Step on the journey with your heroes from the Sword Harbor

Infinite Magicraid for PC

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    DHGAMES / Infinite Magicraid for PC

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Infinite Magicraid for PC is a free stylish 3D turn-based RPG that can now be fully played on Windows PCs with the help of modern Android emulators.

Developed by DHGAMES and officially distributed only on iOS and Android platforms, Infinite Magicraid immediately after its release managed to attract a large international audience of gamers who have recognized its streamlined gameplay loop, attractive visuals, and the core set of RPG rules that enable anyone to create the fantasy combat team of their dreams.

Set in a fantasy land full of challenges and epic bosses, this game invites all players to test their tactical abilities in the open world that is home to 10 different fantasy factions and over 200 heroes that can be collected and upgraded into perfect combat troops.

Main features

Infinite Magicraid is set in Lowes Continent, a fantasy land that is besieged by the evil god Lihem and his endless armies of darkness. The players start their epic adventure in the Sword Harbor, and from there must visit all four corners of the world in order to collect all the heroes and gear necessary.

The core gameplay mode of Infinite Magicraid revolves around a large Campaign that features 12 expansive stages, lavishly produced with cutscenes and immersive sequences that will lead the players across all major regions of the Lowes Continent – forests, snowfields, deserts, and many other biomes.

But that is just the beginning since this game is tailor-made for players who seek an endless amount of content. Infinite Magicraid provides just that with its daily set of events and the incredibly in-depth system for upgrading and cultivating heroes from their lowly beginnings to immortal heroes. The game supports both hero and weapon skill upgrades, a wide variety of fantasy races for heroes, and an ability to find the biggest challenges in an incredible array of dungeon and endgame challenges.

In addition to singleplayer challenges, Infinite Magicraid also empowers players to form guilds and unlock an even grander set of challenges that hide the best end-game gear.


It can be played on PC with any modern emulator such as Bluestacks or LDPlayer. Even though it features detailed 3D visuals filled with full-screen effects, detailed animations, and large-scale boss battles, this title can be easily reproduced on any modern gaming PC with enhanced resolution and smooth 60fps framerate.

Best yet, the use of modern Android emulation unlocks the ability for customized controls, rendering on large monitors and TVs, and even full access to official online servers. Infinite Magicraid for PC allows RPG fans to continue evolving their roster of heroes at home, with direct access to their personal guilds and friend lists just like on mobile devices.


  • Unique blend of genres
  • Strategic gameplay
  • Wide variety of heroes and spells
  • Engaging multiplayer modes
  • Regular events and updates


  • Pay-to-win elements
  • Limited storyline
  • Inconsistent balance

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