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  • Latest Version

    Unity 2023.2.18 LATEST

  • Review by

    Daniel Leblanc

  • Operating System

    Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64 / Windows 11

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    Unity Technologies / External Link

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Unity for Windows is a game development ecosystem: a powerful rendering engine fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows to create interactive 3D and 2D content; easy multiplatform publishing; thousands of quality, ready-made assets in the Asset Store and a knowledge-sharing community.

Note: FileHorse is not a corporate affiliate or subsidiary of Unity and this site is not endorsed by Unity. “Unity” is a trademark or registered trademark of Unity Technologies or its affiliates in the U.S. (Unity®️) and other countries.

Unity Personal - Free Plan
  • Start creating with the free version of Unity
  • Latest version of the core Unity development platform
  • Resources for getting started and learning Unity
  • Eligibility: Revenue or funding less than $100K in the last 12 months
For independent developers and studios, the app’s democratizing ecosystem smashes the time and cost barriers to creating uniquely beautiful games. They are using the prpogram to build a livelihood doing what they love: creating games that hook and delight players on any platform. For beginners, students and hobbyists who want to explore and get started with Unity Game Engine for PC.

What is the Unity Hub?

Use the Unity Hub to manage multiple installations of the Unity Editor, create new projects, and access your work.

Create with Unity

Start creating
Move efficiently from prototyping to full production with a truly flexible editor and intuitive workflows supported by tons of tutorials and ready-made assets to guide your learning and development.

Work with the latest
Continuous updates allow you to develop with all the latest and most advanced features for high-end visuals, audio, animation, physics — everything you need to make any kind of game.

Build for all audiences
Target more devices more easily — with Unity, you can build once and deploy to the largest range of mobile, VR, desktop, Web, Console, and TV platforms in the industry with a single click.

Features and Highlights

All-in-one editor
Available on Windows and Mac, it includes a range of artist-friendly tools for designing immersive experiences and game worlds, as well as a strong suite of developer tools for implementing game logic and high-performance gameplay.

2D & 3D
The app supports both 2D and 3D development with features and functionality for your specific needs across genres.

AI pathfinding tools
The app includes a navigation system that allows you to create NPCs that can intelligently move around the game world. The system uses navigation meshes that are created automatically from your Scene geometry, or even dynamic obstacles, to alter the navigation of the characters at runtime.

User interfaces
The built-in Unity UI system allows you to create user interfaces fast and intuitively.

Physics engines
Take advantage of Box2D and NVIDIA PhysX support for highly realistic and high-performance gameplay.

Custom tools
You can extend the Editor with whatever tools you need to match your team’s workflow. Create and add customized extensions or find what you need on the Asset Store, which features thousands of resources, tools, and extensions to speed up your projects.

The Timeline tool gives artists the power to create stunning cinematic content & gameplay sequences.

Cinematic content
With Cinemachine’s suite of smart and dynamic cameras, you can control shots just like a movie director from within the Editor.

Color grading and effects
Create the look you want with professional and fully featured Post Processing FX.

Use Timeline, Anima2D, Particles, and tight integration with Maya and other 3rd party tools to animate directly within the program.

Level design and worldbuilding
With ProBuilder, rapidly design, prototype and play-test your levels, then blend textures and colors, sculpt meshes and scatter objects with Polybrush (beta).

Detail and polish your 3D models on-the-fly with the software's seamless integration of digital content-creation (DCC) tools like Maya.

Get instant feedback with the Progressive Lightmapper, polish and hone your scene with Post Processing, and optimize your scene with Mixed Lighting Modes for the best result per target platform.

Real-time rendering engine
Produce amazing visual fidelity with Real-Time Global Illumination and Physically Based Rendering.

Native Graphics APIs
The program supports multi-platforms but still stays close to the low-level graphics API of each platform, allowing you to take advantage of the latest GPU and hardware improvements, like Vulkan, iOS Metal, DirectX12, nVidia VRWorks or AMD LiquidVR.

More platform support
25+ platforms across mobile, desktop, console, TV, VR, AR, and the Web. With Unity Hub app, you can reach the widest audience and feel confident that your IP is future-proof, no matter how the industry evolves or where your imagination takes you.

Work faster together
Save, share, and sync your projects and use simple version control and cloud storage, all seamlessly integrated with this app.

Real-time insights with live-ops analytics
The app Analytics gives you fast, easy access to important information that helps you improve your in-game economy and the player experience. Complete set of live-operation features (game & player analytics, heatmaps, performance monitoring) to monitor player activity.

Discover app errors
The tool Performance Reporting addresses issues in real-time. Find and address the high priority issues that your customers are experiencing. Collect and react to application errors, in real-time, across devices and platforms.

The simplest way to increase revenue
Revenue-generation solutions: Ads & IAP. A complete set of live-operation analytics features for monitoring player activity. Continuous improvements: Optimize the performance of your live games in real-time, without redeployment, and increase user Lifetime Value (LTV) with the power of analytics data.

Note: Unity Personal is free, but it can only be used if your revenue is below $100,000 or you have raised less than this amount in funds. Users who do not meet this requirement need to purchase a Pro or Plus subscription, which also offers advanced support features.

Also Available: Download Unity for Mac

  • Unity 2023.2.18 Screenshots

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What's new in this version:

Unity 2023.2.18
- iOS: Added .xcframework plugins support

- Documentation: Updates for the Animation and Math API
- DX12: Added documentation on how to use the Screen Space Overlay render mode alongside the Graphics Compositor
- VFX Graph: Improve compilation times with VFX Graph using Subgraphs.

