How to Adjust and Change your PC's Desktop Screen Brightness



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DimScreen is a useful system utility that can help all PC users, and not only laptop owners, to easily control the screen brightness of a PC display. While laptop users have enjoyed this feature for decades as one of the best ways to prolong the life of the finite built-in battery, PC desktop users have never gotten a streamlined way to regulate the brightness of their monitor. This app changes this status quo by introducing a lightweight background service that will monitor for user’s keyboard shortcuts and switch the brightness according to the users’ needs.

Dim Screen app is distributed online as a portable archive that features no automated installer and uninstaller. Simply extract the app to any location on your local or external storage drive, and run the app. Its interface is truly minimal after the app has settled to your taskbar. User can click on its icon and access a large dropdown menu with 0-100% brightness selection in the steps of 10%, and a Settings window where keyboard shortcuts can be assigned. However, only three keyboard shortcut tools are offered – activation of the app, decreasing brightness and increasing the brightness. The user can set its preferred key combination, but the ability to set a shortcut for a specific brightness amount (let’s say 70%) is not possible. The only alternative to this issue can be found in the setting called “Startup dimming” that can set the display brightness to the desired level on app startup.

DimScreen is a very useful app that does its advertised job very well. It can reduce and increase brightness on any screen, finally enabling desktop PC users to easily set their monitor or TV brightness levels depending on their environment (day or night) or content that they are enjoying (bright documents, multimedia, gaming). DimScreen is 100% FREE and can be used even on legacy Windows OS versions such as Windows XP.

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