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FurMark is one of the most popular benchmarking tools for your GPU. While many other benchmarking apps are focused on providing “realistic” GPU load that will easily showcase the gaming capabilities of the GPU chip, it’s memory system, bandwidth, and latencies, FurMark stands apart from them by focusing only on testing the stability and prolonged peak performance of modern GPUs.

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FurMark is an advanced benchmarking app that aims to put modern GPUs through the toughest set of rendering algorithms, managing to extract last possible percentage of available performance, fill up the last megabyte of its onboard video memory, and then to require the GPU to remain in this state from prolonged periods.

Such prolonged stress tests can be one of the surest ways of ensuring that the GPU hardware is reliable and stable, which is an important feature of overclocked GPUs that can sometimes showcase rendering errors and visual artifacts only when they are completely overwhelmed with the rendering tasks.  Another useful use case scenario of the app is for testing of potentially faulty GPU cards and accompanying CPU chip. This benchmark can produce a strong rendering load that will cause instant instability if GPU is having an issue with some of its hardware (faulty transistor or error-prone VRAM memory chip).
Today, the program is regarded as one of the primary apps for home users, professionals, and game enthusiasts who want to quickly and accurately test the stability of their GPU card and the entire PC system.

Installation and Use

FurMark weights in at just around 10 MB of size, enabling users to very quickly download it and deploy it on their home or work PCs. The installation procedure is simple and fast, requiring you only to follow on-screen instructions. Full uninstaller service is present. The app is optimized for both legacy and modern versions of Windows OS and does not require any specific system requirements to run.  

Small and reliable, Fur Mark comes with a simple interface and ability to easily recognize all your installed hardware (it can even detect and manage up to 4 installed GPU cards at once). During its runs, the app will initialize a separate screen with rendering objects and effects, with useful real-time stats such as FPS, memory usage, core, temperature, GPU usage, and several others. The app can be used in several modes of operation – prolonged Stress Test, benchmarks with several presets, custom benchmarking presets, selector for target resolution, antialiasing level, Fullscreen toggle, and more. The app also has built-in support for activating external GPU monitoring tools such as GPU-Z, GPU Shark, and CPU Burner.

Be aware that Fur Mark places an extreme workload on your GPU. Prolonged use of this benchmark may cause system instabilities or even hardware faults.

Features and Highlights
  • World-famous GPU benchmark app.
  • Extreme stress test for discovering the true peak thresholds of your GPU hardware.
  • Predefined and custom test presets.
  • Streamlined and easy-to-use interface
  • Record, share, and compare results online.
  • Optimized for both legacy and modern versions of Windows OS (XP, 7, Vista, 8, and 10).
  • 100% FREE!

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What's new in this version:

- fixed again /max_time and /max_frames command line params
- added /gpumon_polling_interval_ms to specify the GPU monitoring polling interval in milli-seconds