- 2D: Fixed error log when the user enters play mode and sets a Tile on a Tilemap using MonoBehaviour.Start
- 2D: Fixed hint text not showing when trying to slice compress texture in Sprite Editor Window slice menu
- 2D: Fixed usage of a Tile Palette with the XZ orientation in the Tile Palette window
- Android: Disable MemoryAdvice library integration since it crashes on some devices
- Animation: Fixed a crash when deleting states in some state machines. If a state machine contained a state machine transition with a null source state (which should not happen under normal circumstances), unity would crash when deleting any state within the same state machine. It does not crash anymore
- Animation: Fixed display of muscle values in the AnimationWindow when linked to Timeline
- Audio: Fixed an issue where entering play mode would make an open editor window for the AudioRandomContainer asset show garbled UI for the clip list
- Audio: Fixed issue where editing a script (i.e. domain reload) while the editor window for the AudioRandomContainer asset would throw a null reference exception
- Editor: Fixed an issue where Deep Profiling Support label was labeled differently depending on if Development Build was enabled
- Editor: Fixed an issue where the Inspector window controls became unresponsive after exiting playmode
- Editor: Fixed an issue where the property window was throwing an error if opened when launching Unity
- Editor: Fixed driver version in documentation of optix
- Editor: Hide DataMode controller information from Inspector
- Graphics: Fixed a regression where creating a RenderTexture with RenderTextureFormat.Shadowmap would unintentionally fail
- Graphics: Fixed ReadPixels() using different Y positions
- Graphics: [Project Settings Window | Graphics Settings] Fixed the default RP asset field was changing value on click, not on double click or when the object selector was closed
- HDRP: Fixed an issue where Graphics Compositor Limitation section for VR was missing
- HDRP: Fixed an issue where internally created Game Objects were being deallocated on scene changes
- HDRP: Fixed scene modification when exiting play mode with the graphics compositor enabled
- HDRP: Fixed screen node not returning correct resolution after post-processing when dynamic resolution was enabled.
- HDRP: Fixed specular blend in premultiplied alpha
- HDRP: Restore EditorGUIUtility.labelWidth to default after drawing Material GUI
- Scripting: Fixed crashes that were due to an excessive use of thread local data slots
- Security: Fixed some security vulnerablities by updating MbedTLS to 2.28.7
- Shaders: Fixed ShaderLab-specific #pragma directives being reported in shader source files when #include is used
- uGUI: Fixed an issue where renderer layer properties reset to default in prefab mode
- uGUI: Fixed issue with the input-field which was causing a performance issues in the editor.
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where TreeView with dynamic height clipped items erratically when expanding/collapsing items
- UI Toolkit: Fixed "margin: auto" applied even when the visual Element has it's Display is set to none
- UI Toolkit: Fixed a issue with the shrink algorithm when an element height was smaller min-height.
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue when in Runtime on mobile, a ScrollView would no longer scroll if the touch interaction needed to be treated by a child element first (ex: a menu from a DropdownField)
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where ManagedReference fields with a custom PropertyDrawer were not refreshed properly when the type changed
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where Nested PropertyDrawer did not work when there was both an Attribute drawer and a Drawer for the type
- UI Toolkit: Fixed attribute overrides when it's multiple levels deep in the Hierarchy in the UI Builder
- UI Toolkit: Fixed dimensions of a parent element did not include padding when calculating the top/left/right/bottom values of an absolute element
- UI Toolkit: Fixed inspector elements from being culled in secondary inspector window and avoid unexpected behavioral errors been thrown when selecting an Asset then selecting another type of asset and deselecting it
- UI Toolkit: Fixed SendMessage warning when changing scene with UIDocuments present in the scene
- UI Toolkit: Fixed underline shadows
- UI Toolkit: [Properties] Fixed an issue where explicit interface properties would have an invalid property name
- UI Toolkit: [Properties] Fixed an issue where the source generator would generate invalid code for partial generic types
- Universal RP: Fixed a depth buffer disappearing after using SwapColorBuffer
- Universal RP: Fixed depth only cameras trying to render renderer features which requires depth
- Universal RP: Fixed false-negative missing RendererFeatures errors
- Universal RP: Fixed preview windows no longer renders render objects features
- Universal RP: Fixed shadow flickering when using Screen Space shadows and have depth priming enabled
- Universal RP: Fixed the NativeRenderPass camera target MSAA logic to match the non-NRP path
- Universal RP: Scriptable TAA settings
- URP: Restore EditorGUIUtility.labelWidth to default after drawing MaterialHeaderScopes
- VFX Graph: Fixed an issue where some VFX was always being considered dirty
- VFX Graph: Fixed Construct Matrix operator serialization issue
- VFX Graph: Fixed unexpected error message when compiling some VFX "Expression graph was marked as dirty"

Unity 2023.2.17
- Package: Adds Apple privacy manifest in moderation package

- Editor: Throw a warning when RenderPipelineAsset.renderPipelineShaderTag hasn't been overriden
- VisionOS: Add support for Burst with the VisionOS simulator SDK. This requires Burst version 1.8.13.

- 2D: Fixed flickering for 2D Renderer on macOS silicon
- Android: Fixed an issue where a black frame flashes when returning to Unity Game Activity from the home screen
- Android: Fixed issue with updating the minimum value of maxAspectRatio value
- Asset Pipeline: Fixed crash loading Content Archive from different version
- Audio: Fixed AudioRandomContainer crash after domain reload and playing an audiosource in edit mode
- Audio: Fixed AudioRandomContainer crash after domain reload if scene reloading disabled / already in playmode
- Editor: Capitalize the compiler generated name of serialized field
- Editor: Fixed a crash on BucketAllocator::Allocate when entering Play mode
- Editor: Fixed an error in the calculation of the available space for the children when min/max were involved and margin were set on the parent
- Editor: Fixed an issue where Joint components would never wake up ArticulationBody components, when the constraint data was changed
- Editor: Fixed an issue where Joint components wouldn't properly wake up Rigidbody components, when the constraint data was changed
- Editor: Fixed an issue with context menu in scene hierarchy when multiple objects are selected.
- Editor: Fixed an opening style tag overflow issue
- Editor: Fixed crash in FBX importer when importing Blender file
- Editor: Fixed issue with GUI.skin.font not being applied properly
- Editor: Fixed issue with incorrect font size when renaming an asset
- Editor: Fixed issue with overriden prefab field not being bold
- Editor: Fixed LOD Group Cross Fade effect does not function when the GameObject is dynamically loaded
- Editor: Fixed unrelated Objects/Metadata that showed up assigned to samples in the CPU Timeline view and were repeating the data from the last sample in the thread & frame that had valid Object/Metadata information associated with it
- Editor: Updated the FBX SDK version to 2020.3.4
- Graphics: Fixed a crash in Mesh bounds recalculation when not enough vertices are assigned to the mesh for each sub-mesh
- HDRP: Fixed game view flicker while on HDR and Reflection probe
- HDRP: HDRP: Fixed invalid AABB error in the console when using the APV with reflection probes
- iOS: Fixed potential memory leak when reallocating memory
- Package: Fixes an issue in moderation package where initialization would fail on certain occasion.
- Physics: Fixed an issue where Rigidbody::Move and Rigidbody::MoveRotation would not respect position constraints when used with Rigidbody components set to kinematic
- Physics 2D: Ensure that certain overloads of Rigidbody2D.Cast() correctly use the implicit body rotation
- Shaders: Fixed a rare crash when rendering using a replacement shader that has dynamic keywords
- SRP Core: Fixed DebugUI.Button not working in Rendering Debugger runtime UI
- Universal RP: Added logic to enforce consistent hardware dynamic resolution settings during rendering to avoid issues when external code changes the global setting
- Universal RP: Fixed an issue where an incorrect WorldToCamera matrix was used in the main and additional light shadow passes
- Universal RP: Fixed an issue where logging an error gave a NullReferenceException for Server Builds
- VFX Graph: Fixed an issue when trying to connect incompatible types, the error popup was left over if the action was canceled with Escape key
- VFX Graph: Fixed an issue where tooltips to the VFX Control panel were missing
- WebGL: Fixed an issue that prevented multithreaded builds from working if user repeatedly upgraded and then downgraded their project
- WebGL: Fixed issue using WebcamTexture.GetPixel(s) functions would return blank textures using the WebGL graphics API
- WebGL: Improved IndexedDB filesystem performance by avoiding redundant filesystem persistence operations
- WebGL: Remove "The PlayerLoop has been called recursively." error message spam

Unity 2023.2.16
- Burst: Added clearer diagnostic error for certain bad usages of IsSupportedXXX intrinsics
- Burst: Added support for Burst with the visionOS Simulator SDK
- Burst: Added support for Windows Arm64

