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Dell Display Manager (DDM)

Dell Display Manager (DDM)

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    Dell Display Manager (DDM) 1.56.0 Build 2110 LATEST

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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Dell Display Manager is a comprehensive management tool giving you optimal front of screen experience, efficient display management, easy and effortless multitasking helping you increase everyday productivity. This software works only on Dell monitors produced from 2013 and beyond with exception of Dell D-Series and Nvidia G-SYNC based models. This software can support up to 16 monitors setups and is compatible with all major graphics vendors like Nvidia, AMD, and Intel.

Multitask redefined

With Easy Arrange feature you can organize multiple application windows on your screen and snap their positions and sizes into a template of your choice and then reuse it when needed. You can split screen horizontally or vertically or in various other patterns making it easier to use the full potential of your large Dell monitor when having the need to work in more than one window at the same time. In the case of dual monitor setup, Easy Arrange can also be used to expand desktop space across two monitors. The auto-restore feature remembers where you left off and restores application windows as they were.

Input Manager

Enables easy switching of inputs without a need to click on any Monitor hardware buttons and going trough it’s OSD screens. A great feature if you want to switch input video source from VGA to HDMI in a single click. In case you use the same monitor for your PC and for your laptop this feature allows you to switch easily between them. You can even assign names to each input and define a shortcut key making it even easier to switch between input screens. The DDM tool for PC is very useful for programmers or gamers.

Manual or Automatic

Adjusting of monitor brightness, contrast or resolution can now be done directly through the Dell Display Monitor DDM software. These settings can then be saved as presets and used again when writing a document, playing games, or watching movies, all within the application. To make things even better Auto Mode allows you to assign presets to applications you use: so once you launch VLC Player a movie preset will get auto-applied and can enjoy the video without a need to switch the modes manually.

Efficient and Eco-friendly

Making an asset report document is a one-click process allowing IT managers to save monitor asset information documents with just one click. Saving energy is an important PowerNap function that allows power consumption management. Putting your monitor to sleep when you’re not using it saves energy.

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