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EZ CD Audio Converter

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EZ CD Audio Converter

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    Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64 / Windows 11

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EZ CD Audio Converter is a CD Ripper, Audio Converter, Metadata Editor, and Disc Burner for Windows PC. Rip audio from CDs in perfect digital quality. Convert and encode audio files. Edit metadata of audio files. Burn audio CDs. Burn MP3 and data discs. EZ CD Audio Converter is the most fastest, easy-to-use, and comprehensive multi-format audio tool available. It is safe to say, no other audio software converts more audio file formats than the audio converter. If converting cd to mp3, flac to mp3, m4a to mp3, or wav to mp3, EZ CD Audio Converter is the best choice.

Audio CD Ripper
Rips audio CDs with accurate, high-performance CD ripping engine. Bypasses 'copy-protections'. Reads badly scratched discs. Reports errors on the discs. Reads the track titles from the Internet. Writes ID3/ID3V2/metadata. Allows you to edit the metadata and specify the filenames for the ripped files, and more.

Audio File Format Converter
Converts audio file formats from one format to another. Splits CUE Sheets and encodes the music to individual files. Allows you to edit the ID3/ID3V2/metadata, and rename the output files, and more...

Audio CD Creator
Writes Audio CDs that are compatible with all home/car CD-players. Writes CD-Text. Supports CUE Sheets. Uses BURN-Proof for error-free CD burning.

MP3/WMA CD Creator
Writes MP3 CDs that can be played on MP3 compatible CD-players. Also writes WMA CDs, and standard Data CDs. Supports Unicode and long filenames. Uses BURN-Proof for error-free CD burning.

Supported file formats
3g2, 3ga, 3gp, aac, ac3, aif, aiff, ape, asf, au, avi, caf, cue, divx, dsf, dts, dtshd, dv, eac3, flac, flv, m2ts, m3u, m4a, m4b, mka, mkv, mov, mp1, mp2, mp3, mp4, mpc, mpeg, mpg, ogg, oma, omg, opus, ra, ram, rm, shn, spx, tak, tta, vob, w64, wav, webm, wma, wmv, wv.

Features and Highlights
  • Transfer your CD collection to audio files
  • Convert audio files for your portable device or phone
  • Compress audio files to save hard drive space
  • Burn custom audio CDs
  • Burn audio files to audio CDs
  • Convert audio files for use as a ringtone
  • Convert audio files not supported by other software
  • Convert audio bites from video files
  • Manage metadata of audio files
Note: 30 days trial version.

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What's new in this version:

EZ CD Audio Converter
Audio CD Ripper improvements for CD-Text, HDCD and Pre-Emphasis:
- HDCD detection & 24-bit output option
- Pre-Emphasis: De-emphasize 24-bit output option
- Option to *not overwrite* CD-Text information by Internet Disc Database metadata

Ripping log improvements:
- Shows whether HDCD detection was enabled
- Shows HDCD info for each track
- Shows whether CD-Text was read from the CD
- Shows whether CD-Text was retained as is in metadata
- Log CD-Text information that was read from the CD

Opus 1.5.1 codec update:
- Enabled Non-Linear Adaptive Coding Enhancer (NoLACE) (improved decoder speech quality at very low bit-rates down to 6 kbit/s)
- Enabled AVX2 optimizations (improved encoding & decoding performance on processors that support AVX2 instruction set)