- 2D: Fixed Freeform Lights causing random values to be deterministic
- 2D: Fixed Invalid sprite atlas asset encountered warning is shown when editing a texture Asset
- Accessibility: Fixed the ordering of native accessibility nodes that are moved or inserted into an active hierarchy on iOS. The ordering of elements in the native accessibility tree now remains consistent with the active C# hierarchy on iOS
- Android: Properly sync GameActivity text selection with Unity runtime when entering text in soft keyboard
- Android: Provide control over Unity killing external ADB instances, there's a new option in Preferences->External Tools->Kill External ADB instances
- Android: Reduced the amount of time that the screen is displayed without including the cutout area
- Android: Remove UTF BOM from stdin SDK tools commands
- Animation: Fixed AnimatorController m_Controller field inconsistency when changing parameter and layer order
- Audio: Fixed seeking of serialized MP3 files
- Build Pipeline: Fixed adding or removing assets to bundles will cause other assets to be rebuilt
- Burst: Fixed "Failed to find entry-points: ... An item with the same key has already been added" error that could occur in the presence of precompiled (usually obfuscated) assemblies that contained methods overloaded only by return type.
- Burst: Fixed a crash caused by arithmetic or bitwise negation on native integers followed by a cast to a pointer.
- Burst: Fixed an issue where if two modules were referencing the same external method (dllImport) an internal compiler error could occur - "Burst internal compiler error: Burst.Compiler.IL.CompilerException: Error while verifying module: DISubprogram attached to more than one function".
- Burst: Fixed information in documentation regarding scheduling generic jobs through generic methods.
- Burst: Fixed InvalidCompilerException when usage of IsSupportedXXX intrinsic results in no branches being generated.
- Burst: Fixed that the burst debug information folder would sometimes be saved in project root folder.
- Burst: Fixed System.ArgumentNullException exception in ILPostProcessing when encountering a library using mscorlib.
- Documentation: Fixed enum descriptions for FFTWindow to show correct formulas
- Editor: Add more robustness to Inspector and SerializedObject
- Editor: Fixed a bug where the inspector preview will not be visible after the inspector is loaded
- Editor: Fixed an issue where orgs would not show for guest users in the UGS Project Linking Window
- Editor: Fixed error in console when entering play mode with UnityWebRequest running
- Editor: Fixed issue with OS fallback not working for UITK in the GameView/Player
- Editor: Fixed touch state always stay as moved on Linux Runtime
- Editor: Fixed UI Toolkit version of UnityEvent property drawer not being reorderable
- Editor: Fixed Xcode selection in Build Profiles window for iOS platform ("Other" option)
- Editor: Updated the EditorToolbar to allow for a VisualElement based VersionControl Toolbar Button to resolve the button being misaligned
- Game Core: Replace obsolete Thread.Abort in GameCore Player for Automation
- Graphics: Graphics: Fixed Renderer custom properties (Renderer.SetPropertyBlock) not overriding Material properties when using Ray Tracing / Path Tracing in HDRP
- iOS: Fixed AppDomain.UnhandledException not invoked before crashing due to unhandled exception when using "Fast but no exceptions" scripting calls
- Linux: Fixed Linux Standalone player printing validation errors with empty project
- Physics: Fixed an issue where having kinematic Rigidbody components collide with continuous collision detection enabled, would cause a crash inside the PhysX solver due to incorrect contact pair flags being generated
- Physics: Fixed an issue where Player builds could crash due to collision meshes being released too late into the shutdown sequence of the engine
- Physics: Fixed an issue where the handling of the ArticulationDriveType serialized property of ArticulationDrives was incorrect in the ArticulationBody inspector
- Physics: Fixed an issue with Rigidbody/ArticulationBody::AddRelativeForce where additional torque would be applied to the bodies, despite the linear force always being applied at center of mass. Which implies that the torque generated by this type of force application would always be 0
- Profiler: Fixed FrameTimingManager reported incorrect GPU time on Android GLES
- Search: Fixed Search Window throwing exceptions when resized very small while docked and in grid view mode
- Serialization: Fixed corruption when the serialized data size changed through SerializedProperty.boxedValue
- TextCore: Fixed an issue where the Placeholder styles was not applied when placeholder text was empty
- uGUI: Fixed an issue that dirties prefab upon opening it when configured with a layout group + content size fitter
- UI Elements: Added a way to opt out of asset monitoring on specific editor windows to avoid performance issues with panels that contain many VisualElements
- UI Toolkit: Fixed attribute override support for sub-assets
- UI Toolkit: Fixed custom style variables on children elements sometimes not overriding variables from parent elements
- UI Toolkit: Fixed EnumFlagsField sending a change event when it was unbound
- UI Toolkit: Fixed missing initial ChangeEvent when creating an inspector for a field whose value matches the default value for its type
- UI Toolkit: Fixed SliderInt invalid dragger position
- UI Toolkit: Fixed straight segments appearing when filling a Painter2D.Arc() preceded by Painter2D.MoveTo()
- UI Toolkit: Fixed VectorImage bounding-box measurements that were sometimes too small
- Universal RP: Fixed an issue where setting light position, direction and shadow bias allocated due to using strings instead of integers
- Universal Windows Platform: Fixed "Executable Only" UWP builds no longer fail after running a "D3D Project" build
- Universal Windows Platform: Fixed an issue where a customized "Package.appxmanifest" was overwritten when building the project for UWP
- Video: Fixed VideoPlayer not playing videos when the demux buffer size is too small
- Video: The "loopPointReached" event is continuously triggered when a Video Clip with looping and skip-on-drop disabled restarts playback after reaching the end

Unity 2023.2.15
- Editor: Added support for LinkerFlagsFile
- Editor: Adjusted IL2CPP IDE command line generation to include AdditionalIl2CppArgs

- Package Manager: service packages grouping has been improved in the package manager service tab
- Services: Update text on the project link screen

- Documentation: Added multiplayer services links
- Documentation: Fixed descriptions for AudioImporter public methods to reflect an updated list of options for platform strings
- Editor: Color picker preview can now sample from the menu bar and the dock area
- Editor: Fixed an issue where items with a very long name made the arrow indicator disappear in Add Component dropdown popup
- Editor: Fixed and exception happening when maximizing a window while Preview window is docked outside of the inspector
- Editor: Fixed exception "CreateScriptableObjectInstanceFromType can only be called from the main"
- Editor: Fixed null exception leading to blank text in the editor
- Editor: Fixed null reference when disabling a component in a prefab
- Editor: Fixed project window label highlight
- Editor: Fixed sprite asset inspector for TMP
- Editor: Per-platform formats on the TextureImporter will default to the platform default if not initialized properly
- HDRP: Fixed artifacts on low resolution SSGI when dynamic resolution values are low
- HDRP: Fixed shader warning
- iOS: Fixed view briefly distorting when rotating device with auto-rotation enabled
- iOS: [Privacy Manifests] Fixed duplicates elements filtering when merging multiple manifests if the children elements of the duplicates are in different order
- Prefabs: Fixed an issue were Overrides inside a managed reference didn't appear as Read Only when using Show Overrides
- Terrain: Fixed an issue where ComputeDetailInstanceTransforms was out of bounds and crashed
- TextCore: Fixed an issue where space and underline were not always added to Static FontAsset
- uGUI: Fixed an issue when Interacting with Occluded Button Areas using UGUI and GraphicRaycaster, the clickability is now consistent
- UI Toolkit: Addressed the window state when reimporting a bound script
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where a property drawer for a parent generic type would be used instead of the property drawer for a child type
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where column widths in percentage was not supported
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where the ScrollView touch scroll inertia did not behaves similarly across multiple framerates
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where the ScrollView would not stops a touch scroll at a greater velocity, thus eliminating the "trail off" effect
- UI Toolkit: Fixed Zoom with hotkey on Mac does not work inside the canvas
- UI Toolkit: Properly look for the right data source path
- UI Toolkit: UI Toolkit: Fixed UI Builder frame selected from not focusing when the canvas had been offset from the origin
- Video: Fixed the error "0xc00d36b4 while reading" is being thrown when turning on Transcode in the Import Settings of Video Clip Assets

