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FreshBooks is a comprehensive web app designed to enable businesses of all sizes to transform the way they perform their daily invoicing and accounting tasks. It offers a wide array of basic and advanced functions to help businesses manage their finances efficiently, enabling them to transfer all tier financial procedures to the cloud where accounts and payment tasks can be accessed from any modern web browser.

Users of this app are empowered to easily track expenses, manage projects, create invoices, track time, generate financial reports, and much more.

All of this is hosted inside a streamlined and easy-to-use web interface that can easily become a cornerstone of financial management for freelancers, small businesses, and larger companies.

Key Features
  • Cloud-powered Accounting Software – Transfer all your accounting needs to a secure and easy-to-use cloud platform.
  • Invoicing – Create customized, professional invoices and send them to clients with ease.
  • Expense Tracking - Keep track of all business expenses and receive actionable reports.
  • Time Tracking – Track billable hours for employees and freelancers.
  • Project Management - Manage projects, collaborate with team members, and track project-related expenses.
  • Financial Reports - Generate detailed and actionable financial reports.
  • Flexible Subscription Plans – Pick the best premium plan that fits the needs of freelancers, self-employed, startup teams, and seasoned businesses.
How to Use

Since it lacks any local application, this accounting software can easily be deployed to organizations of all sizes with a simple visit to its official website from any modern browser. Users are required to create a new account and link it to a valid license tier (which includes a generous free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee test), after which they are free to start populating their accounts with financial structure, employee lists, and other business profile elements.

The FreshBooks for Windows PC gives tools to users to fully customize some aspects of its functioning, such as invoice branding. Invoices can be made to have custom line items, client lists, and custom branding that fits the promotional templates of any business. The core of the accounting process is time tracking, which this app performs accurately and reliably, enabling users to track expenses, upload receipts, and automatically convert tracked projects into billable hours and invoices.

In addition to standalone procedures, this webapp can also import financial data from external apps, enabling accountants to greatly boost their daily productivity.

The basic functionality of the app can also be expanded with the presence of premium Add-ons that introduce options for advanced payments, Gusto Payroll, and additional Team Members.

User Interface

The UI of this web app is clear and easy to navigate, enabling even novice accountants to easily set up their business profiles and start managing daily finances.

The dashboard provides a quick overview of key financial metrics, and easy navigational tools that are located on the far-left side of the screen. This includes shortcuts to the tabs such as Dashboard (home screen), Clients, Invoices, Expenses, Estimates, Time Tracking, Projects, and My Team.  Users are empowered to quickly move from one part of the webapp to another, easily managing outstanding invoices, expenses, and profits, and gaining valuable insights from automatically generated reports.

The entire app's design is modern and visually appealing, enhancing the user experience and making it simple to take full control over the business finances from any modern browser window. In addition to desktop or laptop monitor use, the complete functionality of this platform can also be accessed via touch-friendly native iOS/Android apps.


What is FreshBooks?
It is a web app designed for online invoicing and accounting, helping businesses of all sizes from self-employed finances to large companies to manage their finances efficiently.

Is it safe?
Yes, this web platform is 100% safe, utilizing the latest industry-standard encryption and security features to protect valuable business data and ensure secure access to the app.

What are the foundational services that this financial platform offers?
FreshBooks features a full set of services for Billing, Accounting, Taxes, Client Communication, and Team Management.


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Users can access this accounting platform via three subscription tiers (Lite, Plus, and Premium), all offering access to a large selection of premium features. The fourth tier of use is priced by the specific needs of companies.
Test access is possible via a FREE trial license.

Try it FREE for 30 days. No credit card is required. Cancel anytime.

System Requirements

Since this is a fully web-based app, it can be accessed on any PC with an internet connection and updated modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and others.

  • Comprehensive features for invoicing, expense tracking, and project management.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Customizable invoices.
  • Detailed financial reports.
  • Integration with popular payment gateways.
  • Versatile premium subscription tiers.
  • No free tier of use.

FreshBooks is a powerful accounting web app that simplifies online invoicing and management of daily financial tasks in businesses of all sizes. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and professional invoice templates, it provides an efficient solution for managing finances powered by cloud infrastructure and easy access via any modern browser or mobile device.

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