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Gala Games is a decentralized gaming platform powered by blockchain technology that allows creators to take ownership of the in-game items, games, and game modes, and to serve the gaming community as fair as possible.

This, for example, includes the ability for players to win items in games using their skill alone, winning a fully digital control over that specific item, empowering them to create a library of blockchain-verified digital content, use it in different Gala Games projects, or sell them to the community.

Similar to many other decentralized platforms focused on game development, community-based interactions, and game/3d model creation, Gala Games for Windows PC empowers both players and creators from all around the world to step into the widely imaginative world. As of the time of this review, developers of the Games have managed to deploy one fully realized game that is getting constant updates, with plans to develop seven more titles that will cover various gaming genres and make the entire digital platform appealing to wide gaming audiences.

Gala Games List

  • Town Star - Simulation - Browser (LIVE)
  • Spider Tanks - PvP Brawler - PC Game (LIVE)
  • Fortified - Tower Defense - PC Game (In Development)
  • Mirandus - Fantasy RPG - PC Game (In Development)
  • The Walking Dead: Empires - Survival MMORPG - PC Game (In Development)
  • Legacy - Business Sim - PC Game (In Development)
  • Last Expedition - Survival FPS - PC Game (In Development)
  • Echoes of Empire - Strategy, 4X - PC Game (In Development)

The GALA token is the main cryptocurrency used in the Gala Games Ecosystem. Learning about what this token is and what it does is important in understanding how to use it.

The fully finished game is Town Star, a farming simulator where players can develop their own town with various customization tools. Two notable titles that are currently in development are Mirandus (a fantasy game that features the exploration of epic environments and fights against tough monsters) and Fortified (a tower defense game that is focused on player cooperation). Other games that are active development are The Walking Dead Empires, Spider Tanks, Echoes of Empire, Last Expedition, and others.

In its current form, the games market is functioning on the back of three cryptocurrencies (internal Gala coin, BAT, and Etherum) with integrated support for USD Fiat currency. NFT Gala coins can be purchased or be won as random rewards on daily basis. Node ownership is structured to provide even more rewards. It is important to note that players cannot exchange external coins with each other, wallet transactions are slightly taxed, and only Gala Coin is recognized as the official medium of exchange between the users of the Gala Games ecosystem.

All that players have to do to step into the world of the Games is to create a FREE account. After that step is done, users are free to start playing games that were developed by the large and ever-growing Gala community.

It offers games that can be played either from inside any modern browser or downloaded to PC storage and run locally. Users are advised to check the current game listing of Gala Games to get informed about the latest titles added to the offering.

Also Available: Download Gala Games for Mac

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