Unity 2023.2.14
- Version Control: New tab view to list and manage locks

API Changes:
- Core: Added: API to force active set for APV

- 2D: Fixed exception error when slicing Sprite after an Undo
- Android: Fixed freeze when opening Icons section of Player Settings
- Animation: Fixed crash when loading asset bundle with animation clip serialized before 2022.1
- Audio: Fixed ARC spamming warnings when being duplicated/renamed/editor opened if loop/time/trigger mode settings would cause an infinite number of clips. Also fixed the message to clearly state we automatically fix the time property
- Build Pipeline: Fixed a regression where mesh components are stripped if its shader is made of UsePass only references
- Build Pipeline: Fixed the build failure when switch platform and build player are called together
- Documentation: Fixed description for AudioSource.GetDSPBufferSize by pointing to the correct DSP buffer size setting
- Editor: Fixed case where closing a docked window could result in overlapping sibling windows
- Editor: Fixed context menu not showing up when right-clicking a UnityEvent in Inspector
- Editor: Fixed for Crash on NSException when the display dialog contains a long message containing multibyte characters which are clipped when the message is abbreviated by ellipses
- Editor: Fixed hyperlink color for light mode in the editor
- Editor: Fixed incorrect duplicate menu items being removed when menu system is updated
- Graphics: Fixed crash when importing an unsupported 2x2 mipmapped, BC-compressed asset created in an older version of Unity
- HDRP: Fixed an issue where HDRP shaders were not HLSL2021 compliant
- IL2CPP: Fixed build failure when using unary negation operator (-) or bitwise not operator (~) on a pointer type cast to a native integer (nint/nint)
- IL2CPP: Fixed inclusion of file and line numbers when specified in the IL2CPP Stacktrace Information setting for a Server build
- IL2CPP: Fixed MemoryMappedFile on posix systems to query page size from the system, instead of hardcoding it
- macOS: Fixed memory spikes when macOS player is offscreen or minimized
- Mono: Fixed issue where custom client and server certificates were not correctly being validated by HttpClient
- Mono: Fixed race condition in ManagedWebSocket release of semaphore and buffer
- Particles: Fixed an issue where using GPU instanced mesh particles could result in visual corruption
- Scripting: Fixed crash when reflecting over all parameters on all methods in the UnityEngine assembly
- Serialization: Fixed errors when opening a Prefab with an overriden managed reference and Show Overrides is enabled
- uGUI: Fixed the virtual keyboard of InputField not closing upon Enter/Newline on Android
- UI Elements: Fixed an issue where where the ListView's toggle focus state to did not match IMGUI
- UI Elements: Fixed the disabled ListView's footer styling
- UI Elements: Fixed the keyboard navigation for ListView's foldout
- UI Elements: Fixed the recursive call that caused the stackoverflow for dynamic height collection view elements
- UI Elements: Fixed the runtime keyboard navigation for ListView
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue when pressing the delete key on a selected style sheet in the explore would not remove it
- Universal RP: Fixed an issue where keywords were incorrectly enabled/disabled when shadows were enabled in the URP Asset and "Transparent Receive Shadows" was disabled on the renderer
- Version Control: Fixed an issue where branch creations did not start from the latest changeset
- Version Control: Fixed an issue where user was not able to expand added item list after collapsing
- Version Control: Fixed Diff option unavailable for .prefab
- Version Control: Fixed DropdownField not working properly on a ModalUtility window on MacOS
- Version Control: Fixed finding changes operation being firing constantly
- Version Control: Fixed issue with existing checkout operations locking the workspace
- Version Control: Fixed layout error when switching checkout status in the inspector
- Version Control: Fixed Pending Changes context menu had the view file history greyed out for asset+meta
- Version Control: Fixed Preconfigured date format was not recognized as a valid DateTime
- Version Control: Fixed typo in locks tooltip
- Version Control: Fixed UI error when opening and closing multiple closable tabs
- Version Control: Removed obsolete content in package documentation.
- Version Control: Reviewed initialization and application lifecycle
- VFX Graph: Fixed pCache exporter insure color in linear space
- WebGL: Fixed Orientation Lock code to not crash when run on iOS Safari's new partially complete implementation of screen.orientation API

Unity 2023.2.12
- Audio: Made it possible to create an ARC from a selection of multiple audio clips.
- Graphics: Improved performance and memory requirements of Texture API calls such as LoadRawTextureData that write to a Texture2D that was created with the TextureCreationFlags.DontUploadUponCreate flag
- Mono: Implement stack probes for Windows Arm64

- 2D: Fiedx Invalid SortingGroup index set in Renderer error message appearing when a SortingGroup is created and another is deleted at the same time
- 2D: Fixed issue where textures set from the ShaderGraph shader are not applied for use in the TilemapRenderer
- 2D: Fixed missing stencil draw calls when rendering normals with SpriteMask
- Accessibility: Fixed app hanging on iOS after turning VoiceOver on and off a few times
- Android: Fixed back gesture invoking UI elements
- Audio: Fixed an issue in the audio random container where the sliders in some cases would push the textfield out of the window when randomisation is enabled
- Audio: Fixed an issue that would cause scheduled clips in the Audio Random Container to be prematurely stopped when enabling scene audio
- Audio: Fixed an issue that would cause undo/redo to sometimes work incorrectly for the Audio Random Container resource field
- Audio: Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause a game object to throw an error in the log when drawing the game objects inspector, if the game object implements OnAudioFilterRead
- Documentation: Removed mentions of web player in Microphone.Start
- Editor: Ensure X is visible in Picker mode if needed, and that pressing X actually return back to the initial query
- Editor: Fixed a crash related to throwing BuildFailedException in BuildProcessor.PrepareForBuild
- Editor: Fixed a performance regression in the TextureImporter
- Editor: Fixed an issue where the Columns and Rows values are not updating in a TextureImporter preset
- Editor: Fixed an issuye where GUI in the Scene were using an incorrect offset when Scene filtering was active
- Editor: Fixed casting integers to memory labels
- Editor: Fixed Index manager doesn't override file or folder if user cancels the OpenDialog
- Editor: Fixed indexing in playmode when in playmode we do not start asset indexing. When the user stops playmode, the relevant asset indexing tasks will start
- Editor: Fixed memory warning in the console
- Editor: Fixed type remapping for asmdef, animation and terrain
- Editor: The graphics Tier Settings editor window has been changed back to a horizontal layout with the addition of a scrollbar for when the window is still sized too small to display the full contents
- Graphics: Fixed potential crash in URP Forward+ due to out-of-bounds buffer access
- Graphics: Fixed undefined behavior in Texture2D.Compress / EditorUtility.CompressTexture / EditorUtility.CompressCubemapTexture when these were dealing with partial mip-chain textures. The APIs now leave the mipmap count of textures untouched
- Graphics: Support requesting a DXT compressed texture using ImageConversion.LoadImage and Texture2D.LoadImage on Android
- HDRP: Optimize PBR sky precomputation and memory usage
- HDRP: Optimize the OnDisable of DecalProjector component when disabling a lot of decals at the same time.
- HDRP: Remove the error message "Decal texture atlas out of space..." in release builds (it now only appears in the Editor or Development Builds).
- iOS: If Image and Background launch screen is used without proper image setup, issue warning and fallback to default launch screen
- macOS: Crash Reporter failing to upload to cloud due to path not being pre-created
- Mono: Disallow unrestricted polymorphic deserialization in DataSet
- Physics: Added a new parameter to the physics settings -- fast motion threshold. It allows to improve the CCD response for fast moving small bodies that collide with larger ones
- Search: Fixed Search Window table view buttons appearing multiple times
- Search: Re-enabled search providers priority sorting
- Search: Remove the Transient Window menu item
- Shaders: Improved message in the player log when sending the shader variant to the GPU driver
- SRP Core: Correct gathering of the current pipeline to generate the UI for the Default Volume Profile
- TextCore: Ensure GetPreferredValues and GenerateTextMesh return the same size
- TextCore: Fixed Ideographic Variation Selector
- TextMeshPro: Setting the game object layer for the Dropdown blocker game object to match the Canvas value
- uGUI: Setting the game object layer for the Dropdown blocker game object to match the Canvas value
- UI Toolkit: Fixed default runtime theme creation in the UI Builder
- UI Toolkit: Fixed documentation links for UI Toolkit assets and scripts
- UI Toolkit: Fixed view data states not being saved for children of ListView
- VFX Graph: Disable MeshToSDFBaker shaders on GLES3 to avoid warnings
- VFX Graph: Fixed an incompatibility with HLSL 2021
- VFX Graph: Fixed an unexpected material listing in animation window
- VFX Graph: Instancing when gradient selection was based on a branch was wrong
- VFX Graph: Switch property binder from ExecuteInEditMode in ExecuteAlways
- WebGL: Fix for Render Texture depth buffers sometimes not being cleared properly

