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GhostVolt encryption if fully automated ensuring data security at every point in your workflow. Automated encryption not only saves time and cost but eliminates the threat of human error and helps to maintain your data loss prevention policies without intervention. Set up encrypted shared team folders and decide who can manage, add, edit, or view your data with advanced user permissions, reporting, and asset tracking.

256 bit AES encryption is the most advanced security standard to date and is trusted by enterprises and governments worldwide in mitigating data breach threats and is proven to be uncrackable. Also, there are no back doors, so you can be sure your data is invisible to any hacker, law enforcement agency, or even to us.

It has a complete user management system allowing full control of user permissions. The multi-level permissions manager can be fully customized for the needs of your team or business structure. Users with higher administrative access can review or control the movement and status of any digital asset, or gather a full insight with detailed reports.

GhostVolt's reporting engine offers detailed insight and easy retrieval of data relating to the activities across your Ghost Volt network. Meeting the obligations that come with managing valuable and sensitive data is critical to the way It has developed reporting tools. Industry security standards such as HIPAA and other compliance measures have informed the development of GhostVolt to assist your organization with meeting the latest compliance expectations.

Features and Highlights

Invite everyone on your network to join your Team and enjoy the seamless secure workflow your business depends on.

End-to-end encryption
Your files are secured during transit and at rest with enterprise-level 256 bit AES encryption.

Asset Restriction
Grant, monitor, and revoke access to your secured files with advanced asset controls.

User access and control
Assign special user access permissions for your teams or create your own for each member, and give them controlled access to the folders of your choice.

Auditing and Reports
To provide visibility into data usage, It tracks and logs all user activity and gives you full access to advanced reporting capabilities.

Grows with your business
Ghost Volt for Windows is fully scalable. Just add more users to your team as you grow, or add servers to meet the needs of your expanding business, whatever the size.

Security. Always On
It works during data transit and at rest, making it the perfect solution no matter how your data is used. Only team members with the correct key can access your files.

Protecting Privacy
The program encryption ensures your anonymity and privacy, reducing opportunities for surveillance by both criminals and government agencies.

Many industries have strict compliance requirements to help protect those whose personal information is stored by organizations. HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulations rely on security methods such as Ghost Volt to protect data.

Document control
Set up shared team folders and decide who can manage, add, edit, or view your secured data.

File and User tracking
Automatically track all User interaction and Asset access and gives you access to advanced reporting capabilities.

Note: 30 days trial version.

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What's new in this version:

- Fixing issue with OneDrive integration where GhostVolt could not determine if your repository was up to date.
Fixed an issue with showing image thumbnails between switching folders. GhostVolt did not remember which view was - selected
- Updating audit graphs to remove unused data
- Minor UI fixes

- Update to audit dashboard to include new widgets to view the most active users and file activity
- The Admin management centre has been updates and separated into categories for easier use.
- New user access rights for viewing thumbnails
- New user access right which allows users to view their personal audit history
- Fixed an upgrade bug where users where no longer able to check for updates
- Minor UI fixes

- Fixed a bug where you could not move your GhostVolt repository to a new location (the move button was always disabled)
- Updated audit dashboard so you can view all audit events directly from the main page

- You can now create custom user roles for your GhostVolt users
- User access rights have been updated for more granular control of who has access to features and assets
- Updated GhostVolt Solo so email addresses are no longer a requirement of on-boarding
- Fixed a bug which was preventing the restoration of your GhostVolt via a key-file
- Fix a bug when upgrading to newer version of GhostVolt which was preventing some new features from working correctly
- Accumulative security fixes and improvements
- Minor UI fixes

- new audit events when folder access is granted or denied for users
- new audit event when access rights to feature are changed for users

- Fixed a bug where the installer was creating unnecessary UDP ports
- Fixed an access right bug when Archive was showing within right-click menus for users who did not have the appropriate access
- When rotating encryption keys, any thumbnails which have been created are reset
- Fixed a bug where users with folder creation access rights could create a new folder and restrict other managers of GhostVolt
- Fixed an access right bug where users with no access to file comments would still see the file comment icon within the File Explorer
- The ability to extend trials now works as expected
- Updated GhostVolt business trial user count from 3 to 10

- Added the ability to view your images and photos as thumbnails, securely
- Performance improvements when opening folders with large numbers of files
- Minor UI Bug fixes

- Restore repository UI updated so it now shows visual cues when choosing a restore file
- Updating repository file explorer to include both expand all and collapse all
- Updated dark toolbars and ribbons to be dark (they used to be white!)
- Added ability to directly refresh your GV licence from the about window
- Added login history visual chart for GV Solo users
- Improved performance when adding large numbers of files to your repository
- Fixed a number of access rights issues for GV Business
- Fixed numerous minor UI bugs

