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Download Exiland Backup Pro 6.0

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What's new in this version:

Exiland Backup Pro 6.0
- Optimized the structure of data stored in memory; accelerated the algorithms of the program
- Redesigned the scan section (the "Preview" button on the top panel)
- Redesigned the section for viewing and restoring files from a backup
- Accelerated work with incremental and differential backups
- Solved the problem of switching to summer/winter time
- Made more reliable deletion of old backups
- Support for paths by volume name in the sections "Task conditions" and "Launch external applications"
- The program was translated into French and Hungarian

- digital signature for program files
- flexibility when configuring saving the original path inside a backup
- support for file versioning during synchronization
- support for masks inside a path of the source folder, for example, "C:Users*My DocumentsImages ???.jpg"
- automatic deletion of old logs for task groups
- support for variables in the subject of e-mail notifications and when launching external applications: BackupFullPath, BackupFileName, BackupName, Status,% TEMP%
- protection of disconnections when scanning the source FTP/SSH directories

- memory leak (Memory Leak) in case of incorrect task completion
- the "Access Denied" error when replacing files during synchronization
- the problem of saving the position and size of the window
- the issue of deleting empty folders after deleting old backups
- error of creating a Differential backup even if there are no changes
- some errors when scanning and parsing the listing of FTP/SSH directories
- incorrect behavior of the program when double-clicking on the tray icon
- file replacement issue when using SFTP protocol
- issue with Autostart Explorer after creating a shadow copy
- the appearance of the Explorer window after creating a shadow copy
- a number of other bugs and defects
- "Out of memory" error when there is a large number of source files in a single task

Exiland Backup Professional 5.0
- Added: Analyzing ExitCode (ReturnCode) after running external applications
- Added: Global file masks editor
- Improved: User interface
- Fixed: Some bugs and defects

Exiland Backup Professional 4.9
- Added: Option "[x] Follow symbolic links" in the task settings
- Fixed: The 'EDatabaseError: Connection is not defined' error when exiting from sleep mode was fixed
- Fixed: The bug when selecting excluding sub-folders of large nesting was fixed
- Added: The program was translated into Traditional Chinese (Taiwan/Hong Kong)
- Fixed: Other inner bugs and defects are fixed

Exiland Backup Professional 4.8
- Improved: The speed of scanning files over FTP, SFTP (SSH) was increased by 5-10 times
- Improved: User interface
- Added: The program interface was translated into Polish
- Added: Information about the size of each file being copied is added
- Fixed: The bug of reading directories over SFTP protocol in UTF-8 encoding
- Fixed: The bug of reading directories by mask is fixed
- Fixed: Other bugs fixed

Exiland Backup Professional 4.7
- Added: Garbage Collector was added ("Tools - Junk / Garbage files" menu item)
- Added: Deleting already copied files if a task was cancelled.
- Improved: If connection to the source is broken automatically reconnecting while files scanning
- Added: Control of an unexpectedly interrupted task and notification.
- Fixed: The error "Range check error"
- Fixed: Other defects. Detailed logging of errors.
- Fixed: The problem with shutting down PC was solved.
- Improved: Limited number of files displayed in the log
- Improved: Internal optimization of the file scanning is performed

Exiland Backup Professional 4.6
- Added: New version of website was released
- Added: SFTP (SSH) protocol support
- Improved: The algorithm of copying files via FTP was optimized
- Added: Temporary folder cleanup before each task execution
- Added: Context popup menu in the tooltip above the notification area
- Fixed: The bug with restoring files from a ZIP archive larger than 2.1 GB
- Fixed: The problem with parsing of FTP directories was solved
- Fixed: The problem with long path names on an FTP server (longer than 259 characters) was solved
- Fixed: Hang of the program when copying files via FTP was fixed
- Improved: Some improvements in user interface
- Fixed: Other bugs and defects

Exiland Backup Professional 4.5
- Added: The Exiland Backup website now has its own forum
- Added: User interface was translated to Ukrainian and Turkish languages
- Improved: FTP file transfer speed is increased
- Added: Restoring access rights (CHMOD) when restoring files on FTP (Linux)
- Added: Checking integrity of ZIP archive after creating
- Added: The option "[x] Overwrite if backup already exists" is added
- Added: Ability to specify source folders by mask, using the characters "*" and "?" is added
- Improved: Password requirement for FTP settings (password may not be specified) is cancelled
- Fixed: The problem of synchronization with the root folder on FTP is solved
- Fixed: Some bugs and defects are fixed

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