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Exiland Backup Pro

Exiland Backup Pro

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    Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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Use Exiland Backup Professional to prevent critical data loss from viruses, PC breakdowns, unwanted changes, HDD crushes, and other threats. In case of loss of files, simply restore them from a backup. Restores files from a backup. You can quickly restore the lost files to the specified folder or to their original location.

Exiland Backup Pro is the full-featured edition. It includes all the features of the Standard edition, plus it allows you to back up files from multiple PCs through a local network, back up of open (locked) files using VSS (Volume Shadow Copy), FTP, SFTP (SSH) and save backups to any storage. The Professional edition runs as a Windows service in background regardless of user sessions. It is excellently suited for backing up any data in a local network: work documents, MS Outlook files (*.ost, *.pst), MS Exchange, database files, website files, user profiles, etc. It gives you full control over the backup creation. You can download the demo version of the program to try it out before you decide to purchase it.

All you have to do is to create a task by specifying the source folders that you want to copy, the schedule for running the task, and the folder where to save the backups. Everything else the program will do for you!

In addition, you can copy the source files with the specified compression level to a ZIP archive, encrypt them, split the archives into volumes, and duplicate backups to any locations for greater security: Local Network, NAS storages, FTP, SSH servers (UNIX), synchronize files and much more. Exiland Backup runs on all Windows and Windows Server operating systems.

Features and Highlights
  • Supports four backup types: Full, Incremental, Differential, and Synchronization of files
  • Backs up open (locked) files used by other applications such as MS Outlook (*.pst, *.ost), MSSQL (*.mdf, *.ldf), and etc. (VSS - Volume Shadow Copy)
  • Can copy files from different computers through LAN
  • Backs up the data from local and network drives, removable devices, flash drives, NAS, FTP, SFTP (SSH) servers
  • Uses fast multi-threaded copying
  • Compresses the data using the standard ZIP format, strong AES encryption; supports of archives greater than 2.1 GB
  • Runs as a Windows service
  • Accesses network folders using the specified account (login and password)
  • Duplicates backups
  • Logs all the backup operations
  • Supports three types of notifications: e-mail, SMS, or screen
  • Allows the users to view and restore files from backups
Note: Limited functionality in the demo version. The trial period is 30 days.

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What's new in this version:

Exiland Backup Pro 6.7
- a choice on the pop-up panel: Shut down PC, Reboot PC, Sleep mode, etc. after completing jobs
- a "Description" field to the list of connections in the general settings
- “Cancel current job” and “Cancel all jobs” buttons to the “Queue” window
- The "Tools - Set password" setting has been moved to the general settings of the program
- job condition: laptop battery level

- bug with job schedule calculation
- Solved the problem when deleting a backup job, backups created by the job were not deleted.
- freeze when deleting a backup if there are more than 800 thousand files
- an error in case of a sudden PC reboot
- an error in saving a template in synchronization rules
- other errors and shortcomings

Exiland Backup Pro 6.6
- the ability to create and edit connection profiles (FTP, SFTP (SSH), and SMTP)
- the ability to move backup jobs and groups using the mouse (Drag&Drop)
- the "[x] Check for a previous backup on disk" option in the task settings

- "Pause after the job has been executed" setting (added selection of condition)

- Solved the problem of failed completion of a backup job due to a limitation on the number of FTP/SFTP connections
- a bug with calculating the task launch schedule
- bug with job schedule calculation
- Solved the problem of "sliding" of some interface elements at a scale of 150% and higher
- Solved other visual interface scaling issues
- 7z archiving error: failed files were not marked
- an error in executing a backup job if the source paths are specified by volume name
- other bugs and shortcomings

Exiland Backup Pro 6.5
- Ability to specify a separate schedule for full and incremental (differential) backups
- The "Start time" tab at the bottom of the main window was improved
- Ability to delete incremental (differential) backups after a successful full backup
- Added setting "Destination folder scan frequency" in synchronization rules
- Now you can choose when to delete old backups (before or after the backup job)
- Ability to edit a comment to a created backup
- Solved the problem of restoring files to the original location via FTP, SFTP (SSH)
- Added the progressbar when copying large files
- Reduced probability of the "Access Denied" error
- Fixed memory leak
- Fixed some internal problems and defects

Exiland Backup Pro 6.4
- Created the Updater program for automatic updating of the Exiland Backup
- the ability to limit the storage of backups by time
- the ability to limit the storage of backups by the total volume of backups
- display of information about the free disks space in the task settings
- columns "Source data size" and "Size of backups" in the list of tasks
- "Enable" and "Disable" context menu items to the task list for quick task management
- option "[x] Encrypt file names" for 7-Zip archives
- search by task name CTRL+F (search) and F3 (search continue)

- error deleting rows from the "Created backups" tab for tasks with the "Synchronization (Update)" type
- some visual and software defects

Exiland Backup Pro 6.3
- Added support for 7-Zip format and restore files from .7z archives
- Added protection against ransomware viruses (ability to save archives with an any extension)
- Warning about source files encrypted by a ransomware virus
- Added the new type of job completion notification - Windows Event Log
- Optimized work of copying threads
- Improved log message output
- Translated the program into Italian
- Fixed small bugs and defects

Exiland Backup Pro 6.2
- Added full encryption of the "ExilandBackup.tid" settings file (including IP addresses, server names, logins, passwords)
- Optimized algorithm for copying files via FTP, SFTP (SSH)
- Added support for TLS 1.2 when sending e-mail notifications from the program
- Improved error handling
- Prevented some potential problems in program algorithms
- Minor interface improvements