- Fixed a bug when where GhostVolt prevented some users on old version from logging into GhostVolt after and upgrade

- You can now set your files to read-only via the new Archive feature
- Fixed a bug where GhostVolt subscriptions were not updating correctly
- Minor UI fixes to the main File explorer

- a bug where you could no longer add or view file comments
- a bug where previewing files within GhostVolt no longer worked

- Update to backup and restore. Its now much easier to restore a previously saved backup
- Added new audit history dashboard which include insights into data usage and activity
- Performance improvements to file statistics and file timelines
- File statistics and file timelines now remember all previous preferences
- Clearing audit trail now automatically compresses your database for reduction in size
- Minor UI fixes to the main File explorer

- Fixed a bug which was preventing settings from opening when upgrading from a previous version
- Added the ability to block passwords that have previously appeared in a data breach
- Fixed a bug where the menu item to reset 2FA authentication keys was incorrectly showing
- Updated backup audit event to included details about decryption
- Minor bug fixing

- Turkish and Greek languages added
- Google Drive integration (GhostVolt Solo only)
- You can now restore backup files directly within GhostVolt
- New audit events added for GhostVolt Business (Add Folder and Share Folder)
- Updated Admin Dashboard
- You can now cancel importing files and folders
- Update GhostVolt Start theme and fixed minor issues
- Updated all 3rd party controls for security fixes
- Fixed a bug which caused the Admin dashboard to crash after an upgrade
- The usual UI and minor bug fixing

- A potential security flaw has been identified where an attacker could theoretically login to GhostVolt without valid credentials (a user substitution attack). Critically, although unauthorised access is granted, the attacker does not have access to of your data, including files and notes.

Additionally, this update includes:
- New setting to automatically check and alert you if your GhostVolt login password has been breached
- Updated login window to include a link to view your password hint
- Fixed a bug where encrypted Blender files where not opening correctly
- The usual UI and minor bug fixing

- Add an extra layer of protection to your repository with two-factor authentication
- Manage your audit history with new audit settings, including the ability to delete your history, view all audit records across all assets
- Audit history now includes the ability to visualise as a line graph. Useful for spotting trends.
- File statistic report now include the ability to filter by audit type and number of records
- New audit events when users run reports, purges audit history etc
- Fixed a number of bugs where users were given access to areas of GhostVolt without the correct permissions
- The usual UI and minor bug fixing

- Fixed a bug introduced in version 1.31.18 where switching your color theme from light to dark crashed the GV each and every time you logged in

- We’ve added a new option to exclude all secure note clipboard operations from landing on the Window Clipboard history. See why here
- You can now add tables to your secure notes
- The usual minor tweaks and fixes

- GhostVolt will now automatically clear your clipboard when a Secure note content is copied. Includes new admin option and ability to manually clear the clipboard via the taskbar.
- Added Print to File time line reports (Business only)
- New audit event when searching file contents (Business only)
- Better performance when searching folders for files or file Tags
- Fixed a bug where global file search was not finding files in your root repository folder
- Fixed a bug when refreshing your repository whilst searching the App would become unresponsive
- Fixed a bug when searching file contents and an automatic logout event occurs. In this scenario, GhostVolt would become unresponsive.
- Fixed a bug when moving your repository and GhostVolt does not find an additional disk to move to

- Fixed a bug where exporting your files from the repository root folder would fail
- Support for repositories stored on removable or virtual disks when their disk letter changes
- Minor UI changes including the ability to minimise the logon window and adjustments to Secure Notes

- You can now view your entire GhostVolt longin history when using GhostVolt Solo
- Updating Secure note to include hyperlinks, printing to PDF, highlight text, better formatting and minor UI fixes
- Bug fix: When connected to OneDrive, It was not possible to retrieve your password hint
- Minor UI and bug fixes

- Quick fix: Fixed a bug when editing a file and GV would always show the Open With window
- Minor UI and bug fixes

- We've taken the first step in our journey to make GhostVolt Solo fully cloud aware. First stop, Microsoft OneDrive. With this version, you'll be able to fully utilise the power of OneDrive to backup and sync your protected files across your Windows based computers.

