs
- Added support for overriding default network adblocking using custom exception rules in brave://adbloc
- Added additional padding to the new tab button
- [Security] Enabled Safe Browsing endpoint for extension block list
- Implemented cosmetic filters
- Enabled DNS-over-HTTPS UI on Linux
- Updated referral system to skip initialization when no referral code present
- Updated frequency to show Brave as default browser dialog when not already configured
- Updated User Agent farbling to add workers support
- Updated wording on Brave Rewards widget
- Removed known Olytics tracking parameters from URLs
- Removed known tracking parameter “wickedid” from URLs
- Fixed crash when clicking on profile icon in certain cases
- Fixed Monthly Statement showing incorrect month in drop down
- Fixed issue where “Estimated pending rewards” showed incorrect balance in certain cases
- Fixed regression which allowed some network requests initiated by service workers to bypass adblocking
- Fixed adblock rules not being applied to HTTP subresources of an IPFS page
- Fixed Brave Shields being disabled when using IPFS with local node
- Fixed ipfs:// background tabs not re-connecting on session restore in certain cases
- Fixed Binance widget and autocomplete always using “en” URLs for all locale
- Fixed issue where query parameters and fragments were removed from IPFS URLs
- Fixed Nightly shortcut opening the wrong version when there are multiple installations of Brave on Linu
- Upgraded Chromium to 89.0.4389.72

Brave Browser 1.20.110 (64-bit)
- [Security] Fixed issue when visiting “.onion” URL in a normal window would cause DNS leak
- Fixed crash when opening “.onion” link in certain cases on Linux
- Fixed ledger process incorrectly starting when visiting certain sites
- Upgraded Chromium to 88.0.4324.192

Brave Browser 1.20.108 (64-bit)
- [Security] Fixed DNS leak regression in Tor windows as reported on HackerOne by xiaoyinl
- [Security] Fixed ISP DNS leak when shields are enabled
- Removed “x-client-data” header from requests in certain cases
- Fixed crash when using OS zoom function on macOS in certain cases
- Fixed crash when using digital keyboard on macOS in certain cases
- Upgraded Chromium to 88.0.4324.182

Brave Browser 1.20.103 (64-bit)
- Added extension support for Tor window
- Added “IPFS public gateway address” setting under brave://settings/extensions
- Added “Redirect IPFS resources to the configured IPFS gateway” setting under brave://settings/extensions
- [Security] Enabled Safety Tips component
- [Security] Removed connection to https://accounts.google.com when enabling Brave Sync
- [Security] Fixed Greaselion being enabled by default in private mode
- [Security] Fixed Crypto Wallets being enabled by default in private mode
- [Security] Fixed mixed content connections not being auto-upgraded when available
- [Security] Fixed Tor Onion-Location header issue as reported on HackerOne by Muneaki Nishimura
- Implemented onboarding tour for Brave Rewards
- Enabled Crowd Deny component
- Enabled Widevine component updater on Linu
- Updated macOS application icons
- Disabled Wayback Machine infobar on Wayback Machine URLs
- Removed unsupported components from brave://component
- Fixed webview crash on exiting brave://adblock in certain cases
- Fixed intermittent crash in Greaselion service on shutdown
- Fixed in-line tip buttons being displayed when the Brave Rewards icon is hidden
- Fixed inability to create sync chain due to leading and trailing whitespace in code words
- Fixed automatic update failing for Google components
- Fixed autoplay blocked indicator incorrectly being displayed in certain cases

Brave Browser 1.19.92 (64-bit)
- Upgraded Chromium to 88.0.4324.152

Brave Browser 1.19.90 (64-bit)
- Fixed accessibility crash which occurred on macOS in certain cases
- Fixed incorrect time being displayed on the New Tab Page in certain cases
- Upgraded Chromium to 88.0.4324.146

Brave Browser 1.19.88 (64-bit)
- Added Apple entitlement for Chromium PWA suppor
- Added Ecosia to the default search engine list for several new regions
- Fixed not being able to play HBO Max content due to “kVideoPlaybackQuality” being disabled
- Fixed sponsored logo under New Tab Page being hidden on certain window sizes

