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Frase AI is a powerful tool for anyone who needs to research, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content quickly and easily. With the webapp, you can curate well-researched content briefs in just a few minutes, generate high-quality copy at the click of a button, and compare your content to your top search competitors to identify new opportunities and prevent content decay.

One of Frase's key features is its ability to analyze the top results for any target search query and curate SEO-optimized briefs in just minutes. This feature saves you hours of research time by centralizing the internet's best content in one place and generating full-length, optimized content briefs in just six seconds. Additionally, Frase's intuitive research panel allows you to review the main keywords, headers, and concepts in your SEO competitors' content in one place, and you can even create and store custom brief templates to streamline your workflow.

Frase's writing tools are also incredibly powerful, allowing you to write high-converting, SEO-optimized copy with just a few clicks. The "Write for Me" feature can autocomplete your sentences and even write entire new paragraphs, while AI templates can generate controlled outputs like blog intros, high-converting copywriting formulas, and more. Frase for Windows PC (Frase AI Content Generator) also includes an automatic paraphrasing and rewriting feature that can help you improve the quality of your writing and make writer's block a thing of the past.

Finally, It includes a dashboard that automatically identifies and categorizes your best content opportunities, using your Google Search Console data to serve up actionable insights about what you should work on next. This dashboard can help you identify pages that are starting to slip in the rankings and may need to be refreshed, as well as high-growing opportunity keywords you are not ranking for yet. You can even use Frase's automatic keyword clustering feature to inform your content strategy process and write like an expert, publishing content that Google will love.

Frase AI Writing Tools

AI Content Generator
Generate a short article for a given title.

Introduction Generator
Generate introductions for your blog.

Outline Generator
Meta descriptions for your blog post.

Paraphrasing Tool
Smart editor with AI paraphraser.

AI Paragraph Rewriter
Rewrite entire paragraphs in one go.

Blog Title Generator
Generate title ideas for your blog posts.

AI Description Generator
Meta descriptions for your blog post.

People Also Ask
Scrape Google’s People Also Ask.

Product Description
Create unique product descriptions.

Slogan Generator
Generate slogans for your products or services.

Summary Generator
Generate an original summary for an article or passage.

Value Proposition
Create a value proposition statement for your brand, product, or service.

AI Sentence Rewriter
Rewrite or rephrase sentences or paragraphs.


What is a paragraph rewriter tool?
A paragraph rewriter is a tool that helps to modify or rephrase sentences or paragraphs by reorganizing the sequence of words to enhance readability or facilitate better comprehension.

How can you use Frase's paragraph rewriter tool?
Using Frase's paragraph rewriter tool is simple. Just input a paragraph that contains up to 400 words, and Frase AI will perform its magic to rephrase the paragraph. The output will be the new paragraph that is rewritten by Frase AI Paragraph Rewriter.

Who can benefit from using a paraphrasing tool?
A paraphrasing tool can be used by anyone who writes frequently as part of their work, studies, or hobbies, including bloggers, marketers, copywriters, and students.

How does Frase AI work?
It employs its exclusive AI model trained on billions of web pages from across the internet. Think of Frase AI as an extensive autocomplete system - provide some text, and Frase AI will predict what follows next.

Does Frase AI use GPT-3 for generating AI content?
No, It uses its unique AI model. This enables us to provide greater flexibility, customized features, and more competitive pricing.

Is AI-generated content plagiarism-free and unique?
In general, AI-generated content is distinct and passes plagiarism checks. Nonetheless, it's best practice to use a plagiarism checker tool like Copyspace or Grammarly before publishing AI-written content.

What is Frase?
Frase AI assists in researching, writing, and optimizing SEO content of high quality in minutes, instead of hours. Frase is relied on by over 30,000 marketing, content, and SEO teams.

Which languages does Frase support?
Frase Content supports multilingual optimization in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Danish.

How does Frase compare to its competitors?
It offers solutions for the complete content workflow rather than only some aspects. Frase's individual tools and features help with research, outlining, writing, and optimization. It uses its exclusive technology rather than farming it out to companies like IBM or Google. Frase concentrates on analyzing the top 20 results on the SERP rather than the whole internet, resulting in better quality analysis and outcomes.

How much is a Frase subscription?
Frase is designed for agencies, marketing teams, and SEOs looking to scale their content creation process.
  • Solo: $15/mo
  • Basic: $45/mo
  • Team: $115/mo
Note: Get started with a 5-day trial for only $1. Cancel anytime.

  • Time-saving
  • Powerful writing tools
  • Content optimization
  • Multilingual support
  • Limited analysis scope
  • Subscription pricing

All in all, Frase AI Writer is a powerful and innovative tool that streamlines the content creation process by providing solutions for the entire content workflow. Its features, including paragraph rewriting, content brief creation, and SEO optimization, are designed to help content, SEO, and marketing teams research, write, and optimize high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

With its proprietary AI model and multilingual support, Frase offers unique and customizable solutions that set it apart from the competition. Overall, Frase AI is a game-changing tool that is trusted by thousands of teams and can help users achieve their content goals with ease.

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