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CINEBENCH is a famous benchmarking and stress testing application that relies on its advanced algorithms to extract every bit of performance out of all modern X86 and X64 CPU cores. Available on both Windows and Mac platforms, the tool is today praised as one of the most popular and widely used benchmarking applications.

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CINEBENCH for Windows PC is a powerful benchmarking software
developed by MAXON Computer. It's designed to evaluate the performance of your computer's CPU and GPU by running a series of demanding tests. Originally developed to assess the capabilities of MAXON's Cinema 4D software, it has become a widely-used tool for both professionals and enthusiasts to gauge their system's processing power.

With decades of experience in computer technology space, this benchmarking app has managed to establish itself as one of the most important benchmarking platforms for evaluating the speed and stability of modern CPUs. MAXON CINEBENCH is a valuable tool for enabling more informed purchase decisions, stability testing, optimizing manufacturing, workflow evaluation, and much more.

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In addition to testing CPU cores (with support from cheapest single-core products to the most advanced 256 thread enterprise CPUs), itcan also be used to test graphics card performance. This is done via a separate test that is focused on one highly detailed 3D scene (featuring more than 1 million polygons, high-resolution textures, and various graphical effects) that is rendered using the cross-platform capable OpenGL API.

Key Features

CPU and GPU Benchmarking
It provides separate tests for assessing CPU and GPU performance. The CPU test evaluates single-core and multi-core processing capabilities, while the GPU test measures graphics rendering speed.

Realistic 3D Rendering
The software uses real-world 3D scenes to stress test your hardware, simulating scenarios often encountered in professional 3D rendering and animation work.

Cross-Platform Compatibility
The app is available for Windows and macOS, making it a versatile tool for benchmarking on various operating systems.

Reporting and Comparison
After completing the benchmark tests, it generates detailed reports that include scores for both CPU and GPU performance. Users can compare their results to a database of other systems to see how their hardware stacks up.

Stress Testing
It can push your system to its limits, helping you identify potential stability issues by subjecting it to sustained high-load scenarios.

What`s New

It utilizes the power of Redshift, Cinema 4D's default rendering engine, to evaluate the computer's CPU and GPU capabilities. Cinebench 2024 is designed to accommodate a broad range of hardware configurations - while it seamlessly supports x86/64 architecture (Intel/AMD) on Windows and macOS, it also extends its reach to Apple Silicon on macOS and Arm64 CPUs on Windows, ensuring compatibility with the latest advancements in hardware technology.

Additionally, Cinebench 2024 streamlines the benchmarking process by utilizing a consistent scene file for both CPU and GPU testing. Best of all: It's free!

Installation and Use

The program comes in a single installation package that can be easily handled by users of all knowledge levels. Simply unpack the ZIP archive, place it anywhere on your local storage and start the app. Upon first boot, you will be presented with the simple user interface that is separated into two main parts – a control area on the left and the much larger rendering canvas on the right.

The main tools of the app are the two “Run” buttons that initiate benchmarking tests for both CPU and GPU. The faster the CPU or GPU scenes are rendered, the better score you will get. Below those buttons, you will see the listing of your detected hardware components, and below a result listing that showcases not only your previous runs but also results from comparable hardware. This way, you can easily compare your results between runs, and compare your results with the scores of other CPUs that are currently sold on the market.

Be aware that the score of your CPU or GPU may be affected if you are running resource-intensive apps or OS services in the background. To ensure the best possible results, it is recommended to restart your PC before running CINEBENCH. Always install the latest graphics card drivers before attempting to run a GPU benchmark.

  • Accurate and reliable CPU and GPU benchmarks.
  • Stress all available cores of your CPU, no matter if you have 1 CPU thread or 256 of them.
  • Stress test your PC to find whether or not it can run stable for prolonged periods of time.
  • Real-time score output and easy way of comparing scores between your runs.
  • Supports all the latest CPU architectures currently in use.
  • The oldest supported CPU architectures on PC – Intel Pentium 4, Athlon 64.
  • The oldest supported CPU architecture on Mac – Core 2 Solo.
  • Available on both PC and Mac.
How to Use
  • Download and install the app from the official website or FileHorse.
  • Launch the application.
  • Select either the CPU or GPU test, depending on what you want to benchmark.
  • Click the "Run" button to initiate the benchmarking process.
  • The software will run a series of tests, and upon completion, it will display the results in a report.

Yes, the program is available for FREE, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Who should use CINEBENCH?
Anyone who needs to evaluate hardware performance should add Maxon Cinebench to its testing arsenal. Any computer owner can evaluate its individual system, IT administrators can use the app to help make purchase decisions, journalists can use the results in reviewing hardware, and manufacturers can utilize the feedback to optimize their latest products. It offers a real-world benchmark that incorporates a user's common tasks when using Cinema 4D and Redshift to measure a system's performance.

Can I compare my benchmark results with others?
Yes, It allows you to compare your benchmark scores with those of other users through its online database.

What do the CPU and GPU test scores represent?
The CPU test scores indicate the performance of your processor in single-core and multi-core scenarios. The GPU test scores measure your graphics card's rendering capabilities.

Is CINEBENCH suitable for gaming performance testing?
While the app primarily focuses on professional workloads, it can also give you an idea of your system's gaming performance, especially in scenarios that stress both CPU and GPU.

Does CINEBENCH support overclocked hardware?
Yes, It can be used to assess the performance of overclocked CPUs and GPUs, providing valuable insights into their stability and capabilities.


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Products included in the Maxon One suite of creative tools are based on the same rendering technology that is used in the app. When creating in Maxon One, one will benefit from the industry-leading rendering performance known from Cinebench and utilize their hardware's capabilities to the fullest.

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System Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11
  • CPU: 2 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 4 GB or more
  • Graphics Card: OpenGL-compatible graphics card with 512 MB RAM
  • Free to use
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Realistic 3D rendering tests
  • Detailed benchmark reports
  • Stress testing capabilities
  • The product is now a part of Maxon One App
  • Limited to CPU and GPU benchmarking
  • Not as comprehensive as some alternatives for system-wide performance assessment

CINEBENCH is a valuable tool for assessing your computer's CPU and GPU performance. Its user-friendly interface, realistic 3D rendering tests, and the ability to compare results with other users make it an attractive choice for both professionals and enthusiasts.

While it may not provide as extensive system-wide benchmarking as some alternatives, it excels at what it was designed for, making it a must-have tool for anyone looking to optimize their hardware or assess their system's capabilities. Best of all, it's available for free, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Also Available: Download CINEBENCH for Mac

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