An open-world battle royale game featuring an unique combination of elements!

Cyber Hunter for PC

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    Cyber Hunter for PC LATEST

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    Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64

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    NetEase, Inc. / Cyber Hunter for PC

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    Cyber Hunter for PC 2023 full offline installer setup for PC 32bit/64bit

Cyber Hunter for PC is a new sci-fi battle royale video game for mobile and PC platforms that was developed and published by the Chinese technology and software company NetEase. Released in April of 2019, this game managed very quickly to become one of the notable titles in the crowded battle royale genre by providing fast-paced third-person action gameplay that incorporates new gameplay elements, such as tactical use of vertical climbing on almost every vertical surface. Presence of this traversal system that was recently popularized by Nintendo’s megahit game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has successfully changed the flow of tense online matches, forcing players to take into account verticality of the levels much more than in any competing battle royale game.

The core focus of Cyber Hunter is to provide gamers access to smooth traversal and deep customization of their in-game avatar. This is achieved with the presence of a gameplay system for parkour movement, fast vertical climbing, use of air gliders, jet-fueled hoverboards for initial insertion to the battlefield, weaponized vehicles, and more. Tactical decisions during the matches are also affected by the ability to build structures and the use of futuristic weapons and items. The game utilizes the same core mechanics as other Battle Royale games, with support for 100 player arena, early match deployments to any location on the large map (which features different terrain types such as desert, fields, forests, hills, towns…), and shrinking active zone that funnels players toward a final battle that will determine the ultimate match-winner.

Cyber Hunter LDPlayer features one male and one female model, with extensive customization options that can transform your in-game avatar into a unique contestant. In addition to the solo mode, the game also features team play modes that elevate the intensity of combat encounters to a whole new level. Another of the unique elements of the game is the presence of special futuristic weapons that have non-standard use-case scenarios. For example, a healing shotgun can be used only for healing teammates and can be upgraded with an E-Core to unlock Shield All – a skill that activates a temporary healing shield for all of your nearby allies.

In addition to the worldwide deployment on the iOS and Android platforms, developers from NetEase have also personally released an official PC version of this mobile battle royale shooter. This move enables PC users to take full advantage of their PC configurations, and extract more performance from this title, and skip the reliance on Android emulators like LDPlayer that are often needed for accessing mobile titles on desktop and laptop PCs.

Even though City Hunter was not received with unanimous praise from the worldwide media (who cited its numerous similarities with other modern mobile Battle Royale games), the worldwide audience has recognized the unique elements that this title offers. The mere presence of unrestricted climbing and some of the futuristic weaponry have transformed this title into a worthwhile F2P game that can provide you with an incredible amount of fun whenever you have time for a match or two.

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