EZ CD Audio Converter
- Opus 1.5.1 codec
- Improved audio quality & performance
- WavPack 5.7.0 codec
- Improved performance with the new multithreaded encoder that is used whenever there is performance benefit over parallel converters
- Monkey's Audio [APE] 10.55 codec
- Audio Engine performance optimizations
- Improved sample-exact fast seek feature (for cue/chapter/subtracks extraction)
- Added for the DSF, xHE-AAC [m4a], WMA, Musepack and FFmpeg [mp4,m4a,mkv,mka,etc] formats
- Improved for the AAC|HE-AAC(v2) [m4a] and ALAC [m4a] formats
- Fixed for the HE-AAC v2 (Parametric Stereo) [m4a] format (extracted sub-tracks were incorrectly decoded as mono resulting half-speed playback)
- Updated for all other audio file formats
- Wave [wav] improved support for decoding non-PCM formats
- Wave64 [w64] improved support for decoding non-PCM formats
- AIFF [aif aiff aifc] added support for decoding non-PCM formats
- Detect WebM files with *invalid* .ogg (Vorbis) or .opus (Opus) extensions and handle the files correctly
- Do not copy EBU R 128 / ReplayGain metadata from source file by default (when converting) (can be enabled from the Settings) (recommended to use the 'Scan loudness and include EBU R 128 | ReplayGain metadata' option instead to avoid mistakes)
- Option to auto-close conversion window after conversion task has successfully completed

EZ CD Audio Converter
- Support Matroska metadata [ .mka .mkv ] (read/write)
- Support WebM metadata [ .webm .weba ] (read/write)
- New TrueHD encoder [ .mka .m4a .truehd ]
- New E-AC-3 encoder [ .mka .m4a .eac3 ]
- New DTS encoder [ .mka .m4a .dts ]
- Updated AC-3 encoder [ .mka .m4a .ac3 ]
- Updated Exhale Extended HE-AAC encoder 1.2.1
- Preferred audio stream can now be chosen from the multi-stream file formats such as Matroska [ .mkv ] and MPEG-4 ISO FF [ .mp4 ]
- Improved automatic *best* audio stream selection from MPEG-4 ISO FF [ .mp4 ] (previously AAC had priority)
- Audio streams of video files now show more exact audio codec names [ AC-3, E-AC-3, AAC-LC, HE-AAC, xHE-AAC, DTS, DTS-HD, TrueHD ]
- Right-click to auto-fit column(s) in Audio CD Ripper & Audio Converter status window
- Add New Profile applies current settings (not defaults)
- Fix CD Ripper's CD-Player controls over volume control in scaled UI mode
- Improved WAV, AIFF and Wave64 metadata writing (automatically fix incorrectly aligned ID3 or other chunk written by a non-compliant software)
- Improved Profile Editor window
- Other minor user interface improvements

EZ CD Audio Converter
- Change log not available for this version

EZ CD Audio Converter
- Fixed manual MusicBrainz / Discogs / GD3 metadata search

EZ CD Audio Converter
- C++ compilers, libraries and runtime updates, performande benefits and general improvements
- FFmpeg 6.1 decoder
- FFmpeg 6.1 AC-3 encoder
- Monkey's Audio [ APE ] 10.29 Codec
- Adjusted metadata window edit-field margins (for usability)
- Keyboard shortcut [ F8 ] to start Rip CD / Convert
- Added tab stops to output audio format parameters' combo boxes (for accessibility)
- Bugfix: 'Copy external Cover Art file from Source Folder' feature in Audio Converter (Options) did not reliably work (the output folder was not always available/created when trying to copy the image file)

EZ CD Audio Converter
- Updated JPEG support (updated libjpeg6b to mozjpeg 4.1.1/libjpeg8d)
- Up to 20% smaller JPEG files with improved visual quality
- Improved JPEG decoding performance (faster UI with JPEG cover art)
- Non-standard JPEGs with more than 10 blocks/MCU now loaded without errors
- User interface improvements (icons, menus, languages)

EZ CD Audio Converter
- Updated 'Copy/Paste metadata' can now copy metadata from/to multiple files
- Amazon Cover Art search works again with all Amazon stores also added new Amazon stores
- New Options & DSP window tooltip-preview
- UI improvements
- Audio engine and codec improvements
- Performance enhancements
- Code cleanup
- Bug fixes

EZ CD Audio Converter
Improved Audio Converter metadata editing features:
- Copy/Paste metadata tags and pictures from a file to file(s)
- Assign metadata from filenames and filepaths
- Auto-number files' track number metadata
- Single-click clear metadata of selected files

