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    Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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Duplicate Cleaner by DigitalVolcano Software Ltd. is a robust PC software designed to efficiently identify and remove duplicate files from your system. With its advanced algorithms, it scans your computer for duplicate files such as documents, images, videos, and music files, allowing you to reclaim valuable disk space and organize your files more effectively.

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You'd be surprised just how many duplicate documents, photos, music, and other files build up on your Windows Computer. Duplicate Cleaner for Windows 11/10 can find them and help you safely remove them: saving space and simplifying your life! Finding similar photos or images, even when edited, rotated or resized, is no problem with Duplicate Cleaner for PC. The fastest and most popular tool for finding duplicate files! It can scan all popular music formats. Find duplicates by Artist, Name or Title (exact or similar matches), or just compare the music, ignoring the tags.


Finding duplicate files
The app's straightforward interface makes it a snap to start searching for duplicates. You can narrow your search by the type of file, sizes, dates, and more. You can specify which drives and folders to look in, and you even get an option to search inside Zip archives.

Find duplicate images
The tool gives you the power to clean up your image library. Using an advanced visual comparison technique, you can find images that have been rotated, flipped, retouched, resized, or saved in a different format. You control how exact or lose you want the comparison to be.

Find duplicate music
You can scan and compare audio files using DuplicateCleaner. Supported formats are MP3, OGG, WMA, M4A, M4P (iTunes), AAC, FLAC, and WAV. Compare the same or similar music tags across formats by Artist, Title, and Album.

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Key Features
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fast and accurate duplicate file detection
  • Support for various file types including documents, images, videos, and music
  • Flexible scanning options including file content comparison and file name matching
  • Preview feature to review duplicate files before deletion
  • Customizable file selection and deletion criteria
  • Integration with Windows Explorer for seamless file management
  • Comprehensive reporting and logging capabilities
User Interface

It boasts a clean and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users of all levels to navigate and utilize its features effectively. The main dashboard provides clear options for initiating scans, reviewing results, and managing duplicate files.

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Installation and Setup

The installation process for Duplicate Cleaner is straightforward and does not require any advanced technical knowledge. Users simply need to download the installer from the DigitalVolcano Software Ltd. website, run the executable file, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Once installed, the app prompts users to configure scanning options and preferences to tailor the software to their specific needs.

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How to Use
  • Launch the tool.
  • Select the folders or drives you want to scan for duplicate files.
  • Choose the scanning method and criteria (e.g., file content comparison, file name matching).
  • Initiate the scan and wait for the program to analyze the selected files.
  • Review the scan results and select the duplicate files you want to remove.
  • Use the preview feature to ensure you're deleting the correct files.
  • Click on the "Delete Selected" button to remove the duplicate files from your system.

Is Duplicate Cleaner compatible with Windows 11/10?
Yes, Duplicate Cleaner is fully compatible with Windows 11 and 10, as well as earlier versions of Windows, including Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Can Duplicate Cleaner detect duplicate files with different file names?
Yes, it offers flexible scanning options that allow users to detect duplicate files based on file content comparison, even if they have different file names.

Does Duplicate Cleaner support network drives and external storage devices?
Yes, it can scan network drives and external storage devices connected to your computer, allowing you to identify and remove duplicate files from all accessible locations.

Can I undo the deletion of duplicate files in Duplicate Cleaner?
Unfortunately, it does not offer an undo feature. It's recommended to carefully review the scan results before deleting any files to avoid accidental removal of important data.

Does Duplicate Cleaner offer customer support for technical issues?
Yes, DigitalVolcano Software Ltd. provides comprehensive customer support for this app, including troubleshooting assistance and software updates.


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Single user license is US$39.00

System Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Processor: Intel or AMD processor
  • RAM: 2GB or higher
  • Disk Space: 50MB of free disk space
  • Internet Connection: Required for software activation and updates
  • Fast and accurate duplicate file detection
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable scanning options
  • Integration with Windows Explorer
  • Regular updates and customer support
  • It's been a long time since there was an update on the official website
  • Lack of an undo feature for file deletion
  • Pricing may be considered a bit steep for some users
  • Limited support for macOS and Linux platforms

Duplicate Cleaner is a powerful and efficient tool for identifying and removing duplicate files from your PC. With its intuitive interface, customizable scanning options, and integration with Windows Explorer, it simplifies the process of organizing and optimizing your file system. While it may lack some advanced features found in competing software, Duplicate Cleaner offers reliable performance and excellent value for users seeking to declutter their digital workspace.