Unity 2023.2.11
- Universal RP: The Auto option in SH Evaluation Mode, in the URP Asset, now chooses Per Vertex instead of Per Pixel on mobile and similar devices
- XR: The Oculus XR Plugin package has been updated to 4.2.0

- Android: SoftInput layout issue on some Android device (Samsung Android 12+ devices)
- Android: SoftInput visibility issue on some Android device when hideInput is enabled (Samsung Android 12+ devices)
- Documentation: Fixed example code for AudioSource.GetSpectrumData by using AudioSource instead of AudioListener
- Editor: Delayed inspector reload after RP switch
- Editor: Fixed a bug where the hotkey would appear in the label of the selected item of a UIElements.PopupField and a EditorGUILayout.Popup
- Editor: Fixed error thrown from UnityYAMLMerge when comparing similar sequences
- Editor: Fixed issue where the Selection's active context would be set to null after importing an asset
- Editor: Fixed issue with sprites not working in text when using complex text features
- Editor: Fixed pressing the Esc key changing the values of other properties when editing a property of the RectTransform
- Editor: Improve UI for light culling mask in Forward+ mode
- Graphics: Ensured non-background materials aren't rendered as six-faced skyboxes
- macOS: Limit Update loop frequency by target frame rate to not overwhelm the system and not delay input processing
- Networking: UnityWebRequest scripting API improved and updated.
- Package Manager: Fix install upm on asset store package selecting random package in package list
- Package Manager: Fixed Installing a package by name@version not showing "installing a package" in package details pane
- Package Manager: Package Import window retains its functionality when collapsing the root folder of a package
- Scene/Game View: Fixed missing Alt + Left Mouse Button pan shortcut when in 2D scene mode
- Scripting: Ensure that we use a Logical Path rather than an Absolute Path when looking up InstanceIDs
- UI Elements: Updated the logic to use the proper source count removing the dependency from the source type and layout version
- UI Toolkit: Fixed composite field values remain displayed as mixed when their showMixedValue is set back to false
- UI Toolkit: Fixed CompositeField subfield value setting when multi-editing
- UI Toolkit: Fixed elements sometimes remaining in the hover pseudo-state after a touch pointer input followed by hiding and showing the element
- UI Toolkit: Fixed elements sometimes remaining in the hover pseudo-state after a touch pointer input has left the them
- UI Toolkit: Fixed exception being thrown from showPlaceholderText when Button text was null
- UI Toolkit: Fixed FloatField showMixedValue has a different behavior than IMGUI's showMixedValue
- UI Toolkit: Fixed pointer and mouse events sometimes not sent exclusively to capturing element during the TrickleDown phase
- UI Toolkit: Fixed view data persistence not preserving the ListView and TreeView selected items
- UI Toolkit: Removed instable test case for AddNode
- UI Toolkit: Removed instable test case for CreateNode
- Universal RP: Fixed an issue where downsampled SSAO had serious artefacts on Android
- Universal RP: Fixed an issue where renderer features didn't pass validation if they inherit from another renderer feature
- Universal RP: Fixed an issue where Screen Space Decals keyword was missing when Strip Unused Variants was turned off.
- Universal RP: Fixing RenderRequest using wrong renderer
- Video: WEBM files are stuttering when the number of remaining frames is less than the number of the pre-buffered frames
- Virtual Texturing: Disabled a PVT-specific tile resolving importance tracking metric that was enabled for SVT

