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HipChat for Desktop

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What's new in this version:

HipChat for Windows
- Minor enhancements and bug fixes

HipChat for Windows
- Minor enhancements and bug fixes

HipChat for Windows
- Fixed: In-app popup notifications should no longer duplicate

HipChat for Windows
- Improved: Inserting smilies from the Smiley tooltip will now insert the smiley at the cursor instead of adding it to the end of the line
- Fixed: Certain character sequences in the username would prevent the client from being able to connect
- Fixed: The Files and Links sidebars wouldn't update correctly after reconnecting
- Fixed: Searching for rooms with "+" or "-" in the name would fail
- Fixed: Email addresses that included hyphens weren't being linked correctly
- Fixed: URLs that included an email address or login credentials weren't being linked correctly
- Fixed: Links with the "radr://" protocol weren't being linked correctly
- Various bug fixes and improvements

HipChat for Windows
- We added new slash commands. Type /pre or /monospace to apply monospace formatting to the text in a message. Like /code, but for the rest of us

- Improvements for various reconnect scenarios
- Animated GIFs as avatars are fun and all, but they can be a bit of a drain on your CPU. We've added a new Appearance setting that lets you disable your teammates' animated avatars and give your CPU a break
- HipChat Video, in general. It's all kinds of more awesome

- Newly created rooms weren't immediately available for users connected to HipChat Server instances
- When returning to a room, GIFV previews were not being rendered correctly. Rejoice, for your visual zingers shall be appreciated again
- Notification messages that included a mention were not triggering the appropriate notifications
- When trying to delete a room while offline, the dialog would stay open until you restarted the app
- Searching for rooms or people was slow for large teams
- Various other bug fixes and improvements

HipChat for Windows
- Improved: Exact matches for search results now appear at the top
- Improved: Emoticons and text can now cozy on up to each other. The emoticon will still show up if you have text right next to it
- Improved: It's easier to search for accented characters
- Improved: Better messaging when trying to upload images larger than 50MB
- Improved: Room and user names in the header are now selectable
- Improved: Standardized room admin messaging / bolding of room members
- Fixed: Notifications are now shown every time for incoming calls
- Fixed: The app was hanging momentarily when you used the shortcut key to switch tabs
- Fixed: Pasting text with hidden characters sometimes caused the client to disconnect
- Fixed: When you searched for users with the same first and last initial, the search results were duplicating their first names
- Fixed: File previews were disappearing when you navigated away from and back to a chat
- Fixed: Added safeguards to prevent the "Offline" banner from showing when the client wasn't actually offline
- Fixed: Various other bug fixes

HipChat for Windows
- New: Drag links or chunks of text into HipChat, and they'll get added to your chat input field
- Improved: Sometimes when reconnecting after switching networks the client would show the message "Offline" even though it was actually connected
- Improved: HipChat now turns a broader range of URLs into links
- Improved: File uploads are now grouped with regular messages
- Improved: If you're disconnected from the internet, messages will fail faster so you don't spend time waiting
- Improved: Enhanced client security
- Fixed: Some users were not able to see screen sharing options after upgrading
- Fixed: HipChat will now respect Windows proxy settings if none are set in the app
- Fixed: GIFV previews were disappearing when switching among rooms
- Fixed: Feedback form now opens in an external browser
- Fixed: The list of emoticons could get out of sync with the server
- Fixed: Scrolling in the Lobby or Quick Switcher was unreliable when zoomed in or out
- Fixed: Users couldn't send messages immediately after unarchiving a room
- Fixed: Getting invited to a room doesn't close your open dialogs anymore
- Fixed: The "Invite your team" link wasn't showing up for non-admins
- Fixed: Lengthy messages without line breaks weren't getting the "Show more/less" treatment
- Fixed: Your teammates weren't seeing changes to your username until they restarted the app
- Fixed: The File Viewer didn't close when closing a room with a keyboard shortcut
- Fixed: Notifications about guest access being enabled or disabled weren't showing up right away
- Fixed: The ?? smiley was getting inserted a bit too eagerly

HipChat for Windows
- Fixed: A few bugs around the HipChat Video experience for HipChat Server customers

