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Hemingway Editor is a premium writing assistant that can help writers of all knowledge levels to simplify their projects, tighten up their prose by removing dead weight, and enhance their text efficiently. The core feature of the app comes in a form of its recommendation algorithm that infuses the text with a set of brightly colored overlays. For example, the use of passive voice (which this app does not like one bit) is marked with green, long sentences are marked in yellow, and very complex sentences are colored in bright red. All app features are accessible offline.

It is important to note that Hemingway Editor will not try to adapt to your writing style but will instead try to force the user to write in a much more straightforward manner that gets the point across without wasting a single unnecessary word. The app will be very harsh against often repeated words, it will recommend eradication of almost all adverbs, and can in many cases try to force writers to switch their style into a more dry, mechanical (and according to many users) boring writing style. Because of this harsh focus on efficiency in writing, this app is not best suited for editing literary or creative works.

Another useful service found in the app is its automatic handling of prose formatting. It can automatically make changes to your text by adding bold, italics, headlines, or bullets in an effort of making the text more readable and straightforward. The app can also interface with a wide variety of online blog engines, including WordPress and Medium, enabling users to publish their works to their web audience without the need to manage exported text files.

The app can also publish text files using a powerful HTML compatibility export feature that will include all HTML headings, formatting code, and links. The built-in text export tool features compatibility with all major text formats, including the .DOCX that is used by Microsoft Word. Export to plain TXT and PDF formats is also supported.

While the editor does not feature built-in real-time collaboration tools, users can take advantage of the app highlight recommendation markups, and save the file with all of them still intact, providing the recipient with clear descriptions of what improvements they need to make.

Hemingway Editor is a premium app that provides PC and Mac users with a streamlined distraction-free environment, clear recommendations for improving readability, and great tools for automatic formatting and simple publishing.

  • Clarity Assessment: The program highlights complex sentences, adverbs, passive voice, and hard-to-read phrases, helping writers identify areas that might be improved for clarity.
  • Readability Grading: It assigns a readability grade level to your text, making it easier to gauge whether your writing is suitable for your target audience.
  • Color-Coded Highlights: The editor uses color-coded highlights to identify different types of issues, making it easy to spot areas for improvement at a glance.
  • Real-time Editing: Users can make changes directly within the app, allowing for real-time editing and instant feedback.
  • Offline Use: The desktop version of the software allows users to work offline, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Multiple Platforms: It is available as both a web application and a desktop application, catering to different user preferences.
  • Over-Emphasis on Simplicity: While Hemingway Editor helps improve readability, its emphasis on simplicity might lead to overly plain or repetitive writing styles, which may not always be desirable, especially in creative or academic contexts.
  • Limited Functionality: The app primarily focuses on readability and clarity, lacking more advanced features such as grammar checking or citation management, which some users may find limiting.
  • Not Suitable for All Types of Writing: It may not be the best tool for complex technical writing or academic research papers, where a more nuanced approach to language and style is required.
  • Dependence on Algorithmic Assessment: The readability and clarity grading provided by the editor are based on algorithms, which may not always accurately reflect the preferences or standards of individual writers or specific audiences.
  • Subscription Model: While there is a free web version available, the desktop application requires a one-time purchase, which might be a drawback for users who prefer free or subscription-based software models.