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  • Duplicate Cleaner Free 5.0.13 Screenshot 4
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What's new in this version:

Duplicate Cleaner Free 5.0.13
- Image search - custom similarity setting
- Import CSV (with optional user added columns)
- Desktop added in folder tree
- Added-"drop folder tree" in Parent menu
- Added-"protect/unprotect" in Parent menu
- Smooth scrolling and updating added as option (on by default)
- Save scan - show last loaded name in save box
- Filter to selected rows
- Filter by protected files
- Fix-Checkbox doubleclick opens files
- Fix-Recalculate group shading when filtered
- Fix-Selection highlight colour changes depending on group background colour
- Fix-Image preview - keyboard F4 to close
- Fix-Text matching SelAsst operations fail on Numeric columns
- Fix-Re-filtering in tile mode doesnt work
- Installer DotNet framework >=4.7.2 check
- Hungarian and Slovak translations updated.
- Manual updated

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.1.4
- Translation update and fixes
- Command line license key registration implemented for version 4.x installer (-register="00000-00000-00000-00000-000000" flag)
- Bugfix: Not matching first folders in root in 'Same folder name'

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.1.2
- Move/Copy via Windows Shell now optional
- Improvements for users with High-Contrast themes
- A few other minor tweaks

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.1.1
- Can now read metadata from Camera RAW Images (Scanning and preview)
- Option to use embedded preview when scanning Camera RAW Images [Faster]
- Improvements & fixes to Image Preview window
- New list filters: Addded file type groupings & improved file filter editor
- Added .jpe file extension support
- New Criteria - Ignore duplicate groups within same folder (Duplicates in different folders only)
- Thumbnail mode now supports RAW Images (Uses embedded JPG)
- Keyboard shortcut for Find window: 'Find next' [CTRL-N]
- Selected rows now retained upon sorting list
- Added option to turn off duplicate list tooltips
- Added command line switch to skip loading of folders from profile [/nf]
- Removed extra comma on end of CSV export
- Bug loading 4.0.5 and earlier profiles into 4.1.0
- Current line moves to top of list after marking with Image Preview
- Image mode - 'Exact match' not working for RAW Images

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.1.0
- New comparison mode: Similar Audio
- View the Duplicate list by grouped and thumbnail views
- Unique mode improvements for drive/folder comparison projects
- Selection Assistant option: Work on unmarked groups only.
- Selection Assistant improvements for 'All but one in each group' (Utilize existing marks, prefer longer file names)
- Saved file filters can now be combined
- Improved checks to for initial folders mapping to the same location
- Duplicate folder list column widths saved
- Various other fixes

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.0.5
- Alternative delete method added (Non-windows shell based)
- Bugfix: Crash if criteria date less than 2038 or greater than 1901
- Bugfix: Incorrect saving of font option in certain locales (Strikethru issue)
- Bugfix: Crash on some systems due to application instance checking in .NET Framework
- Bugfix: Copyitem error when attempting to move/copy deleted files
- Various other minor fixes
- Improvements made to installer/uninstaller

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.0.4
- Image mode - 100% Exact pixels comparison mode added
- Image Preview - various improvements including selectable thumbnail size/ratio
- Overwrite/Rename option for Move/Copy function
- Improved 'Find in list' functionality : selectable search columns
- Improved layout for High-DPI/Large font/4K displays
- Improved group ordering
- Refresh list (check files) operation now background threaded
- Bugfix - Database not found when using network UNC based profile location
- Bufgix - Hard linking on read-only files leaves temp files
- Bufgix - slow down when cycling through files with Image Preview window open
- Bugfix - Removed group-related filters on unique tab
- Bugfix - List position changes when marking and current position >50000
- Other bugfixes

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.0.3
- Drive group view in path scan list
- Hash cache improvements

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.0.2
- Support for RAW camera image formats
- Support for High-DPI and large font displays
- Audio data only comparison mode
- Progress indicator when frontloading files to delete/move
- Bugfixes: Windows Vista crash, Windows 8/10 hardlinking, other minor fixes

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.0.1
- Database issue fixes
- CSV import issue fixed
- Adding folders from command line issue resolved
- License issue fixes

Duplicate Cleaner Free 4.0.0
- Updated GUI
- Find unique files functionality
- Match by same file extension
- Match by same folder name (full path or to a specified depth)
- Size matching tolerance
- Date matching tolerance
- Exclude filter can now work on folder names
- Flag input folder(s) as a Master - Only files which duplicate the ones in the Master will be listed
- Flag input folder(s) as Protected - you can't mark or remove from a protected folder
- Image Mode - Match by tags (Digitised dates, comments, ImageUniqueID, etc)
- Image Mode - Match by closest distance (for geotagged images)
- Audio Mode - Match by more tags including TrackNo, year, genre, comment, AmazonID, MusicBrainzID, AcoustID, etc
- Selection Assistant - Undo last selection
- "Search within list" feature
- Hash Caching - speeds up repeat searches
- Now uses the windows file engine for deletion, etc - gives more feedback and is much faster
- NET Framework 4.5 support
- Many other fixes and optimizations

Duplicate Cleaner Free 3.2.7
- Scroll lock key support in main list.
- User-definable database location via ini file
- File discovery speed improved (Esp. NAS/Network drive)
- Send license to program via installer (-register="00000-00000-00000-00000-000000" flag)
- Bugfix: Arithmetic overflow error during scan.
- Bugfix: Crash when moving mouse over list [Tooltip]
- Bugfix: Move image preview window on back screen if outside bounds
- Bugfix: Splash screen exception if system busy.
- Other minor fixes