- We’ve included a new utility to move your GhostVolt repository to a new location
- Quickly view your file history events with file statistic graphs
- Updated audit trail report so audit categories are easier to find and searchable
- Audit trial timeline performance improvements for big datasets
- You can now filter your audit timeline by users
- Fixed a bug when loading file timelines with a large amount of data. The progress indicator failed to show correctly which made the timeline appeared to hang.
- Minor UI changes

- GhostVolt Solo now includes file comments
- Minor update to how Master keys are generated
- Added addition security checks when backing-up your GV encryption keys
- Minor UI and Tour fixes

- You can now share your GhostVolt encrypted files with any other GhostVolt user. Simply drag your shared encrypted files into GhostVolt, enter your shared password and that’s it!
- Better duplicate file handling when attempting to add the same file to a folder more than one
- Fixed a bug when deleting folders and GhostVolt would not allow you create a new folder with the same name as those you just deleted
- Fixed a bug when deleting multiple files and occasionally GhostVolt we blow up
- Minor UI and Tour fixes

- Your encrypted files can now have their contents searched for words, patrial words or phrases
- Bug fix: Global filename/Tag searching caused a crash when attempting to download the files to your local computer
- General bug fixing

- Security enhancements and fixes including better file corruption detection
- Due to customer requests, we’ve reintroduced the ability to explicitly open a file for viewing only
- We’ve renamed Add Files and Add Folders [from Windows Explorer] to Import Files and Import folders
- Enhanced the File Open to allow greater control of your currently open files
- Faster response times for file statuses when you’re finished editing or viewing a file
- Fixed Bug : When dragging mixed files and folders from Windows explorer into your repository not all files were included
- Fixed Bug: When attempting to import a file to your GV repository when the file is currently open the wrong message was displayed
- Fixed a bug when attempting to open a file for Edit and the file does not open
- General bug fixing

- Share files directly to your OneDrive account
- You can now choose which App to edit and View your files with the new ‘Open with’ feature
- We’ve updated file tagging so you can add Tags to multiple selected files
- You can now share and download folders (including sub-folders and all contained files) directly from Folder Explorer
- When editing a file, the file status shown is now 'Editing' rather than 'locked'
- We now speak Italian, German and French
- Filenames are now encrypted. Note: Only available for new files which are added to your reposiotry. You'll still be able to see the original filename in your GhostVolt
- Fixed a bug where global search did not work correctly when your GhostVolt repository was not located on Drive 'C'
- General bug fixing

- Fixed an issue when running GhostVolt solo and some GhostVolt business features were showing on the main toolbar
- Fixed a number of UI bugs when taking a tour of the App
- GhostVolt now speaks Spanish – GhostVolt agora fala espanhol
- GhostVolt now speaks Portuguese - GhostVolt agora fala português
- General bug fixing

- [Important] Fixed a bug where it was no longer possible to delete files from your GhostVolt File Explorer
- Fixed a bug when taking a file tour where it was not possible to navigate beyond step 12

- Security enhancements and bug fixes
- Light theme
- UI improvements
- General bug fixing

- New Feature We’ve added a fully featured Secure Notes platform to GhostVolt
- The Tag system has been fully updated to include Access Rights, New Tag Editor, Global searching, plus much more
- Added additional security checks when deleting or resetting Team member accounts
- Creating new Team members UI has been refreshed
- Folder explorer breadcrumb control is now fully interactive
- Updated Share Files UI and included the ability to share to a Zip file
- GhostVolt Reader has been Retired. We now use GhostVolt Start for reading shared files
- As usual, we've improved the UI and fixed a number of minor issues

- Productivity You can now minimise GhostVolt to your system tray for quick access. Perfect for those who use the App throughout the day and don’t want to continually login.
- Performance: We’ve updated our encryption library which should see speed improvements of up to 10%
- Privacy Previously, when your team members were denied access to a folder, they were still show the folder in a disabled state with a locked icon. Now, non-accessible folders are completely hidden from those whom do not have access.
- Team access Adding user access rights for File comments and File Tags
- Privacy Previously, when your team members were denied access to a folder, they were still show the folder in a disabled state with a locked icon. Now, non-accessible folders are completely hidden from those whom do not have access.
- Improvements to the audit report management
- You can now toggle password visibility when typing passwords
- As usual, we've improved the UI and fixed a number of minor issues

- ProductivityYou can now minimise GhostVolt to your system tray for quick access. Perfect for those who use the App throughout the day and don’t want to continually login
- PerformanceWe’ve updated our encryption library which should see speed improvements of up to 10%
- Privacy Previously, when your team members were denied access to a folder, they were still show the folder in a disabled state with a locked icon. Now, non-accessible folders are completely hidden from those whom do not have access.
- fixes Minor UI and bug Fixes

- You can now add 'Tags' to your files for better organisation and searching
- Minor UI and bug Fixes

- You can now add encrypted notes, comments and conversations to your files
- All settings, repository statistics and options are now presented in a single Admin Dashboard
- New feature to opt-out of automatic updates
- Minor UI and bug Fixes

