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With KidsGuard you can monitor 30+ files, including SMS, GPS, Calls, LIVE apps, social media and more! Track the real-time location without knowing. 100% secure and no need to root!

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  • Keep Your Child Safe Online
  • Supervise the Way You Want
  • Keep Track of Real-Time Location
Access all the information on the target device and always know what's happening. Enjoy peace of mind and stop worring your children and their online activity. Track the current whereabouts on the map and view location history in detail. Take actions in advance if you observe some unusual messages or calls. From protecting your child's online safety to monitoring mobile phones, you have the power to control it all with ClevGuard.
  • 100% safe and undetectable.
  • Support all Android and iOS devices and versions.
  • No need to jailbreak or root the targeted devices.
With KidsGuard Pro for Android/iOS, you can check most social media data to find the truth. Smart fellows, better digital life. The ultimate Android/iOS Monitoring app to keep an eye on loved ones. It takes less than 5 mins to install and set up this Android tracking app on the target device. With an intuitive user interface, it is super easy to use even for beginners.

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Select the product you need and start to keep child safe online

KidsGuard Pro for Android
Best hidden monitoring app for Android phones and tablets.

KidsGuard Pro for iOS/iPhone
PC-based software to monitor any iPhone or iPad.

KidsGuard Pro for WhatsApp
Specialized WhatsApp tracking app for Android phones.

KidsGuard Pro for iCloud
Online solution to track iOS devices without app installation.

KidsGuard for LINE
The most realiable LINE app tracking tool to check all date.

KidsGuard Parental Control
Best Parental Control Tool to keep your Kids' online activity safe.

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Why You Need Android/iOS KidsGuard Parental Control

Toxic Relationship
Wonder whether your partner is cheating on you. Find the truth right now.

43.09% of tweens and 74.61% of teens were involved in a self-harm/suicidal situation.

Sexual Content
68.97% of tweens and 90.73% of teens encountered nudity or content of a sexual nature.

72.09% of tweens and 85.00% of teens experienced bullying as a bully, victim, or witness.

19.69% of tweens and 42.05% of teens used language about or were exposed to anxiety.

32.11% of tweens and 56.40% of teens engaged in conversations about depression.

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Features and Highlights
  • Social Protector
  • Location Viewer
  • Phone Call Tracker
  • Files Finder
  • Web Content Viewer
  • Keylogger Analysis
  • Web Block
  • App Block
  • Capture/Lock Screen
  • Realtime GPS
  • Call Filter
  • Activity Report
Easy to Start with 3 simple Steps (How to Use)

1. Install KidsGuard App
Install the KidsGuard app on the devices of parents and children.

2. Register KidsGuard Account
Register a KidsGuard account and complete the necessary information filling and settings.

3. Connect Devices
Connect and manage all devices from the dashboard.


mSpy: A popular smartphone tracking tool with comprehensive location tracking, real-time notifications, and many other remote activity monitoring tools.

Bark: Bark specializes in monitoring social media platforms and messaging apps, with a focus on identifying potential risks and dangers.

Qustodio: A parental control utility with a wide array of tools for monitoring the well-being of children.

uMobix: Monitor everything on your kid’s smartphone or tablet in real time!

Mobicip: Limit screen time, filter the internet, monitor social media, and more.


Do I need to root or jailbreak the target device before using KidsGuard Pro?
It offers four programs: KidsGuard Pro for Android, KidsGuard Pro for iOS, KidsGuard Pro for iOS RT, and KidsGuard Pro for iCloud. Only KidsGuard Pro for iOS RT requires a jailbroken device to function.

Can I install KidsGuard Pro remotely?
No. You will need access to the target device for approximately 5 minutes to install the monitoring app.

Will the target know I am tracking and monitoring their cell phone usage?
No. It operates discreetly in the background and does not alert anyone to its presence.

How many devices can I monitor simultaneously?
With one KidsGuard Pro plan, you can monitor one device—either an Android phone, iPhone, or iCloud. You can switch the target device freely within the valid subscription period.

How do I determine if KidsGuard Pro is compatible with my child's device?
  • For iOS: KidsGuard Pro is compatible with iOS versions 9.0 to 16.0.
  • For Android: KidsGuard Pro supports Android updates from 7.0 to 13 and functions on major phone brands such as Samsung, Google, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and more.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Tracks various activities like calls, messages, social media, and location.
  • Remote Management: Allows parents to control and monitor their child's device from anywhere.
  • App Blocking: Enables blocking of inappropriate apps and websites.
  • Geofencing: Alerts parents when their child enters or leaves specified areas.
  • Stealth Mode: Operates discreetly without the child's awareness.
  • Privacy Concerns: Raises ethical questions about invasion of privacy and trust between parent and child.
  • Compatibility: May not be compatible with all devices or operating systems.
  • Subscription Cost: Requires a subscription for full access to features.
  • Technical Issues: Users report occasional bugs or glitches in functionality.
  • Overreliance: Can foster dependency on technology rather than open communication between parents and children.
Note: You can always cancel the subscription if you don't need the product anymore. It provides 30-day money back guarantee for all products in case you are not completely satisfied.

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