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    Firework 2.39.13 LATEST

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    Marian Marinescu

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    Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64

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Firework is a program for turning web apps and websites into desktop apps. Firework by Startpack creates full-featured desktop programs from everyday web apps for work (online text editors, CRM systems, online accounting services) and entertainment (watching videos, listening to music, and others).

The user can always keep the created applications in Firework for Windows PC at hand on the Taskbar or in the System Tray. Such applications will launch instantly and are available at any time. Apps allow the user to receive notifications, customize icons, share apps with colleagues, and control them using keyboard shortcuts.

Applications are created using a link in the launch window. Applications that the user has not pinned to the Taskbar are also found in the launch window. Here the user can find a catalog with ready-made applications or create his own list of categories. It allows creating a comfortable workspace where users never lose their apps.

When will Firework be useful?
  • If the user does not want to wait tens of times a day for the page of the online service to load.
  • The online service does not have its own client program. Firework allows you to create a client program for any site in 2 clicks.
  • The client program of the online service has an unusual interface or is slow.
  • The user does not want to install a dozen client programs that work in isolation and clog up the computer.
  • It is necessary to simultaneously work with one site from under different accounts.
Features and Highlights
  • Make app from any site
  • Work with the application using several accounts at the same time
  • Notifications
  • Open and clone web app windows
  • Browser tabs

Why is Firework Better than Browser Tabs?
Web applications should always be easily accessible, but browser tabs don't differentiate between web apps and other tabs. This makes finding the right web application time-consuming and frustrating.

Why is Firework Better than the Favorites Bar?
While links on the Favorites bar are convenient, opening them results in the web application's tab getting lost among other tabs. Bookmarks always open a new tab instead of switching to an already open web application.

Why is Firework Better than Pinned Tabs?
Pinned tabs are useful, but if you accidentally close the browser window with pinned tabs and have another window open, the pinned tabs can be lost. Firework ensures your important web applications remain accessible without this risk.

Why is Firework Better than Start Pages and Quick Dial?
Browser start pages have the same limitations as the Favorites bar, and in some browsers, they can take several seconds to load. It offers a quicker, more efficient solution.

Why is Firework Better than Virtual Desktops?
Virtual desktops can make finding your open applications a hassle, requiring you to remember which desktop has the application you need. The app eliminates this unnecessary complexity, keeping your workflow smooth and efficient.

Why is Firework Better than Native Desktop Versions of Web Applications?
Native desktop versions of web applications often lack the full functionality available on web platforms. Firework bridges this gap, offering the benefits of both web and desktop environments in a seamless, integrated experience.


Firework Free
  • Turn any everyday websites into desktop apps
  • Pin web apps on Taskbar or Dock to keep them on-hand
  • Instant launch web apps by using hotkeys
  • One site under different accounts at the same time
  • Web apps are ready to use immediately - 2 web apps
  • Web apps desktop notifications - 2 web apps
Firework Pro - $ 2.99 per month or Firework Ultimate - $ 38.99 one-time
  • Turn any everyday websites into desktop apps
  • Pin web apps on Taskbar or Dock to keep them on-hand
  • Instant launch web apps by using hotkeys
  • Web apps are ready to use immediately
  • Web apps desktop notifications
  • One site under different accounts at the same time
  • Customize icons and colors of web apps
  • Open and clone web app windows
  • Browser tabs
Free edition limitations:
  • Web apps that are ready to use immediately: 2 apps
  • Web apps desktop notifications: 2 apps
  • Customize icons and colors of web apps: 2 apps
  • Ease of Access: Apps can be pinned to Taskbar/System Tray.
  • Instant Launch: Applications launch instantly, always accessible.
  • Customization: Customize icons, receive notifications, share apps.
  • Multi-Account Support: Work with one site using multiple accounts.
  • Convenience: Creates a client program for any site in 2 clicks.
  • Functionality: Better than browser tabs, favorites bar, pinned tabs, etc.
  • Seamless Integration: Combines web and desktop features effectively.
  • Free Version Limitations: Only 2 web apps for instant use and notifications.
  • Not a Browser Replacement: Still requires web browser for some functionalities.
Also Available: Download Firework for Mac

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What's new in this version:

Firework 2.39.13
- The full screen button works again
- Fixed a bug where the minimized application didn’t open
- Fixed a bug when application won't show after the first launch
- Internal improvements

Firework 2.38.6
- Now all users can synchronize the account on different computers and always can restore access to it
- A lot of internal improvements

Firework 2.37
- You can now try Firework Pro for 14 days for free
- Button clicks in the app’s context menu are fixed
- Drag-and-drop in the GMail app is available again

Firework 2.36
- a bug with the disappearance of the interface when opening the application windows
- a bug where the "maximize" button worked incorrectly after cloning a window
- a bug where some users are not reproduced video content on the Netflix platform

Firework 2.35
- Now you can use annual billing to get two months free
- Fixed a bug with incorrect work of external links in web apps

Firework 2.34
- We've started following Apple's new security policy
- Wrong displaying of text and icons in web apps captions was fixed