- Rearranged Filenames Preview window
- Audio CD Ripper bugfix: Invalid "Track 00 error" was shown if an External File (log cue m3u images) Option and ReplayGain AlbumGain Option were both enabled

EZ CD Audio Converter
Improved output filename templates:
- Added tags to specify number of leading zeros for numerical values such as and
- Added (list order #) tag

- Improved Filename Preview / Rename window
- Option to specify the Gain of the DSD to PCM conversions (default +6 dB gain) [ 0 dB DSD = -6 dB FS PCM ]
- Improved SACD ISO support
- Vorbis Comment [ .flac .opus .ogg ] metadata option to write TRACKNUMBER=n / TRACKTOTAL=N | DISCNUMBER=n / DISCTOTAL=N (standard, default) or TRACKNUMBER=n/N | DISCNUMBER=n/N (old standard, user request). Vorbis Comment [ .flac .opus .ogg ] metadata reader can read all metadata standards.
- Fixed a bug in FLAC metadata reader not reading YEAR, ORIGINALYEAR, TOTALTRACKS, TOTALDISCS, TRACKNUMBER n/*N* DISCNUMBER n/*N* metadata
- Show CUE, LOG, M3U and Cover Art filenames in the ripping & conversion progress list
- Moved Audio CD Ripper Range-profile range-setting to the Options window
- Show correct bit depth for files (such as MKA, MKV) containing DTS audio
- Audio CD Ripper added option to specify LOG CUE M3U filename templates
- Audio CD Ripper Normal-profile option for asking confirmation before overwriting existing folder
- External Cover Art / LOG CUE M3U file name templates now can use translated tags

EZ CD Audio Converter
- FLAC 1.4.3 encoder wrote old vendor string (libFLAC 1.4.2) into the encoded audio files
- xHE-AAC encoder failed to encode low volume audio files

EZ CD Audio Converter
- Change log not available for this version

EZ CD Audio Converter 11.1.0
- Silence Removal DSP with an option for threshold dB or digital silence
- integrated File Explorer components
- FLAC 1.4.3 Codec
- Monkey's Audio [APE] 10.18 Codec
- Exhale Extended HE-AAC encoder

- Bugfix: 24-bit DTS was decoded in wrong format resulting in an invalid output file

EZ CD Audio Converter 11.0.3
- Updated Fraunhofer IIS xHE-AAC encoder v4.4.0
- Updated Fraunhofer IIS AAC-LC/HE-AAC (v2) encoder v4.4.0
- Updated integrated File Explorer components
- Removed legacy 32-bit shell extension from the 64-bit installation

EZ CD Audio Converter
Updated Metadata Panel:
- Standard/Extended - Standard as default (Change in 'View'->'Metadata Panel'->'Standard' / 'Extended')
- Standard: the standard set of metadata tags
- Extended: the full set of metadata tags
- Changed 'Comment' field to 4 full rows in Extended mode and 7 full rows in Standard mode

- Audio CD Ripper UPC/EAN (barcode) can be manually edited in the main user interface
- ID3v2.3 metadata: Always write Year / Date / Text to TYER frame for compatibility reasons (v11.0.0/1 used TYER+TDAT frames, older versions < v11.0 use TYER frame) (support reading of TYER+TDAT frames and TYER frame in any format)
- Language updates
- It was requested to (re)add cut/copy/paste/clear album art buttons to the album art popup. It was considered and tested. But we came to the conclusion that it is better that these functions are behind the right-click popup menu.
- The editing mode of the track and file lists are optimized for easier selection of items in v11. If you wish to have the classic behaviour with one-click edit you can turn on the Quick Edit mode in Settings / General / User interface.
- The UPPERCASE/lower case/Sentence case/Title Case functions work differently in v11. You must select the tracks / files and right-click on the column you want to modify. The case-functions are also included in metadata panel fields.