HipChat for Windows
- New: We've changed our versioning in order to be consistent across all our desktop clients
- New: Hitting ESC while in the search field will clear your text and put focus back on the chat input field so you can keep on chatting
- Improved: We made switching chats faster
- Fixed: A crash some users were experiencing upon starting the client
- Fixed: Sometimes the client would fail to connect when set to launch on startup
- Fixed: Initial window size was too large on lower resolution monitors
- Fixed: Users removed from a private room could still see the room in the lobby and the quick switcher
- Fixed: Rooms with ampersands in their names were displaying incorrectly in the quick switcher
- Fixed: Messages didn't stay scrolled to the bottom when opening and closing the right-hand sidebar
- Fixed: Changing the 24-hour time setting did not reflect on the chat header in 1-to-1 chats
- Fixed: Users set to DND who've set their preferences to "Stop all notifications" were getting notifications for calls. Now you're disturbance free.
- Fixed: Users connecting to older versions of HipChat Server were not able to preview PDFs in HipChat.
- Fixed: When users scrolled up a few times to load chat history, it would jump back down to recent chats. We settled that odd behavior.
- Fixed: Inserting an @ mention at the beginning of a word would replace that word with the mention.
- Fixed: After deleting a room topic, it would revert back to the previous topic. Deleting now actually deletes.
- Fixed: Long messages weren't wrapping correctly when hiding the right sidebar.

HipChat for Windows 4.0.1650
- Fixed: Spell check was unavailable for a small percentage of users

HipChat for Windows 4.0.1649
- Fixed: Several crashing issues on startup for Windows 7 users
- Fixed: Scrolling to load history occasionally failed
- Fixed: Notifications were not always cleared when closing HipChat
- Fixed: Occasional crash when disconnecting an external monitor
- Fixed: Sharing a link to a very large image would cause the app to freeze
- Fixed: Some preferences weren't being saved when connecting to older versions of HipChat Server
- Fixed: The "Hide inline previews by default" preference wasn't hiding inline previews for images from file uploads and links

HipChat for Windows 4.0.1648
- New: Avatars in the room member list. Yep, now easily identify room members with avatars
- New: For rooms with over 100 members, the room's member list now sorts alphabetically rather than by presence
- Improved: New color schemes for /code messages in both light and dark themes make your code crisper and easier to read
- Improved: Get chatting faster with a speedier reconnection after a lost connection or waking your computer from sleep, as well as better indicators for your current reconnection status
- Fixed: Your status was being set to available after reconnecting to the app, even if you had set it to away or DND. Now it returns you to the status you set before you disconnected
- Fixed: When using the desktop and mobile apps at the same time, your status would change to "away" while you were online
- Fixed: The room member list was getting sorted incorrectly
- Fixed: Several rarely occurring crashes

HipChat for Windows 4.0.1645
- New: We gave the log in screen some extra armor by adding a read-only address bar with ability to view the security certificate. Charge ahead with peace of mind.
- New: New settings for Do Not Disturb mode let you enable sound and/or popup notifications for incoming video calls.
- New: Enjoy finer grained controls over notification sounds. Choose to play a sound for incoming messages, video calls, both, or neither.
- New: More control of your HipChat connection. Introducing the ability to set a proxy server the app's log in screen rather than the system proxy.
- Fixed: When reconnecting to HipChat, presence information showing the status of teammates was not getting updated. We wrangled in those presence states and got them working as intended.
- Fixed: One size does not fit all, and that’s certainly true for HipChat. We’ve enhanced how HipChat scales and resizes on DPI displays.
- Fixed: When using command line interface, HipChat was not showing the correct version.
- Fixed: When using /code, hex colors were blending in odd ways. Watercolor is cool… but not here. Fixed.
- Fixed: Short and local links are now rendered as a link...because those are links, too.
- Fixed: Deleted emoticons were still appearing.
- Fixed: When in "quiet" mode, some messages were triggering audible notifications or popups. "Quiet" mode is truly quiet again.
- Fixed: A curious case of users getting notifications from rooms that were closed. Case solved and fixed!
- Fixed: Deleted rooms were not always removed properly. We got that straightened out.
- Fixed: Avatars in the People sidebar were showing users as “Unavailable.” That felt oh so lonely. Your peeps are back.
- Improved: Things feel cozier in here. For users of large groups with thousands of rooms and contacts, cached rooms and names now take up considerably less space. Enjoy the extra leg room and speedier startup.
- Improved: Your guests will feel more at home with improvements to Guest Access. Guests now see file and link panels, have an avatar with their initials, and won't get kicked out of rooms without reason.

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