Unity 2023.2.10
- Android: Fixed a crash in development build when passing array of AndroidJavaObject to Java method
- Android: Fixed a crash, when one of the extracted il2cpp resource is delete in application data folder, in case like this, application will reextract il2cpp resources again
- Android: Fixed an issue where the splash background color was not always editable for Android, even if a splash screen background image is set
- Android: Fixed problem with JNI global reference table overflow when AndroidJavaObjects are deleted by garbage collector
- Android: Fixed problem with with using AndroidJavaObject.Set() for AndroidJavaProxy
- Android: Fixed UnityEditor.Android.GradleDependencies.GetEngineGradleDependencies() to return game activity dependencies, when both Activity and GameActivity are selected in application entry points.
- Android: Make it possible to target API Level 32, when building with GameActivity, in this case, Unity will downgrade the following package version - androidx.appcompat:appcompat 1.6.1 -> 1.5.1, androidx.core:core 1.9.0 -> 1.8.0
- Asset Bundles: Added note about texture streaming in the AssetBundle.UnloadAllAssetBundles docs
- Documentation: Fixed documentation on SystemInfo.hdrSupportFlags
- Editor: Fixed a flickering issue due the intensity was being changed during the first frame
- Editor: Fixed an issue in URP's Forward+ reflection probe tiling
- Editor: Fixed an issue where an assert is triggered if calling EditorApplication.Exit() with a native debugger attached on MS Windows
- Editor: Fixed an issue where certain monitor layouts will confuse which monitor to open menus on MS Windows
- Editor: Fixed an issue where macOS platform was not having XcodeApi if iOS platform support was not present
- Editor: Fixed an issue where Rich text tags were not support single quotes tags
- Editor: Fixed an issue where the GameView Scale slider was reading the display Scale from the wrong display
- Editor: Fixed an issue where there was no default value for texture compression format
- Editor: Fixed an issue where we would use a cached SerializedProperty that belonged to a different SerializedObject for the ReorderableList. This would cause changes to be lost due to them being applied to the wrong SerializedObject
- Editor: Fixed application focus detection on linux
- Editor: Fixed blackscreen issue in the GameView when using a UI document
- Editor: Fixed Diagnostics Preference Page not showing up correctly after clicking on button in the warning message
- Editor: Fixed the tiling of spotlights in URP's Forward+ renderer, which was wrong in certain conditions
- Editor: Fixed TwoPaneSplitView anchor style being overridden when shown in an Inspector
- Editor: Upgrade libcurl to 8.5.0
- Graphics: Fixed a rendering non-background materials as skybox issue
- Graphics: Fixed asymmetric projection matrix support in URP forward plus
- Graphics: Fixed issue of setting mismatched Color and Depth buffers encountered with Single-buffered CustomRenderTextures
- Graphics: Fixed spotlight culling in orthographic camera when using URP ForwardPlus
- Graphics: Improved performance of CopyTexture when copying from a readable Texture2D just after it was scheduled for uploading (Texture2D::Apply())
- HDRP: Fixed a water in SSR reflections
- HDRP: Fixed an offset in refraction in XR issue
- IL2CPP: Avoid providing duplicate copies of the --linker-flags argument passed to IL2CPP
- IL2CPP: Fixed an issue where a PlatformNotSupportedException for Process.HasExited was not thrown
- IL2CPP: Fixed crash in GC when too many allocation roots are processed
- IL2CPP: Fixed finalizers being called in a reentrant manner on the Web platform. Finalizers are now invoked explicitly at the end of each frame if needed
- IL2CPP: Fixed leak of cached reflection data on IL2CPP unload
- IL2CPP: Fixed occasional crash when attaching/detaching the Unity debugger
- IL2CPP: Fixed rare crash when using ConditionalWeakTable
- IL2CPP: Fixed socket.send() sending uncatchable SIGPIPE signal on Linux
- IL2CPP: Fixed to allow IP options IP_HDRINCL, IP_TOS and IP_TTL on some platforms where they are supported but were incorrectly defined out
- Mono: Accessing AppContext.BaseDirectory will no longer throw an exception
- Mono: Fixed "ldftn opcode to an icall causes JIT compilation upon every invocation"
- Mono: Fixed a race condition when the number of files in a directory changes while this code is executing
- Mono: Fixed crash on domain reload, due to domain specific memory stored within image specific data structures
- Mono: Fixed crash on Windows when certain Global Flags were enabled with the GFlags SDK tool
- Mono: Fixed crash that would occur when attempting to determine the size of a recursively defined struct
- Mono: Fixed issue with Socket.ReadAsync where the buffer submitted would not be updated when using a Memory
- Mono: Fixed wrong file path reported by mono_ppdb_lookup_location for methods that span multiple files
- Package Manager: Fixed a sidebar min-width issue
- Particles: Fixed a random crash with Prewarm & SubEmitter
- Physics: Fixed a spelling issue in a BoxCollider warning message
- Physics 2D: Fixed an issue when using a CircleCollider2D in a CompositeCollider2D whilst using Transform scaling, the Radius could become invalid
- Physics 2D: Using SetEnabled on CompositeCollider2D should have no effect as component isn't able to be disabled
- Scene/Game View: Fixed Move tool behavior when the parent GameObject changes during manipulation
- SRP Core: Fixed a NullReferenceException when trying to display VolumeComponents overrides
- SRP Core: Fixed an issue where errors could be thrown by debug action registration if deleting all axes in Input Manager
- Text: Fixed un-detected sprite asset changes after adding new sprites
- TextCore: Fixed an issue by ensuring only Kernings are populated for UITK and IMGUI
- TextCore: Fixed an issue were Kerning was not applied to Sprites
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where a binding instance marked as dirty would not update all usages of that binding
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where itemsChosen event was not triggered when using Input System UI Input Model
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where the ListView would bind to an incorrect property path when the list items were being reused
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where the ListView would not display serialized values correctly when the list items were being reused
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where the url Style sheet value was not using speech marks instead of apostrophes
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where the xml namespaces provided by the user were not kept when saving a UXML file in the UI Builder
- UI Toolkit: Fixed CurveFIeld not applying the ranges to the CurveEditorWindow
- UI Toolkit: Fixed for authoring of attribute overrides being disabled in the UI Builder inspector when UXML Serialization was used
- UI Toolkit: Fixed GenericDropdownMenu unnecessarily removing focus from elements created during a menu action
- UI Toolkit: In the UI Builder, users can no longer drag disabled selectors when using in-context editing
- Universal RP: Fixed bloom shader not working with non uniform rasterisation based foveated rendering on VR platforms that support it
- Universal RP: Fixed bright pixels when using a camera with skybox and MSAA rendering opaque objects with alpha clipping together with a transparent object if additive blending
- Universal Windows Platform: Fixed an issue where Player would not store the previous UnityPlayer.log under UnityPlayer-prev.log
- VFX Graph: Fixed missing node links when copy/pasting a system with missing PointCacheAsset

Unity 2023.2.9
- 2D: Fixed mem leak for ShadowCaster2D
- Android: Fixed an Android AAudio issue, where audio output latency could be 300ms or more
- Editor: Fixed crash when running with -nographics and Universal RP
- Editor: Fixed material variants hierarchy merging with locks
- Editor: Fixed SRP Lens flare not having a default flare
- HDRP: Fixed the scroll bar jumping at the top of the window when focusing a settings from the same panel in the project settings
- IMGUI: Fixed an issue with PropertyFields with multiple subproperties not being aligned properly
- Package Manager: Fixed an issue where 'My Assets' download, in light mode, 'Resume' and 'Cancel' button background colors were off
- Package Manager: Fixed an issue where the Package Manager diagnose button did not display the the diagnostic tool output on Windows
- Particles: Fixed an issue where Noise Module occasional glitches
- Particles: Fixed Trail module crash when using Generate Lighting Data checkbox
- Scene/Game View: Fixed an issue where the SceneView's Tools overlay's buttons would not have the correct icon resolution
- Scene/Game View: Making GameObject icon visibility responsive to Scene View visibility
- TextMeshPro: Ensure enabling and disabling Canvases does not cause a regeneration of the text
- TextMeshPro: Fixed Dropdown creation causing a crash after undoing
- UI Elements: Ensuring UnicodeLineBreakingRules are applied to text
- UI Toolkit: Added checked background to GradientField so the transparency is easier to see
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue in the UI Builder where it wouldn't use the custom uxml type name defined in the UxmlFactory class
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where PropertyFields could incorrectly bind to a child property if it had the same name as the field
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where the UI Toolkit controls from the com.unity.dt.app-ui package would not show up in the UI Builder's Library
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue with IMGUI container being misaligned
- UI Toolkit: Fixed first KeyDown event sometimes being ignored after calling Focus() on an element in runtime
- UI Toolkit: Fixed focus-related events not received when switching EditorWindow tab
- UI Toolkit: Fixed issue with inspector in debug mode
- UI Toolkit: Fixed wrong pointer event target when an element's visibility or pickingMode is modified without moving the pointer
- UI Toolkit: Invalid style enum values will now produce an error instead of throwing an exception in the UI Builder
- UI Toolkit: [UI Builder] Fixed an issue where a Unity.UI.Builder.UnityUIBuilderSelectionMarker would be cloned in play mode and in builds
- Undo System: Fixed Redo restoration of multiple ScriptableObject added via AddObjectToAsset
- Universal Windows Platform: Corrects Application.runInBackground internal implementation which sometimes caused crashes when the option is set to false after the application has lost focus
- Windows: Fixed automatic resizing of an unfocused player window once the mouse button is released
- Windows: Fixed crash when reading data from non-compliant HID peripherals