- error deleting a backup from a duplicate location
- the issue of saving the position of the main window
- other bugs and defects

Exiland Backup Pro 6.1
- filters for source files by size, date, and age
- support for regular expressions for filters of source files (in the paths of source folders, when selecting files by mask and excluding subfolders)
- "Description" column in the task list (hidden by default)
- support for high resolutions (High DPI, Per Monitor v2)
- support for the [BackupFullPath_Temp] variable - the full path to the ZIP archive created in the temporary local folder
- support for path by volume name for backing up the "ExilandBackup.tid" settings file

- memory leak in some cases; added memory leak control
- bug with creating shadow copy "VSS_E_SNAPSHOT_SET_IN_PROGRESS" sometimes occurring in service
- a number of other bugs and defects

- Improved source folder properties window
- If the file is locked by another process, display detailed information about the process that locked the file
- Correct scaling of fonts and UI elements with a scale of 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%, etc
- RAM memory usage during file scanning was optimized
- Accelerated algorithm for analyzing changes
- Speed up checking the integrity of a ZIP archive
- Accelerated user interface of the program
- Improved behavior of the program when the PC enters Sleep mode
- Small improvements in the program interface
- If you change the password for the FTP, SFTP account in one task, the password will also change for other tasks

Exiland Backup Pro 6.0
- Optimized the structure of data stored in memory; accelerated the algorithms of the program
- Redesigned the scan section (the "Preview" button on the top panel)
- Redesigned the section for viewing and restoring files from a backup
- Accelerated work with incremental and differential backups
- Solved the problem of switching to summer/winter time
- Made more reliable deletion of old backups
- Support for paths by volume name in the sections "Task conditions" and "Launch external applications"
- The program was translated into French and Hungarian

- digital signature for program files
- flexibility when configuring saving the original path inside a backup
- support for file versioning during synchronization
- support for masks inside a path of the source folder, for example, "C:Users*My DocumentsImages ???.jpg"
- automatic deletion of old logs for task groups
- support for variables in the subject of e-mail notifications and when launching external applications: BackupFullPath, BackupFileName, BackupName, Status,% TEMP%
- protection of disconnections when scanning the source FTP/SSH directories

- memory leak (Memory Leak) in case of incorrect task completion
- the "Access Denied" error when replacing files during synchronization
- the problem of saving the position and size of the window
- the issue of deleting empty folders after deleting old backups
- error of creating a Differential backup even if there are no changes
- some errors when scanning and parsing the listing of FTP/SSH directories
- incorrect behavior of the program when double-clicking on the tray icon
- file replacement issue when using SFTP protocol
- issue with Autostart Explorer after creating a shadow copy
- the appearance of the Explorer window after creating a shadow copy
- a number of other bugs and defects
- "Out of memory" error when there is a large number of source files in a single task

Exiland Backup Professional 5.0
- Added: Analyzing ExitCode (ReturnCode) after running external applications
- Added: Global file masks editor
- Improved: User interface
- Fixed: Some bugs and defects

Exiland Backup Professional 4.9
- Added: Option "[x] Follow symbolic links" in the task settings
- Fixed: The 'EDatabaseError: Connection is not defined' error when exiting from sleep mode was fixed
- Fixed: The bug when selecting excluding sub-folders of large nesting was fixed
- Added: The program was translated into Traditional Chinese (Taiwan/Hong Kong)
- Fixed: Other inner bugs and defects are fixed

Exiland Backup Professional 4.8
- Improved: The speed of scanning files over FTP, SFTP (SSH) was increased by 5-10 times
- Improved: User interface
- Added: The program interface was translated into Polish
- Added: Information about the size of each file being copied is added
- Fixed: The bug of reading directories over SFTP protocol in UTF-8 encoding
- Fixed: The bug of reading directories by mask is fixed
- Fixed: Other bugs fixed

Exiland Backup Professional 4.7
- Added: Garbage Collector was added ("Tools - Junk / Garbage files" menu item)
- Added: Deleting already copied files if a task was cancelled.
- Improved: If connection to the source is broken automatically reconnecting while files scanning
- Added: Control of an unexpectedly interrupted task and notification.
- Fixed: The error "Range check error"
- Fixed: Other defects. Detailed logging of errors.
- Fixed: The problem with shutting down PC was solved.
- Improved: Limited number of files displayed in the log
- Improved: Internal optimization of the file scanning is performed

Exiland Backup Professional 4.6
- Added: New version of website was released
- Added: SFTP (SSH) protocol support
- Improved: The algorithm of copying files via FTP was optimized
- Added: Temporary folder cleanup before each task execution
- Added: Context popup menu in the tooltip above the notification area
- Fixed: The bug with restoring files from a ZIP archive larger than 2.1 GB
- Fixed: The problem with parsing of FTP directories was solved
- Fixed: The problem with long path names on an FTP server (longer than 259 characters) was solved
- Fixed: Hang of the program when copying files via FTP was fixed
- Improved: Some improvements in user interface
- Fixed: Other bugs and defects

Exiland Backup Professional 4.5
- Added: The Exiland Backup website now has its own forum
- Added: User interface was translated to Ukrainian and Turkish languages
- Improved: FTP file transfer speed is increased
- Added: Restoring access rights (CHMOD) when restoring files on FTP (Linux)
- Added: Checking integrity of ZIP archive after creating
- Added: The option "[x] Overwrite if backup already exists" is added
- Added: Ability to specify source folders by mask, using the characters "*" and "?" is added
- Improved: Password requirement for FTP settings (password may not be specified) is cancelled
- Fixed: The problem of synchronization with the root folder on FTP is solved
- Fixed: Some bugs and defects are fixed