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Gmail for Business is an enhanced version of the public version of Gmail, a world-leading email service powered by Google cloud architecture. As part of the Google Workspace suite, it enables companies and teams of all sizes to take full control over their productivity and provide direct access to an incredible variety of Google tools and services that are at the heart of your daily workflow.

This app is a part of Google Workspace - Cloud Business Apps & Collaboration Tools. It’s FREE for the first 14 days, Try Now!

How To Setup Your Business Email Account With Google Workspace

The premium version of Gmail comes with a wide variety of business-related tools that can make managing large teams and email correspondence as easy as possible. Featuring direct links to other cloud-based solutions from Google, Gmail for Business for Windows 11 and Windows 10 can be used to directly interface with contacts and data found in many other services such as Drive, Meet, Calendar, Docs, Sheet, and others.

Try Gmail for Business today. It’s free for the first 14 days!

The premium subscription that Google Workspace also unlocks access to many perks such as an increased number of participants in video calls (starts with 100 and can go up to 500), increased cloud storage size (starts with 30GB per user, with no upper ceiling), advanced security and management controls, custom business email addresses, analytics tools, attendance tracking tool, and much more.

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At the first glance, Gmail for Business has a very similar interface to the free public version, but differences can be quickly found in the underlying cloud support that each premium user gets. Google has devised tools that will offer smart suggestions during message typing, security monitoring will eliminate 99.9% of spam so that business users can focus only on their important tasks, and webapp integration will make Gmail a center hub for flexible access to many other notable Google services such as video calls, text chat, calendar management, and much more. It can also be enhanced with 3rd party addons.

Business Starter - $6/m
  • Custom and secure business email
  • 100 participant video meetings
  • 30 GB storage per user
  • Security and management controls
  • Standard Support
Business Standard - $12/m
  • Custom and secure business email
  • 150 participant video meetings + recording
  • 2 TB storage per user
  • Security and management controls
  • Standard Support (paid upgrade to Enhanced Support)
Business Plus - $18/m
  • Custom and secure business email + eDiscovery, retention
  • 500 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking
  • 5 TB storage per user
  • Enhanced security and management controls, including Vault and advanced endpoint management
  • Standard Support (paid upgrade to Enhanced Support)
Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus plans can be purchased for a maximum of 300 users. There is no minimum or maximum user limit for Enterprise plans. Google Workspace customers may have access to additional features for a limited promotional period.

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What sets the paid version of Gmail apart from the free version?

The paid version of Gmail offers a range of premium features, including:
  • Custom email addresses with your company's domain (
  • Unlimited group email addresses for efficient communication.
  • A 99.9% guaranteed uptime to ensure uninterrupted email access.
  • Double the storage capacity compared to personal Gmail accounts.
  • An ad-free experience for distraction-free emailing.
  • Round-the-clock, 24/7 customer support for prompt assistance.
  • Compatibility with Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook and more.
Is it possible for a user to have multiple email addresses?
Yes, users can manage multiple email addresses through the creation of email aliases. Each user has the flexibility to add up to 30 email aliases, streamlining their communication.

Can I transfer my existing email to Google Workspace?
Absolutely! It allows you to seamlessly import emails from various legacy systems, including Microsoft®, IBM® Notes®, and other email platforms. This ensures a smooth transition and easy access to your archived emails.

  • Secure Data Storage
  • Professional Email Address
  • Collaboration and Sharing Features
  • Reliable and Efficient
  • Integration with Google Apps
  • Costly for Large Teams
  • Limited Customization Options
  • Learning Curve for Advanced Features

All in all, Gmail for Business is a comprehensive email management service for businesses and teams of all sizes, bringing the simplicity and robustness of the Gmail app suite to the end users no matter if they are at home, at work, or on the go.

It can be tested for free during the 14-day trial period. After that, users must choose one of the four available premium subscription tiers.

Also Available: Download Gmail for Business (Mac)

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