Unity 2023.2.8
- Package: Patch User Reporting SDK improving UX

- Asset Pipeline: Improve error handling when updating ArtifactDB or SourceAssetsDB

- 2D: Fixrf issue with the TilemapCollider2D where the user updates Tiles in CompositeOperation.None and switches to CompositeOperation.Merge, and the collider shape is not updated accordingly
- Android: Fixed OnDemandRendering's ignored renderFrameInterval
- Android: Remove deprecation warning for IPostGenerateGradleAndroidProject
- Animation: Fixed a crash when loading asset bundle with an animation clip build with 2021.x or earlier
- Animation: Fixed discrete int evaluation on platform that use Denormals-Are-Zero and Flush-to-Zero(Playstations, Android)
- Animation: Fixed exception when selecting a transition inside a sync layer, in the Animator window
- Animation: Fixed for transition preview ending before the target state has fully played
- Animation: Fixed synced layers that were mistakenly deleted when the user removed an unrelated layer in the Animator window
- Audio: Fixed a crash that occurred when entering and leaving playmode while a game object is selected in the hierarchy
- Audio: Fixed an issue that prevented signals generated via OnAudioFilterRead from functioning as expected
- Audio: Fixed issue where creating an audio source while the editor window for the AudioRandomContainer asset was open could throw an error
- Audio: Fixed issue where interacting with the editor window for the AudioRandomContainer asset could possibly break the rendering of other windows, e.g. the scene view
- Audio: Fixed issue where the editor window for the AudioRandomContainer asset would throw an error after restoring an asset with unsaved changes from outside the editor
- Audio: Fixed issue where the editor window for the AudioRandomContainer asset would throw an error every frame after deleting the selected asset and docking the window
- DX12: Fixed for Intel GPU driver crash when querying multisample quality levels with sampler feedback formats and sample counts larger than 1
- Editor: Fixed a splash screen corners alpha issue
- Editor: Fixed an issue where dangling mouse shortcuts are called on a MouseUp event with a null context
- Editor: Fixed an issue where gDiagProfileOpenCLJobs was nog a compile time constant.
- Editor: Fixed an issue where projects would sometimes crash following an editor version upgrade if their project contained js.meta files
- Editor: Fixed Fullscreen Passthrough, it no longer renders the UI when enabled
- Editor: Fixed InputManager not being reset when calling EditorUtility.DisplayDialog() on Windows/Linux
- Editor: Fixed LODGroup inspector that sometimes collapsed on LOD adding/removal
- Editor: Resolved issue with unresponsiveness and potential hangs when double clicking dockable area tabs
- GI: Fix MissingComponentException when no MeshFilter is attached to a Terrain tree game object when baking Probe Volumes
- Graphics: Clarify RenderTexture creation error wording when the volumetric depth is an unexpected value
- Graphics: Fixed a null reference exception in HDAddditionalLightData, when a Scene was loaded additively
- Graphics: Surface shader path has correct parameters set when emulating vertexbuffers
- HDRP: Fixed for motion blur blending
- HDRP: Fixed NullReferenceException when exiting Play Mode with HDRP + DLSS + XR
- Kernel: Fixed a job system freeze on some mobile platforms due to incorrect thread waking logic
- Linux: Fixed GTK error messages in Editor.log
- Package Manager: Fixed the issue where bundled plugins cannot be exported into a .unitypackage file
- Scripting: Removed the multiple HelpURL attributes warning
- Shaders: Fixed "maximal supported UAV limit" errors being generated on UAV resource declarations when they shouldn't be when shaders compiled using DXC for Vulkan
- Shaders: Fixed crashes on some platforms due to trying to allocate too many lock objects
- Shaders: Improved CPU-side performance when using shaders with dynamic_branch directives
- Tests: Fixed the TestSimpleRenderPass test so that it uses the correct load action
- TextMeshPro: Add missing grey and lightblue tags
- TextMeshPro: Ensure Sprites can be reordered within a SpriteAsset
- uGUI: Fixed alphaHitTestMinimumThreshold using the wrong pixel value when the sprite had a non-zero position
- uGUI: Fixed the order of game object selection by passing only the root game object when building gizmos
- UI Toolkit: Fixed "FormatException" error is thrown when generating the schema and using a system region that uses ',' as a decimal point
- UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue for changes after project launch were not discarded properly in UI Builder
- UI Toolkit: Fixed Command event modifier for pointer events on MacOS
- UI Toolkit: Fixed Search window saved searches double-click to rename not working
- UI Toolkit: Fixed SerializeField enum resets to the first value in the Inspector when selecting multiple objects with different enum values
- UI Toolkit: ListView no longer throws an exception when an item is dragged out and back into a window
- Universal RP: Fixed an issue where NullReferenceExceptions appeared when switching between Quality Levels with Post Processing Volume Update mode set to ViaScripting
- Universal Windows Platform: Fixed payload file does not exist errors when Cloud Diagnostics is enabled
- VFX Graph: Fixed an issue where instancing rendering on new ShaderGraph outputs was not enabled
- VFX Graph: Fixed very very long system name could lead to freeze the Editor
- VFX Graph: Remove GetParticleIndex shader warning in particle strip systems
- VFX Graph: Sample of Camera Buffer isn't available in compute passes
- VFX Graph: Unexpected larger material in runtime leading to a performance loss
- Web: Fixed typos in signatures of JS_Video_IsSeeking and JS_Video_Play
- Web: Set PYTHONUTF8 environment variable to enable UTF-8 encoding by default