EZ CD Audio Converter
- Change log not available for this version

EZ CD Audio Converter
- Track/File list editing improvements
- Improved layout when metadata panel is set to left or right
- Improved metadata support, more metadata fields in the main user interface
- Improved support for Release Date metadata tag (Year-field can contain either Release Year or Release Date)
- Improved ID3V2 [mp3] and MPEG-4 ISO FF [m4a] metadata
- Filename generation tag takes year from Release Date
- Indicate 32-bit *floating point* audio in Bit Depth field

New recognized metadata fields:
- Mixer
- Engineer
- Producer
- DJ Mixer

Codec updates:
- Opus 1.4 with audio quality improvements
- Monkey's Audio [APE] 10.11 with support for 32-bit floating point samples compression

EZ CD Audio Converter
User interface updates:
- Album art viewer
- Dark mode fixes
- Improved metadata panel on left/right side
- Other minor improvements

- Updated Amazon Album Art search
- Updated WavPack 5.6.0 Codec
- Updated Monkey's Audio 9.20 Codec
- Updated Exhale 1.2.0 Extended HE AAC Encoder
- Fixed JPEG EXIF image rotation on image resizing
- Fixed FFMPEG 24-bit formats were decoded to 32-bit
- Fixed SACD ISO metadata was not correctly converted to Unicode
- General improvements and code optimizations

EZ CD Audio Converter
- FLAC 1.4.1 codec update
- LAME MP3 encoder 3.101 encoder update and performance improvements
- Monkey's Audio [APE] 8.92 codec update
- Updated the integrated File Explorer component with stability and visibility improvements
- OneDrive folders now available in the integrated File Explorer
- 'Music' folder now quickly accessible in the integrated File Explorer
- Audio Converter's 'Play' command now can play multiple files and opens files in the default audio player with 'OPEN' verb (previously 'PLAY' verb) (now works with all audio players such as Windows Media Player, Foobar2000, VLC, Winamp, etc)
- Bugfix: The last 4 columns in audio converter file list may have been automatically incorrectly resized (in the previous 10.2 version only)
- Bugfix: Audio CD Ripper status window was missing *album*/loudness/gain/peak (many last versions)
- Bugfix: 2nd (multichannel) TOC was not read from SACD ISO if the file extension [.iso] was not in lowercase (as long as there's been SACD ISO support)
- Bugfix: WMV (Windows Media Video) file without audio tracks resulted to a WMA decoder misbehaviour that crashed the app (very long time)
- Other minor improvements

EZ CD Audio Converter
Codec updates: FLAC 1.4.0, Monkey's Audio 8.65, AC-3 Encoder [FFMPEG 5.1.1], FFMPEG 5.1.1, Exhale Extended HE-AAC
- Loudness is now shown as LUFS (EBU R 128) by default
- Configurable to show ReplayGain Loudness or ReplayGain Gain
- Lossy to Lossless file format conversion now defaults to 16-bit final output
- Configurable to 16-bit, 24-bit, or 32-bit (float)
- Audio CD burning normalization setting as LUFS (EBU R 128)
- Updated EBU R 128 loudness scanner with performance improvements
- Improved loading of (invalid) Cue Sheet [.cue] files
- Improved Cue Sheet [.cue] error reporting
- Improved support for multi-file Cue Sheet [.cue] files (e.g. Vinyl; one file per multiple tracks per side A/B)
- Bugfix: SACD ISO decoder failed to seek over 4GB {Integer overflow} (tracks with start position >4GB were not extracted correctly)

EZ CD Audio Converter 10.1.2
- FLAC 1.3.4 update
- WavPack 5.5.0 update
- Monkey's Audio [ APE ] 8.42 update
- Fixed integrated File Explorer file view flickering in Dark Mode
- Startup improvements when started from Windows File Explorer context menu
- Audio CD Ripper: Silence removal/addition DSPs automatically disabled when creating file/track Cue Sheet [.cue] (would create non-valid Cue Sheet)

EZ CD Audio Converter
- Fixed the sluggish selection of files with album art (was a bug [C++ typo] in thumbnail creation code)
- Updated Monkey's Audio [ APE ] 8.12 Codec

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