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Download Deluge 2.1.0

  -  34.32 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

- Drop Python 2 support for Python 3 only
- Set libtorrent minimum required version to 1.2
- Add support for SVG tracker icons
- Fix tracker icon error handling
- Fix cleaning-up tracker icon temp files
- Fix Plugin manager to handle new metadata 2.1
- Hide passwords in config logs
- Fix cleaning-up temp files in add_torrent_url
- Fix KeyError in sessionproxy after torrent delete
- Remove libtorrent deprecated functions
- Fix file_completed_alert handling
- Add plugin keys to get_torrents_status
- Add support for pygeoip dependency
- Fix crash logging to Windows protected folder
- Add is_interface and is_interface_name to validate network interfaces
- Fix is_url and is_infohash error with None value
- Fix load_libintl error
- Add support for IPv6 in host lists
- Add systemd user services
- Fix refresh and expire the torrent status cache
- Fix crash when logging errors initializing gettext
Web UI:
- Fix ETA column sorting in correct order (#3413)
- Fix defining foreground and background colors
- Accept charset in content-type for json messages
- Fix ‘Complete Seen’ and ‘Completed’ sorting
- Fix encoding HTML entities for torrent attributes to prevent XSS

Gtk UI:
- Fix download location textbox width
- Fix obscured port number in Connection Manager
- Increase connection manager default height
- Fix bug with setting move completed in Options tab
- Fix adding daemon accounts
- Add workaround for crash on Windows with ico or gif icons
- Hide account password length in log
- Added a torrent menu option for magnet copy
- Fix unable to prefetch magnet in thinclient mode
- Use GtkSpinner when testing open port
- Update About Dialog year
- Fix Edit Torrents dialogs close issues
- Fix ETA being copied to neighboring empty cells
- Disable GTK CSD by default on Windows

Console UI:
- Fix curses.init_pair raise ValueError on Py3.10
- Swap j and k key’s behavior to fit vim mode
- Fix torrent details status error
- Fix incorrect test for when a host is online
- Add the torrent label to info command
- AutoAdd
- Fix handling torrent decode errors
- Fix error dialog not being shown on error

- Add frequency unit to interval label
- Notifications:
- Fix UnicodeEncodeError upon non-ascii torrent name

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Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.