- Improved Backups: You can now choose to unlock all files within your backups
- Retired ‘Clone Repo’ as the new Backup feature caters for all your backup and cloning scenarios
- New repository ‘Dashboard’ where you can view all details and statuses of your repository in a single screen
- Renamed the ribbon tabs from ‘Home’, ‘Administrator’ and ‘Users’ to ‘File Manager’, ‘Admin’ and ‘Team’ respectively
- Improved User access rights window so you now see detailed information on each available feature when hovering your mouse
- Updated User searches to include email addresses and be case insensitive
- Updated User view context menus to be aware of the current selection
- Fixed a bug where you could not set new User access rights for changing Master Keys
- Minor UI and bug fixes

- You can now preview your documents directly from GhostVolt file explorer
- GhostVolt file explorer now displays file type icons which are sortable
- GhostVolt now scales correctly on monitors set to 200 DPI
- Updated UI for accessibility particularly those with low vison
- Updated GhostVolt file monitor to detect when files have not been correctly closed on your local computer
- Smarter File Explorer context menus. Rather than showing you all available options, your context menu now shows only the relevant actions based on your current selection
- Minor UI update to Folder Explorer – Pinned and locked folders now show an icon with hover information
- Fixed a bug: Resetting a user account loses access to folder which they previously had access to
- Fixed a bug: During a Cut and paste operation, the paste was delayed
- Minor UI and bug Fixes

- You can now drag files and folders from Windows Explorer directly into GhostVolt
- Fixed a bug when resetting your account password and access to previously available folders was lost
- Fixed a crash bug when searching your GhostVolt history
- Fixed a crash bug when attempting to open Network Discovery on 4k monitors
- Minor UI and bug Fixes

- Improvements to Network browser. Your network browser can now detect all attached computers on your network
- Updated user interface. GhostVolt no longer uses Windows standard grey message windows
- Minor bug fixes

- Updated security engine which includes perfromance improvments
- Added 'Add file' and 'Add folder' to your project folders context menu
- GhostVolt now uses the .Net framework version 4.7.1
- Simplified on-boarding wizard
- Created new ‘First steps’ guide when opening the App for the first time
- Minor bug fixes for the interactive tours
- The App now shows an indicator when an update is available
- Improved toolbar feedback when selecting files and folders
- Fixed a bug which was preventing users from resetting their login password

- Fixed a bug where user were unable to select (and view) deleted folders from their GhostVolt folder view
- Fixed a bug where users were unable to add files and folders to the root ‘Repository’ folder
- Minor UI improvements

- Pin your most frequently used folders with the new ‘Quick access’ feature
- Improved accessibility by adding shortcut keys to all buttons and commands
- Fixed a bug when attempting to resize the filename column with double click which resulted the width being changed AND GhostVolt attempted to open the selected file
- Improved information when searching your users
- Minor UI improvements

- Added global search which allows you to search your entire GhostVolt for any file or folder
- When performing a local folder filter, your search term is now highlighted in your search results
- Minor UI tweaks and bugs fixes

- Added ‘Breadcrumb’ toolbar to help navigate your project folders
- Added Cut and Paste to your project for Files
- Select all/none/invert added for convenient document selection
- Additional audit points added for moving files
- Access restrictions added to context menus

- For this update we’ve concentrated on making the UI a little slicker including better feedback when hovering your mouse over your GhostVolts file and folder views and a number of minor UI issues

- Improved performance when loading GhostVolt with a large amount of folders.
- Improved performance when creating and editing Users
- Improved speed when adding a large amount of folders to GhostVolt
- Add a new icon to status bar to indicate GhostVolt is busy performing background tasks
- Minor bug fixes

- Adding Excel and PDF support to your Document Access report
- Improved design for Document access report window
- Because monitoring stale user accounts is very important we’ve added Last login date to your user control window
- Minor UI fixes

- Added new report for reporting on what files a user has write access to
- Further security enhancements
- Minor UI and bug fixes

- Fixed a bug where users could not validate their user account via email
- Minor UI changes

- Fixed a bug where access to Key Rotation was denied to all users

- Security enhancements including authentication hardening e.g. tighter controls on who can access certain server functions
- Fixed a bug where new users were not able to activate their account during the first attempt
- Minor UI improvements and bug fixes

- New report window, take a look here
- You can now export your reporting data to Excel*
- Filter your reports by audit type
- Clean-up your reporting folder right from your reporting Window
- Additional audit data point added to your audit trail
- Cleaned-up User report tables
- Fixed a bug where PDF record details were being truncated
- General bug fixing

- Bug Fix: Occasionally when low network speeds have been detected GhostVolt was dropping the connection to the server. This version updates the timeout period to reduce such occurrences. Add checks to Have I Been Pwned when entering passwords