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Construct 2

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Download Construct 2 R279

  -  60.8 MB  -  Demo

What's new in this version:

Construct 2 R279
- Add: Retirement notice in editor
- Change: Android export: update target API level to 29 (Android 10)

Construct 2 R277
- Change log not available for this version

Construct 2 R273
- Updated third-party UI library to latest version

Bug Fix:
- Event sheet view: in some cases could fail to display search results after editing events
- Event sheet view: constant expressions involving raising to power could produce incorrect result
- Possible crash pressing Ctrl+W with tab menu open
- Debugger: object highlight not appearing in NW.js preview
- Platform: did not push out of obstacles properly when flipped/mirrored
- ShadowLight: shadows did not always extend all the way offscreen

Construct 2 R272
- Change log not available for this version

Construct 2 R271
- Touch: support for requesting device motion/orientation permission for iOS 13+

- Updated third-party library used by editor to latest version

Construct 2 R270
- Updating libraries

Construct 2 R269
- Change log not available for this version

Construct 2 R268
- UI library update
- Cordova updates

Construct 2 R267
- Bug fix: platform behavior: could sink in to jump-thru if landing exactly at peak of jump

Construct 2 R266

Change :
- Multiplayer: no longer considers ICE disconnection events as fatal

Bug Fix :
- Video: fix playback in iOS 12+ apps
- Letterbox integer scale may not have used full display on devices with non-integral device pixel ratio
- User Media: camera input not working on Safari/iOS 12
- Platform: adjusted to improve handling of rotating floor platforms
- Possible crash double-clicking Sprite edit animations link

Construct 2 R265
- Removed support for features that are deprecated or soon to be deprecated, as well as services that have shut down
- Added a workaround for some Android devices with potentially buggy WebGL 2 support
- Updated support for some features on modern browsers, e.g. Multiplayer on Safari 12
- Corrected requesting fullscreen 'Centered' actually doing 'Letterbox scale'. Note: if you previously depended on requesting fullscreen 'Centered' filling the screen, edit the action to use the 'Letterbox scale' mode instead.
- n instance of an object" error is encountered on attempt to register SQL Server 2005 instance

Construct 2 R262
Bug Fix:
- Regression in r261 caused by previous OR block fix
- Browser offline state triggers did not work in minified export

Construct 2 R261
- Bug fixes

Construct 2 R260
- Removed AppCache, bug fixes

Construct 2 R259
- This is a stable update to incorporate fixes from r256, r257 and r258. As noted previously, we are only maintaining Construct 2 with bug fixes at this point. New features will only be added to Construct 3

Since r255 the main improvements are:
- Better handling of video and audio autoplay. This includes updates to work around Chrome 66's changes to autoplay policy which can prevent audio playback in old content. If you find your old games are muted in Chrome, export them again with this update and they should play audio correctly once the user has interacted with the page (i.e. a click, touch or key press)
- Support for Xbox Live Achievements. This should allow games on the [email protected] programme to meet the publishing requirements
- In addition to that there are also a range of bug fixes, notably for a crash using savegames with Physics, and ensuring long-press on Android no longer triggers vibration

A note about Cordova exports:
- Last year there were some changes around how mobile exports work. We still regularly see questions about this, so to reiterate, in 2018 these are our recommended options for publishing Cordova apps from C2
- Use C3's mobile app build service to build C2 exports
- Use a third-party build service like PhoneGap Build
- Use the Cordova CLI. This is a free manual build tool that works offline. (This option is more appropriate for advanced users)

Construct 2 R258

- Xbox Live: support for Achievements

Bug Fix:
- Xbox Live: ensure high title IDs work correctly
- Possible error in preview/export with old iOS versions
- Event sheet search results involving groups did not always appear correctly

Construct 2 R257
- Update for media autoplay
- New NW.js features
- Bug fixes

Construct 2 R256
- Chnage log not available for this version

Construct 2 R255
- Chnage log not available for this version

Construct 2 R254
- Physics and video improvements

Construct 2 R253
- Bug fixes

Construct 2 R252
- Adjustments to build process to try to work around crash on startup issue
- Changed icon management when "Don't show unique icons" is set in Preferences, to try to work around a recent Windows performance regression
- Facebook plugin: remove name, caption, description and parameters from 'Prompt to share' actions since they were removed from the Facebook API
- Fixed error loading savegame if an instance variable was set to NaN
- Fixed Xbox Live: possible error signing in twice

Construct 2 R250
- Very large projects could sometimes fail to load in preview
- Fixed video playback on iOS 11 and on case-sensitive file systems
- Better support for audio playback in cross-origin iframes, and improved handling of autoplay restrictions
- Fixes and improvements to various behaviors

Construct 2 R244
- WebGL 2 support which allows better-quality graphics in some circumstances and makes power-of-two sizing irrelevant
- New offline triggers that fire as the offline status updates
- Moved to new standardised pointer events in Chrome
- Ability to unload audio from memory

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