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    Qustodio 189.3.2332.0 LATEST

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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Qustodio is the Internet's best parental control software for Windows PC, protecting your kids from dangerous online content. See how they use the Internet, set healthy access limits, and protect against inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and online predators. the app's advanced technology ensures that no content escapes supervision. Whenever your children are online, the tool is there to safely monitor and guide them.

Qustodio monitors your child's participation in social networks and chats programs as well as their surfing behavior. The program's Web portal allows you to monitor and manage their activity from any location or device. This program is designed to be tamper-proof, so no matter how technically advanced your kids are, they can't find ways around the limits and controls you put in place. Works on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Kindle, Chromebook and Nook.
  • Keep your child safe online
  • Supervise the way you want
  • Build positive digital habits
Qustodio’s colorful dashboard condenses each child’s Internet activities into easy-to-scan charts and graphs. You can also access daily timelines for minute-by-minute details on your child’s activities, plus a full record of the potentially harmful apps, websites, and social profiles your child interacted with.

Download and install on children’s devices, available:
  • Qustodio for Windows 11/10
  • Qustodio for macOS
  • Qustodio for Android
  • Qustodio for iOS/iPhone
  • Qustodio for Kindle
  • Qustodio for Chromebook
Download and Install Qustodio on your own iOS or Android device, or log in to Qustodio Web, to check your child’s activity, set rules, and edit your notifications.

How to install Qustodio on your child’s Windows laptop or computer
  • Download Qustodio for PC from FileHorse download page onto your child’s device.
  • Log in with your parent account credentials.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions.
  • Accept all permissions to ensure full protection and to be able to start supervising.
And because the software can run invisibly on any device, no one needs to know it’s there. Round-the-clock supervision doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Just select the sites you wish to block, choose time limits for online activities, and the tool does the rest. Every time your child uses devices, the program is there to protect and monitor—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The app puts full control in your hands. For each child in your family, you choose the sites or site categories they can and can’t access. You choose when they can access the Internet, and for how long. And you decide whether to shut down the Internet or device access once they reach that limit. A hectic schedule keeps you on the go, which is why the tool lets you check in on your kids from any web-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone. No matter where you are, you can keep an eye on each child’s activities and even manage permissions from your remote location.

Features and Highlights

Block pornography
The app’s real-time internet filter blocks inappropriate content even in private browsing mode.

View Social Network Activity
Monitor time spent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and more.

Set multi-device time limits
Easily set a time schedule or limits for how much internet time is allowed each day.

Control Games & Apps
Set time limits for games & apps or block apps you don’t want from running altogether.

Track SMS Messages & Calls
See who your child calls or texts most, read text messages, and set a list of blocked contacts.

Location Tracking & Panic Button
Track your child’s location. In an emergency, your child can use the Panic Button to call for help.

How to Use

Sign up: Visit the official website and create a new account by providing your email address and setting up a password.

Install the software: Download and install the application on the devices you want to monitor and control. It supports various platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Kindle.

Set up profiles: Create user profiles for each family member or individual you want to manage. Provide the necessary information like name, age, and device ownership.

Configure settings: Customize the settings for each profile, such as time limits, app blocking, web filtering, and content restrictions based on age appropriateness.

Establish rules: Define specific rules and restrictions for each profile, including screen time limits, app usage limits, and access to certain websites or categories of content.

Monitor activity: Access the dashboard or use the Parental Control app to view detailed reports on device usage, web activity, app usage, and location history.

Manage alerts and notifications: Set up alerts and notifications to receive updates on suspicious or inappropriate activities, such as accessing blocked content or attempting to disable Qustodio.

Adjust as needed: Periodically review and adjust the settings and rules based on your family's changing needs and requirements.

More time online exposes kids to more risks

Online predators

Online predators pose a significant threat, with 50% of exploitation victims falling between the ages of 12 and 15. It provides valuable advice articles to help you engage in conversations with your children about identifying and avoiding data thieves, groomers, sexual predators, and stalkers.

Sleep problems
Insufficient sleep affects 73% of high school students, leading to learning difficulties, mood problems, and conflicts in their relationships. It offers the ability to establish downtime periods before bed, enabling your kids to steer clear of sleep-disrupting blue light.

Online addiction
Smartphone addiction affects half of all children, as they admit to being excessively dependent on their devices. It empowers you to set consistent time limits on your child's devices and block excessive usage of certain apps.

Online privacy
The prevalence of social media usage among teenagers stands at 51%. It assists you in ensuring that your children do not disclose personal information or engage in inappropriate conversations with strangers.

Mental health issues
The rise in severe depression, which has surged by 58% since 2010, coincides with the increased ownership of cell phones. By using Qustodio, you can control and limit the amount of time your child spends in front of screens, promoting better mental health.

Inappropriate content
Disturbingly, 42% of children have encountered explicit content online. It enables you to monitor their YouTube viewing, filter browser search results, and block access to adult websites, effectively reducing the likelihood of your child stumbling upon upsetting images or inappropriate material.

Cyberbullying has affected 33% of children. It provides monitoring capabilities for text messages, allowing you to detect and block bullies promptly.

Education issues
Children who spend over two hours per day on screens (63% of them) experience lower academic performance compared to those with less online time. With the app, you can reduce their device usage and encourage them to explore educational websites, fostering a more productive learning environment.


BASIC Plan - $54.95/year
  • Games & apps blocking
  • Daily time limits
  • Web filtering
  • Location monitoring
  • Pause the internet
COMPLETE Plan - $99.95/year
  • Games & apps blocking
  • Daily time limits
  • Web filtering
  • Location monitoring
  • Pause the internet
  • Custom alerts
  • Games & apps time limits
  • Calls & messages monitoring
  • Unlimited devices
What’s the difference between Free and Premium?

Qustodio's Free version offers protection for a single device and includes essential security features. Upgrading to the Premium version grants you the ability to safeguard multiple devices within your family, along with access to valuable Premium features like Location Tracking, Calls and Text Messages Tracking, and Applications Controls. For a comprehensive overview of the Premium features, please refer to the list provided on this page.


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  • Robust parental control features
  • Multi-platform support
  • Detailed activity reports
  • Customizable user profiles
  • Geolocation tracking
  • Limited free version features
  • Inconsistent web filtering
  • Some features require additional setup

Qustodio is a comprehensive parental control software that helps parents monitor and manage their children's online activities across multiple devices. It provides a range of features to ensure a safe and balanced digital experience for children.

Also Available: Download Qustodio for Mac

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Qustodio 189.3.2332.0
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Qustodio 187.3.2016.0
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Qustodio 186.2.1693.0
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Qustodio 185.0.1170.0
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Qustodio 184.2.1048.0
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Qustodio 184.1.1008.0
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Qustodio 183.5.935.0
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Qustodio 183.2.864.0
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Qustodio 180.29.952.0
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Qustodio 180.11.667.0
- Improves the installation process
- Bug fixing

Qustodio 180.7.569.0
- IPv6 support
- Bug fixes

Qustodio 180.4.495.0
- New Web Scan and Filter Engine
- Fixed several bugs

Qustodio 180.1.428.0
- NEW: Parents can now choose to "Ignore" a site from the web dashboard
- Multiple fixes

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