Gives you everything you need to get started coding with C#

.NET Coding Pack

.NET Coding Pack

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    .NET Coding Pack 1.0.0 LATEST

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    Marian Marinescu

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    Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64 / Windows 11

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.NET Coding Pack is a collection of useful coding applications, resources, templates, and documentation focused on enabling beginners to get acquainted with a wide array of coding possibilities with programming languages such as Python, Java, C#, and .Net!

Instead of being overwhelmed with all the apps, add-ons, and various packages that need to be deployed on Windows PCs before learning about modern programming and software development, It enables students and educators to easily set up a modern working environment that promotes easy learning of modern coding techniques and a great jumping off board for mastering numerous techniques needed for not only Windows app development but also deployment of modern cloud-aware apps.

.NET Coding Pack is distributed online as a simple automated installer that will install all necessary applications, plugins, and data libraries, starting with the Visual Studio Core – the latest code editor that is oriented on supporting beginners and students on their journey of mastering coding.

In fact, Visual Studio Core will automatically launch after completing the .NET Coding Pack installation procedure and load the first tutorial page that can lead newcomers through numerous lessons that will introduce them to the basics of C# programming language, such as proper code formatting rules, all types of Statements, Strings, the function of the Compiler, and much more. From there, users are encouraged to master each of the available tutorials, examples, and sample programs, take advantage of simple step-by-step support, and experiment and grow their knowledge base.

.NET Coding Pack consists of a Visual Studio Code editor, the .Net SDK, and various .NET extensions for Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code is a lightweight source code editor that supports a wide selection of popular programming languages such as C#, F#, .NET Interactive notebooks, JavaScript, C, C++, HTML, CSS, and others. It also comes with a wide array of built-in features such as Live Share collaboration (with support for real-time code editing and debugging), full theme and color marking support, task automation, side-by-side code viewer, GitHub export tool, and much more.

  • Provides a collection of coding applications and resources for beginners
  • Simplifies the process of setting up a modern working environment for learning modern coding techniques
  • Offers tutorials, examples, and sample programs to help users grow their knowledge base
  • Includes a lightweight code editor with built-in features for various programming languages
  • Comes with a simple automated installer and is free to use on modern Windows OS
  • Limited to programming languages such as Python, Java, C#, and .Net
  • May not offer advanced features and functionalities required for professional-level software development
.NET Coding Pack is 100% FREE and can be used on all modern versions of Windows OS (10 and 11).