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    Gradle 8.5 LATEST

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    Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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    Gradle Inc. / External Link

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Gradle is an open-source build automation tool for Windows PC focused on flexibility and performance. The app build scripts are written using a Groovy or Kotlin DSL.

Write in Java, C++, Python, or your language of choice. Package for deployment on any platform. Go monorepo or multi-repo. And rely on Gradle's unparalleled versatility to build it all.
  • Highly customizable — The app is modeled in a way that is customizable and extensible in the most fundamental ways.
  • Fast — Gradle completes tasks quickly by reusing outputs from previous executions, processing only inputs that changed, and executing tasks in parallel.
  • Powerful — Gradle is the official build tool for Android, and comes with support for many popular languages and technologies.
Use Gradle's rich API and mature ecosystem of plugins and integrations to get ambitious about automation. Model, integrate, and systematize the delivery of your software from end to end.

Scale-out development with elegant, blazing-fast builds. From compile avoidance to advanced caching and beyond, It pursues performance relentlessly so your team can deliver continuously.

It supports many major IDEs, including Android Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio, and XCode. You can also invoke Gradle via its command-line interface in your terminal or through your continuous integration server. The app build scans help you understand build results, improve build performance, and collaborate to fix problems faster.

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What's new in this version:

- Clean up categories reported via Problems API
- Bug in Tutorial Apply Plugin section
- Rename `Problems#createProblem` to `Problems#create`
- Rename Problem.getWhere() to Problem.getLocations()
- Expand list of file extensions used by cpp-library public headers
- Add Maven test fixture to test POMs generated by Gradle
- Update verfication-metadata to 1.3
- Broken link in "Declaring Repositories" page
- Published source tarballs expect a git repository to build
- In Gradle 8.4, Project.getConfigurations() is marked unstable again
- Generation of Kotlin extensions of the Gradle API is not reproducible
- Upgrade embedded Kotlin to 1.9.20 when available
- unable to create task based on code in documentation
- Wrong Windows instruction
- Pull out test suites to its own project
- Add Version to Version Catalog Javadoc
- Add location information to problem reports for version catalog problems
- The -all distribution is missing the resource files from the src folder
- Usage of GRADLE_HOME for ephemeral builds is wrong
- Problems-api subproject should be java 6 compatible
- Drop :wrapper-shared dependency in :build-cache-packaging
- Wrapper project should output final gradle-wrapper.jar to libs folder
- Let generated Kotlin extensions for the Gradle API be included in the binary compatibility check
- Ensure that the internal problems API can be used in TAPI model builders
- Make IDEA Gradle plugin Isolated Projects compatible
- 8.4 KotlinDsl: ConfigurationContainerScope.detachedConfiguration allows nullable Dependency but will throw NPE
- 8.4 - New configuration shortcut: DependencyScopeConfiguration.invoke isn't available
- add --java-version parameter to gradle init task
- Set visible=false on consumable Configurations
- Binary changes are sometimes not auto-accepted for upgraded properties
- Implement basic location types
- Ignore help task execution request during model building
- Ship the Gradle API Kotlin DSL Extensions JAR within the Gradle distribution
- Add more NowInAndroid based performance tests
- NowInAndroid project is not building with current `master` branch
- Anticipating named Configurations with different allowed usages can cause unexpected behaviors
- Ear Plugin: XML Schema / xmlns in Ear Descriptor for Java EE 8, Jakarta EE 9 and Jakarta EE 10 is missing / invalid
- Hashing a file with upgraded properties fails due to incorrect hashing
- Don't share stateful codecs
- TestLauncher should be able to support test debugging while reusing CC cache entry
- Don't invalidate the cache upon Kotlin DSL `cid` project property changes
- Configuration cache fails when using filtered FileCollection
- Dependency configuration testRuntime still exists in docs
- Reduce log level of directory watcher
- `getDependenciesForVariant` produces duplicate results when a dependency is reachable through two paths
- Tests in gradle/gradle build should not make use of the Foojay Toolchains Plugin
- Clean up next gen build cache prototype
- Move ConsistentResolution code into JavaComponent
- Gradle doesn't expose a comparison failure in test exception causes
- Automatically accept binary changes for Upgraded properties
- Error message when attempting to create a configuration that already exists is confusing
- Continuous Build - changes to task inputs, or changes to input files?
- Gradle not noticing file changes when source files is behind symlink on macOS
- Clarify what "Gradle installation directory" means for `gradlew`
- Generate list of upgraded properties during build
- Provide better diagnostics for the "Unable to delete directory... Failed to delete some children..." error
- Improve error message if value derived from property that does not provide any value
- Clean up internal flags for persistent Java compiler daemon
- Use GroovyCoverage/CheckstyleCoverage/etc pattern for ScalaCoverage
- MavenPublicationErrorChecker can have a more helpful error message
- org.gradle.api.tasks.WriteProperties.setOutputFile deprecated but no suggested alternative
- Support running with Java 21
- Warn if project in settings.gradle has a non existent project directory
- `compileKotlin` task of build with `kotlin-dsl` applied emits warnings when configuration-cache is enabled
- Unpublish :wrapper-shared for Maven
- Make Java plugin compatible with Project Isolation
- Some implicit imports for .gradle.kts are package private
- Alert Plugins of Special Case Exceptions Suppressing Deprecation Warnings
- Update gradle init to provide an option create and use a version catalog
- Project isolation: class not found exception if a model is queried twice
- Have a public API to tell if project isolation is enabled.
- Investigate implications of using DefaultJvmVariantBuilder in component-centric model.
- Confusing Licensing Information in Gradle User Manual
- ResolvedArtifact returns incorrect extension for certain artifacts
- Nag for deprecation of BasePluginExtension members
- `VersionCatalogExtension` not added to the `gradle-kotlin-dsl-accessors` during `generatePrecompiledScriptPluginAccessors`
- Add deprecation logging to org.gradle.util.VersionNumber
- Add an option to only generate plaintext and not binary for `--export-keys`
- Corrupt plugin jars end up in Gradle's local caches
- Use the same case for dependency verification metadata and keyring
- Outgoing artifacts as provider of a task output cause the failure
- Resolve dependencies around ValidationProblemId enum
- Wrong licensing legal advice in application plugin documentation?
- Dependency verification's trusted keys is case sensitive
- Settings scripts and plugins should provide APIs to create RegularFile and Directory instances according to the settings layout
- Please include LICENSE in gradle-wrapper.jar
- There should be a public API for creating CopySpec instances at execution time
- DirectoryProperty cannot be used with @Option, throws an obscure exception
-Sync task doesn't handle "." as an "into" subpath correctly
- FileComparisonTestAssertionFailure don't represent AssertionFailueError with one FileInfo
- Duplicated BOM imports in generated POMs
- `CalculateTaskGraphBuildOperationType` build operation should be consistent between `store` and `load` builds

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