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    Windows 10 / Windows 11

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FineVoice is a fully featured voice recorder and real-time voice modification desktop app that empowers users of all knowledge levels to quickly and reliably take full control over the way they record, process and broadcast their voice in real-time live streaming environments.

Built from the ground up by developers from FineShare, creators of webcam app FineCam, this voice recorder utility had managed to find great popularity with streamers, gamers, podcasters, and other audio content producers who don’t have additional manpower to handle various aspects of audio production live on the air. With a streamlined and easy-to-use interface, a wide variety of tools, an incredible variety of voice-altering effects, voice transcription and text-to-speech capability, and even a large library of fun sound effects, FineShare FineVoice can easily become one of the most reliable app companions to any live streaming session on the internet.

FineVoice is distributed as a fully automated installer that can be deployed on any modern desktop and laptop Windows PC in just a few moments by following simple on-screen commands. Once installed, users can open the main dashboard of the app that features simple to use tabbed interface with all most-used tools already being present in its primary home tab.

These tools are “Real Time Voice Changer” which can transform any voice with over 40 unique voice signatures, “Voice Recorder” for making local copies of voice sessions, tools like “Text to speech” and “Speech to text” to easily voice production, “Audio Extractor”, and even “Audio File Voice Changer” that can identify a voice in previously recorded audio file and change detected voice signature into a different vocal style. The bottom of the app features a “Recent recordings” module where users can easily browse their recently made audio sessions.

Real-Time Voice Changer
Transform your voice into different styles in Discord, Zoom, Google Meet, Minecraft, Skype, TeamSpeak, etc.

Voice Recorder
Capture sound coming from your computer, microphones, local files, and iPhone, and make high-quality recordings.

Speech to Text
Convert recordings to text quickly and accurately, including interviews, phone calls, lectures, and online meetings.

Text to Speech
Quickly generates 220 lifelike voiceovers in 40 languages for videos, podcasts, books, presentations.

Audio Extractor
Extract audio from any video file. Audio extraction can be done with just one click.

File Voice Changer
Quickly alter the voice of your audio file to make it sound more interesting.

Many streamers, podcasters, and other content producers are attracted by the Real Time Voice Changer tool, which can transform their voice with a simple click of a button. The app offers over 40 different voice signatures, including the ability to change famous film and television characters such as Minions, Optimus Prime, and many others. Real-time voice altering service can be finetuned with several on-screen controls for voice delay, pitch slider, reverb, volume, and more. Effects toolkit includes many popular effects such as Balance, Bass &treble, 10-band EW, and others.

This makes this app perfect for everything that includes voice recordings – from professional podcasts and audiobook productions to casual game live streams and chatting with friends.

Upgrade now to access the full features of FineVoice and save up to 60%!

The basic version of FineVoice can be used for FREE, enabling users to access a limited library of voice effects (5 voices, 30 sound effects, and limited voice Labo functionality), recording options (30-minute record limit), and text-voice-text functionality.

Limitation of the Free/Demo version:

  • Only 5 available voice effects
  • Only 30 available sound effects
  • Can only add up to 3 audio effects
  • Can only add up to 2 audio channels
  • Max 30 minutes recording limit
  • Max 250 characters per Text to Speech conversion
  • Can convert a maximum of up to 2000 characters
  • No custom adjustment
  • Max 30 seconds of transcription per Speech to Text transcription
  • Max 10 minutes of transcription per month
  • Speech to Text only supports .txt

Premium subscription tiers unlock the full capability of this app, removing all restrictions except some text-voice-text functionality.


FineVoice is a versatile app that offers a wide range of tools for voice recording and manipulation, including real-time voice changing, voice transcription, and text-to-speech capability. Its user-friendly interface and easy deployment make it accessible to users of all levels.


The free version of the app has limitations on available voice effects, sound effects, and recording options. Upgrading to the premium subscription is required to access the full range of features, and some text-to-speech functionality remains restricted even with the upgrade.

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