The next-generation speech engine leverages Deep Learning technology

Dragon Professional

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Dragon Professional is a professional-grade voice recording assistant that can accurately transcribe live spoken world sessions into usable professional documents, enabling businesses and teams of all sizes to expand the way they are interacting with their daily productivity tasks and enabling them to keep up with their documentation even on the road or in the field.

Built on top of the next-generation deep learning-powered speech engine, Dragon Professional can accurately, quickly, and reliably transcribe, and dictate documents of all types and sizes, both locally on PC and on the go via included mobile app.

To deploy Dragon Professional to their work machines, users simply must purchase a license, and download and install an automated installer that will quickly integrate the industry-leading voice recognition and speech-to-text service into a wide variety of Windows PC productivity scenarios. The voice controls are compatible with many popular productivity apps such as Office suite, Google Docs, and even Google Chrome, which enables users to use their voice to navigate web pages, post text reports, and much more.

Unlock the power of your voice with Dragon

Dragon Home
Dictate documents, send emails, search the Web, and more - at home or in school

Dragon Professional Individual
Put your voice to work and improve business productivity

Dragon Anywhere
Dictation and text-to-speech app for iOS and Android. Create documents of any length and edit, format, and share them directly from your mobile device

One of the most important capabilities of Dragon Professional is its accurate and reliable recognition of the spoken word. The service achieves an impressive accuracy rate, and it can become even more reliable after prolonged use when it can learn to better handle difficult or highly specific words or phrases. The app trains on the user's voice, so after a while it can become almost flawless in managing even highly technical sentences used in an incredible variety of business fields and project types.

Features and Highlights

  • Up to 99% speech recognition accuracy right out of the box
  • Create, format, and edit documents just by speaking
  • Create email and search the Web faster than ever using simple voice commands
  • Built on a 'Deep Learning' speech engine that continuously adjusts to your voice
  • Listen back to dictated text
  • Optimized for touchscreen devices
  • Includes Dragon Anywhere
  • Create and edit your spreadsheets with full-text control in Microsoft Excel
  • Create custom voice commands for standard texts
  • Import/export custom word lists for your sector
  • Turn recordings into editable text
  • Automatically transcribe your recordings
  • Sync customizations with the Dragon Anywhere mobile app
  • Combine with the Nuance PowerMic for ease-of-use
  • Network-managed licenses and volume discounts

Most users will first invest their time in learning to manage live dictation mode, where Dragon Professional can help them quickly draft documents and emails completely hands-free. To take full control over the text that is written, users must learn a set of navigation, formatting, punctuation, and navigation commands that needs to be spoken during dictation. Once this skill is learned, the Dragon Professional can dramatically expand document generation for busy professionals. Other services that can accelerate daily workflow include transcription of previously recorded audio recordings, controlling the web browser via voice (requires an additional plugin), and training service that can increase the vocabulary of Dragon Professional with project-specific words, phrases, and sentences.

The interface of Dragon Professional is simple in both design and usability, even though its UI style has become a bit outdated in 2023. The main control surface of the app is a floating dashboard with less than a dozen commands that the user can set on the screen anywhere he likes. From there users can activate listening mode and take control over the app's other features.

Dragon Professional is a premium application that can is optimized for all modern versions of Windows OS. Its mobile iOS/Android version is accessible via a subscription service called Dragon Anywhere.

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