Unity 2023.2.7
- iOS: Add Apple Privacy Manifest support

- URP: Enable renderViewportScale for XR intermediate textures

- Burst: Update default LLVM to version 16

- 2D: Fixed issue where a SpriteShapeRenderer with mask interaction set is unable to be masked by a SpriteMask when using a URP pipeline
- 2D: Fixed local bounds of 2D Freeform Light from changing when scene is reloaded
- Android: Updated GetEngineGradleDependencies() API to return asset pack dependencies
- Animation: Fixed erroneous discrete int and enum default values written back by the Animator
- Audio: Fixed AudioMixer clicks when abruptly changing volume in Start()
- Burst: Burst recompiles assemblies due to hashes mismatching because of the way assembly defines are combined into the hash.
- Burst: Fixed an issue where underflows of nint and nuint at compile time would lead to incorrect code.
- Burst: Fixed an issue where use of certain intrinsics could cause a compile error even if properly guarded by the appropriate IsXXXSupported property.
- Burst: Fixed android builds throwing a NullReferenceException.
- Burst: Fixed arithmetic and bitwise negation on native integers.
- Burst: Fixed burst not differentiating between overloaded generic functions such as T foo(int val) and T foo(T val) when the function calls are foo(1); foo(1). Burst would previously only compile the T foo(T val) function.
- Burst: Fixed constant SHUFFLE function not seen as a constant when called indirectly through a FunctionPointer.
- Burst: Fixed the managed fallback for bursts intrinsic functions cvt_ss2si, cvtss_si32, and cvtss_si64 to follow midpoint rounding standard of nearest even.
- Burst: If an exception is thrown from burst compiled code in the Editor on Windows there was potential for certain callee saved registers to be corrupted. In order to fix this ( editor only - player builds are unaffected), we now save some additional context on each entry point.
- Editor: Editor crash if a compilation error happened during import from code altering compilation assets during activate
- Editor: Fixed a bug where the middle mouse button was not centering the SceneView on the selected object
- Editor: Fixed issue with MaskField using the wrong data to render selected items
- Editor: Fixed memory corruption when closing aux window when dialog box shows up
- Editor: Force close an Object Selector window when Render Pipeline Asset selection prompt is closed
- Editor: Updating fsbtool to match the current FMOD version
- Graphics: Fixed missed samplerCubeArrayShadow texture binding when processing GLSLang reflection
- Graphics: Fixed shader stripping when the BatchRendererGroup Variants setting is Keep All
- IL2CPP: Fixed a crash when calling Type.IsGenericTypeParameter and Type.IsGenericMethodParameter
- IL2CPP: Fixed C++ compilation error on missing type reference is generic code
- IL2CPP: Fixed C++ compilation error when Enum.HasFlag was called with a Nullable enum value
- IL2CPP: Fixed C++ compiler error on UnmanagedCallersOnly with user defined struct types
- IL2CPP: Fixed conversion errors on constrained calls in shared generic code (UUM-55756)
- IL2CPP: Fixed null value on P/Invoke method with an [Out] marshalled blittable class parameter
- Linux: Fixed CursorLockMode.Confined does not confine cursor when using multiple displays
- Linux: Fixed Multi-touch events not recognizing on Linux Player
- macOS: Fixed secondary display refresh rate values being invalid
- Mono: Fixed issue where invoking a virtual method on a delegate would only consider the method's overrides on the first call
- Scene/Game View: Fixed an issue where continuously panning an orthographic SceneView camera would eventually cause the rendered geometry to be clipped
- Shaders: Added _KEYWORD_DECLARED define for each shader keyword so that it is possible to select code sections based on the keyword presence
- Shaders: Fixed an incorrect warning being shown when doing paired calls to SetAsyncCompilation / RestoreAsyncCompilation on RenderingCommandBuffer
- TextMeshPro: Introduce a shim version of TextMesh Pro for packages that had a hard dependency on it
- UI Elements: Fixed the UI Builder hierarchy element duplicate command
- UI Toolkit: Fixed contextual menu resets selection on text elements
- UI Toolkit: Fixed Timeline and Animation windows cannot record script component changes
- UI Toolkit: Fixed UIToolkit property field background does not change color when the property is animated
- UI Toolkit: Fixed unset not working on composite style fields in the UI Builder
- UI Toolkit: [Properties] Fixed an issue where the source generator would output reflection code when direct access was possible
- Universal RP: Fixed an "floating point division by zero" warning in Shadows.hlsl.
- Universal RP: Fixed an "Implicit truncation of vector type" warning in ShaderPassDecal.hlsl.
- Universal RP: Fixed an "Output value 'fragmentOutput' is not completely initialized" warning in ShaderPassDecal.hlsl.
- Universal RP: Fixed an error in Bloom.shader for foveated when the debug check is enabled inside FoveatedRendering.hlsl.
- Universal RP: Fixed an issue where disabling SSAO feature didn't work in built projects when the SSAO disabled keyword had been stripped out
- Universal RP: Fixed an issue where Evaluate SH and SoftShadow keywords were incorrectly declared in ShaderGraph shaders
- Universal RP: Fixed an issue where LOD Crossfade was declared twice in Unlit ShaderGraph.
- VFX Graph: Fixed space conversion error when copy-pasting a system
- WebGL: Fixed a bug causing audio to skip forward when using AudioClip.Pause() and AudioClip.Resume()
- WebGL: Improved texture memory usage for Text Mesh Pro font textures on WebGL2 by enabling support for Alpha8 texture format
- Windows: Removed undesirable HID warning messages

Unity 2023.2.6
API Changed:
- Package: Added: XR Hands (com.unity.xr.hands) 1.4.0-pre.1 added as next version in package manifest
- Package: Changed: XR Interaction Toolkit (com.unity.xr.interaction.toolkit) 3.0.0-pre.1 added as next version in package manifest

- 2D: Fixed Tile's StartUp not being called when refreshed if the Tile has an instantiated GameObject
- 2D: Remove material upgrade dialog box during material upgrades for templates
- Android: Fixed ad banner disappearance after suspend/resume
- Audio: Fixed performance issue that would occur when having many inactive audio sources in a scene
- Build System: Fixed UITookitSourceGenerator for source code customer builds.
- Editor: Fixed a bug on Linux where the Edit menu was displaying the wrong default shortcut for Delete
- Editor: Fixed a typo for the exception message thrown from the InvokeRepeating method
- Editor: Fixed build errors due when switching between build targets using buildPlayer command line options
- Editor: Fixed flipping scale of water surface
- Editor: Fixed foam accumulation in editor
- Editor: Menu items are no longer disabled on macOS if a dropdown is a component of a modal window
- Editor: Properly closes the previous context menu before opening a new one
- GI: Use the hash of the vertex stream instead of the taking per instance props into account for meta pass
- SRP Core: Fixed Remove All context action for Volume Profile not working in VolumeEditor
- UI Elements: Fixed the multicolumn control not calling DestroyItem when clearing its itemsSource and calling a Rebuild
- UI Toolkit: Fixed elastic scrollview jittery on drag

Unity 2023.2.5
- Build System: make bee_backend's directory deletion explicitly handle readonly files on windows
- Universal RP: Improved runtime performance by adding checks for _ALPHATEST_ON when rendering depth, shadows and depth normals

- Package: Updated code coverage package to version 1.2.5

- 2D: Fixed case where Importing sprite sheet by using ISpriteEditorDataProvider generates broken Sprites
- Android: Add missing super.onRequestPermissionsResult for onRequestPermissionsResult call for both Activity and GameActivity (UUM-58225)
- Android: Added Auto Rotation behavior to the Orientation section
- Android: Fixed Graphics.Blit with Vulkan PreTransform creating corrupted RenderTexture data in landscape orientation
- Android: Fixed missing IPostGenerateGradleAndroidProject deprecation warning, it will be visible now
- Android: Removed unity.allow-resizable-window meta-data for multi-window support on large screens.
- Android: Users can override UnityPlayerActivity.java, by placing the file directly in Unity project, this was accidentally broken with incremental build pipeline
- Animation: Fixed blend tree preview not displaying when inspecting blend tree (UUM-54402)
- Animation: Fixed issue where animation clips with discrete curves (animating enums) in asset bundles built before unity 2022 would not load properly
- Asset Import: Fixed issue where "Multiple plugins with the same name" error occurs when importing bundle files in .androidpack folders on Mac
- Build System: Don't crash on windows if there are duplicate environment variable keys.
- Core: Clarified APV helpboxes
- Core: Fixed a tooltip issue
- Documentation: Add missing UnityWebRequest method signatures to documentation for helpers taking uri as System.Uri
- Documentati

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