Brave Browser 1.19.86 (64-bit)
- Added native IPFS support
- Added Greaselion support for Twitch creators
- Added “Tabs from other devices” under brave://history when sync is enabled
- Updated pre-populated search engine list
- Updated visuals for both “New private window” and “New private window with Tor” to make it easier to distinguish between the two window
- Updated New Tab Page background images
- Updated Brave Rewards onboarding panel under brave://welcome
- Update referrer handling for better compatibility
- Updated directory path of admin policy on Linux
- Implemented ad conversion against the complete URL chain of trust
- Removed Chromium noscript dialog from the URL b
- Removed duplicate controls from brave://settings/newTab
- Replaced the “Add Card” tab under New Tab Page with sub-tab “Edit Cards”
- Fixed ad crash when refilling unblinded tokens after downloading catalog due to invalid blinded tokens
- Fixed ads not being displayed after restart if catalog fails to download but a previous catalog bundle exists
- Fixed fifth background image (yellow) not being used on tip banner
- Fixed clicking on “Open in Tor” button from Guest window does not connect to Tor network
- Fixed Tor crash in certain cases
- Fixed Tor not working when multiple profiles are opened at the same time
- Fixed open tabs not always being synced to other devices in sync chain
- Fixed autoplay dialog being displayed under URL bar if global content settings under brave://settings/content/autoplay is toggled
- Fixed brave://discards loading blank page
- Fixed incorrect number formatting for Crypto.com widget
- Fixed Brave Today intro card not being dismissed after being viewed
- Fixed Brave Today history scoring being limited to 100 items
- Fixed geolocations using the wrong endpoints in certain cases
- Upgraded Chromium to 88.0.4324.96

Brave Browser 1.18.78 (64-bit)
- Upgraded Chromium to 87.0.4280.141

Brave Browser 1.18.77 (64-bit)
- Fixed rewards panel not being translated in certain locales
- Fixed not being able to play HBO Max content due to “kVideoPlaybackQuality” being disabled
- Fixed not being able to play videos on https://www.imdb.com

Brave Browser 1.18.75 (64-bit)
- Added QR code under brave://rewards for iOS devices
- Fixed issue where the New Tab Page was causing persistently higher CPU and GPU usage
- Fixed issue where the number of Brave Ads delivered per day was incorrectly being limited by the ads per hour selection

Brave Browser 1.18.70 (64-bit)
- Added Brave Today news feed on the New Tab Page
- Added support for day-parting of Brave Ads
- Added P3A metrics for Brave Today
- Added P2A metrics in Brave Ads
- Added Greaselion support for Vimeo creators
- Added setting for “New tab page shows” under brave://settings/newTab
- Added protection against private browsing detection
- [Security] Added privacy notice to Uphold wallet linking modals
- Implemented the ability to remove other devices in a sync chain
- Implemented navigator.deviceMemory farbling
- Implemented Brave Rewards onboarding
- Implemented new panel design for monthly contributions
- Improved the display of custom background images in the Brave Rewards tipping banner
- Improved heuristic for determining first/third-party-ness of ads for default cosmetic filtering
- Improved contrast among tabs
- Enabled Global Privacy Control
- Updated default search engine to Yandex for new installations in certain regions
- Updated Brave Rewards extension to be non-persistent
- Updated error messaging on Brave Rewards tipping banners
- Updated macOS dock icons to be smaller
- Removed redundant rewards setting to address user confusion
- Removed Dapp detection for https://www.nytimes.com
- Fixed Crypto Wallet infobar incorrectly being displayed for Google Calendar and Gmail
- Fixed navigator.userAgent farbling not being applied in workers
- Fixed Canvas farbling in disconnected iframes
- Upgraded Chromium to 87.0.4280.101

Brave Browser 1.17.75 (64-bit)
- Added “Don’t ask again” button under Crypto Wallet infobar
- Fixed menu items missing from bookmark context menu when using German locale
- Updated “Ad notifications received this month” text under brave://rewards to “Ads received this month”
- Upgraded Chromium to 87.0.4280.88

Brave Browser 1.17.73 (64-bit)
- Added support for CNAME adblocking
- Added support for including New Tab Page Sponsored Image views in “Estimated pending rewards” and “Ad notifications received this month” for Brave Ads
- Added Greaselion support for Twitter creators
- Added Greaselion support for GitHub creators
- Added Greaselion support for Reddit creators
- Added promotion for Uphold Equities Card
- Added P3A metrics for the New Tab Page
- Added setting for “Cycle through the most recently used tabs with Ctrl-Tab” under brave://settings/appearance
- Improved user interface to make it easier to interact with “.onion” sites
- Improved top site tiles on the New Tab Page
- Improved Dapp detection so that it is not triggered on https://web.archive.org
- Implemented WebGL2 fingerprint farbling protections
- Implemented User Agent fingerprint farbling protections
- Updated design for Brave Rewards tipping banners
- Re-enabled Safe Browsing for downloads
- Removed Bitcoin.com widget from the New Tab Page
- Removed known user tracking parameter “_openstat” from query strings
- Fixed Greaselion race condition which caused the content-level tip button text to not display properly
- Fixed favicon for verified Twitter creators not being displayed correctly under the rewards panel
- Fixed inability to tip a creator from the rewards panel if content-level tips were disabled
- Fixed content-level tip button not displaying for the selected tweet on a Twitter thread
- Fixed Twitter handle

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